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Great visuals, but...
suyashkrishna9 September 2022
If you want big music and extra ordinary visuals! This movie is for you!

I went in for content, and it was just okayish. At times, even boring in the first half.

It annoys me how difficult it is for big Bollywood producers to understand that big popular casts, music, visuals and promotion aren't what make a movie, but instead good story and more importantly, amazing storytelling abilities!

Wake up Bollywood! Now is the time!

Note: Don't praise advance booking as it's just result of good promotion, and not good movie.

1 star for the efforts put in making thise vfx realistic 1 star for the interesting idea of Astra

I just hope the 2nd part is better.
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Overdoing Animation, Lacks Unique Plot, And Disappointment
MaheshPanth9 September 2022
I just watched the movie and came out of theatre. Totally disappointed. There's no special plot in the movie. It's just cameo and cameo like stars filled but no real dialogue delivery or fun. Thee VFX are quite good but it seems like trying too hard to show your animation skills, like forcefully overdoing it. Ravir Kapoor, who fits in roles of cute guys, like Barfi and similar love stories is playing a fierce guy in this movie. In no way he does not looks dangerous at all. There's just lighting flying in the skies, the actor is just standing and screaming and fire balls come out of his hands and none of that looks organic, or realistic in a sense. The visual effects are supposed to be confusing people about whether that's real or not. The audience can clearly say that's fake. Any dialogues, worst. It's a disaster and disappointment movie. Waste of 450 crores, save your money.
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Pathetic movie
gsaki-907879 September 2022
Other than VFX, there is no storyline, no engaging screenplay, horrible BGM, and cringy dialogs. Acting is better left unsaid. Had a headache after listening to the jarring BGM and watching non stop laser effects.

Looks very childish and there is no emotional connection between the characters. Looks like they chose the locations and then decided the story and screenplay. Had to undergo the pain of watching his movie as my friend had booked a ticket for me as well. Length of the movie is another unbearable thing and the ambiguity around the climax given that there is going to be a part 2 (I sincerely hope not) is adding fuel to the fire.

Don't waste your hard earned money on this movie. In one word, pathetic.
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Visual treat in 3d which misses story line
abhineet1509 September 2022
Brahmastra is good to watch for 3d only if you are in for visual treat attempted by Bollywood but that's all I have to say.

In terms of storyline it lacks what Karthikeya 2 was able to achieve with its storyline and narration.

Songs are good too but I am really amazed when I see that director took so long but the storyline after interval went boring.

My verdict that Bollywood needs to come out of Love story mode and present more logical and reasoning along with joyful moments depiction in their movie.

Movie is ok for 1 time watch for the visual treat whoch Ayan mukherji tried and for the efforts.
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Not at all upto the hype
ankitnailwal9 September 2022
Movie starts at good pace ....but slowly looses all its hype by dragging the love story of Ranbhir and Alia.

Plus the dialogues are soo bad that they have spoiled complete mood of audience. This was a good opportunity for Bollywood to come back but all wasted by wrong dialogues and loop holes in script. Songs could have been avoided ....just some background score would be sufficient for this.

SRK entry plays and important role but that is not enough to save the movie. I doubt 2nd part of this movie will ever be made.

Bollywood need to invest more in movies or come up with new ideas as audience have exposure to everything now.
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A mixed bag but mostly on the underwhelming side
subhadeeproy-802619 September 2022
Brahmastra Part One: Shiva, is the movie with both good and bad. Here are my views after the 1st day 1st show watch.

Good: 1. The CGI which delivered well most of the time.

2. Music and especially the BGM which can be very catchy.

3. The attempt. India is rich with mythological stories and the movie is a nice try to represent one.

Bad: 1. Acting, yes acting. It's quite odd to see capable actors like Ranbir and Alia act so loudly and throw each and every dialogue out loud. Same for Mouni Roy who is screaming most of the time. There could a be a bit more toned down acting.

