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MPAA Rated PG-13 for language and brief war violence

Sex & Nudity

Violence & Gore

  • The film contains a brief scene of the Vietnam war where some cross-fire during a battle is shown, coupled with shots of some men being shot. However, there are no details of blood-letting or injury.
  • The movie opens with a scene in Vietnam in which soldiers engage in a chaotic firefight
  • We see the flash of muzzles and hear the report of bullets.
  • A few bodies fly and fall lifeless, and someone pushes a wounded soldier-his forehead stained with blood-down to the ground to help keep him safe.
  • We see old news footage about the war and troop movements, too, and we hear references to battlefield deaths.
  • Some war protesters get a little unruly.
  • Kay and others mention her husband's suicide.


  • There is an utterance of the expletive "f**k", expressed by a character, out of anger, during a phone conversation. In addition, the expletive is also seen on a placard carried by a protestor in another scene. Other swear words such as "shit" "damn" "goddamn", "hell", "son of a bitch", and "prick" are also used throughout the film.
  • One f-word and about 15 s-words.
  • Other vulgarities include "a--," "b--ch," "b--tard," "d--n," "h---" and "p-ss."
  • We hear a crude reference to the male anatomy, and we see two obscene hand gestures.
  • God's name is misused at least a dozen times, eight of those combined with "d--n."
  • Jesus' name is abused about 10 times.

Alcohol, Drugs & Smoking

  • Social drinking and cigarette smoking.
  • Most journalists in the 1970s were heavy smokers-or so the movies have always told us-so naturally we see plenty of cigarettes throughout.
  • A guest at one of Kay's dinner parties puffs on a cigar.
  • When Ben Bradlee's daughter sells lemonade to Post staffers (who holed up in Ben's house and poring over the papers), one of them asks whether she might put some vodka in his drink.
  • Ben's daughter politely refuses.
  • Wine and champagne make appearances at dinners and parties.

Frightening & Intense Scenes

  • The scene where Kay Graham has to decide between authorizing a story that could ruin the paper and send her to prison and standing up for freedom of the press is intense.
  • The film contains lots of suspense. The final scene is suspenseful.
  • The scene in Vietnam is somewhat intense.

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