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It's 30% Deeply Moving and 70% Deeply Boring
Jared_Andrews28 September 2017
If you prefer a movie rich with dialogue, A Ghost Story is not for you.

There is very little speaking throughout the movie. Only one scene features much talking and it's not even a conversation. One man launches into a lengthy, detailed monologue about the infinite size of the universe and our relative insignificance within it. The man believes that the speech is profound and laudable, but in reality it sounds like something a college kid would say while high at a party.

The gist of the man's speech expresses that the universe is too vast for any of us to truly leave a legacy when we die. The ghost (played by Casey Affleck) is especially compelled by this speech because he has just died and is now especially compelled by things concerning his legacy.

The ghost observes what he cared about most while he was alive. He haunts his house. He observes his wife, struggling to watch her struggle to cope with his death. He wants desperately to comfort her, but cannot. It's heartbreaking.

In addition to heartbreak, this movie evokes many other feelings: warmth, humor, boredom. Boredom comes up a lot. For every genuinely beautiful and moving moment of the movie, there is at least five minutes of emptiness. The runtime is short, just over 90 minutes, but it feels longer and could easily have been trimmed by 20 minutes.

One scene in particular that involves a pie seems to drag on for at least four days, even though it actually only lasts four minutes. In the moment, the scene is likely unbearable to many viewers. I plead for your patience. Do your best to empathize. Think about how you would feel in the situation. Do this, and the scene becomes haunting and powerful.

That's probably the best way to sum up the movie—many scenes may feel boring if given little thought, but are actually deeply moving if given honest consideration. Not all scenes fit this description—some, no matter how much your squint, are just extended moments of vapid emptiness. The emptiness outnumbers the deeply moving by about 2:1, so this movie requires patience and commitment. The movie contains no conflict, only contemplation and some glorious music.

If that sounds like enough for you, give this movie a chance. But fair warning: if you bore easily this movie will feel like a waste of your time.
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Impossible to rate
samandor-157816 March 2018
Imagine a joke that takes 90 minutes to tell, you never get to hear the actual punchline, and part of the point is how long and incredibly boring it is to get there - yet it makes sense at the end, and in some strange way seems fulfilling. If this sounds like your cuppa joe, you might like this flick. I'm glad I watched it, but wouldn't watch it again, and can't recommend it.
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Deeply thoughtful, deeply misdirected.
dom-lerose-84 June 2018
"A Ghost Story" is one of those films where the director had a good intention and a genuinely creative idea but mishandles his own content. Bizarre as it may be, this film was promising until it's true colors were revealed. The issue "A Ghost Story" has is that it's centered around a deeply intimate human story and fails miserably at delivering anything moving or powerful. This film had potential to be a unique, one-of-a-kind testament to the human spirit, but instead delivers a cheap, boring tale about nothing.
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Oh DEAR LORD. A Most Awful Ghost Bore
Her-Excellency23 September 2017
Warning: Spoilers
To begin, let me state that I actually LIKE "pretentious" movies and films that speak to you on a different level. THIS, however, was pure torture and while I feel that the creators truly wanted to say something, it was MORE THAN APPARENT that they didn't have ENOUGH to say and so they filled it with mindbogglingly SLOW and sluggish scenes.


I see that many have already covered the scene with the pie, but I feel that they didn't quite get the point across correctly or do the utter banality of it, justice.

You have a FULL FIVE MINUTES (_time them_), although they truly feel like ten or more, of the main female lead doing nothing but EATING A PIE! And yes, she does so rather well, in that it is meant to make you uncomfortable, and it does, but not in the way I imagine it was intended to do so.

Trust me when I say that NO film EVER, in the history of films, needs a scene where for five minutes someone does nothing but eat a pie. Beyond that, it is not counting the ten minutes it took her to walk into the house, put her mail down, walk around, stand at the sink, look out the window, turn around and FIND THE PIE ... ...

