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Could have been better...
gee-158 December 2016
Warning: Spoilers
I was a bit disappointed in this Hallmark movie. Primarily, because the premise of a woman finding out what her life would be like without her husband (a la "It's a Wonderful Life") has rich potential for a good holiday time-waster. However, the writers have opted to make our heroine's complaints rather minor. The main thing seems to be that her husband is gone a lot. Other than that, everything seems normal. He is considerate of her and she wants to support him in his work. Her wish to "have never been married" would seem to stem from the frustration of a moment as opposed to some deep-seated issues in their relationship. Such a situation does not seem to merit the kind of universe-altering wish-granting that the Christmas angel (nicely played by Cindy Williams) suddenly bestows. This is too bad because the later scenes between Nikki Deloach (as Penny) and Andrew Walker (as Stu) are actually very good. Ms. Deloach does a great job in quietly communicating her longing for the man who is no longer hers. Mr. Walker is nicely confused by his attraction to the woman who, in this reality, is a stranger to him. The scene at the party where Stu looks around the room and oh so subtly lights up when he sees Penny is a marvelous combination of light, sound and acting. It's a shame really. The too tepid set-up kind of washes out what would be some really emotionally resonant scenes.
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Andrew Walker is The Christmas King
Christmas-Reviewer21 January 2018
Review Date 1/21/2018


Now Someone keeps reporting my reviews. I guess they are jealous because I do tell the truth. I want to point out that I never make snide remarks about actors weight or real life sexual orientation. If there acting is terrible or limited "I talk about that". If a story is bad "I will mention that" So why am I being "picked on"? IMDB? When one of my reviews gets deleted IMDB will not even tell me what someone found offensive. Well on to this review.

Hallmark Movies Christmas seem to steel stories from theatrical films. Not just "A Christmas Carol" but there have been "Hallmark Christmas Spins" on "Groundhog Day", "Green Card", & "Runaway Bride". This film they just rip-off the Granddaddy of all Christmas Movies "It's a Wonderful Life"

The story for this is about When a restless young married woman is granted a wish by a Christmas Angel to be single again, she soon discovers her new life isn't what she bargained for, and embarks on a quest to win her husband back.

Now this isn't a bad film. It just not very original. I have a little crush on Andrew Walker so when he is on the screen the film clicks better.

Now as for the other cast members they all are fine and service the material they were provided.

There is however a "Nasty Hidden Message" that women are not happy unless they have "A husband and children".

This film is for the romantic types. If you don't like romance you may not like this. I found the film "Enjoyable"
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Loved It. One of the better Hallmark holiday movies
smithduke5 January 2017
Yes, this story has been done before but don't let that stop you from enjoying it. A woman makes an offhand wish and it's granted. Reminiscent of It's a Wonderful Life. Compared to some Hallmark movies, the characters were believable and had great chemistry. The acting, was well done, especially Nikki Deloach who played Penny and Andrew Walker, who played Stuart. Nothing seemed forced or fake. There was only character I didn't like and that was Jayne, played by Cindy Williams. Very annoying!

The story itself had a valuable lesson about appreciating what you have in life and the movie was warm and sentimental. I actually teared up at times. One of the better Hallmark holiday movies out there. Sure it was a bit predictable but not as much as you would think for this type of movie. Worth watching.
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Time to play how do you know that actor
kz917-14 June 2017
A Dream of Christmas follows a wife (Nikki Deloach) who wonders what would her life be like if she'd never married her husband (Andrew Walker). She opines at the mall in to see Santa with her sister and nieces and is overheard by angel (Cindy Williams) and thusly her wish is granted and she wakes up the next morning with her life and those around her lives significantly changed. On the scale of Christmas movies it was enjoyable fluff!
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Poor at tree selection
jmsinternet10 December 2016
Warning: Spoilers
There is a big deal made about the Douglas Fir tree, picking it out, why it needs to be one. But then... it wasn't a Douglas Fir! They had a noble fir. Why oh why couldn't they just re-write the script to the type of tree they did buy?

Otherwise the film is fine. But if your idea of a man who works means that you should leave him, the plot of this movie, than poor you. It was wonderful to see Cindy Williams again. Been awhile.

She gets her wish granted and dreams of life without having married her husband and the consequences of having a successful career and no love are granted.
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Familiar concept but well done
phd_travel5 December 2016
Facing some difficulties in her life a woman wishes she hadn't been married. She gets her wish granted and dreams of life without having married her husband and the consequences of having a successful career and no love. The concept is familiar but the execution is quite light hearted and well done.

The cast is likable and avoids the annoying nature of some Hallmark movies. Nikki de Loach is quite bright without being too perky. Andrew Walker plays her husband.

The lesson is to be grateful for what you have. The alternative could be worse.
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Another hackneyed plot device, but....
rebekahrox11 December 2016
Warning: Spoilers
Our heroine, Penny, frustrated because her loving but frequently absent husband may not be home for Christmas, casually voices a random thought about how she wishes she had never been married. Voila! A busybody and eavesdropper behind her in line uses her Christmas Angel powers to grant her her "wish." Except it is not a real heartfelt desire, it was just a momentary voicing of some mild frustration. She loves her husband dearly, and her husband is crazy about her. He is absent because he is a wildlife photographer, and it is now or never to catch the reindeer migration for his book, which is a mutual dream for the couple. She can no longer go with him because they decided she had to give up her marketing of his photos to get a paying job to support them until his business becomes profitable. And now she has to give a presentation that may lead to a big promotion.

