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Could have been better
Leofwine_draca29 June 2019
Warning: Spoilers
I AM MOTHER is another post-apocalyptic sci-fi flick about characters trapped in a bunker due to contamination in the outside world. As such it comes across as very similar to other movies of recent years, not just made by Netflix, but films like 10 CLOVERFIELD LANE too. The story follows a young female protagonist around, focusing particularly on her relationship with her "mother", a robot designed to care for her every need.

The story is quite slim although enlivened by a sub-plot involving an on-form Hilary Swank. It certainly looks good, with an interesting setting and the robot bought to life in a realistic way. However, at two hours this is overlong and it does feel like the writers struggled to come up with a meaningful ending, because what we have is something of a damp squib. There are effective moments scattered throughout, but by the end I was left wanting more.
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ok sci-fi premise
SnoopyStyle8 June 2019
Daughter (Clara Rugaard) has been grown from an embryo by a robot called Mother (Rose Byrne) in a high tech bunker full of other fetuses. Mother claims that a contagion had wiped out humanity and they're trying to bring back humanity. One day, a woman (Hilary Swank) breaks into the bunker.

This has a fine sci-fi premise. The beginning is a little slow but it has loads of promise. The introduction of Swank bumps up the tension. When they break out of the compound, the movie is set to do some great discovery. The story runs into a world building problem. It doesn't explain the world and it doesn't really explain the robot's objective. It leaves too much unspoken. In the end, it has no more material than a Twilight Zone episode. It's interesting but not that compelling.
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Intriguing, Original but with a Messy and Disappointing Conclusion
claudio_carvalho30 June 2019
After the extinction of the human race, an android called "Mother" is responsible to repopulate Earth using a collection of embryos stored in a base. Her teenage daughter (Clara Rugaard) is submitted to classes and tests to assess her development as human being. When the daughter finds a mouse inside the base, she suspects that the outside is no longer contaminated. One day, she sees a wounded woman (Hilary Swank) outside the base and let her in. Soon she will learn news that will affect her relationship with her Mother.

"I am Mother" is an intriguing and original sci-fi with a promising storyline. Unfortunately the conclusion is messy and disappointing. The incoherent behavior of the daughter trusting in a stranger is weird and inconsistent with her education. My vote is five.

Title (Brazil): Not Available
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Have I ever been wrong?
nogodnomasters19 June 2019
Warning: Spoilers
After an unexplained human extinction, an automated re-population station goes into activation. One of the 63,000 embryos is brought to term as a robot raises a human (Clara Rugaard). She believes she is the only human until Hilary Swank shows up at the door.

The story dragged on. The daughter was given a standard MMPI test and I am not sure how accurate such a test can be if you are the only human alive. Interesting twist. You knew one was coming.

No swearing, sex, or nudity.
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Kids don't understand
kosmasp8 January 2021
Or do they? And am I talking about those viewing the movie or the one(s) who are in it? Well wouldn't you like to know? Maybe you do, but first things first. The movie was quite a surprise. I hadn't heard much of it and then you get a nice little gem served like this. With some really good actors in it. Not many due to the nature of the movie, but still.

The Science Fiction aspect of it works nicely, the mystery and the story structure keep you guessing and on the edge of your seat too. The guessing game is big in this one and I would say it is a very good one. Structure of the movie, reveals and twists are laid out the right way. Visually stunning too, even if quite contained overall. What is the Endgame one may ask, what is this trying to tell us? Or is it just entertainment? Well you'll have to watch it to know
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When droids raise you
ComedyFan20109 June 2019
Warning: Spoilers
This is a pretty nice sci fi movie. Movies about machines and humans live together and whether one cant trust each other are common. Ex Machina comes to mind. But usually it is humans "raising" the robots. In this case it is the other way around.

It feels a bit slow but I guess this represents well what life feels like for the daughter. It also gives us a good feeling of the terrifying atmosphere when the daughter needs to decide between her droid mother and another human. Whom can she trust? The droid looks pretty scary but at the same has this soothing motherly voice which is a great combination for this kind of movie.