.... OR for that matter, the forever minutes earlier in the film where she literally drags a chest or box of some kind to the curbside - and I must bring your attention to the use of the word DRAGS. The scene is shot in painstaking detail and unbelievable SLOWNESS as she does this, across her ridiculously lonnnnng front yard (really, can a front lawn be that large or was it CGI?), and then does not cut while she THEN walks back across her lawn into her house.

Oh! AND HOW, just how, can we forget the never-ending completely passionless / emotionless scene at the beginning where the couple is in bed? In fact, the word which fits this movie to a "T" IS "EMOTIONLESS". Trust me when I tell you that I have literally seen two Kleenex tissues at the bottom of a trash receptacle which had more chemistry and emotion and a bond than these two people had.

Honestly, it is just too much ... of nothing.

This film should have been a short of some kind, or else it needed more work before it was released.

I applaud the creators in wanting to bring this film to the screen, BUT if you KNOW a project is not ready or not worthy, WHY do it and insult your viewers with such trash?
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A Mind-Alteringly Realistic Depiction Of Human Life
kjproulx25 September 2017
This movie is simultaneously not for everyone, while also trying to demand everyone's attention. That statement may confuse some people, so please listen closely if you're intrigued, because this review if going to be about me gushing on how incredible this film is. Whole critics seem to general love this film, average moviegoers seem to be pretty divisive on this film in retrospect. Personally, I completely see how many would be bored or turned off by this film, so whether or not you like this film is up to you. Personally, this film opened my mind in ways I wasn't expecting and I found myself in a state of transfixion when the credits began to role. So, this review will definitely lean heavily on a recommendation to everyone, but please be advised that the film itself is absolutely not for everyone. Now that I have that out of the way, let's dive in.

As a couple is about to move out of their first house onto bigger and better things, the husband (Casey Affleck) dies in a tragic accident. The film then follows the wife (Rooney Mara) as she copes with her loss. The husband returns in ghost form, walking around the halls of the house, watching her every move, stating that people really do watch over us after they die. This premise is fantastic, but the visuals themselves and the way the movie is constructed is what I feel may turn many people off. Coming off cheap by literally having the husband dressed in a bed sheet, the movie may seem cheesy to some, but that's not the point of it at all. From long takes of people sitting alone in a room to time travel in order to open viewers mind's, this movie takes many risks, but I think they are all genius in their own right if you're in the proper mood when watching this film.

Going from many short films, to independent features, to a big blockbuster in last year's Pete's Dragon, director David Lowrey has been all over the business, so it was pretty clear that this was a passion project for him, and that the amount of viewers this film gained didn't matter to him in the slightest. I think this was the best way to make a movie like this, because only the most hardcore film fans will probably discover it, which is where I feel it's best suited anyways. There is so much symbolism about the meaning of life and which aspects of it really matter the most, but I feel as though many viewers won't catch on. Once again, if you're in the right mindset and are open to literally anything, then I believe you'll have the same reaction to this film that I did.

Many viewers like being able to relate to a character when they speak to someone and open up about themselves, but this film is very far from anything like that. There are stretches of the film that can last up to 30 minutes without a single word being spoken, leaving it up to your interpretation on how they're feeling or what they're thinking. This is a very lonely-feeling film that you need to be relaxed and open-minded about. In my opinion, when a film can show you a piece of imagery and have you understand what a character is going through, what they're thinking, all while giving you a sincere look at our planet as a whole, when it's accomplishing everything it set out to do, and then some. Simply put, sometimes showing things to an audience is much more powerful than having it explained.