Horrified and bewildered at her new life, she encounters the Christmas demon…er, angel again, but the cold rhymes with witch refuses to take back her thoughtless whim..er… sincere wish. It was nice to see Cindy Williams again, but the character she plays is really creepy, scary, and mean. I don't think this was intended. I blame the director. She has the gall to blame Penny's dilemma and tragic consequences (her happily married sister is now single and her children no longer exist) on Penny and then on God himself, refusing to see it was her grossly inappropriate and unasked for meddling that is at fault and it is her responsibility to fix all of the collateral damage.

Enjoying some of the perks of her rich and successful new life, Penny briefly flirts with just moving forward and forgetting her past. A very handsome new client wants to date her, she likes her VIP status, her important position and the work she does, and her Jaguar. Who wouldn't be tempted? Luckily she and her husband never had children. So that is an important hurdle she doesn't have to jump. Only two things are wrong. She misses her husband, and her sister is no longer a happily married mother.

It sounds like I didn't like this movie, but I really did. It is based on a very weak premise, but Penny's journey really is done well. Her flirtation with the client, who seems at first like a great guy, is tanked because she knows and feels like she is still married. She seeks out her husband, now a very successful corporate photographer, and sparks still fly. The chemistry between them is some of the best I've seen in a Hallmark movie. Andrew W. Walker, a Hallmark perennial, really touched my heart in this, as did Nikki Deloach, as Penny. Of course, all is settled in typical Hallmark fashion but this one had some intriguing qualities and even a few surprises.
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I gave it 7 Solid Stars for the story!
huggibear29 October 2017
I really liked this one. I like it when it has a little mystery involved. It is my ultimate 'wish' to be able read minds and find out what other's are wishing. This movie shows us that what we wish for is not always what we ultimately wanted. So be careful what you all are wishing for, seriously!! You might get what you really didn't want. Was it a do-over for the sisters? Maybe, maybe not. You'll have to watch it and see. However, it's good to be home no matter what your wish was. It's enjoyable, go for it! Happy Holidays to all! Excellent Holiday movie Hallmark! Make more back in time movies like this and see how differently the outcomes can be.
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Pretty cute Christmas flick
HotToastyRag3 December 2017
At the start of A Dream of Christmas, Nikki Deloach is married to Andrew W. Walker and is a lowly employee in an advertising firm. She wants more out of life, namely a higher position at work and to be untethered from her self-centered husband. But, as Cindy Williams warns, "Be careful what you wish for." All of a sudden, Nikki is transported to an alternate universe in which she's single, carefree, and one of the bigwigs in her company!

It's always fun to watch pretty people in a movie, and Nikki, Andrew, and her other love interest Christopher Russell are all very nice-looking and make for a fun film. Since it's a Hallmark movie, it's pretty easy to predict, and the characters are a little one-dimensional, but it's one of the cuter ones to come from the channel. I would have preferred a different ending, but then it wouldn't really fit in with the Christmas spirit of Hallmark. It's not the end of the world, though. I watched the premiere last year and added it to my roster again this Christmas, because who doesn't like Christmas movies about getting a fresh start in life?
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A must watch Christmas movie.
MIssM193 February 2017
Warning: Spoilers
I thought I was going to see another "Woman chose man over her career" and even though it was you still have the Christmas touch that helped the story: The leading lady at first enjoys this new life, single, an excellent career, that was given to her. However, she still meets her husband and she learns that Christmas is not the same without him, without the people she loves and realizes that even her sister is miserable without the family she doesn't know she used to have. And that's what this Holiday is about, spending time with your loved ones and gain traditions and memories in the process that will be stuck with you forever.

I have been delaying this movie for a few days because I watched "Just in time for Christmas" recently which is basically the same formula. I'm glad I did so that's perhaps why I actually enjoyed it!

I think what I liked the most was Nikki Deloach. I have seen her before but not as the main lady and she did an outstanding job! I hope we get to see more. Also, I think I Andrew W.Walker did an amazing job (as always)- I swear to God when these two looked at each other... It's rare but I hope they get to work together again! (UPDATE 4/11: They are going to be working together in "The perfect Catch")

So, it's a lovely movie to enjoy. I'm not gonna lie, I was on the edge of tears, even though I knew it would have the happy ever after these types of movie have.
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A Dream Worth Watching- Good Lead Roles
gehewe28 December 2016
The movie has a bit of fantasy in it which added to its appeal. The story was very good and well done. The lead actress was very good as was the lead actor (I saw him in Dashing through the Snow- he was much better here). I especially liked the role of the personal assistant in this movie.

There it is a simple story with a few lead actors and some supporting actors and we have some success. I think they did a good job at defining the attraction of the lead actress. I would probably not mind watching this one again. My wife dozed a few times on this one but she was very tired. They did a good job.
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