Great acting and I like the idea behind Hilary Swank's character and who it is supposed to be. They never say it out loud but the ones who follow what is said will know.
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Mysterious and suspenseful
Gordon-117 June 2019
This film tells the story of a woman who grew up in a facility with a robot. Her world is shaken up to the core when another human being arrives.

The set is sleek and futuristic, which makes the film quite stylish. It is a bit slow, but the story generates enough mystery and suspense that keeps you interested. Hilary Swank is great in it. I enjoyed watching it.
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I Am Mother review
JoeytheBrit28 June 2020
A girl raised in isolation by a robot following the near-annihilation of humanity begins to question the purpose behind her 'mother's' devotion when an outsider breaches their refuge. An intelligent, multi-layered meditation on a number of interesting subjects that spreads itself just a little too thin. Clara Rugaard copes well with a demanding role.
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That's how you make an interesting sci-fi movie.
deloudelouvain6 February 2020
Good little sci-fi movie that kept my attention during the entire movie. I Am Mother is the perfect example that you can make an entertaining sci-fi without having a huge budget. The cast is very small, basically it's just two actresses (Clara Rugaard and Hilary Swank) and another (Rose Byrne) for the voice of Mother, but it's all it needed to make it interesting. They all did a good job playing their respective characters. It's the kind of stories I enjoy, post apocalyptic ambiance, robots and/or artificial intelligence taking over. It's all well done, intriguing enough to stand out from the rest, much better than some high budget science fiction movies. I can't see much people disliking this movie, not if you are into this genre.
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Intelligent design
siderite15 June 2019
I blame AI, the Spielberg film, for starting the craze for philosophical movies about artificial intelligence, but Moon and, of course, Ex Machina, for redefining the genre as performance pieces with a few actors and one grand idea. And some movies get it right, some not so much, but they never get it wrong, because you either like it or you risk seeming stupid for "not getting it". I Am Mother has some interesting ideas, good acting, therefore is a solid entry in the category, but really it's two hours of waiting for something to happen only to be shown the obvious. I have to admit it was fun coming up with more and more outlandish theories of what was about to happen, but then it felt disappointing to see that the first "normal" theories were right and there was nothing more ingenious than that.

A good movie, worth watching, but bringing little new to the table. But I have to say I liked that Rose Byrne was billed second as Mother's voice, with Luke Hawker first, as the Mother's body. This is something new and right.
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Mother A.I.?
thesar-219 April 2020
I would watch this first in a double feature with Ex Machina because...you gotta save the best for last.

Heck, while you're at it, make it a triple feature with this still first and now adding: Passengers in the middle. All three movies are incredibly similar in tone, setting, subgenre and structure. I would say to add The Terminator, but the only one that truly fits was Terminator: Salvation and I would never recommend that movie.

(You could also include in The Matrix Series, 10 Cloverfield Lane and Alien: Covenant and make it a very long evening.)

So, if you're fond of Ex Machina, Passengers and the rest sans T4/Alien:C, get your butt down to watch it all over again, but expect less. Not to say this was bad, but by the 2-hour end time, you will wonder why said butt is asleep.

Mother! (Oops, sorry, this movie reference actually DOESN'T fit...trying again...) A robot "Mother" creates a new baby in a computerized bunker post apocalypse. Apparently, we need to start over since we did it again: blew up civilization as we always do in these movies. That baby grows into a teen and has a nice bond with her machine-mommy when a mysterious, wounded and distrusting 3rd female knocks at the bunker door. And now, the lying game's afoot. Who can you trust?

I didn't hate this. I didn't necessarily really like it. It was fine. The sets and technology were excellent, acting fine and suspense there. It's just...okay. But, be aware, one of the opening texts makes it kinda easy to figure out where this is headed. Or came from, more accurately.

Barely a recommendation. But, again, if those movies I mentioned above are your bag, by all means. Just be prepared.


