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Surpassed my expectations
mostafaaboseif11 August 2021
I entered the movie expecting to laugh out loud, and I did. Ryan Reynolds and Taika Waititi are comedic geniuses. What I didn't expect is the great chemistry between Ryan and Jodie Comer. Their relationship carried the movie.

Also, the trailer and the first act made us believe that it's the generic "we live in a simulation" movie like many others. But, as we progress, the movie becomes its own thing. And it's fantastic.
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How likeable is Ryan Reynolds!?
keeverj14 August 2021
This movie was much better than I expected. It was enjoyable throughout, paced well, and cast exceptionally. The major strength of this movie is in how damn likeable this cast is. I'm not sure anyone could have done this other than Ryan Reynolds. I'd recommend a watch.
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The feel-good film for summer 2021 with a typically hilarious Ryan Reynolds
JoelAlexanderr24 August 2021
One glance at FREE GUY, the newest big budget offering from Hollywood's favorite action-star/comedy master Ryan Reynolds, will cause most to approach with valid skepticism. The plot seems like a cheap knockoff of films like Ready Player One or even The Matrix, but made in a crude fashion to make more money at the box office. The actual movie, however, could not be further from the worst estimates. Not only is FREE GUY constantly hilarious due to Reynolds and an inventive screenplay, and not only is this possibly the feel-good event of the summer, but it also has a considerable amount of thought put into the meaning of its premise and places a mirror in front of modern-day video game culture.

To put it simply, perhaps the main reason this movie comes together so well is because of Ryan Reynolds' constant charisma and hilarity. Most of his dialogue is clearly either written by him or created by him on the spot (I have no idea how he hasn't received a screenwriting credit for this and the Deadpool movies), and the film is that much better as a whole because of it. He also interacts with the other actors in the film very well, including Jodie Comer and Joe Keery, two underrated actors who prove here that they aren't just one-time stars from their respective television shows (Killing Eve and Stranger Things). The ensemble combines to create the most consistently funny movie of 2021 so far.

However, this movie isn't just hilarity and crazy antics, although it could easily get by on those aspects alone. FREE GUY has tons of heart and authenticity despite its virtual reality-based plot, and is about very human emotions such as disillusionment, the feeling of being trapped, and, of course, love. There are times where the heartwarming aspects of this film resemble a charming romantic comedy and others where it gets so existential that it almost feels like The Truman Show. It never dives quite as deep as the latter film, but the fact that it even has the guts to include these themes made this easygoing big-budget movie a far better watch for me. Sure, the last thirty minutes are very cheesy and contain a lot of clichés, but the buildup is so solid that it earns some dumb rom-com moments near the end.

FREE GUY is worth going to see because it is one of the few quality films right now that increases one's faith in human nature. Lately I feel as though I have lost my faith in humanity with all that is happening in the world, so it is refreshing to get a movie that feels confident in the human experience. Maybe I'm looking too deep into the message of FREE GUY and maybe it was conceived just so Ryan Reynolds could screw around for two hours, but either way the price of admission is well worth it for an amazing time at the theater.

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Free Guy is popcorn movies at its best.
Dunkaccino12 August 2021
Ryan Reynolds is guy, a NPC living in the game Free City. He met Jodie Comer's character and discovers things about his world. There's also a real life part of the film, with Joe Keery, Jodie Comer again, and Taika Watiti.

These are all great names. And with amazing direction, an original idea and great execution is what makes Free Guy such an endlessly entertaining film.

This is a short review because i want to let you see it yourself and be amazed by how good Free Guy actually is.

Did I enjoy it? Yes. Is it a flawless masterpiece? Maybe not. Did I smile throughout the whole film just because how fun it is? Hell yeah.
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A decent popcorn movie
grenage5 October 2021
It's not deep, clever, or witty; it's basically the Truman Show for the next generation.

It is however very pretty and fast-paced. Ryan Reynolds is the same as ever, and that holds the film together.
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Emin9618 August 2021
I've never written a review on here before but, with everything going on in 2021, 'Free Guy' allowed me to forget about the world for a couple of hours - and for that it deserved one!