2. Storyline. The story telling could be a bit more engaging. It is at the beginning but lost track on the way.

3. Charector Development. The charector development of Shiva seems a bit abrupt. On the other hand Alia is reduced to a mere supporting character, always relying on Ranbir to save the day. A typical representation of how Bollywood sees the heroin. When you name a character 'Isha', you should make it a bit more stronger.

4. To much faith on audience. Though I agree the movie acts as a build up for upcoming movies, it relies too much on the build up and not on developing the first one.

5. Writing. Some of the dialogues are very repetative and feeds the audience over and over. Also there are too much of romantic moments between Ranbir and Alia that can be avoided. The movie would have been focused on the main theme then.

Overall it is a one time watch for CGI if you don't expect much from the story.
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Not an orignal one
zeeshan-485439 September 2022
Warning: Spoilers
It is promoted as bollywood's first of its kind.... but it is totally a copy of PERCY JACKSON AND THE LIGHTENING THIEF.... Where AB is Pierce Brosnan and so on... nothing new here.. 1 star for acting 1 for Direction nd vfx and 1 for music... so 3 star only..... ayan mukherjee and team has put nice effort in the movie but content is the real king maker which is weak in brahmastra....... the think that audience will consume whatever they serve them in the name of science fiction. Thats it.... alia is gorgeous no doubt... mouni roy is also good.... part 2 might be more promising...... as the climax of part one shows you.
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Mostly focused on romance. Did not go much into "astras" overall average
vrijeshpatel-660059 September 2022
Vfx was good climax was also good but love angle made it unbearable it was boring in the first half also they did not utilize nagarjun's skill correctly he was only in the film for 20 mins or so. Would have loved to see him more in the film. They could have also reduced the time length. It was too long. Amitabh bachan was good. I loved how he was guiding ranbir's character. He did fabulous job. They did not go much into astras. They just used indian weapons name but didnt show how they were formed Mostly focused on "love". Alia bhatt was ok. Dialogue were not good enough. Waiting for part 2 of the series.
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Not happy with the dialogues.
aniketrtsimdb9 September 2022
I just got out of watching the first show in my city and was mostly happy with the attempt at a superhero movie by Ayan Mukherjee but the actors and dialogues let the movie down, mostly the dialogue choices were uniform and no steps to innovate were taken. Would have enjoyed it more if I could relate more to the characters in the movie. Even though it is a fantasy movie but the way characters were behaving, the world felt a little too simple with no relation to natural human behaviour. If you are not going to put effort in world building then at least make sure to introduce elements to our existing reality.
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Decent start, top notch visuals
solankianshuman9 September 2022
My expectations were pretty high from this movie. Overall i stand somewhere in the middle after watching the movie. The movie is not flawless. It has its ups and down. If we want to compare with western cinema then we should accept that many initial marvel movies were bang average as well.

Pros- good vfx, first half of the movie, cameo role by the king Cons - dialogues are very poor, second half all action scenes are from the trailer and nothing new, character buildup of secondary heroes is lacking.

One time watch for sure on the big screen. Overall happy with the effort put by indian cinema. Waiting for the next part and hopefully we get to see more interesting characters and action sequences.
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A complete entertainer
muhammadshabbir-718759 September 2022
Please don't try to see logic. Just watch the performance of the cutest pair and enjoy the movie. Ranbir has done tremendous job. Alia has also surpassed all her contemporary actresses. Vish kanya is amazing. Amitabh again appears in a most attractive character. And please avoid negative reviews created by hate mongers. Action, romance and thrill... Everything is there. Direction is up to the mark. Dialogues are also superbly written. This movie is rejuvenates very well the hindu belief in the conceptual use of brahmastra at various occasions by hindu dieties. Just focus on the characters played by the actors.
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Dont TELL...SHOW!! They forgot. Nonetheless, comendable effort Ayan and the Cast
Atripulastya9 September 2022
I got up at 6 AM in like 8 months just for this movie, as I wanted to catch the 8:30 AM show with an un-influenced mind.