Final thoughts: I spent the entire screen time of the 3rd female character played by Hilary Swank thinking she was Jennifer Garner. Heck, in my defense, they could be twins. Not sure how any of this relevant, but I guess I'm pointing out: we all make mistakes.
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High aiming sci-fi that just fails to engage Warning: Spoilers
STAR RATING: ***** Saturday Night **** Friday Night *** Friday Morning ** Sunday Night * Monday Morning

In a bleak futuristic landscape, where humanity has been wiped out, a robotic machine named Mother (played by Luke Hawther and voiced by Rose Byrne) artificially inseminates a human daughter (Clara Rugaard) and when she comes of age, tries to instil in her the virtues and wisdom she thinks she will need to survive. However, Daughter becomes curious about there being more to the world than she's been shown, and when she wonders out her boundaries, discovers a woman (Hilary Swank) who unlocks a whole new world, much to the disdain of Mother.

In a world that grows more precarious by the day, science fiction is a genre that has all the potential to enjoy a new resurgence, where the type of intelligent ideas explored by the likes of Phillip K. Dick can make a comeback, and which Netflix has delved into already with films such as Tau. I Am Mother, from first time director Grant Sputore, certainly has the setup to be one such film, exploring a world in which resources have dried up and AI technology has consumed and taken over the human race, which some may say are very real concerns facing the world at present.

It's another film featuring a bunch of characters you can count on one hand, with all the drama contained in a singular, isolated setting, giving you more chance to connect with these limited characters more individually and effectively. This, though, is something it fails to do, all too over bearing and clunky, distinctly humourless and unaffecting. While you can't help but admire the scope, and the thought provoking ideas it's trying to explore, not of it ever really draws you in.

A film that shoots itself in the foot by taking itself so seriously, especially considering how outlandish many will find it. **
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You know something is amiss
bowmanblue15 June 2019
Netflix's latest original movie tells the story of the human race and it's (near) total decline. Now, a lone robot ('Mother') plucks one (lucky?) embryo from among many in a secret underground laboratory which seems to have survived the apocalypse and raises that child as her 'daughter.'

Throughout the first part of the story we see the robot lovingly tend to the little girl's every desire, whether emotional, physical and even playful (from the confines of the lab complex). Mother often informs her how humanity destroyed itself and she is trying to raise the little girl as the first of many 'children' who will one day take back their planet. It's all very sweet. Only it isn't. If it was a Pixar animated movie then it would be sweet, because it would clearly be aimed at children. However, below this nurturing tale, appears to lie something deeper - and possibly darker?

As you watch, you just get the feeling that something is very wrong (besides the obvious fact that humanity has destroyed itself!) and there are many clues as to what's really going on, plus a decent amount of 'red herrings' which may throw you off the scent. It ends up one big exercise in trying to second guess the ending and what's really going on.

As the film goes on, more and more of 'Mother's' mantra starts to fall apart under questioning and the addition of a 'survivor' from outside entering the facility throws both Mother and 'Daughter's' world into turmoil.

