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I'm a feminist who does porn for men
nogodnomasters26 July 2017
Warning: Spoilers
This is a Lifetime made for TV (TV-14) film based on the true story of porn star Belle Knox because guys don't watch girls named Miriam Weeks (Haley Pullos). She was a student at Duke and decided on her own to go into the adult film industry to pay for tuition. Needless to say she couldn't keep the secret as every guy at Duke watches porn.

The film does two things: First it attempts to normalize or legitimize the porn industry as main stream adult. Miriam reached out to the industry. In many ways this is good as it eliminates the need to have fake model auditions and coerce young ladies into the industry with fake promises. The second thing it shows is that once you do porn, you are branded a porn star forever. (There are exceptions.) That is what people will always see and it makes former and new relationships difficult. Bikini shots and scenes pushing the TV-14 rating.

Filmed in Canada.
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Belle Allows The Viewer To Think
sunwarrior1311 February 2017
Warning: Spoilers
The new Lifetime TV movie "From Straight A's To XXX" premiered tonight.It tells a story that is based on the true story of Miriam Weeks,also known by her stage name Belle Knox.Haley Pullos stars in this TV movie that tells the story of a college student at Duke University who resorted to becoming a pornographic star in order to support herself with her expensive college expenses at amounted to as much as $60,000 a year.Breakfast Club star Judd Nelson co-stars with Pullos,who also appears in the long-running daytime TV show,General Hospital,in this TV movie directed by Vanessa Parise.

Interestingly,this new TV movie focused more on Belle's beliefs and her choices in life.Aside from that,it brought up issues that are affecting millions of Americans today such as rising expenses of getting a college education.Added to that,it brought up fact that the real Belle Knox,who evidently became a media celebrity,to defend her choice to becoming a porn actress to afford college.In her interviews in TV shows such as Young Turks or Piers Morgan at CNN,she defended her involvement in pornography as college has become less affordable to the average American as well as a part of her feminist views considering that she has the right to choose on how to use her body and what industry she can get involved in as long as it is legal and she isn't committing any crime.Aside from that,this also brought her empowerment as it brought another side of her from being a nerdy student and to another character or to her alter-ego known as Belle.Surprisingly,she is not asking sympathy from people especially those who criticize her as a "slut",brought her sexual ridicule or harassed her no end but to respect her choice as a porn actress to be able to afford college tuition and to defend pornography as a legal business.

No question that we got more into a political drama.Didn't she become an activist at the conclusion?The screenplay did a good job on providing a balanced views on Belle's choices.It provides defense on the logic of her choice and it also presents those who do not agree with her decision through the characters that she is in conversation with as they bring up the issue of lack of fulfillment and happiness,morality of the job that she is engaged with,and her character's naivety and lack of wisdom being only 18 years old.The viewer may agree or disagree with Belle particularly her views and her choice to resort to porn as a way to support college.Obviously,the viewer is allowed to think about it while watching the TV movie and given the opportunity to evaluate her beliefs and her character whether they are worthy of respect or not.

With that,it makes it good TV movie to watch since it isn't typical of a Lifetime movie that would normally present a clichéd and predictable movie that a viewer is usually served that is why I would rate it higher as compared to that others.
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People need to learn how to review a 'film'
Top_Dawg_Critic13 February 2017
People need to learn how to review a 'film', and not express their opinions on politics or religion!

Out of the 5 reviews before posting mine, at least 2 are garbage and don't discuss the actual film made.

So my take on this: well done for amateur actors/directing for a made-for-TV movie.

I am a fan of 'based on a true story' films, and sure, 'maybe' this was a little off based on the full true story but it made me at least research the actual character and even look at her interviews. It was very interesting and compelling. I even recognized one of her speeches verbatim in the film on one of the interviews.

All in all, I think this film was on point on her real life story and anyone who has interest in this girl or this topic should see it.
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Confucius say.... Just because men have one, does not mean they have to be one
Ed-Shullivan17 May 2018
This review is written from an open minded male father's perspective. The film was difficult to watch as a father who would not want his own daughter having to earn her university tuition making adult films, nor being harassed by both male and female college students insulting her for her choice of employment and propositioning her to have group sex. Funny hah hah? No! Funny nah nah! People make personal choices in their life but they should not be openly criticized just because we may not agree with what we may consider to be a poor choice.