Brahmastra Part One: Shiva is surely a graphics laden spectacle. Worth watching. We need more of such fantasy(mythology inspired) movies. We have 1000s of stories in Indian culture. This movie surely takes you on an adventure. We need to show support to such movies so that more directors come up with innovative stories.

At the end: the first act is best (development of love) which ends with bang and makes u want more before interval hits. But, then second act is slow and sloppy marred with narrations. And the last act is VFX gallore with loopholes and odd choices.

Coming to the story.

The story is basically a love story as you guys would have already known from the director's explainer video on youtube. So called: Love is the bridge between you and universe, or something on that sort. But, using a love story as the vehicle for the whole movie may not apppeal to the masses who are spoiled with Marvel Cinematic Universe movies.

The VFX is top notch!! Great work by Prime Focus. However, at times you would feel its too much. And, I dont get the reason behind very vibrant color choices at moments.

There are two main cameos in this movie. Only of it is integral to the whole story. Other one is dispensable.

There are various loop holes. And, the movie is filled with lots and lots of verbal diarrhoea. I mean at this point everyone knows that you need to show the stoy where characters discover things through challenges and journey. But, here you would find "few" BIG conveniences which takes you off the story. There are narrations and narrations. There are no solid character developments with well defined charcater archs. If our main charcater is caught in a quagmire theres always an easy way out through narration.

Dialogues are sloppy.

But hey we need to tell them that to do better for the next part. So, guys go out and support this movie, share your criticism. Surely there is a potential for a better movie next time. Kudos to director's vision, main lead actors and the VFX team.

Go with a clean skate without comparison with hollywoods comic book movies. U will like it.
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A Landmark Film for Indian Cinema
jmpaulvitalis9 September 2022
Brahmastra is a film that captivated my attention ever since it was first announced. The movie despite its minor flaws lives up to the expectations of being a grand spectacle and almost instantly ensnares you into the magical world of the Astraverse. Witnessing Ayan Mukerji's vision deeply rooted in Indian culture come to life on a massive scale was an enthralling experience, it is not an easy feat to dedicate almost a decade towards a film unless you are truly passionate about the subject material. The highlights of the movie are the visual effects, the background score and the performances of Ranbir , Amitabh and Nagarjuna whereas the downsides of the movie were the dialogues and Alia Bhatt's performance. The movie ends with a cliffhanger , leaving you yearning for the sequel to be released already. On the whole the film is a commendable effort that deserves praise.
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time waste
gdeep-022969 September 2022
Just VFX, Even I don't know which way Bollywood is going, but all the films that have come in the last 2 years are ridiculous, Bollywood will have to think about how to make good films. I can't even call it time waste because it was a film below time waste... Shahrukh khan's acting was Okay but other characters were duin' over acting... no storyline and no sense of direction .... they need to think about roles in this film industry, south cinema is much better than bollywood now... even our punjabi cinema duni' good job in films, bcoz if film's genre was comedy than it must be funny, but this film was seriously too much funny even in action part,
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Great VFX No story or good acting
mohinderchugh9 September 2022
We were expecting a great movie as the amount of money spent on this movie was insane. But it is more or less disappointment. VFX are great and are equal to any best of Hollywood. But here director missed the trick. He focussed too much on VFX and did not focus on story , acting or Music. Other than acting by superstar No actor including Ranbir and Alia acted well. Big B is a waste in this movie. Music is also copied from other songs of pritam himself.

