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This is a Sweet Film
Christmas-Reviewer19 November 2016
Christmas for Miranda is a painful reminder of the family she never had. Her mother died when she was young, never revealing the identity of her father. But, three days before Christmas, she unexpectedly receives a clue as to the whereabouts that takes her to a beautiful New England town where she meets Ian, a young man who helps with her search. As the clues lead to her father's identity and Miranda discovers the possibility of love.

Now if you like movies with Happy Endings then watch this. If you hate Christmas movies then you might not like this movie.

Now I found the whole film well made and very plausible. You can understand Miranda's not only hopes and dreams but also fully under stand her fears of not wanting to disrupt a family once she learns the truth about herself. This film is not as predictable as might think.

It is a nice change a pace for the typical Hallmark Film.
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The mystery of finding the father you never knew
peterkoch-9811418 February 2017
This should read 'Finding my unknown father at Christmas time'. The actual title could mean shopping malls, low-rent bars, old people's homes and very occasionally somewhere very far north. In fact it's about a young woman who lost her mother very early in life and has grown up never knowing who her father was. She unexpectedly discovers a number of clues about her mother's secrets, the most important clue for us being that it's just before Christmas. From here we are presented with a mystery which she has to follow, with some of her own concerns; but for us it is most engaging and heart-warming.

Early in her pursuit of answers she comes across a suitable interest. To test my observation I rewound, and sure enough, the expression and turn of her head gave it away. Unlike most other romances, he remains as a constant, providing a counter-balance for her fears and anxieties. Together, she is better equipped to handle what turns into a very complex situation.

Set in a small Vermont town, the customs and Christmas activities of the villagers introduces us to all the main characters. Finding that one person who knows everything takes us down a winding path with a surprising ending. An ending that leaves the warmth from a good helping of Christmas delights.

Conclusion: 8.0 Xmas points, for a delightful cast and a story to keep our interest throughout.
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Jazzie-too18 December 2017
Finding a treasure! That's how this made me feel! Every Christmas I search for the movie(s) of the season to add to other favorites. (Grandpa for Xmas; all the Peter Falk Xmas movies, I'll be Home for Xmas....and several more) This year is definitely the "Father Christmas" duo! I missed this one in 2016, and didn't realize that "Engaging Father Christmas" was like a sequel. And the lead man, Niall Matter, is ho ho hoo hoo....leaves me breathless! Sure hope we see more of him in Hallmark movies!! How this story begins and continues in the 2nd feature, I can see it, going forward, in at least two more features. Next the wedding, followed by whereever the author takes us. I noticed both of these stories have the same authors, Golden and Gunn, so keep it going, please! I've already watched both "Finding" and "Engaging" twice already this season! Just make me feel good all over and feel the holiday spirit at it's best!
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Amazing Christmas movie.
MIssM191 March 2017
Warning: Spoilers
This movie sounded special even by reading the title, and it was. I absolutely loved the main story - Miranda trying to found out who her father was after her mother passed away while performing on stage and never got to tell her- I, personally, haven't seen anything like it on Hallmark. Someone trying to find where they came from.

The love story was not the main one, but yet it made the movie special as well. Both leads did an amazing job. I really enjoyed it. The only thing that bothered me was when Miranda saw Ian talking with Peter's mother with the photograph on his hand. That was very Hallmark of them to make the main character think wrong about the other lead's character.

On the contrary, I loved the fact that there was not any major drama with the leads. These movies tend to create a problem between them and it's not until one of them is on the other side of the country that they realized their mistakes. I'm glad Ian and Miranda talked the morning she was supposed to leave. It might be a detail, but I noticed and I liked it!

I also think that this movie was somehow not that predictable. Maybe the happy ending, yes. But there was a change in the order things happen - at least my thought - so I never knew when things were going to happen. I absolutely loved it.

A must watch.
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Awesome movie
jezzell-5359714 July 2018
Niall nailed it again.... Best actor on Halmark.He comes off so sweet, and kind. His personality shines in every show that he is in. This, and engaging Father Christmas were fantastic.... I will watch again several times. I wish that Marrying Father Christmas would come on sooner than November, but can't wait to see it. I wish you would act and more of the Hallmark movies. Love him.
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Faithful Fan of The "Finding/Engaging Father Christmas" Series
kellyloco16 February 2018
Both movies, starting with "Finding Father Christmas" complement each other VERY nicely. Very Well Directed, and 'Miranda' (Erin Krakow) comes across as a very believable / sensitive character, searching for answers leading to the identity of her real father, and her place with a far away unsuspecting family (back east, in Vermont), far removed from her Seattle connections. Her subtle but highly talented acting skills convincingly captures the audience, and takes them on a sentimental journey into solving a family mystery, and her place in not only finding who is 'Father Christmas', but the meaning of Christmas, itself ! Some subtle changes between the first movie, and the second movie are inherent, as you plunge into the sequel: "Engaging Father Christmas"... Daughter Julia Whitcomb changes young actresses (from the first movie), and one of the premises, behind the family mystery.. 'the captivating poem', behind the mystery to: "the beguiling eve".. actually changes content (a subtle line is added to the original poem, in the second movie. as was initially introduced in the first movie); But these are subtle elements / modifications that actually complement the overall finish product.