On the other hand I would be even more uncomfortable if my daughter earned her income working the grave shift at a gas bar where she could get robbed and/or raped by gunpoint with no one around to stop the crime. I would also not want my daughter operating a crane 50 stories up in the air, or excavating coal 200 feet under the earth surface all considered to be dangerous but acceptable employment from the mass perspective.

The message I absorbed from this made for TV film loosely based on the true story of the life of Miriam Week's using the stage name Belle Knox while performing in adult films and attending Duke University where her annual tuition fees were $60K a year Miriam relieved herself from the financial stress of her choice of school's expensive tuition and unfortunately replaced that with even a greater stress by attempting to maintain a secretive life in the adult porn industry from her family and school friends. One would ask why didn't she just apply for government loans? Miriam did apply to the government for financial assistance but she was turned down by the government.

Yes, there is a seedy side to working in the adult film industry where women appear to be the subject of pay for play but ask yourself this question. How many men in adult films make as much money as their female co-stars do? Although I did not agree with Miriam Week's choice of employment she appears to have come out of the experience all in one piece and she has a message for the rest of the world. University tuition is very expensive and maybe Bernie Sanders should run again for the U.S. presidency in 2020 to have his platform succeed, free tuition for all students and free health care. Even the adult film actors would be in favor of that platform. It appears that Miriam Weeks may take up the stand in her future political career if Bernie would only agree to support her.

I give this made for TV film a decent 6 out of 10 rating.
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Decisions, Decisions
lambiepie-221 February 2017
Warning: Spoilers
I watched this without knowing any of the background material and thinking that it was just your typical 'Lifetime Weekly Movie'. I couldn't imagine a real young lady turning to porn to pay for College. But this one did.

This character's flaw of bad decision-making was evident when you hear that she did receive offers from several colleges but she was "set on going to Duke". While that is admirable, I think no matter what, compromise and planning could have landed her in a better life decision circumstance. It was a question I am sure that was running through the mind of the viewer.

One big flag in this film for me is that I could not ignore that this woman was offered a full ride to another excellent college, but she was "set on going to Duke". This is a choice that young people need to put pen and paper to and analyze it with their parents. Apply to scholarships, etc. One should not get hung up on "one school". But she did, and the resulting personal decisions to stay in that school is what this is about.

Her parents thought they could afford it, but circumstances dictated they could not. So what does she do...? Figure out she needs a lot of money fast. A part-time job won't cover it either. Didn't seem like a real life choice, but for this person -- it was. As she dives into that world, you discover that she has had major self-esteem problems before that - that were not properly resolved.

Then there is the "women's empowerment" message for the audience. Is it a crutch, a cover for trying to rationalize this with paying for higher education's skyrocketing and out of reach costs, or does she truly think that doing porn is empowerment for the women doing it? She wants the audience to believe women can do whatever they wish with their body, not be bullied about the choices, not know about negative consequences and covering it up under "women empowerment" rather than "a really bad choice when other options were available to ... HER."

If one is to feel sorry for her as her double life is exposed, I couldn't. If I were to get a 'women's empowerment' message out of this, I couldn't accept one. It may have empowered her, but not everyone agrees on that type of choice as an empowerment.

This film is on par with most Lifetime made Weekly Movies - "female watch bait". It a story told from the woman who did it perspective. It wasn't laid out as a cautionary tale, a tale of how college costs are skyrocketing, nor a tale where one should feel sorry for the character 'having to resort to this to pay for school'. It's just a tale of how one woman ignored other avenues of assistance, other schools to attend (or transfer to Duke later, why not?)and how she was shamed by students, etc., students but stood up for the way she acquired the money. Not a good lesson here as many Lifetime Movie Bio-pics try to do, but an interesting film to watch in how it was done.
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From Straight A's To XXX: Not Your Typical Lifetime TV Movie
buccaneer2115 February 2017
Warning: Spoilers
This new Lifetime TV movie "From Straight A's To XXX" gets its inspiration from the former media celebrity Miriam Weeks,a college freshman who turned into sex worker and become actress Belle Knox in the industry of pornography,to sustain herself and pay for her college tuition fees at Duke University.