We wanted desperately for Bollywood to create something equivalent or better than Bahubali but it is no where near. In case you want to watch this movie enjoy the VFX and than sleep for some some time. Ask your neighbor to wake you up when the next VFX shot starts. This way it will be easy for you to watch the movie .
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Not worth the time
kevalfsi9 September 2022
I went to see first day first show! Was excited for movie but it was really a waste of time. It is almost like a cheap marvel copy and nothing more. Its just a love story with vfx. Not satisfied at all. Must work hard for next adition to this triology and not copy marvel characters and even shots. The vfx is not bad but its almost same like any superhero movie. Ranbir and alia are okay and not in full form. Music is also copied from other songs of pritam himself. So, public can figure out if they are getting what they were promised or not. Here, definitely I personally ended up in disappointment!
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Was this supposed to be a love story? Mr. Ayan Mukerji, what were you thinking?
SoumikBanerjee259 September 2022
You know this was a mistake, yes, an error of judgment from my end. I traveled almost forty miles to watch the first day first show in 3-D, and I did it because I could not have waited any longer, but now it seems all my efforts have gone in vain! I recklessly put all my faith and trust in Bollywood, and into a director whose portfolio thus far, has nothing but coming of age/contemporary love stories, and this is yet another unwarranted expansion of his catalog.

Can someone please clarify whether this was meant to be a Love Story? Wasn't it supposed to bring competition to Hollywood superhero/comic book features? Didn't the trailer make it look like the next big leap for Indian Cinema? Mismarketing at its best! The guys who were in charge of the trailer had done an incredible job, you know why? Cause they successfully lured in naive people like us! Aargh! I feel so stupid.

Look, I'm all up for romance in a fantastically charged adventure feature, as long as they play out as catalysts but not the fundamental attribute of the narrative. I was anticipating a mesmerizing tale about these astras, and their powers, I wanted to find out more about the disciples of the 'Brahmansh', the people who are meant to protect the sanctity of this monumental pool of infinite 'Shaktis'.

While we do get some bits & pieces regarding this mythical world full of magic; the narrative for some odd reason decided to put all its emphasis on the chemistry of Ranbir & Alia rather than concentrating on the main topic! This approach would have functioned had the writing been corroborative! The dialogues are cringe, and even the performances from the lead pair were too melodramatic thus failing to gel altogether. I'd go as far as to say, I couldn't care less for the characters. Thankfully the gorgeous Visuals and stunning background music saved this ship from sinking.

P. S. The movie commences with SRK's cameo, and it was freaking fantastic! If only the rest of the film followed the same path!
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Too much hype
nishantqazi9 September 2022
When I saw the trailer the first time I was disappointed, as Ranbir Singh looked and felt very cosmetic and very artificial as Shiva.

My fear of that turned to be true, he is more of a chocolate hero than a serious role this movie needed. I think if this were to be Rumi 's story the original screenplay like it was, he would have excelled, but giving him Shiva's character changes everything, there's no soul of Shiva.

Alia Bhatt is fine.

Story is too okay, nothing that makes you glue to the seat.

Only VFX doesn't make the movie entertaining, the makers forgot it.

Time to make some serious cinema.

Indian audience has grown, don't know when the Bollywood makers will??
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Average film
diprajkate9 September 2022
Warning: Spoilers
I had very high expectations from the movie but the movie failed to reach that expectations the VFX is good but in some scenes it appears like cartoon based VFX.. Ranbir is good but not given his best... supporting cast is good.... sometimes it feels likes the movie is streched unnecessarily the length can be reduced by 20 to 25 minutes.. Alia is good.. typical bollywood dialouges are there the interval is good.. Nagarjuna has played his role beautifully ... Amitabh is also good... Shahrukh's cameo is goosebump moment.. but internally it feels like something is missing... overall not that good movie with huge budget of 400cr..
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First 20 minutes of the laser show was good
indiainsido9 September 2022
With no story, the movie is nothing more than a laser and action show. You will definitely enjoy the first 20 minutes but then you can't watch the same VFX for 2 hours. The screenplay is weak, dialogue is cringey. If this movie was divided into small episodes of 30 minutes each for a web show and if there was a good story and acting was good, this should have been really great. Missed opportunity.

Mouni Roy's acting is pathetic. Alia is all charming but no chemistry with ranbir. Ranbir's chocolate boy image is still there in the movie but looks immaturish as we have also seen in the trailer - "Kaun ho tum" , "kya ho tum" similar cheesy dialogues in a science fiction genre movie looks misfit.