In the end, A Ghost Story is strangely enough one of the most powerful experiences you'll be able to see an all of 2017. Now, there isn't much dialogue, so you really have to pay attention and think about every piece of imagery, but if you're willing to do that, then I believe you will have a terrific experience as well. If you're not into this film after the first 10-20 minutes then you're either not in the right mindset or it's just not for you, which I completely understand. Many people will hate this movie, but I believe the message itself is worth waiting for alone. A Ghost Story is easily one of my favourite films of the year and I can't wait to watch it multiple times
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A Bold, Powerful and Beautiful Film
trublu2152 July 2017
A Ghost Story marks David Lowry's return to cinema since his 2013 indie hit "Ain't Them Bodies Saints". Telling the story of a young couple (Casey Affleck and Rooney Mara) who buy a home and plan to start a life together in it until tragedy strikes. The Man suddenly dies and leaves the wife to fend for herself and build a life in the house by herself instead of with the man she loves. All while she is going through this in reality, the Man begins to haunt the home in a classical white sheet donning way. Throughout the years of being trapped to haunt this home, The Ghost also has to witness the love of his past life continue on without him and experience the moments of life without him. It is a beautiful and heart wrenching film that delves deeper into what grief does to not only a person but to a ghost.

Whether you believe in an after life or not, A Ghost Story isn't worried about your beliefs. It plays out like a fantasy and that's how it stays which really bodes well for it. It never reaches beyond what is happening with the Man and the Woman and, of course, the House (which becomes a character in and of itself). David Lowry does a great job at setting up a "what if" scenario that all you can do is ask yourself, "what would I do in this situation?" The scariest part of that is there is literally nothing you can do. That rationalization is probably scarier than most horror films out today.

The film itself is a very digestible 90 minutes which is of a perfect length for this film because it doesn't go overboard and forget what it is. It's a horror film that is light on scares but heavy on thoughts and brains. There's no real scares. The big scare is putting yourself in the shoes of the ghost. What would you do if you had to witness your loved one go through grief and you couldn't do anything about it? You couldn't comfort them. You couldn't hold them. You could just watch. What if the person you loved moved on from you? What if they forget you? These questions are what made A Ghost Story scary for me. The level of helplessness that the film portrays is horrifying enough to remind audiences that death is still scary.

Overall, the film is an experimental ghost story that shows Lowry in top form both as a writer and a director. The crass nature of reality is that death is lonely and he captures that perfectly. While many who take a look at the poster will certainly think that the film is just another horror movie trying to capitalize on some paranormal money, A Ghost Story is much more than that. It is beautiful to watch, heart wrenching to experience and an absolute delight cinematically.
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Worst Film I've Seen in a Long, Long Time
MickGuinn5 August 2017
Warning: Spoilers
O.M.Ghost! This was the WORST film I've seen in a long, _long_ time!

It was so bad we were giggling and cracking jokes during it (we were in an empty theatre that night—unaware of what audiences may have already known). I'm never one of those rude people who talks during a film, but we didn't know how to survive without a little humorous banter.

Most frequently uttered phrase that allowed small laugh related releases: "He's a very patient ghost."

{SPOILER—well, actually, "RESCUER" Alert— since you should avoid seeing this film!}

During the long, _long_ scenes where NOTHING happens, we began suggesting that Casey Affleck probably had a stand-in for this "art film" since he was covered in a sheet 95% of the time. Apparently, Kesha (Jerry Seinfeld's pal) plays the only other ghost in the film, but she too is covered with a sheet (with a floral pattern, so we know she's female) so who's to know who's under there?

This whole film feels horribly self indulgent and pretentious. It presents like an undergrad film school project where the student film maker has just studied Andy Warhol, Kurosawa, or a Jarmusch film backwards or something.

The movie is littered with bad 4-5 minute scenes when _nothing_ happens. Nothing. The ghost just stands there. Okay. I get it. He says nothing, stands there for an interminable amount of time and we get to project our own thoughts and feelings on him. Done. Understood. Can we please move on now?…

We get to watch Rooney Mara eat an entire pie in one long shot that eats up 5 minutes of screen time, while her dead husband, the ghost, just stands there, unmoving, and watches the whole thing through a the sheet. I guess that's her actor moment when she really "commits to the part." After a couple minutes, it pulled us out of the film as we began to wonder about the actress and not the character she was playing with a blank face to match her ghost's. Does she throw up for real in the background?...