The new TV movie stars Halley Pullos and Judd Nelson as Miriam and the porn manager respectively.The story takes us from the time Miriam started her first year of studies at Duke,her family's incapacity to pay for her expensive $43,000 a year tuition fee during the middle of the school year,her joining the porn industry,her initial experiences as a sex worker until achieving success, and the disclosure made by a fellow Duke student that made her stand up for feminism particularly her rights as a sex worker,defense of the porn industry by calling it legal, and her becoming a Libertarian student activist in the end.

The movie was definitely not your typical Lifetime TV movie that one is usually used to watching considering the elements such as a common storyline,determined villains who are not taking "no" for answer are going to harass the main characters violently no end, and predictability are not present from it.In fact,the audience is presented with something better than those elements mentioned.

Instead,politics was a big theme from it such as feminism and empowerment as well as issues affecting many young Americans today such as expensive college tuition fees are brought up.In addition to that,the audience is provided something that would allow them to give a thought to various themes such as politics,society,pornography,feminism,morality and the ideals of today's young women.Also included are college experiences of cyberbullying,the rape culture and harassment that are common in today's college and universities.Finally,it also would divide the audience in terms on how they view Miriam/Belle in terms of the choices and decisions she has made.
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A Freshman Does Porn To Afford Expensive College Tuition
maria202314 February 2017
Warning: Spoilers
Haley Pullos stars in this Lifetime TV movie "Straight A's To XXX" that is based on the true-to-life story of a young freshman at Duke University who resorted to becoming a porn actress to sustain herself of her exorbitant college tuition fees after her parents were unable to do so during the course of her first year in College.It tells the story of how Michelle Weeks became Belle Knox on the private camera and how it affected her stay at Duke when she became a victim of overwhelming harassment,sex ridicule and cyberbullying when a fellow student exposed her to other students.Judd Nelson of The Breakfast Club fame co-star in it as the porn manager handling Belle.

The movie was not your typical Lifetime TV movie as we get to see an uncommon story of Miriam/Belle and comes to focus on both her journey from being a straight A student to becoming a successful porn star who surprisingly became famous to the media for standing up for her life choices in porn by using the high expenses that Americans have to afford to get their college degrees.Aside from that,it also provides us her character transformation(good or bad?) from being a High School senior of the debating team up to the conclusion when she became a political activist learning to stand up for her rights.

Some of my fellow IMDb reviewers stated that the TV movie brought up a lot of fiction on this TV movie to somehow be on the side of Miriam/Belle during the course of the film and avoided some part of her character such as that being a psychologically unfit to come up with her unexpected choices in life which others find immoral,ludicrous or unjustified. But nevertheless,the screenplay did well in bringing up two parts - both positive and negative - her becoming a porn star no matter how the audience may look at it.It was obvious that it brought up the both the good and ugly parts on how other people in her life perceived her differently from her parents,friends,fellow students,the media and her co-workers at pornography as well as the disasters to her emotions despite the TV movie screenplay being on her side on doing porn to finish college.Credit also must be given to the performance of Haley Pullos for she did well as Miriam/Belle.She definitely would make the audience feel for her throughout the film either positively or negatively and leave a good or bad impression on her after viewing the TV movie.
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Before watching this movie, please read the real Belle Knox's story
fciocca30 August 2019
Warning: Spoilers
The movie addresses a very important issue in America: what young people are willing to do, in order to pay high college taxes, in order not to have any debts. It is very well highlighted, but they completely cutted some inportant parts of Belle Knox's story: in the movie it is not mentioned that the girl suffered of depression and when she was younger she used to cut herself. These are very important aspects that they simply cut off from the script. This is why, before watching this movie you should read articles and watch her documentary on YouTube, to have the complete picture.

What I have appreciated is that they have recreated a real famous interview that she made, in which she claimed the porn for women is empowering. It is clear that she said that just to justify her actions, telling herself a lie. Nobody in fact ever took seriously this declaration, even other porn actresses.

