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Headturner17 April 2019
Warning: Spoilers
This was a decent watch. Decent acting but I wish they would of expounded on the cult. What was all that? The movie was all over the place. I think it would have been better had they made all about the " cult" or whatever it was. Like what was it? Why did they act so weird to him when he came the birthday party. We never even get to know if the girl genuinely liked him and all we see is them all dying in the pool. Now why comes in because we really know nothing about them and could care less. My favorite part was when he left the money for Joe? I think that was his name. made the movie. I think it could have been very good had they went in one direction. Was it about a single mother , the campfires, The cult?
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California Weirdos
lavatch26 September 2019
Warning: Spoilers
In the opening scene of "Locating Silver Lake," the protagonist Daniel Willingham is rejected by his girlfriend Samantha Dolnes during the college graduation ceremony. By the end of the film, it becomes apparent to the audience that Sam made a smart move by dumping Dan.

While the film has some good footage of the great sites of L.A., there was a major problem with the lack of credibility of the characters. Daniel wins a lucky bet at the roulette table, but it was not clear how that stash of cash would make him independently wealthy. It was also unclear how no one in the film apparently had to work for a living.

The strangest group of characters were the individuals who fell under the spell of a cult-like guru named Seth, who had resonances of Charles Manson. There is the nearly silent character named Lilith. There is Daniel's old high school classmate Ella and her girlfriend Bonnie. Daniel falls in love with Ella's sister Talya, who goes by the user name of Mamihlapinatapai. Talya too has been brainwashed by Seth.

Daniel also has a one-night stand with his neighbor Luisa, a woman separated from her husband and raising two young children. After their tryst, Luisa has the realization that she no longer needs men in her lives, breaks off the relationship with Daniel, and moves out the area.

The most interesting group of characters was a number of men who have suffered traumatic losses and have weekly bonfires and drinking sessions. Daniel bonds with the men, opening up especially to his landlord Jose about his own troubled past. Daniel's father was emotionally wounded when his wife took a lover. The father left home, leaving the mother depressed. After she died in an auto wreck that was due to her driving, Daniel was left an orphan and a negative perception of love.

The film tries to turn Daniel into a 21st-century Jack Kerouac with his bible Kerouac's book "Maggie Cassidy." It was never clear exactly what was the purpose of the cult of "found ones" led by Seth, whose ramblings about "chaos" were as boring as they were self-indulgent. Were they a symbol of the hedonism associated with L.A.?

Daniel appears to have a kind of epiphany in his rejection of Seth and the cult, finding meaning in writing about the true story of Herman Silver, for whom the L.A. reservoir is named. But it is not clear if he has any new direction in life other than getting as far away as humanly possible from Silver Lake.
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Saving Silver Lake
ole202520 September 2021
Warning: Spoilers
At the end, the girl saves herself from the cult group suicide. But the girl doesn't attempt to save her sister, which would be a siblings first thought if she was a normal human being.
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mauriziopirasmetal3 April 2019
Boring as hell with awful and whining characters.These movies are for the easily offended millenial idiots.If you can't sleep this garbage can do the trick
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A good movie with a problem
cekadah20 April 2019
And that problem is the plot line!

So many holes throughout this otherwise compelling story. Josh Peck as 'Daniel" gives a solid performance as a young man who seems to be torn by rejection and acceptance by others. We are left in the cold as to what he is in search of.

That odd cult led by 'Seth' seems more comical than serious. Why others would seek his approval remains a mystery. Then there's 'Jose' who seems a bit threatening in appearance and with his friends but he has a parental view over Daniel.

This film left me confused.
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Beautifully loaded
FancyFranziFfm26 March 2019
Just rewatched LSL after watching it at Edinburgh Filmfest 2018. This movie is so beautifully loaded with truths, simplicity and complexity of life, turn abouts you've never expected, chaos and stability. Just loved it!
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Great work!
brittatabrit8 November 2018
I really love this one! I had the chance to see it at the Edinburgh Film Festival. Nothing is what it seems to be at first sight. Awesome storytelling and great cast! Thanks, Eric for this special movie!
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RRR - Real, Raw, Refreshing
jguintu5 October 2018
I was lucky enough to see Locating Silver Lake at a film festival in San Jose, CA. I am so glad I made the trek to see it because in a world where there are so many films with fantasy powers and action sequences, this film pulled me in with its compelling and real characters that are a blend of those we meet in our daily lives, raw depictions of Los Angeles (i.e. it's not all glitz and glamour) and refreshing story that has enough twists, turns and emotion to keep the audience engaged and excited.

