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Pleasant Misfire
reidandgenene10 February 2019
This is a pleasant little romantic comedy, with a couple of big problems. It might be the best you're going to do for Valentine's Day 2019 if you don't like slasher movies. The first big problem is the male lead, Matt Walsh. He just doesn't express enough emotion to carry a romantic comedy. The other actors are fine, especially Michaela Watkins as his best friend's wife. Reid Scott, whom I haven't seen before, was also good as a sleazy former soccer player.

The other problem is in the initial premise: major creepiness here. I shan't spoil it, but maybe they should have had him fall in love with Michaela Watkins or something like that.
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Small fluff of a movie, decent entertainment in the French wine country.
TxMike19 April 2019
My wife and I watched this at home on DVD from our public library. Strangely about 20% of the IMDB votes are "1" which is bogus. While it isn't a great movie it has some nice elements and is mostly entertaining.

The title refers to a botched marriage proposal, a 50-ish man, a family friend, proposes to a 26-yr-old daughter under the Eiffel Tower, after mistaking her friendship for a romantic interest. Properly embarrassed he decides to wander randomly into France, ending up in the wine region near the city of Bordeaux. On the train he meets a pretty French lady who, it turns out, is co-owner of a really nice vineyard. In turn he convinces his boss back in Kentucky that their company should buy the vineyard. But he really wants to have the lady.

In reality it is a small fluff of a movie but is decently entertaining. Don't trust any reviews that claim it is a "1" or a "10".
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Complete waste of time and utter nonsense
thomasjbollinger11 March 2019
The movie is just bad. Acting is bad, story is full of plotholes, characters are badly developped and so on. BUT: Is it funny? No. Is anything credible? Not at all: There are no direct flights from St. Louis to Paris, it's impossible to catch up with a train that goes 200 mph, french country people are not dressed like in the vogue, they are not constantly wine drinking (I mean, at 8 in the morning, not if you're a lady) and many more things that make you think: Hey they made that movie for Americans who have never been abroad, paid by the french tourism office. This movie made me angry and I want my time back.
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Less Than 1 Star
mjfphoto16 June 2019
If I could give this movie a negative score, it would be minus 10. Poor plot, poor writing, terrible acting, and no direction at all. Even the title, Under The Eiffel Tower, had nothing to do with the film. It's hard to believe that money was spent on such a worthless project. Happily, it didn't cost me any money to suffer through this uninspired waste of time. Save your money, save your time, save yourselves!!! Stay away from this film.
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I wish he had jumped off the Eiffel Tower
cekadah24 March 2019
A long boring unfunny rom-com .... in which I failed to see the comedy.

There's only one reason to watch, to suffer, to struggle through this flick. And that reason is Michaela Watkins as the mother 'Tillie'. She has all the best lines, the best attitude, and is the only believable character in the entire story.

Outside of her this story is hollow and oh so predictable. And how did Matt Walsh get cast as a romantic character? He's more like a evil scientist or a secluded bookish professor. And Reid Scott sounded like somebody from Chicago acting like he's from Scotland.
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Funny and Beautiful and even esoteric
charles-977-9813844 April 2019
This movie was beautiful to look at with scenes of French country side and Paris. The cast was great, with poignant and hilarious performances. The restaurant scene may be my favorite. I loved the story and it provided the needed emotional release. Loved the end.
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Fun romantic comedy with a twist of drama
andrew-567709 March 2019
I was fortunate enough to see the Louisville premier of this movie with a special Q&A by the director/writer/crew and it was a pleasant surprise. I had no expectations, and the movie delivered on all fronts. It was funny, it made me sad, I connected with the characters, and there was a nice sprinkle of Louisville humor thrown in. For many years we have listened to Hollywood or New York insider jokes, but rarely do you get something that represents other areas in a film. The line "now boarding the flight to Louisville,KY" elicits an uproar from Louisville crowds, but is probably missed by everybody else. Why? Louisville has ZERO direct flights internationally (definitely not to France), yet it's called an international airport. I guess we have UPS Worldhub counts, right? Anyways, go see this film or download it. It's funny and you'll like it.
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True Oscar worthy performance that was clearly derailed by the Hollywood big wigs...
pbrown88815 February 2019
I know the cover may fool you with its corny tag lines like " Life can be sour " " love can be sweet" but they are only there to weed those that lack the ability to accept and understand a performance of this magnitude. Please understand that a script of this incredible caliber had to off been sought after by every hollywood elite out there, but the stars were aligned and they were lucky to have landed insatiable Matt Walsh.. Matts incredibly powerful performance in this movie was only slighted by this amazingly original and complex story line. Feel what its like to be breathless as he moves you emotionally from scene to scene, engaging with you as he portrayed each moment to deity like perfection...leaving you jaw-dropped speechless at this actors truly aw inspiring once in a lifetime performance . So join me and the 6 or so others who have already seen this and come to understand what it is to achieve a performance and vision at a level that only Matt Walsh can understand....
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