The acting is awful: the interpretation by Haley Pullos is flat most of the time and sometimes is too forced. The cast in general is not convincing and I did not feel any kind of emotion, I could not feel any bound with characters.

I gave 4 stars because the way the movie address the issue regarding college taxes is good. But for the rest, this production seems more a very cheap teen drama, than a bio picture.
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Some nice touches from a promising woman director
mgconlan-112 February 2017
Warning: Spoilers
First up on Lifetime's prime-time schedule last night was a "world premiere" film with the provocative — to say the least — title "From Straight A's to XXX," telling the pretty sad tale of Miriam Weeks (the attractive and appropriately perky Haley Pullos — whose name is the sort of thing that in the days of classic Hollywood got changed; who, the studio chiefs thought back then, would want to see "'The Wizard of Oz,' starring Frances Gumm"?), who gets accepted to her "dream" college, Duke University (and it was a bit startling to hear the name of a real university in a Lifetime movie instead of a fictitious one like "Whittendale," though given that this is the story of a young woman who pays for college by selling her body sexually it would have fit right into the "Whittendale universe"), only just as she gets the news that she's in, her dad, Dr. Kevin Weeks (Peter Graham-Gaudreau), receives word that he's being sent to Afghanistan. This means that the family's income is about to take such a major nose-dive that the Weekses, Kevin and his wife Harcharan (Imali Perera) — I don't recall hearing her first name on the soundtrack but that's what says it is — can no longer afford to cover her tuition.

So what's a poor young college girl to do? She discusses this with her college roommate Jolie (Sasha Clements) — who is really from Oklahoma but has spent enough time in New Orleans to acquire a (bad) Southern accent and a lassiez-faire attitude towards public displays of casual sex (of course Miriam asks her about Mardi Gras and Jolie fends off the question with a hauteur that indicates she's bored with the whole ritual and if you've seen one Mardi Gras you've pretty much seen them all) — and they joke about various options. Miriam doesn't want to take out student loans — "My dad didn't finish paying off his student loans until I was in middle school!" she whines — and she doesn't want a job as a waitress, not only because it's demeaning but because the low pay for a waitress in North Carolina (where the minimum wage is $7.25 per hour, the same as the federal one) is barely going to make a dent in the $65,000 per year Duke charges for its education. "Maybe we could rob a bank," Jolie jokes — and Miriam jokes back, "Or I could be a porn star." Eventually, using the nom de porn "Belle Knox," she shoots to the top of the porn world even though maintaining her double life — neatly dramatized by director Vanessa Parise (a cut above the general run of Lifetime directors) in a series of intercuts between Miriam's and Belle's Facebook pages — gets harder and harder, as she's shown frantically plowing her way through a thick and impenetrable women's studies text during breaks on her porn shoots. Meanwhile, an Asian-American student named Jeff discovers Belle's videos online and recognizes her as Miriam, and soon it's all over Duke that one of their nice young freshgirls is doing porn.

The credits say this film was "inspired by a true story," but it also travels down the same roads seemingly hundreds of previous Lifetime movies have gone before, though I give writer Hess credit for not having Miriam get hooked on drugs to sustain herself through her porn work — a plot twist usually de rigueur for these sorts of titillating stories about nice young girls who get involved in sex work and then lose control. (Maybe Hess and director Parisse figured they'd already done the innocent-girl-seduced-into-the-drug-scene number in their previous film "Perfect High" and didn't need to do it again.) As familiar as most of this story is, we never feel for Miriam so much as we do when it seems like she's lost all sources of community and been rejected by her family, her college friends and her porn friends. The story lurches to a close as Miriam closes out her freshman year and then, two years later, speaks at a rally of pro-sex feminists and says that feminism ought to be about a woman's right to make choices about her own life — including selling her body on screen for money, if that's what she wants and feels she has to do. It's an O.K. ending but an oddly inconclusive one for a film that, as familiar as the paths it trods are, does have some unique aspects and also makes me wish Vanessa Parise would be able to break out of the Lifetime ghetto, get some decent scripts and take a run at feature films.
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Becoming A Porn Actress To Support Oneself In College
justincasey08313 December 2020
Haley Pullos and Judd Nelson stars in this Lifetime TV movie based on the life story of Miriam Weeks,who is also known as Belle Knox in the porn industry, in this movie directed by Vanessa Parise entitled,"From Straight A's To XXX". It narrates a story of how a college student supported herself to pay her college fees as a student of Duke University by becoming an adult actress.