The downside is I haven't been able to share the film with family and friends as it's still in the film festival circuit, but I can't wait to experience the film again once more widely released!

Not to mention, it's added a new item on my "LA to do" bucket list with the lookout telescopes, which are symbolic in itself...

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A boy becoming a man and finding himself
janellebellard14 September 2021
Warning: Spoilers
This is a neat little story about "the post college abyss" and a boy finding himself after college and becoming a man. Along the way he meets a diverse and interesting bunch of characters. I liked the movie a lot. The only thing that truly bothered me was the end. Her sister is in the pool either dead or dying and could possibly still be saved but instead of calling medics or police she literally runs off to try to find her boyfriend of a couple of weeks instead. It made me lol.
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Excellent film!
debandnick-124 July 2018
Beautifully shot with outstanding performances! The story takes turns you don't expect. It's a wonderful journey.
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Worth seeing, not always pleasant for me
vchimpanzee23 October 2022
Josh Peck made a likable guy next door type who has obviously gotten in over his head by moving to the big city after college. He has a past he won't talk about but manages to be so nice and pleasant to everyone around him, in spite of what he's not revealing. He has two possible friend groups but neither one looks particularly appealing to the average person. Either he will become friends with a group of tough looking Latinos who might be trouble, or a fun-loving diverse group who seem to be mostly gay. Both groups are friendly, in their own way. Daniel seems accepting of both but doesn't really fit in either place.

The real standout here is Finn Whitrock. What a personality. He is an acquired taste and it's not clear whether he cares about anyone but himself, and yet he shows concern for others. Or is it stalkerish behavior? We'll find out. He wears too much makeup in some scenes and way too much makeup in others and seems gay but kisses women too. And yet in one scene he looks "normal". He also shows a dark side that is different from how he comes across at first.

Aubrey Peeples is the pretty love interest for Daniel, who was dropped by his equally pretty girlfriend early on. She is more "normal" than most of the cast members and we are surly rooting for Daniel to be with her, but there are obstacles. Their favorite place to go is a quiet mountain with a great view of Los Angeles.

But then Daniel lives next door to the gorgeous Valerie Cruz. Maybe they'll end up together instead? She's really nice and her life is more conventional, and her sons like Daniel, and he likes them back. Dad is never shown but mentioned. I would have liked to see more of the boys. Cruz was really good in at least one scene.

All the leading actors do a good job. There is a dark mystery and some scenes are just plain creepy.

I would like to have laughed more. There are a few humorous moments.

In addition to the woman with two boys, there are two families here, and I don't mean people who are related, though two sisters are part of one of the groups. Family values are emphasized in one group.

The movie's biggest strength, if you happen to be one of those who prefers independent films that win awards to films designed for a large audience (I'm not), is the constant emphasis on philosophy. Daniel is a writer who likes Kerouac, so the artistic group seems to be his style. Maybe.

The fictional university shown in the opening scenes is really beautiful. Too bad more of the movie couldn't have been there.

I didn't care much for the music.

Not family friendly at all. The sound kept going out, and most of the times that it did, it wasn't because of the antenna that I used to pick up the TV signal. Though that was a problem too occasionally. The group that Daniel belonged to had a different idea of morals than Daniel did. And in one scene, all of Daniel is shown from the back. On broadcast TV that is blurry.

