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The film is light and follows a distinct formula, but Walsh is incredibly charming, and shares a potent chemistry with Godrèche.
Under the Eiffel Tower is a functionally enjoyable film bookended by an opening and a conclusion both dogged by distrust in the audience’s reading comprehension.
The film ultimately suffers from its overly contrived plot mechanics, but the expert performances by its ensemble make it go down as easy as a smooth glass of Bordeaux.
The film is yet another ode to the restorative magic of wine country sunshine, which apparently also has the power to expose the story’s egregious midlife-crisis clichés.
It’s tough to root for the pair when neither of them experiences genuine hardship. In the end, all dramatic conflict here is sunny and soporific.
This is a very bad movie that manages to be as insulting as it is stupid.

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