This is one of those films that doesn't look cheap enough for you to dismiss it as 'something that should be on the 'Sci-fi Channel,' as it has a decent budget (plus it was able to afford both Rose Byrne's voice for 'Mother' and Hilary Swank as the survivor). The sets look good and the computer effects depicting the outside world look realistic enough to be believable. However, overall I would say that this probably isn't the kind of movie that would exactly 'set the Box Office alight.' It's probably best on Netflix and with an audience who can find it and enjoy it at their leisure. If you like slow-moving, quite thoughtful sci-fi then this is worth adding to your watchlist.
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Three women and a baby.
Pjtaylor-96-1380443 May 2020
'I Am Mother (2019)', essentially, a three-woman show, its cast mostly confined to a single location. Nevertheless, the relatively low-budget piece is ambitious. Much of that ambition comes down to its eponymous Mother, an artificial intelligence with one of the most impressively realised mechanical bodies ever seen on screen. For the most part, the robotics are delightfully practical and, as such, highly believable. It's easy to forget that you aren't actually looking at another cast member. Perhaps this is the case because the movie never makes a point of revelling in its visual effects, instead electing to use them to tell its story. The narrative deals with often-seen themes but it does so with aplomb. As it unfolds, it does an excellent job of keeping you on your toes; you're never sure who to trust. What you are sure of, though, is just how intriguing it all is. You're put in the shoes of its young protagonist and are allowed to experience everything the way she does, which makes for a very active viewing experience. Despite several twists and turns, the thing never once cheats. It all just slides into place perfectly, compounded by some relatively bold foreshadowing that rewards perceptive viewers. As it reaches its end, the film becomes incredibly suspenseful. It's also somewhat affecting, as its interesting premise is taken to an even more interesting place and it ends on a brilliantly bittersweet note. It's a fantastic debut and is certainly one of Netflix's best offerings. It's also, and I mean this in the best of ways, fantastically feminist. 8/10
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Derivative Droids
Cineanalyst12 June 2019
Although I was fairly engrossed in the moment of viewing it, I'm afraid "I Am Mother" will prove forgettable, which is unfortunate because it seems intended as a thoughtful bit of sci-fi, as opposed to the more action-heavy variety (although there's some of that here, too, including people fighting against and running away from robots). It appears that a hint of ambiguity and a bit of puzzle may amuse some, as will the droid's philosophizing about killing humans for the benefit of humans, but all of it barely rises above, say, the intrigue of the rise of the machines in "The Terminator" series. Indeed, the droids here are quite a bit like Skynet had that artificial intelligence got very interested in social engineering and reading Kant instead of nuclear weapons and time travel.

But droids have been wreaking havoc on screens since at least 1927's "Metropolis." The most blatant reference in this one, however, has to be to the "listening eye" of Hal 9000 spying on those who conspire to destroy it. "2001: A Space Odyssey" (1968) this is not, though, which would be fine enough if it did anything particularly clever or novel. In particular, a bit of self-reflexive artistry would've been appreciated, especially considering the "2001" allusion, the inclusion of the viewing of a TV-show-within-the-movie, and dance being part of the daughter's curriculum. The dance business may bother me most of all here, because it serves no evident purpose. (To be fair and by contrast, the origami business is integrated rather well.) Compare this to the also-at-first-seemingly innocuous dance references in "Us" (2019), where dance self-reflexively becomes a metaphor for unique human qualities. Not so in "I Am Mother," which robotically includes dance for presumably the same reason that the robot in the movie included it in the daughter's education as the product of some code stating that it's supposedly patently part of a well-rounded education.
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A not bad sci-fi flick
85122221 June 2019
Greetings from Lithuania.

"I Am Mother" (2019) was a pretty solid sci-fi flick with some good performances and even better concept. Although ending was interesting, it kinda felt a bit disappointing as it didn't really showed us the outcome.

Overall, "I Am Mother" has a good ideas and at running time 1 h 50 min i wasn't bored, but given a pretty great concept maybe i was excepting something better. Still a descent movie to see it once, for those who love the genre.
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Great sci-fi film
briancham19942 June 2020
This was an excellently made sci-fi film with an interesting setting. The interactions between the girl and the robot mother were convincing. The progression had a lot of tension and surprises.
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alien robots
ops-525358 June 2019
Its a film about robots from space, the destruction of mother earth, and how babies are trully made. its a girl and mum the robot, as she grows up being told that the outside world is lethal shes pretty ok with that, but one day there is a knock on the safe doors, and the girl lets in a woman, that make the robot mum furious. the girl and the woman eventually takes a trip out in the trully damaged world, and the threats are real for real.

its a syfy mystery drama, that uses a whole bunch of vfx and cgi, pretty well made it is, and the acting from all three mains are great. the story are of course very apocalyptic and gloomy, but the are always hope in the end of the line.

i got caught into the story pretty fast, and will recommend, even though the grumpy old man found it a little slow at times.
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Smart and savvy, I Am Mother is top notch Sci-fi
eddie_baggins13 June 2019
A huge hit on the black list script scene in 2016, first time feature filmmaker and Australian Grant Sputore has found himself with not only a name brand cast in the form of multiple Oscar winner Hilary Swank and the voice work of beloved Aussie actress Rose Byrne, but a giant opportunity to be seen across the globe thanks to a distribution deal with Netflix for his thinking person's sci-fi I Am Mother.