BOTH - GREAT FAMILY HOLIDAY productions - a Must See !! But these are so good, you do not have to wait for the Holiday Season, to enjoy. Can't wait for the third movie to be released, (could it be: "Marrying Father Christmas" (??). High marks in this quality holiday drama series, as we have come to know and love - both Miranda and Ian, in this instant Christmas Classic journey...

In writing this review, I am reminded by one of the 'hallmark' quotes, from the movie, that stand out - as that we should be reminded: "May Truth and Grace Reside Here".. how poignant.
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kall669523 December 2017
Love this movie. Love Erin Krakow. Probably cause she reminds me of my daughter, but she also is exceptional actress. This movie is about a woman who goes to a small town somewhere cold, probably Canada as they all seem to be produced there, seeking her father. She never knew who he was as a child, but found some information to lead her to the town. She meets a guy there, naturally, and things unfold from there. Wendie Malick is exceptional, as usual. Definitely a keeper. The sequel is Engaging Father Christmas and also worth seeing!!
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Nice mystery love story
Jackbv12323 July 2017
Warning: Spoilers
It was a nice mystery. Usually things are predictable but there were a couple things I expected which happened differently.

Erin Krakow plays humble, soft spoken and loving women very well. Niall Matter also did a nice job and they were good together. The actress playing Mrs. Whitcomb had good timing and played it just right.

The expected hookup was rushed, but I think that is to allow the mystery to take center stage.

Kids help make a Christmas movie and that's true here, but the little girl got attached to Miranda just a little too quickly.
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Kirpianuscus23 July 2018
It is not real comfortable , for me, to say that about a >H>allmark Christmas film. because all films from this serie are, at the first sigh, the same. but this film is special. I can explain why. for the plot, remembering a labyrinth or the improvisation. for the performances - Wendie Malick and Erin Krakow as lead examples. and , sure, for the small change of sentimental side. off course, many familiar parts. and the impression about storz to have the mark of improvisation. but the film works and seems more profound than others about pink Hallmark Christmas universe. and that is, for me, the most significant detail.
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I loved this movie right from its 2016 premiere.
Carycomic5 July 2018
Warning: Spoilers
And, so, I now watch it everytime it comes on Hallmark.

I mean, let's face it. It's got everything a non-discriminating Hallmark watcher could want. A little comedy; a little pathos; a lot of romance; and even an element of mystery! The only things I do have (more than a little) trouble with are the in-story chronology and logistics.

Unless the fictional town of Carlton Heath is situated between Bennington and Brattelboro, Vermont, I can't picture the efficiency-minded Miranda driving up from Logan Internation Airport (in Boston, Mass.) when the international airport in Burlington, Vermont, would have been much more feasible! Unless, of course, she hopped a commuter flight to Burlington and rented her four-wheel drive SUV, there?

Then, there's the confusion about precisely when she leaves Seattle and arrives in Carlton Heath. Considering that Christmas Eve fell on a Saturday, in 2016, when did Miranda get that suitcase from Rick Torrance; when did she have the second of two fateful discussions with her good friend (and, possibly, foster sister) Blair; and, considering that most small towns in Vermont are built around their churches, why would the townsfolk hold their annual performance of "A Christmas Carol" on Xmas Eve (instead of the night before)?

This is the only way I can sensibly work out the timeline in my head. Especially given the earliness of sunsets in wintertime New England!

Thurs. 12/15/16: Miranda has those first two discussions with Annie and Blair, respectively.

Fri. 12/16/16: She gets the fateful phone call from Torrance.

Sat. 12/17/16: She meets him at the old theater and gets the old suitcase that belonged to her mother. She opens it, later that night, and finds the old photo!

Sun. 12/18/16: She has her second talk with Blair. Folowing which, she hops an east-bound redeye that lands just after sunrise.

Mon. 12/19/16: She spends half the day catching up on her sleep, though not before leaving Annie a reassuring phone message, The rest of the day is spent aboard a commuter shuttle to Burlington Int. Airport. Spending another night, in a local hotel, there, before renting a car the next morning.

