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He gave him the gun
christopherneitz9 October 2018
Warning: Spoilers
The bad guy gives the good guy the gun that he was threatening them with and he doesnt shoot the bad guy but shoots listens and shots another good guy most ridiculous story fail ever and we stopped watching after.
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After a long time starting it went nowhere
andrewlevison-4091614 October 2018
A rather dull start before the event that changed the story. Like the drive itself the plot went on a meandering, eventless journey to nowhere in particular. It didn't even end. No thrills, no shocks, no plot twists. Acting was OK, even the dialogue was alright. It was dull, causing no offence nor any excitement. Everything was guessable. Read a good book instead of watching this.
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ryanqualey4 November 2018
I thought we were like halfway done with the movie and it just ended! Out of nowhere!
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Omg I want mywasted 1.5hrs back
davidlindsay-1031116 October 2018
This movie was pathetic. Slow... I gave it the chance many times through. Should have turned it off after 5 minutes. The ending completely left me wondering why I continued to watch. Seriously , there's a review by Haroot in here. Who ever they are they have no clue what a good movie is. Save your time !! Watch something else.
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I would've kicked him out my car within minutes
DreamWonder19 October 2018
Warning: Spoilers
You had two leads who had chemistry, but some of the acting was off (and I've seen them act better, so I'm gonna say it's the script and direction at fault) and you messed it up BIG time. I wanted to like the movie because of the actors but I don't think I want this writer or director to make another movie, sorry.

So many things annoyed me mainly the killer, he wasn't scary but unbelievably irritating, in real life you'd kill HIM before he could kill you!!!

And going into a covered pool as the only logical hiding place....absolutely absurd.

No comprehensible motive for why he did what he did, and how was he gonna pick up James next passenger without a car?!?!

I watched this for free, if I paid I would definitely get my money back.
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Way too many plot holes
BananaHeads6 October 2018
The concept is interesting but the plot holes ruined the movie. One in particular was just plain dumb. Without doing a spoiler, lets just say he could have easily ended the situation at least 3 times and didn't. I guess they needed to fill more screen time.
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Non sensical
Gordon-1110 January 2019
This film is about a driver who picks up a charming passenger who isn't who he appears.

The plot is just way too unbelievable and non sensical. Any sane person would have kicked the passenger out when the passenger refused even to provide a destination. The plot just gets increasingly annoying because it just gets too unlikely and non sensical.
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A Cinematic Black Hole
gtyoshida29 October 2018
Warning: Spoilers
More than a few movies have "holes" in their story line, places where the plot breaks down and the audience is no longer willing to suspend it's belief for the sake of entertainment but "Ride" is the cinematic equivalent of an astronomical black hole, that region in space where the gravitational field is so strong that matter cannot escape.

Ostensibly, "Ride" is billed as a dire warning about the perils of ubiquitous ride share services that car owners join in order to drive clients to their destinations for online payments transferred directly to their bank accounts. James (Jessie T. Usher) is one such driver, a wannabe actor living in LA who finds this type of work more appealing than other stereotypical actor jobs like waiting on tables.

One of the perks he likes about driving for a ride share service is the opportunity to meet interesting and attractive men and women; Jessica (Bella Thorne) is all that and more. After engaging James in conversation, she invites him to join her for drinks at the bar where he'd dropped her off but another ride request pops up on his mobile phone and he politely declines. Not one to be brushed off, especially by men, Jessica extends her invitation and tells James to join her after he's finished driving for the evening.

His next ride sharer, Bruno (Will Brill) is a gregarious, although somewhat sketchy client who refuses to give an exact destination but instead asks James to make some unplanned and unreported stops which is a clear violation of the ride share program. He continues to make more unusual requests like asking James to turn off his car lights and wait in dark while he asks a friend if he can spend the night to avoid returning home to his angry wife. Even the loud noise, which sounds like a gun shot, coming from inside the house does not deter James from continuing to wait for his ride sharer. But once he gets back into the car, Bruno convinces James to drive them both back to the bar where he'd dropped off Jessica so all three could drive around LA for a night filled with fun and adventure.

This is where the movie "Ride" begins to fall apart. Bruno asks James to give him the car keys while he goes inside to pick up Jessica, reassuring him that the ride service would charged his credit card if he stole the car. Presumably, all ride share clients have credit card limits so high that a driver could recover the cost of his car if his client drove off into the night but even if this was true, would any car owner willing hand over his car keys to a total stranger then disappear out of sight?