Very much in the same vein as classic sci-fi entries such as Ex_Machina, Moon and Annhilation, Mother is one of the more impressive and polished feature debuts of recent memory, and certainly one of the most high quality Australian backed productions in some time, as Sputore explores motherly bonds, sacrifice for the greater good and of course the old time sci-fi exploration of A.I and what separates man from machine.

We've seen other films of this ilk before, but Sputore and writing partner Michael Lloyd Green add enough new flavour and ideas to make Mother feel like a relatively fresh sci-fi experience, that feels plausible and relatable, a sci-fi not of the far distant future but one more of the sci-now variety that feels like it could be waiting around humanity's next corner of exploration.

The core story of the Rose Byrne voiced CGI creation of Mother, a robot charged with ensuring humanities survival in the face of a world shattering event as she raises Clara Rugaard's teenager in an underground facility filled with human embryos, is one that allows Sputore to add heart, thrills and chills to his tale and one that is expertly played out by its main cast.

This is one of those star making vehicles, with Rugaard knocking her turn out of the park as the nameless daughter of Mother, very much similar to Alicia Vikander's memorable turn in Ex_Machina, you can tell big things await Rugaard from here on out.

She's ably supported by the ever reliable Swank as underground bunker outsider and potential threat Woman, whose appearance around the half way mark of the film marks a tonal change of pace for the otherwise more glacial film, that takes its time to build up Mother's arc as a determined and focused artificially intelligent matriarch.

Unfortunately for Sputore and the film as a whole, Mother does begin to lose steam in its latter half.

After a gripping and expertly played out opening act, dwindling returns begin to make their way into the film as the run-time wears on and it feels as though as a whole, the film peters out to a more generic and emotionally unsatisfying climax, although the disappointing endgame components of the film aren't enough to ruin what is an otherwise far above average sci-fi and locally made product.

Final Say -

I Am Mother is a must-watch for sci-fi aficionados and an extremely promising and polished debut feature from Australian filmmaker Sputore. With a career making turn for Clara Rugaard at its core, the disappointing elements of Mother's narrative arc are not enough to stop the film from becoming one of the year's best streaming offerings.

3 ½ furnaces out of 5
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WOW, an outstanding genius Australian novice filmmakers sci-fi that's way to underrated.
Top_Dawg_Critic9 June 2019
This film is one of those rare gems that keeps you thinking well after it's over to the point it needs to be seen again - which I did, and now enjoy it that much more.

The rating is way too low, and I can understand why. Right at the end, you're left unsatisfied and thinking there were too many plot issues etc. But man did this film leave me thinking for a few days, and then I saw it again - and everything fell into place. Wow, did I miss a lot!

The top reviewer "No one noticed?! The women from outside is actually..." nailed it. And after I saw it the 2nd time, I felt the writing was brilliant!

For starters, the directing by Grant Sputore (his first ever full length feature film - only 5 prior credits for TV series and a short) was outstanding! Better than some seasoned Hollywood directors. Cinematography was excellent and the sets and S/VFX were perfection. Sputore's and (again, novice) Michael Lloyd Green's writing was brilliant!

You basically have 3 main actors throughout the 115 min films length, that create a story that fills every minute with suspense and drama. Midway, you can't decide who the antagonist is. The plot twists are well placed and executed.

The pacing was decent, but I really did want more story - perhaps an extra 10-15 mins to be able to tie up the loose ends without having to see the film a second time, and that's the only reason I'm not giving this film a perfect 10/10. But again, this gem is not a big budget Hollywood production by seasoned filmmakers, so mad props to Michael Lloyd Green and especially Grant Sputore, who I feel is the next Christopher Nolan!

The score was absolutely perfect and well placed. Very Nolan-esque! The casting was excellent - Clara Rugaard was perfect and Hilary Swank nailed her role to confuse the viewer who to cheer for.