Honestly, I feel like I'm living in Bizarro world when I read summary snippets like this one at Rotten Tomatoes:

"A passionate young couple, unexpectedly separated by a shocking loss, discover an eternal connection and a love that is infinite."

WHAT?!…. "Passionate?!" Where the hell was passion in this film? Even the 4-5 minute kissing and cuddling scene in the beginning was sterile, like an unthawed Ingmar Bergman homage. I love kissing and cuddling. We were bored out of our minds watching _nothing_ transpire between the two leads before Casey dies and turns into a ghost with that famously easy Halloween costume. Certainly didn't see "love."

Plenty of "eternal." THAT's a promise the film delivers on! It's an experience in mind numbing eternity. You'll feel older leaving the theater.

And with all of this "undying love," why does Affleck's ghost offer zero comfort to his grieving wife? There's only one moment where he reaches out with sheet to touch her hand. The rest of the time he stands in the corner like a sad boy in 2nd Grade, shamed for some misbehavior.

We see him get angry and flash the lights when she brings a new man back home. She finally moves out, and for reasons that are never clear, Affleck's ghost terrorizes a single-parented Latino family who buys the home. We're supposed to to assume he's frustrated or confused or sad because Rooney left? But he does so by hurling dishes against the wall in front of little kids and their Mom as they try to eat dinner. Assumedly it's to answer that questions that haunts us all, "Why do ghosts throw things?" Yeahhhhhh…. Right.

While Lowery's tale may be a horribly misplaced homage to foreign cinema or film school, it really felt like it robbed us of a couple hours we'll never get back. Why does it not surprise me it was made with only $100k? It could have been an interesting, half hour episode of "Black Mirror."

There are some good shots of the ghost standing alone amidst rubble, and the strange flipping forward and backward in time to suggest a loop. There are even a couple of dry humorous moments when the absurdity of the white sheeted ghost just tickles. Sadly, these moments extend another 3-4 minutes too long, grinding all of the possible humor out of the moment like stereotypical Germans editing comedy.

There are even 2 Affleck ghosts at the end of the film as if to suggest this time loop might keep creating ghosts for every one that finally translates into the beyond? Okay, that's interesting. There's the endless attempt to get the piece of paper that Rooney leaves for him in the door jam, but we never see what she wrote. Oh,… I. get. it. WE are supposed to write whatever we think she wrote there!

"Hey, I'm okay. You can go now."

Can WE go now? ALL of this could have been done in 30-45 minutes. It feels horribly narcissistic and pretentious to expect an audience to sit through this unceasing indulgence. I have no idea what happened at Sundance when this screened, but it may be one of the rare downsides of legal weed. The anti-entertainment critics were in full force when they rated this film.

I give it TWO, no _FOUR_ THUMBS DOWN.

You've been forewarned.

Please ignore the high Rotten Tomatoes rating. Something failed in the ratings system because when you read some of the "positive" reviews, they list these problems too. Perhaps it too reminded them fondly of film school?…

He's a very patient ghost…it's unlikely audiences will be.