Firstly, the role of "Guy" was MADE for Ryan Reynolds. It would be a crime to audition anyone else and you could tell he enjoyed playing it. Great work too by Jodie Comer ("Millie") - and Channing Tatum ("Revenjamin Buttons") who literally made me laugh out loud which is no mean feat. Solid supporting cast too, although I could take-or-leave Taika Waititi despite appreciating his flair.

The story itself is simply enjoyable; if you watched the trailer, leave your preconceptions at the door. Artificial intelligence and open-world gaming has the potential to snowball into a complex idea for some, but 'Free Guy' is neither obnoxious nor existential. It is pure colour, fast-paced, funny, creative, and (better yet) UNIQUE.

The special effects are impressive; the soundtrack is uplifting, mainly thanks to a Mariah Carey classic; and I walked out the cinema with a smile on my face! Well done.
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Fun but not great
butler-josh20 August 2021
I found this film to be a mix of films such as Ready Player One, Groundhog Day and The Truman show but not as good as any of these films. The story is a bit bland and apart from the main character some of the others aren't written that well especially the films antangonist who just comes off as cringey.

There's also constant references that are thrown at the audience which become too on the nose at times and the inclusion of well known streamers and you tubers got old quick. However, if you can switch your mind off for the run time there are some good jokes in the film and some fun scenes and it can be a somewhat enjoyable watch despite its flaws.
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Truman show the video game
nataliedeakin-0013611 August 2021
Think the Truman show if it was set in a video game. The self aware comedy and cameos were amazing. A great cast and wonderful writing/directing. Definitely worth the watch.
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Grand Theft Auto meets Sims
misangrelatina12 August 2021
Omg what an amazing movie , so funny , such a great way to send a message to us, We can be whatever we want. Amazing cameos , so crazy cool!
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TheSaurian12 September 2021
This movie does not make any sense whether it's with how the game world functions (Ryan Reynold's life seemingly takes place in one game server, but regardless of whether it takes place in one server or multiple simultaneously the mechanics behind it don't make sense) or the decisions made in the outside world (such as wanting to create self-aware AI in a video game in the first place). There are various times where it seemed that the writer's have never played a video game before, and there is multiple "fellow kids" moments. The word "troll" is used multiple times, but the writer's don't seem to actually know what that words means as indicated by how it is used. There are some enjoyable moments, and the movie is decently entertaining. However, there are also various moments that were pretty annoying. You definitely need to turn your brain off for this movie, and more so than in other comedies because of this non-sensical video game world that they created. Definitely not deserving of absurdly high score that it has received, but it's not terrible either.
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Fun movie full of references.
ijaka24 August 2021
Its a good fun movie. Humor is good. Lots of references to other movies and games. Plot wise nothing special but its not why you watch this movie. Good fun! Like it. Thanks Ryan Reynolds. 😁
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Ryan Reynolds and great CGI, but everything else was amateur.
mike-c-b12 September 2021
Taika Waititi didn't nail down the villain character well enough, instead of evil ideas he went with "who cares", including every dialogue piece. So he breaks the 4th wall from fake acting when ever he speaks. His supporting characters come across patronising for no reason.

The other two main good characters are young and haven't developed their own personality - they mostly smile and say all the right things. Sometimes posing in hero shots, sometimes smoothly arguing with volume for no reason. - Totally the opposite of calm collected rebels letting off steam, which is what the Players in the game are about.

If you watch it for Reynolds, his character's best friend, and the CGI, it's worth it.
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Stolen from the "GTA VR" YouTube short, right down to the tank scene
backup-5036224 September 2021
And on top of following a stolen idea, it follows a pretty typical Hollywood "comedy" recipe - a guy who's a goofball, a woman who's a bAdAsS aNd ToUGh, a whole lot of action that's not always complimented by the best CGI...

Oh and all the "gamers" in this movie are women and little girls, because that's definitely the majority who plays online shooters.

Of course, when it's time to insult the players, they're conveniently called "sociopathic MANchilds" though. The previously-shown sociopathic women and girls were conveniently forgotten in order to insult only the men and boys. :)

Also there's a female NPC prostitute who says: "I don't have to be with any guy, most of them are awful, exactly right!"