Tues. 12/20/16: She arrives at Carlton Heath by early afternoon. There, she learns the photography studio is long out of business. And that Ian McKendrick is more than just the handyman at the local inn.

Wed. 12/21/16: Ian shows Miranda around town and they bond even further at the annual town Xmas Tree lighting.

Thurs. 12/22/16: She confesses the true reason for her visit to Carlton Heath, and Ian gets the phone call about his dad.

Fri. 12/23/16: The show goes on. Sat. 12/24/16: The truth about Miranda's quest is revealed at Xmas Eve dinner in front of all concerned.

Sun. 12/25/16: tbc

All that aside, however? I eagerly await Part 3 of Robin J. Gunn's lovely trilogy..
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jewelch21 November 2020
This is well worth watching. James Welch Henderson Arkansas Henderson Arkansas 11/15/2020
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Well worth the find
TheLittleSongbird5 January 2021
The concept did sound interesting, not innovative but it didn't sound like too standard Hallmark. Am not one of those people, have said this more than once, that hates on anything from Hallmark (actually have liked a good deal of their festive efforts surprisingly, though they have done a lot of misfires) and tries to not judge them too seriously. Erin Krakow and Niall Matter have been somewhat hit and miss for me in their other work, an opinion that probably not everybody will share.

'Finding Father Christmas' contains some of the best work of both Krakow and Matter, will come onto that later. It is also not only one of Hallmark's best 2016 festive efforts (in a not particularly amazing year for them), but also towards being one of my favourites of theirs overall. While not quite a classic, 'Finding Father Christmas' surprisingly really impressed me. Was hoping that it would be at least average, but was not expecting it to be this good and proof that Hallmark do have good work in them.

Sometimes the script could have been tighter, parts are a little too heavy on the talk.

Also found the ending slightly rushed.

However, Krakow and Matter excel hugely in the lead roles. Krakow is a lot more restrained than she was in 'Sense, Sensibility and Snowmen', here she is quite understated but she never phones in and her performance is charming and heartfelt. Matter is a great sympathetic partner for her and gives a much better performance here than he did in 'Christmas at Dollywood', much more relaxed and looking a lot more engaged in the drama. The chemistry between them is natural and affecting, looking as though they did care for each other. Wendie Mallick is also terrific and is a breath of fresh air. The acting from all is well above average and the chemistry is always there and never looks disengaged or stiff, while the characters aren't complex they have enough to them to make them worth connecting with. The direction is sympathetic while never being dreary.

Visually, 'Finding Father Christmas' is slick and attractive. Hallmark often did deliver on the scenery, the locations were seldom authentic to the real thing but they still looked great and lovingly shot, and 'Finding Father Christmas' is no exception. There is a tendency in Hallmark to have the music too prominent and intrusive, found neither to be the case (not distractingly so anyhow) here. The script flows well and is easy to take seriously without being overly so. Really appreciated its sincerity, something that's evident in the story. There is not much innovative here and the mystery element is not surprising as much, but it's always compelling and has a warm heart delivered with little signs of heaviness. Without going too heavy on the schmaltz.

In conclusion, very well done. 8/10
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Nice Pleasant Movie we Liked- but Needed More
gehewe21 December 2016
Warning: Spoilers
Our family loves Christmas movies. This one failed the doze test, we fell asleep for 5 to 10 minutes during the movie (we watched it commercial free). Very nice movie. Story line was decent. The filming and acting did not give it what it needed to be more exciting.

Erin Krakow is the lead actress and is so pleasant to watch. The lead actor Niall Matter was also very pleasant and likable. The two deciding that they had to be with each other was not quite developed and the romance lost some of its appeal. The mother was a good supporting role but the fathers role was rather bland. Also the role of the step brother did not seem quite right.
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A little too sappy even for a Hallmark movie
RNMorton10 December 2016
Having said that I will note several good things about the movie. Krakow is really nice as the restrained lead, she has a sort of comfortable Sigourney Weaver look to her. Her mom dies and she heads to a Vermont town at Christmas time trying to learn more about an old picture she finds in her mom's stuff. Krakow appears good to absolute go for future Hallmark Christmas pictures. Matter was okay as the romantic interest, the obviousness of the potential hookup I can't blame on him any more than the writers. The rest of the crew was fine, Malick is good as the local wondering why Krakow's in town. I think my problem is all the developments seemed sort of destined from the beginning and it is always better if there is at least a little question as to where things are going. The wrap Is a little talky and complicated but nice.
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