The black hole grows even larger and deeper as the movie progresses. Bruno is now driving the car and James and Jessica are his passengers. He pulls out a magnum 44 revolver and flashes it around, playfully pointing it at both Jessica and James. Then he stops in front of a liquor store, orders James to go inside to commit a robbery, and hands him the loaded gun. James takes the revolver but instead of robbing the store, orders the obviously unstable stranger to get out of the car but Bruno overpowers the would be actor, regains control of the situation, and still demands that his crazy plan be carried out. Once again, James is handed the loaded revolver but this time, inexplicably, chooses to obey and walks into the liquor store to confront the store clerk. A standoff occurs when the clerk notices the large magnum and reaches under the counter for his own gun. However, only one harmless shot is fired and .James returns to the car with a bottle of expensive liquor and a handful of cash.

There is no reasonable explanation for this entire scene. Why would a captor give his hostage a fully loaded magnum 44 revolver? And why wouldn't the hostage, now holding the most powerful handgun in the world, simply get out of the car, turn around, and order his captor to surrender?

There is only one reason to continue watching "Ride" at this point, the vain hope that there is some bizarre plot twist at the end of the movie. But the story climaxes with a predictable car crash, a childlike attempt at deception, and a plot that is wrapped up with a few weak lines of dialogue.

All three actors, Usher, Thorne, and Brill turn in convincing performances as off beat characters who enjoy the night life and meet each other through ride share technology and director Jeremy Ungar does a commendable job maintaining the pace of the movie until it's underwhelming climax. Even the music and cinematography enhance the street scenes of LA where driving is as much a way of life as walking is to the denizens of New York City.

Nevertheless, "Ride" is a cinematic black hole that deserves the lowest possible IMDB rating and should be a top contender for the Golden Raspberry Award for Worst Picture.
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Not worth sharing this ride
TheLittleSongbird16 November 2018
'Ride' did have a cool cover and an interesting idea going for it. The low rating and negative reviews did make it apprehensive admittedly, but as someone who always gives every film that interests me or comes my way a fair chance with an open mind it was seen anyway.

While not a complete waste of time, 'Ride' is not my definition of a good film. To me, there was a lot wrong with it and it is a very weak film in general. 'Ride' does not deliver on any promise it had, which may not have been massive but the film was hardly devoid of it, and was the complete opposite of what it could have been. This is being said with no malice, bias or prejudice (actually with regret), part of me wanted to not be as bad as has been said and have been known quite a few times, especially in my early years as a reviewer here, to go against the grain in not caring for a positively reviewed film or liking a panned one.

There are good things. The music is not obvious or intrusive and didn't feel at odds with the rest of the film. Visually, 'Ride' is reasonably slick and doesn't look too cheap.

While the acting is hardly great, the actors do do their best and their performances came over as committed and not overdone.

Unfortunately, the script and especially the story brings 'Ride' down. The script is very awkward sounding and doesn't flow, some of it is very difficult to take seriously. The story is excessively dull and has no surprises, tension or suspense. Instead it is ridiculous and implausible, with so many intelligence-insulting moments and parts that don't make sense or make one throw a hissy fit in confusion.

On top of that, the ending is extremely abrupt, it ends just like that with no resolution and gives the sense that the film was left incomplete. The characters irritate and there are frequent instances of them behaving without any logic or intelligence, could not believe that the film had characters behaving so stupidly, vaguely and illogically.

Summing up, weak. 3/10 Bethany Cox
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Nothing great
Ali223386 January 2019
Lame and not at all believable. I didn't like the hype the preview is the whole movie. No real action and suspense.
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Fun, entertaining and gripping
nezbitkn23 November 2018
A good film to enjoy without becoming too embroiled in the details. Just go with it and you'll enjoy it. Similarly, with Collateral starring Tom Cruise and Jamie Foxx, it's a continuous feed of information that you question throughout. Definitely worth a watch.
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Such a disappointing movie. Luckily Bella Thorne was in it.
peterp-450-2987161 April 2019
James, I am not gonna be the force in your life that prevents you from hanging out with this girl tonight. I mean, who knows, man, maybe you're meant... meant to kiss her tonight.

