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MPAA Rated R for language throughout, sexual content, some nudity and alcohol abuse

Sex & Nudity

  • Several scenes involve sexual activity as John tries to restart that aspect of his life, too.
  • An oral sex scene involves movements and sounds, as does an explicit scene between John and Annu (which also includes sex-related dialogue).
  • Cartoon drawings depict various sexual acts.
  • Other cartoons make jokes about lesbians.
  • We hear conversations about various genders pairing in sex.
  • A strip club scene pictures topless women.
  • A video shows a naked man and woman having sex after paralysis.
  • Derogatory sexual comments are made regarding the female and male anatomy.
  • John has various personal caretakers and friends who help him bathe.
  • He's shown unclothed from the back and lying in the bathtub as a friend washes his body.
  • A woman who struggles with depression shares a story of a time she walked through her neighborhood completely naked.
  • Women are seen in bikinis and other revealing clothing.
  • Men go shirtless.
  • A man declares that he is a gay activist and reads a crude poem about male genitalia.
  • We also see one man rubbing another's shoulders affectionately in a park.

Violence & Gore

  • John meets a guy named Dexter at a party, and they drink uncontrollably.
  • Though both are struggling even to walk, they get into a car and drive off.
  • We hear that they crashed "into a pole at 90 m.p.h."
  • Dexter walks away with a few scratches, while John is seen lying on the ground, next to the car, nearly dead.
  • The car is totaled and John is rushed immediately to the hospital.
  • As John struggles with sobriety, he often lashes out at people verbally and rams things intentionally with his wheelchair in anger.
  • He pushes his wheelchair to the limit, often joining in on skateboarding stunts or moving so quickly that he's catapulted out of his seat.
  • Many of John's drawings include violent images.
  • John shares a story of his siblings being beaten as children.
  • A woman talks about a weapon used to hurt women's breasts.


  • God's and Jesus' name are misused frequently, the former occasionally paired with "d--n."
  • We hear ~68 uses of the f-word.
  • Other profanities include 12 uses of 'sh*t', 2 of 'b*tch, '5 of 'd*mn' (twice paired with god), a few of 'd*ck' and a few of 'son of a b*tch'.
  • Women are referred to as being "whores," and other derogatory comments are made as well.

Alcohol, Drugs & Smoking

  • The whole story centers on John's addiction to alcohol and his journey through the 12 steps of Alcoholics Anonymous.
  • While attending AA meetings, he hears about other addicts' struggles with alcohol, Valium, sex and depression.
  • John's own addiction to alcohol is extreme.
  • He drinks around the clock (even pouring hard liquor into beer), and he suffers physical withdrawal symptoms (uncontrollable shaking) if he goes even an hour without ingesting alcohol.
  • We see him toting around bottles of vodka, whiskey, gin, wine and anything else he can get his hands on.
  • It matters less what he drinks, only that he is drinking.
  • Various scenes show people partying, smoking and knocking down shot after shot.
  • The aftermath of a car crash is shown and the events leading up to it. The driver was drunk.

Frightening & Intense Scenes

  • John has abandonment issues and struggles with anger.
  • His cartoons often depict a dark and sadistic sense of humor, as well as mocking various groups of people (including members of the KKK, African-Americans, lesbians, feminists, lawyers, disabled people, liberals and conservatives).
  • Some of his drawings also involve animals and feces
  • Someone vomits.
  • A man makes a crass comment about wearing pants with feces in them and mentions stealing.

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