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magnuslhad14 August 2017
Warning: Spoilers
A young man dies and returns as a ghost to silently observe and occupy the home he once lived in. Time passes, his widow moves out, but the ghost waits. Very early in this film you notice how stunning the cinematography is, a sure sign that the story is lacking in depth. There are hints of Terence Malick's 'The Tree of Life' here, and some of The Time Machine's ideas on the non-linearity of time. But the film offers nothing substantial or insightful. Long takes force us to engage for uncomfortably extended periods with one frame, but there is nothing especially thought-provoking or insightful on offer. A woman gorging herself on pie is an especially egregious example, a scene that was the trigger for the series of walk-outs that took place at the art-house cinema in Scotland where I watched this. A party bore offers up a vacuous speech on the fragility and indeterminacy of existence that a literature undergrad would blush at, never mind a middle-aged man. The main content of conversation post-viewing was whether this scene or the pie-eating was more tedious. A ghost that can walk through walls spends literally an eternity trying to fish a piece of paper out of a wall. The film has one of those ambiguous endings that is the calling card kop-out of the art-house poseur filmmaker. It is beautifully filmed, exquisitely so, but it is scant compensation for the trite storytelling.
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Like watching paint dry
gene-denos28 July 2017
Warning: Spoilers
Spoiler alert. BORING. This movie was a total waste of time. A few gimmicks and they think they have a movie! I can't believe they would release something as meaningless and trivial as this. Casey Affleck hasn't acted in a movie yet and this one is no exception. They had over a 1,000 people rating this movie. It must have been the actors, the crew, and their families. Unless someone wants to spend their $$ and sit through an hour of boring stuff, otherwise forget it.
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I Wanted to Walk Out
wilsonville-4447421 July 2017
Warning: Spoilers
The movie had great promise. A husband dies and then comes back to watch his wife's life move forward. How will she react? What will his thoughts be? Who else will be part of their lives? It would have been interesting if we would have learned what he thought about her life and the lives of others who lived in the house; however, except for one family who had children, we don't really know. I guess his irritation related to the fact that there were children in the house, which must have been his dream. Shallow and unoriginal.

While most scenes were slow, two were achingly slow: the scene in bed at the beginning and the pie-eating scene. "Just eat the pie, please." There were two other scenes in which our ghost "communicated" with a ghost in another house. The audience I was with laughed out loud. I wanted them to get together to share their pain or to develop some type of relationship. That would have been no more banal than their talk.

The movie helped me greatly in one respect. I know that others liked this movie. I have read the replies. I can't understand why, however. I am able to realize that that makes me narrow-minded and that I have to be careful of that.
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A wonderfully hypnotic and philosophical film exploring the enormity of life
sabrewill1 July 2017
The exploration of the enormity of life when a recently deceased ghost returns to his house to try and reconnect with his wife. Made on a shoe string and in secret, it is a hypnotic observation of life and time after we die and it achieves to visually convey the psychological weight of certain death and that life will continue once we're gone. The people sitting next to me left the cinema about 20 minutes in because it is indeed a very slow moving film and I can understand why they left but that's the point of the film. Life is not a highlights reel, and this film achieves to show its enormity through legacy, love and loss. It is philosophical, psychological and extremely poetic. A wonderfully strange film.
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What a total waste of time
tjm-9258030 July 2017
Warning: Spoilers
My wife and I went to see this movie yesterday. We both like the stars of the movie so we gave it a chance. From the beginning every scene was drawn out for several minutes I guess for dramatic purposes however if that was the reason it didn't work. There was a scene that was about 10 minutes long just watching a pie being eaten. The movie had hardly any dialogue and was like the pie eating scene just a cobbled together bunch of long drawn out scenes for no apparent reason. It would have been more exciting to watch my 30.00 swirl down the toilet than watching this complete boor fest.
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a disappointing mess
gamedogluke22 August 2017
my initial reaction when I first saw the trailer to this was " hey this is going to be one of the best films of 2017" and I couldn't have been more wrong. this is certainly one of the most disappointing films of this year so far, in my opinion of course. I really wanted to like this film as well, It had a talented cast of people working behind it and a seemingly emotional premise, but I couldn't help leaving the cinema disappointed. the film was full of too many scenes, where not much happened but they were stretched out beyond belief. for example, there is a certain scene in this film which I will remember for all the wrong reasons. in this scene M (Rooney Mara), comes home devastated following seeing her recently deceased partner. She receives a pie from a well-meaning friend, she grabs a fork, slumps on the floor and proceeds to stress eat until she throws up. All while this goes on, C (Casey Affleck) stands watching her. This scene lasts for about 6 or 7 minutes, which ends up feeling like an eternity. It was at this point were a few people decided they'd had enough, and walked out. This film wasted so much acting potential too, in terms of the two main actors (Casey Affleck and Rooney Mara). I don't get how people are even saying he did a great job, I mean its slightly disappointing that he went from giving one of last year's best performances in Manchester by the sea and has ended up in this film, were he is not able to show his real acting potential. Rooney Mara is wasted as well, as mentioned earlier her longest scene is when she stress eats a pie for 7 minutes. But I get it, this film is meant and wants to be different. But that's all I'll remember it by, and not the good kind of different for me either. Critics seem to love it though, as different seems to appeal to them. In fact, the split in quality between how your average viewer sees it and how critics see it is certainly present. For a film which has such a relatable topic (with the topic being about death, which everyone goes through and must deal with)the film manages to somehow make you feel disconnected from the characters. while the film had a quite serious ending, when the title card 'a ghost story' appeared on screen, people began to laugh at what a mess it was and how they had clearly just wasted an hour and a half which they'll never get back.