This film had everything to make it an extremely exciting end product. A fascinating storyline with a surprising twist. A sympathetic protagonist (Jessie T. Usher). Bella Thorne as a co-player. And a crazy opponent who has a nice surprise. Plus a short playing time of fewer than 80 minutes, which means that the film has the same functionality as a bag of paprika chips. It's not real food but as a quick snack, it fills your hungry stomach. And it's also damn tasty. Only one crucial item was missing. And that's credibility. There are some developments that are too ridiculous for words. And that's not all. A surprising end was also missing. An unparalleled denouement through which you forget all the nonsense and moronic situations. The disappointment about the denouement was so big that you'll forget about the plus points I just mentioned. Unfortunately, because there was still a lot of good stuff to discover.

First of all, Bella Thorne. Well, I think that I have a thing for her. When I first saw her in "Shovel Buddies", I was immediately hooked. A beautiful appearance with a lovely look with a pair of sparkling eyes. There was no doubt. I had to watch all the films in which she played. Unfortunately, I finally forgot that commitment (like all my New Year's resolutions) and I only admired her again in the not so tremendous "I still see you". At first, I didn't really feel like watching this movie because of the movie poster. With that pink neon-like title I immediately thought of "Cocktail". And that wasn't exactly a movie that impressed me. It was only when I discovered the name Bella Thorne that I didn't hesitate for a second to watch it. And now I also know that the name Bella Thorne is no guarantee for an excellent film.

Everything revolves around James (Jessie T. Usher), a starting actor hoping for a breakthrough (something more important than a henchman in "Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D" anyway), and forced to take a job as a taxi driver. Something similar to the "Uber" services. Only here it's the "Ride" app that takes care of new customers. And the first customer is the lovely Jessica (Bella Thorne) who's going for a night out with some friends. The animated conversation between them made her invite the sympathetic James for a drink after his shift. But first James has to pick up a certain Bruno (Will Brill) who has an arrogant attitude. You'll grow an antipathy towards this man from the very beginning. A dreadful, annoying and unpleasant person who cannot specify a destination. He's reminded five times that there's no meter and that tips or extra money aren't accepted. And he's also so persistent in his argumentation that he can convince James to ask Jessica to come to a party on Malibu (including hot tubs).

When everything seems to go smoothly, with the necessary silly jokes from Bruno, it turns out he has a completely different plan in mind. Before James and Jessica realize it, they are in a life-threatening situation. A game of manipulation and dominance. A psychological cat and mouse game in which both innocent passengers are forced to commit criminal offenses. But as the film progressed, the improbabilities accumulated. James had plenty of opportunities to end the mad ride. A whopper of a revolver handed over twice and not once use it to turn the enforcer into a target practice! If it was me, that guy would already have looked like Swiss cheese with holes in it. And most of all I had to laugh with the hiding place that James and Jessica chose. It was as if they wanted to be found quickly. So stupid.

But it's above all the denouement that makes the entire film collapse like a plum pudding. The only reaction that occurred to me was: "That's it?" It's so disappointing that I wondered why I actually made the effort to completely sit it out. Fortunately, the film had a limited runtime. But just like Bruno, the film doesn't know which direction it wants to go. In short, a not so very successful film. And the sometimes beautiful, nocturnal images of Los Angeles won't fix that. Fortunately, Bella Thorne was in it.
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Unique & Modern Story, Featuring Beautiful Los Angeles at Night
RealReviewPosting15 March 2019
This is a good movie. Low budget, some scenes should have been tweaked a little, not perfect - however, most early reviews have been unfairly negative. Again, this is a good movie.

Real Review Posting Scoring Criteria: Acting - 1/1 Casting - 1/1 Directing - 1/1 Story - 1/1 Writing/Screenplay - 1/1

Total Base Score = 5

Modifiers: Originality: 1 Cinematography: 0.5 Music/Soundtrack: 0.5 Believability/Consistency: -0.5

Total Real Review Rating: 6.5 (rounded up for IMDB)
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Not believable
fmwongmd8 March 2019
Although the acting by Jessie Usher and Will Bruno is good the story meanders and ultimately fails becoming totally unbelievable.
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The worst ending ever
ryno91218 February 2019
This movie has one of the worst endings ever it's super silly and illogical.
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Take a Ride with ... us
kosmasp31 January 2019
Now without having seen the trailer and without having read anything about the movie, before I watched this (at a festival), I can say that this was quite predictable. You can feel and see where the passenger is going with this. There might be a twist or two that may come as a surprise. That only will happen if you don't start thinking ahead of course.