I really suggest anyone who sees this and is left unsatisfied, watch it again and pay close attention to the details (e.g. timestamps, embryos labels, even Woman holding the cross, etc), and you will then see the brilliance of this highly underrated film.

I really hope a part 2 comes out, as this film certainly needs and deserves a sequel - and prequel! A really well deserved 9/10 from me! And if anyone thinks this review is fake, click on my username to see my 1000+ ratings and 600+ reviews. Now go see this film - again!
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Missed Its Full Potential
Tweetienator8 June 2019
The idea is interesting, the production great, the acting is also good, but the story does (imo) not live up to its full potential. Also there are some flaws here and there, e.g. the girl heard the voice of the woman (Swank) and the bumping thru 2 securing air-locking steel gates and also listened to the conversation of Mother and the Woman thru a medical door (which I bet was also an air-locking one)...

Anyway, I Am Mother provides solid entertaining - if you like the theme post-apocalyptic sci-fi (even if the twists and the ending are rather Hollywood kitsch). All in all no masterpiece but for sure also not a rate of 1 etc.

Last note: mothers (and fathers) have a hard time in our days - either they are portrayed overprotective or they do not care enough, anyway, they always do wrong (if they are not simply completely evil to the bone). My advice: don't make babies, your role in history is fixed from the beginning to the end, you be warned ;)
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The Cake Is A Lie
southdavid3 September 2019
Another day, another Science Fiction film on Netflix, which has a decent premise but ultimate meanders along to provide not that much.

Set post a largely undefined apocalyptic event, the film is set in a repopulation centre where one robot "Mother" (voiced by Rose Byrne) is raising one of the 60,000 embryos as her daughter. Eventually played by Clara Rugaard-Larsen, "Daughter" is a bright and moral child, but is frustrated by the constricting nature of their home. Their relationship is shaken when an injured woman (Hilary Swank) is let into the facility by Daughter, who tells a different story about life outside the centre.

Though lacking the same sense of humour, "I am Mother" might be the closest that we get to a "Portal" film. The "Mother" character bears a strong likeness to "Glados" from that series, and her testing nature, as well as the references to "Cake", are also lifted from the game. With that template to worth with, the film looks amazing. The CGI as well as the practical effects are great.

Storyline wise though, the film isn't quite as sharp. It starts well, but then settles into a few mild horror movie-esque tropes as we try to decide whether "Mother" or the woman is telling the truth, before meandering to a conclusion that most people would be able to guess and leaves an inquisitive mind with more questions than answers.
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that was some good Sci-fi right there
subxerogravity9 June 2019
It's a great Sci-fi film.

It's easy to make a Sci-Fi film that has good social commentary but I'm vastly more impress with the film's beautiful production design and visual effects.

It feels like a small picture because of it's slow burn effect but they do not skip on the visual imagery.

Especially with the character of Mother, who despite being a robot that I think was voice by Rose Bryne, she was a big presence, like Hal in 2001: A Space Odyssey or GERTY in Moon.

It's a slow drama but it's worth it till the very end.
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billcr123 July 2019
Clara Rugaard is the lead here as a human teen girl who may be the last one on earth. Her mother is a robot who raises her to be the last hope of our race. It starts off well enough by the end of the almost two hour film it became a silly and confused mess of a story. Hilary Swank is the only other human being in the movie and she is a good actress with not so great material to work with. The visuals are good and the young actress excellent but I did not like the ending. The Twilight Zone did it much better and in a shorter format.
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"I Am Mother" is intriguing and tense.
robfollower9 June 2019
Fans of Ex Machina and other cerebral sci-fi movies will find another favorite here. The lead actress (Clara Rugaard) makes a stunning debut and carries the film, with (Hilary Swank) in a supporting role. The film constantly has you changing allegiances, unsure of who to trust. The finale is super satisfying.

I am Mother is a creative film, a visceral slow-burn. A cerebral Science fiction coupled with first rate visual aesthetic appeal .
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