IN SUMMARY: an excruciatingly boring plot, which is stretched, so some scenes, which in any other film would only be a minute long, are seven times as long. The plot is also told with too many metaphors because it's trying way too hard to be different. Disappointing acting performances, no development in the characters and very flat cinematography. People who either have a lot of patience or love arty and different films, may find this somewhat enjoyable, but for everyone else its not worth your time or money
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The director thinks he's Bergman and he's not
nla-7539610 September 2017
Warning: Spoilers
A pretentious example of a bad Bergman movie. The publicity uses the word "meditation" to excuse the fact that it has no characters, action, or plot. The scenes are static and frequently the only movement is the camera slowly zooming in or out. I suppose this is to give the movie an artsy feel. The message of the movie is that people die and times moves on. That is all you will learn, and if you didn't figure that out by the time you were fourteen . . . We learn almost nothing about the characters or their context. They mostly move and talk like zombies, which is a waster of some very good talent. Midway through the movie there is a long speech by an unnamed character I call The Gasbag, pointing out the obvious about life as if it were a newly discovered insight. It is really just a voice over that leads nowhere. None of the other actors in the scene react to it at all. When I saw it I honestly thought it was ironic, and the movie was going to satirize the genre of intellectually barren self-important indie files, but to my horror I discovered that the director was being serious. There is no humor in the movie, no humanity, no spontaneous moments. When you leave the theater you are not informed, moved, or entertained, just ground down. I compared it to another movie people often walked out of, The Tree of Life, but even though Tree of Life was overlong, self indulgent and badly edited, there was a compelling story at the middle. Stay home.
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You have been warned
tomasz_puchalski9 August 2017
Warning: Spoilers
Casey Affleck decided to make a joke. He joint forces with David Lowery to create something much worse than Upstream Color. They created a mega - boring 90 minutes of long scenes about nothing. However, there was a scene in the movie, which fully expressed my feelings. It is a scene, where main character vomits. I am sure, that if I eat for some reason too much, it will be enough to recall this movie to achieve same reaction.
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Justification for IMDb to introduce ratings less than zero!
contactmaz19 September 2017
Warning: Spoilers
Where to begin... Well for one thing, how the hell has it got a rating higher than 1??? This was a terrible film, so boring and pointless. Actually, it was probably my fault because every film with Casey Affleck has been boring. Not sure if I'm allowed to swear but not only boring, but crap. Just as bad an actor as his brother Ben. It's like the script writer writes a crap script and thinks "Who shall we get to act in this crap film? Oh I know, one of the Afflecks! But it is a pretty crap script so it'll have to be Casey yet again...!!!" And there you have it! Oh, and who wants to see the woman eating a full apple pie in real time or watch the husband in the morgue under a sheet for 5 minutes. I mean, I actually had to check to see if I had my computer on PAUSE! So, my advice, stay away... stay 'very' away from this film. You'll thank me! Honest!
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ShunGunnery3 October 2017
I cannot believe that the top-rated comment is so very inaccurate.

To begin, David Lowry's previous offering "Ain't Them Bodies Saints" being a hit, sounds more like a plug for that film than a true statement, due to the fact that it was not considered a hit at all.