No pun intended with the last remark in case you were wondering. Now the actors are more than decent in this and considering the restraints the script sets them, this is quite nicely told and paced (another one of those puns). I know that some people are appaled by the ending (it's quite strange), but if you were with the movie up to that point - well stay and remember that feeling. Small budget, nice idea and enough suspension to entice you - if you let the movie do that
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A very good thriller
haroot_azarian8 October 2018
Having read the 2 sole reviews I almost changed my mind not to watch the movie. I am very glad that I did, because I have no idea what the previous 2 contributors had watched and rated,, but I found this movie a very good edge-of-the-seat movie. In spite of one of the contributors' remarks I found the acting very convincing and natural by all three. Also I did not find anything wrong with the ending either. A definite thumbs up for me, Thorne and Usher did not let me down!
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Liked it
aj-109407 October 2018
Warning: Spoilers
I'm a big fan of Jessie T. Usher, loved him in the series, Survivor's Remorse and I'm glad to see him in something more, another movie, he's very talented, and did a great job in this movie. His castmates were great also especially Will Brill, displaying psychotic behavior, all acts very convincing with the multiple activities going on in today's society, but I think the ending should've been more closed.
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A game of chance -
cekadah17 December 2018
Who's fooling who?

Director/Writer - Jeremy Ungar has offered up a truly suspenseful film of 'who is tricking who'? A ride-share driver earning extra cash? A beautiful girl going to a party? A man who leaves his girlfriend?

I do NOT want to give any plot or character summation because - in my opinion - the characters minds are part of the plot. From the start of this movie you know something is going to go awry. But who and how? There's a driver and two different passengers. All seem likeable - then the dark descends.

Is there collaboration or just victims ?
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The movie was ok but the ending Blahh
bluefacepurple10 October 2018
Overall a decent movie but the ending wasn't to swell. I would still suggest anyone to checkout if they don't have any other good movies to watch. I rate the movie 6.5/7 ish
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no cradar
SnoopyStyle5 February 2019
Struggling L.A. actor James (Jessie T. Usher) makes money by driving in a ride share program Ryde. He is taken with his fare Jessica C. (Bella Thorne). She invites him in for a drink but he continues to drive instead. Later in the night, he picks up a man he assumes to be Bruno A. (Will Brill).

Will Brill sells it too hard. He's like a flashing red neon light and it's hard to be surprised by anything. The best that can be said is that he makes things uncomfortable which should motivate James to get rid of him sooner rather than later. There is no reason why James doesn't insist on doing only one stop. If he takes the $100, he would probably go off the program. It becomes all James' fault for being stupid with no cra-dar. It's a basic need of the job to spot the crazies. This would work so much better without Bruno being annoyingly aggressive. It's an uncomfortable movie and it could be good if it's written better.
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No payoff at the end?
torch1313-446-87789029 December 2018
This movie seemed like it was gonna be great and to be honest it seemed to continuously build throughout and really kept my interest. However the ending was so weak that it literally ruined the whole experience. I was just left saying "That's it?" It could have been so much more.
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mjsreg26 December 2018
Reading the summary for this film it looked like something worth watching.

Then I watched it.

The plot is not only ridiculous, it is illogical that anyone except a complete moron would allow or take part in the things that happen.

It became so stupid I only manage to watch 60 minute of it.
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Good idea but...
Tina_jeppesen6 December 2018
Warning: Spoilers
I gave this a 6 cuz at least I wasn't bored and it's a great concept for a movie but yes the situation could've ended much sooner in fact the description of the movie describes Bruno as "charismatic" lol...he comes off as annoying & sociopathic-like right away actually & no one would've even let him drive their car, a complete stranger, a creepy & pushy & annoying one at that, & after he took off with it after dumbass move #1, leaving him alone in the car, running?!?! Doesn't make sense the head character goes from seeming pretty smart to sooo not....and the ending was abrupt & ridiculous in a few different ways & the whole thing about who Bruno & his ex girlfriend were or what happened was not clearly explained either....
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Not my kinda movie.
myny-jeffrey17 February 2019
Not my kinda movie. The story itself was good. The timing of the events was good. But the pace and the close to empty stories at the beginning were not that good.

If you need to kill some time and watch a good story unfolding then this is your movie.

If you don't want to waste time on a slow pace movie, even if it lasts only 1 hour, then I'd suggest looking for another movie.
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