Also some girl of course coded some amazing AI and is the "brains" behind everything, and the most upstanding person in the movie, while her boyfriend acts and is treated like a doormat "in her shadow".

Also "white privilege", "patriarchy" and "male virginity" were some of the generic out-of-touch corporate pandering buzzwords randomly thrown in for good (pandering) measure.

Because you know, again, this movie knows how to pander at all costs, and insulting men and shoving in corporate faux feminism is top-tier Hollywood pandering.

And there's a bunch of real-world kid-popular YouTubers and e-thots in this movie, despite the fact that it's a movie with heavy swearing and clearly not for kids, because Disney / 20th Century Studios know children will see it anyways (and the studios want that, the movie was designed to attract children). Yes, Disney is at the core of this movie, so you shouldn't be at all surprised at how plagiarized and toxic it really is.

But yeah keep eating it up, over and over again. Keep being oblivious like the NPCs in this movie. Consume, be stupid, gullible, susceptible to pandering like Disney and Hollywood wants you to be. Don't ever stand up and clap back. Dislike everyone who does. Keep encouraging with your money the worst possible future for yourself and your kids.
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Regret watching.
ressurrectin24 September 2021
Are these reviews for real? This movie is not nearly as funny or entertaining as people are saying. Written by 50 year olds trying to pander to fortnite kids without actually understanding gamer culture.
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This Guy is the man!
dorlando-8690429 September 2021
This movie looked to be pretty good from the beginning and didn't disappoint. Very entertaining and a good storyline. The effects were great and the action scenes were pretty cool. How could you not be rooting for this Guy!
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Poorly written
rocktoxinnn21 September 2021
The writers of the script already knew Ryan Reynolds can make anything funny, plus he has already made a name for himself. So they put very little thought to the script. I would certainly enjoy this more if I was a little kid, a lot of dumb harmless fun. If you care about the narrative of the story you will be disappointed.
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Insulting incoherent mess
bass-player-blues18 August 2021
This movie displays everything I hate about modern Hollywood... From the moment it begins absolutely everything you see or hear on screen is 100% determined by focus groups trying to please everyone paint by numbers style versus actual artistic ingenuity or originality. There's zero attempt to establish any sort of backstory for the characters, instead just shove a bunch of loud CGI down your throat right off the bat and familiar popular music as a cheap way to win over the general audience. Nothing surprises you at all. They got Reynold's copying Jim Carey's blissful cheerfulness from The Truman Show, the actor who plays his best friend just copies Kevin Hart verbatim because "Everyone likes Kevin Hart and he's in all the movies!" Even the main actress' performance sounds exactly like Ellen Page (now Elliot Page) from Inception. The video game world they created doesn't feel fun and surreal like it should, just seems like real life with a bunch of glowing "power-up" items and the occasional tank lurking about ala GTA. It can be pretty at times but mostly comes across hollow and heartless.

I have nothing against a good popcorn guilty pleasure flick but this sort of movie is the worst of both worlds; dumbed down plastic garbage with the appalling audacity to pass itself off as something ground-breaking . It does this with zero continuity as well. After 15 straight minutes of mind numbing CGI action scenes they have the audacity to preach some flat side plot about business integrity and innovation. On top of that way too much of the run time is dedicated to a generic rom-com style side plot which feels forced and distracts from the main premise which was completely non-existent to begin with.
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Truman Show meets Ready Player One
tmansreviews6 October 2021
A non-player character (NPC) that becomes self aware and starts playing in the brutal open world game he belongs to! Ryan Reynolds carries this movie with the help of a hilarious cast, a few well placed cameos, and a ton of pop culture references! The ending is slightly anticlimactic, but the rest of the movie more than makes up for it!
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They can't help themselves can they!
simonmiller_1324 September 2021
Why the hell can't Hollywood keep their identity politics out of "EVERY" damn film? As soon as I heard "White Privilege" my heart sank... followed later by Gender Roles, Patriarchy & Toxic Males. It's such a shame it could have been such a fun film, but no... they have to inject their insane ideology.
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Half-Good, Half-Bad
iagolivesforever15 August 2021
PROS: 1. Ryan Reynolds is fun and funny as always 2. Lots of great jokes and pop culture references 3. An interesting concept 4. Great climax 5. Fun action scenes

CONS: 1. Pretty much everything to do with the real-world characters is boring and badly-written.