Go figure.

Secondly, when worded so nicely in that 'this story is about a young couple who ... (insert all the stuff they supposedly do such as buy the home and the wife experiencing the moments of life without him, etc.), it sounds great, only that's not true either. It shows none of this, but rather concentrates on the most menial of actions without ever exploring more of either their relationship with each other or with anything else. Literally, you get no back story and no ending, and even if you did, you have nothing to hold the two together besides scenes of total mundaneness and dull, boring, tediousness.

I will admit that there are a couple of laugh out loud moments. The problem is that given the tone of the film, I don't believe these moments are supposed to be funny, which makes the film that more awkward.

In closing, one of the reviewers before me said it best: you have been warned. This is a bore-fest.
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The Ghost is the missing Story
happycap-677576 September 2017
Warning: Spoilers
My sister and I went to see this movie together.... Mistake! This was the worst movie I have ever seen, and I see movies almost every week. It started, we thought the film got stuck, and we should have followed our instincts and left. The entire movie is silent and leaves the movie watcher waiting for something to happen, anything. I do not understand the positive rating of 7.8... Maybe I expecting too much when I am hoping for some dialog, anything (the Ghost do "talk" to each other, HA). I can see this movie being replayed on Saturday Night Live.
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Atmospheric, thought provoking, beautiful...but only for those poetic souls amongst us...
mariusar25 September 2017
Warning: Spoilers
I get the hate - this film is the cinematic equivalent of a cup of tea that won't please everyone...specially in the hyper-stimulated times we live in.

And this is absolutely not about snobbish critics versus the unwashed masses.

Yet for those composed of just the right kind of emotional temperament, this film is indeed lyrical and hauntingly beautiful, as well as a visual documentation of the sheer chaotic fragility of life and, as another reviewer so nicely put it, an exploration of the enormity of time.

Not for everyone. But will indeed be appreciated by many.

The people who strongly upvoted this film know exactly what I mean...
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The power of memory
vinidurao20 September 2017
What a powerful and sad movie. I read in a review that the movie has no story at all, but it is exactly the opposite of that. This movie transpires stories, it is about stories. A Ghost Story is pure art, a beautiful well done movie that i will remember. Just watch!

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Enough to make you think you have died! Do not bother!
jwimdb-0327524 September 2017
Warning: Spoilers
I have never felt the need to give a spoiler warning but it is hard to review without giving the game away, but I will try.

You see this movie is duller than watching paint dry, did somebody actually put up the funds, boy they must be spitting nails.

I tried watching at 4x the speed and it was still painfully slow, I tried 8x but lost the audio, so went back to 4x.

There is NOTHING good about this movie. I mean it not a thing.

It is hard to say what is more painful, watching it or knowing I cannot get that time back.

What is most annoying is that this had an IMDb rating of 73% at the time of writing, the only explanation can be that they wanted to spread the pain of watching this truly awful movie.

It is not as if this is some arty title, it is just crap.

So you have been warned, it is truly dire from beginning to end.
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high rating on IMDb is Inside Joke About This Movie
dada-4433020 September 2017
Warning: Spoilers
I must admit I didn't watch it till the end. In fact, I had it enough when the main character and the only reason why I watched this movie (Rooney Mara) eat the pie for 10 minutes, or it was maybe even more.

Also, there is a scene where two ghosts talk to each other, and if after that you are still watching this movie then you can watch anything.

Good critics are probably because the critic writers actually need to watch the movie to the end and when they did that then they made a joke by making this movie high on rating, so more people go watching and laugh at them.