Amitabh brings charm but no value to the movie. Big B should really restrict himself to KBC, in movie also it was looking like as if Big B is playing KBC with ranbir and Alia with mythology questions and same as in KBC after every question giving 10 minutes Gyan on that mythology question.

Nagarjuna part is ok but again with no story in the movie, everything shatters. I think the reason may be because the movie story and screenplay changed many times. When you change the movie entirely from making dragon a brahmastra, it was bound to happen.

Still ranbir fans like me should give it an opportunity to watch it once, but you guys can decide if it's theatre or OTT after a few weeks.

In one sentence: all that glitters is not gold.
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pramodh_kumar_g9 September 2022
Firstly try to read the entire review... After watching the film... My feeling... It was not worthwhile... It was quite a lag film.. poor graphics despite the budget..(some might like it because of the hype surrounding it or their limited knowledge of CGI) Huge Inconsistency in the screenplay... Mainly couldn't able to connect with the plot (most probably cause the script work was not done well) AND MOST IMPORTANTLY... UNNECESSARY LOVE STORY/TRACK... Purely Disappointing Film... If you are a fan of Ranbir, Alia, Amitabh & Sharukh... then it is a strictly one-time watch... But on a personal note... I would recommend you skip it...
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Huge Disappointment
amritanshcityhunter9 September 2022
First part is good , but the 2nd part is way too over dramatize , i think there's way too much vfx , instead of that much of vfx the actor and actress should have focussed more upon their actings , in short huge disappointment if you're going to watch it in theatres .

I felt like the connection between the characters and the flow of story was missing hugely , actors and directors instead of focussing too much on vfx must have focussed on this .

This part has failed to impress me at all , it's definitely not worth for a theatrical experience .

Ranbirs acting is falling short in this movie , amitabh bachan is great , alia is okyish , but the main protagonist that is ranbir fails and disappoints with his performance , his acting seems all made up and not natural at any point of time in this movie .
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Boring movie and Money wasted on just VFX
bhardwajshekhar-531979 September 2022
I don't understand why people don't realise that the story line and acting is way more important than just throwing money at VFX.

Complete time and money waste, will not even recommend to my enemies.

So bad that couldn't even bare for 30 minutes, so much of disappointment with this movie.

Totally predictable and boring plot no need to make this kind of movies.

Even my girl couldn't handle it for more than 30 minutes, it is that awful.

It's gonna be a superflop for sure, the claims of successful pre bookings was also hoax.

The whole hall was empty apart from 3-4 guys.

People who saved their money and stayed home , i Envy them , they were the blessed ones.

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Poor execution of Good Story
rocksahir9 September 2022
Below average Movie. VFX work look very poor and spoile the experience. Some places story feels disconnected and leads you to rethink. Concept and story line is good but the selection of cast makes this experience even painful In this film Casting is a major problem. Selection of cast needs to done proper character in the movie and faces feels mis fit as specifically Lead actor feels little too much misfits for the role. Execution of story is also below average and they have wasted such wonderful concept. More research needs to be done. That depth of story was missing. Making the experience even poor in the movie Sound synce is not up to the mark and landed into poor communication. Overall disappointing. A wonderful story executed very poor.
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Jaani Dushman Vibes with Brahmastra:Part 1
manishranjansingh-391699 September 2022
Watched morning show with much expectation, unfortunately it is a dud show all over. God knows how they are gonna pull off 2nd and 3rd part.

Movie has nothing to do with culture and tradition as advertised, it's another love story packaged in Hindu phonics.

Much bosted VFX looks outdated in 2022. 10 yrs of planning and making has runied this project completely. Definitely not upto the expectation.

Kids will love though, all the glitters and laser show vibes throughout. Screenplay is very poor to keep you binded.

The screenplay lacks proper research on the subject matter, even though it's fiction but trying to relate to Hindu history isn't in sync. I fear certain group will definitely not like the way it has been presented. Also they could have reduced run time 20-25 shorter.
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