2. Taika Watiti's character is the most annoying human being in the history of the universe.

3. The real-world characters talk like they're in a bad Law & Order episode.

4. The real-world scenes feel like they were written by people who don't play video games and have a less-than-basic understanding of gamer culture.

5. There were some moments that felt ridiculous and unrealistic, even for a movie like this.
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Not sure how this is rated so high
meachendavid422 September 2021
The characters are annoying and try way to hard to be funny, I'm dumbfounded how this movie is rated so high. Wish I walked out halfway through.
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Too many references
therockandrollday19 August 2021
Seeing all these streamers added just to comment on this free guy game, seem like something unnecessary. Whenever they show up it's so cringe.
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That's not how video-games work, my guy.
Pjtaylor-96-1380442 October 2021
'Free Guy (2021)' feels as though it's been made by people who have never actually played a video-game. It's the cinematic equivalent of those pre-rendered mobile game adverts that pretend to present gameplay but don't actually represent the game they're trying to sell at all. Though there are a couple of interesting ideas centred around the A. I. that makes Reynold's Guy able to go against his code, the piece just doesn't do anything with them. It doesn't really make sense and there's no semblance of cohesion or believability to the game that makes up most of its runtime. I mean, who is 'Free City' for and what do you do in it? It's not PvP from the looks of it, but everyone freaks out when an NPC actually presents a challenge to a player. God forbid a player gets killed by an enemy in a game, right? However, the fact that it lacks a proper sense of logic isn't its biggest issue, although it is undeniably irritating that a movie which is supposed to celebrate video-games clearly doesn't understand them and also partakes in the kind of banal 'gamer' stereotyping that perforates pretty much every piece of traditional media about the subject. No, the biggest issue is that, for me, it simply isn't fun. It's quite the opposite, usually. The amount of cringeworthy moments are nearly innumerable and its message is incredibly hypocritical considering that it lambasts big-budget games which are fuelled by mindless chaos and exist only to make money from a target audience that their developers clearly don't respect but it's a big-budget movie which is fuelled by mindless chaos and exists only to make money from a target audience that its creators clearly don't respect. Ryan Reynold's on-screen persona, which is essentially the same in every comedic film in which he appears, is also incredibly annoying and does the opposite of elicit laughter. There are some relatively impressive visual effects - even though nothing feels tangible and one or two are actually rather disturbing - and there are a couple of action sequences which are relatively well put together. However, the overall experience is just dull, despite all of its in-your-face noise. It's just such a corporate attempt, a movie designed by committee. It also has some incredibly disconcerting fan service, the sort that seems to be replacing actual content more and more these days. Sadly, a lot of people seem to be lapping it up. Of course, if you enjoy this film, then good for you; I'm not saying you shouldn't. I'm simply saying I don't. Despite the occasional highlight, it's an uninteresting and uninspired affair overall. 4/10.
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Hilarious and Heartwarming
bored_200411 August 2021
I had the joy of seeing this tonight at Odeon "Screen Unseen". I was a little unsure at first, since the trailer made it look somewhat juvenile and slapstick. However, this movie completely exceeded any expectations I had. The storyline is so well done and very engaging - great characters who you really care about. They make you laugh and smile, with some romance thrown in along the way! All the performances were brilliantly done and the comedy was just so well timed and actually very funny - I was expecting some cringe.. but it was just brilliant. Highly recommend this one!
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Actually really good.
Sleepin_Dragon14 August 2021
I did not expect that, this was chosen literally for convenience, I'd seen the trailers, and didn't think I'd enjoy it, it is so good. I'm sometimes hard to please with films, but this is definitely worth seeing. It's bonkers, it's crazy, but it's funny, and actually pretty moving at times, a more heart warming film then you'd think it would be.

Some pretty amazing special effects, it is never boring at any stage.

Ryan Reynolds is terrific, and fans if his will appreciate him being here, he's great, as is Comer.

I didn't expect it to be this good, 8/10.
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