I know I will recommend this movie highly to someone just to have a joke on them.
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Infuriatingly pretentious
panitsachris12 August 2017
Such an incredible disappointment. Fantastic actors totally wasted, mumbling their way through this utter drivel. Mind numbingly slow. Wants to be poignant, totally misses it. Watch the trailer only, don't bother with the whole film. Go and watch paint dry instead as a better use of your time.
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A Ghost Story
oOoBarracuda14 August 2017
Warning: Spoilers
Despite all the negativity many associated with 2016, and rightly so, it brought a special gift with it that I have not stopped embracing. I still talk about Manchester by the Sea, I'll probably endlessly sing this film's praises. Since seeing Manchester by the Sea five times in theatres, I decided to check out more from its writer/director Kenneth Lonergan. I also began to eagerly anticipate Casey Affleck's next project. I was even more excited when I read about A Ghost Story. When I read about this modest film tackling the biggest issues of existence and life's unanswered questions, I did the kind of happy dance only a student of philosophy would do. The 2017 film directed by David Lowry promised to be a simplistic yet grand look at love and loss, and how to endure when we lose someone prematurely. Everything about it sounded right up my alley, I even traveled nearly two hours away to be able to see it so to say I was invested would be an understatement. Needless to say, I obviously took a wrong turn, because I didn't see A Ghost Story fulfill what it promised, nor did the film speak to me in an impactful way. I experienced a complete lack of emotion as the lights came back on in the empty theatre and was left pondering, not the meaning of existence or its meaninglessness, but just how self-important a film could appear without ever actualizing its vision.

C (Casey Affleck) is killed in an automobile accident. Unable to leave behind his love M (Rooney Mara) he hovers between the living and the dead, maintaining some level of existence as a ghost, white sheet and all. He witnesses M readjust to her life of day-to-day menial activities, and even witnesses her possibly move on in her love life with another person. Desperate to maintain a connection with her, he spends his time trying to obtain a personally meaningful piece of her that she left behind in the house they shared together. As he attempts to recover the last piece of his love he has access to, he sees the world change as he is catapulted through the years. Not only does the ghost see far into the future, but he sees far into the past, as well, and is shown the family responsible for the first fence post put in on the land where his house would eventually be built. An exploration on the grandiose scale of the world often ignored by our own self-interest, A Ghost Story attempts to construct a fresh look using many borrowed pieces from philosophy and literature that never quite materializes.

Few things make me happier, cinematically than a "little film that could". A minimalist story with modest sets and sparse dialogue is almost certain to endear itself to me. I should have loved A Ghost Story. There is only one scene in which we see more than two people on screen together and one of the main characters is dead throughout most of the film's runtime, yet, the film still fails to achieve its self-professed "smallness". Perhaps my main gripe about the film's alleged simplicity lies in the heavy-handed way it delivers its message. There is not a single bit of this film that gives the audience enough tools to arrive at the desired conclusion on their own. Instead of subtlety, David Lowry presents images and statements that drive home his message hand-over-fist. I get it, and I got it about 30 minutes into the movie that life is meaningless and much greater than our individual lives that most people remain focused on throughout their day. I didn't need a stroll through the past or to be jolted into the future to understand that there are more people than me in the world and we're all going to die. That lesson is one that I would have much rather experienced in a philosophy course than to see in a film using such a blatant method. Granted, I minored in philosophy during my undergrad so these are themes I consider often, but the change in pace the film underwent switching from its initial egoism bent to its collectivism was disengaging and disingenuous. It seems as though the film is attempting to make a grand philosophical statement while maintaining an infantile view on life and its meaning. I also have an aversion to stylistic decisions that don't seem to serve a purpose. In A Ghost Story, the aspect ratio chosen seems to only exist as a self-serving gesture meant to remind the audience that it is an art film. A Ghost Story hardly treads new ground, as it promised, and left me in a cold emotionless state. A technical achievement, A Ghost Story would have left me far less angry if that was all it wanted to be, but the intellectualism it attempts while showing no regard for the intelligence of the audience sours me on its product completely.
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Truly awful
G-LO18 August 2017
Boring, pretentious, irritating, amateur, self-indulgent. I got nothing from this film. Scenes overly drawn out to make a point. I'm not sure what the point ever was. I think we all just wanted that pie scene to finish 20 minute earlier. If you enjoyed this film go and see Silent Light.
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