I would say it's worth seeing for some people. Not ideal for me.
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jlincascades4 April 2019
I absolutely love this movie! The characters are diverse and the movie takes you for an absolute ride and surprising turn. Huge Thank you to everyone associated in making this movie, from the Director, cast, and crew!
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Locating a great movie
dolores824 April 2019
What a movie!! I think there is a bit of Daniel in everyone of us - just at the beginning of a life journey and easily being drawn in by people like Seth. Daniel learns about the good in people, but also how rotten they can be. Can only recommend this movie - great cast and beautiful locations. An amazing storyline being told here, don't miss it.
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Metaphor After Metaphor
twelve-house-books12 June 2020
Warning: Spoilers
I have had as interesting a life as the writer depicted in this film. The Hollywood pretension is absent here, the bad dialogue, the wooden acting, the A to Z story line--all missing from this achievement that takes characters from the 2010s and uses them as metaphors for all generations. From 1988 through 1997, the year I effectively divorced myself from American society, I knew people just like the ones depicted here. Psychic vampires, lost young women, lesbian couples, bi-sexuals, Cholos, you name it. The story here is seamless and offers up surprise after surprise, most of them being out-and-out breaks in stereotype. Oh, and I lived in Hollywood--it's where I grew up, so I'm not one of the people of the world who hate that city without ever going there. In fact, I don't hate it at all. If there ever were a melting pot for the entire world which at the same time was filled with lost, lonely children needing love more than their next meal, then L.A. wins the prize--and this film reveals the city in a way that I never thought possible through one director's eye.
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LA is for the lost and lonely
bibikatusic12 July 2022
I don't know if this is a depiction of Hollywood. It just touches the surface. LA as a whole is the dumping ground of the wannabes. I lived near Universal Studios in the Apartments on the hill but wasn't an actress wannabe like a lot of those that lived there. I had friends in Silver Lake a nice but gay community. I lived near my work, so the best place in LA to me was still Pasadena. I'll pass on the rest. LA used to be good in the 80' and 90's. Now it's a mess thanks to bad management by Democrats who know how to tear down a city and care more about illegals than it's own citizens.

This movies starts out good but it could have gone deeper. The writer barely scratches the surface and makes Seth a gay man who is totally into control into the prime character. He should have showed us his satanist side. You could tell from that scary black woman in his group. All the people are under his spell, which is sad. They are lost souls pulling together in a lost loveless city.

Glad the main character left town at the end.
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Amazing movie
elien_stoffelen4 April 2019
Great story, fantastic acting, ... Mr. Bilitch, I really thought you couldn't outdo yourself after The Submarine Kid but I was wrong. You really outdid yourself with this one. Loved every single minute of this movie.
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This Movies Wants To Be Better Than It Is
hannahb-5618227 June 2021
Warning: Spoilers
What happened with this movie, happens so often, where authors/screenwriters try to write a main character who is an aspiring writer (same for aspiring musician)... and they make everything so pretentious, the writing, the characters, the storyline. This movie did it so much that when you actually peel back the "poetic" dialogue, you realize that the characters aren't even really saying anything at all, and are wasting beautiful words or phrases on truly meaningless statements.

"Chaos has rules."

"I am the king, prove to me your worth."

None of this had any significance because the plot was entirely lacking.

And just to add, I love prose. I love fluffy, flowery writing. So, it's not because I don't like this type of style that I am being so critical. It's because I love it so much, that I am.

It always is my favorite part when there's something substantial happening in the plot, and a character says something that just defines the moment, the story, or themselves. And it's even more perfect, when what's said is clever or witty or poetic. For example, "And in that moment, I swear we were infinite," from The Perks of Being a Wallflower.

This movie tried so hard to create those moments, to be the next great indie thing, but what was the story really telling us? What character development did Daniel go through from the beginning to the end? What underlying message did us viewers take away that may be familiar in it's understanding but unique in how it was told?

I am left wondering.

It's unfortunate too, because I do think the actors all played their roles well. Even more so, I think there were a lot of wonderful cinematic shots that helped create this indie LA aesthetic. But, the dialogue, the story, the unanswered questions about nearly everything that happened - ruined what could have made this a pretty good film.
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Great indie film
michaelbatie7 April 2019
This movie was rather unpredictable, and I liked that. I had no idea where the show was heading, and it was neat to see the directions the characters all headed. Not knowing much about it, I started out this movie with no idea where the story was going, and I enjoyed its little twists and turns. There were excellent moments of humor, nuggets of wisdom on life, and heart-breaking/warming revelations in the lives of the characters. Great acting by Josh Peck, Finn Wittrock, and Amaury Nolasco. As always, fantastic writing by writer/director Eric Bilitch.
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