The screenplay presents her journey from becoming a bright student and a part of her High School debate team into becoming involved in pornography when her parents could not afford to support her tuition at Duke.

The film evidently tries to present balanced views on her decision.

It presents the positive aspects of it such as:porn is a legitimate business;feminism wherein woman have the right to use their own body;empowerment wherein being a porn actress deserves respect for being involved in it for they being paid to do a scene rather than being someone who are sexually starved individuals; and that pornography is a legitimate business for there are contracts involved and there is a demand for it especially male individuals.

Aside from that,it also presents the negative aspects of it such as: the morality involved in it; the poor reputation that the people who are involved in it; their susceptibility to rape,insults,and getting bullied; the emotional stress that they get into since majority of the people in society aren't yet accepting of people working in the industry in spite of the huge money they get; and the reputation that sticks to them for the rest of their life since those videos will be on the internet for a very long time.

Added to that,it also presents other issues such as: the rising costs of college tuition; the lack of wisdom and maturity that Miriam has due to being only 18 years old; and Belle's view of feminism whether they are correct or not.

Overall,it was far from a typical Lifetime TV movie that follows a predictable screenplay and one-dimensional characters involved in it.
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Meet Belle Knox From Bad Girl University
corkey3813 December 2020
Haley Pullos stars in the title role of this Lifetime TV movie known as "From Straight A's To XXX".It tells the true-to-life story of how a Duke University freshman Miriam Weeks resorted into becoming an adult film actress known as Belle Knox in the porn industry to sustain herself of her expensive college tuition fees.

The movie tackles a lot of things. First,it tries to present the rising costs of college education in the United States.Also,it tries to present the positive and negative aspects of the porn industry.Added to that,it also tries to present issues of feminism and empowerment particularly about the freedom of women about their right on how to use their bodies.Finally,it also makes an effort to legitimize the porn industry.
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It's just a movie! On Lifetime no less!!
llsmith-8718217 September 2019
It was entertaining. Note that 'based' on a true story means that there is likely to be a broad artistic license in play. Wasn't a true story nor a documentary.Those 'critics' above need to get over themselves. I met Miriam Weeks at Exxxotica New Jersey in 2014 and she was pleasant, intelligent and was running her booth like the other seasoned stars there. No story there for a movie, please note. I rated this movie a 7 because it was fun to watch and worth my time to do so. Anyone who watches Lifetime and expects more than this is misguided.
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johnmiasjo2 September 2019
Warning: Spoilers
Worth watching, however the idiot who choosed the title for the movie show not work in the entertainment industry total idiot, you have to make titles which are easy to use especially when using remote controls to search for title on TV.
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Oliver-Dawson18 February 2019
Watching this movie was a rollercoaster, first it says its ok to do porn and people should be more supportive of it, since many do it of their own free will and then it tell us its not ok?

Like what the hell, im realy open minded guy and i like to hear different sides ,but this story did not make sense to me. It just isnt worth to watch unless you have time and you like "depatable" topics
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Wrong message
Sabre-El2 March 2017
Warning: Spoilers
The story is about a girl who starts out with porn in order to pay for her tuition fees. The acting is quite ordinary, but the movie does a relatively good job stating both sides of the argument. It throws light on the high college fees and the difficulty that students face in order to pay for it. It also states how people see porn as bad for society, but then there are others who state that a person should not be shamed for it.

The problem here lies in the message that the movie sends, which is that is doesn't matter what you work in as all jobs are 'good' jobs. Porn is definitely not a great thing. I also disagree with the argument that people show double standards when they watch porn themselves, but don't like a person doing porn. This is because even those who watch it know that it is wrong. In the movie, the protagonist knew that everyone around thought such as well, and she kept crying throughout the movie. She also knew that her family won't accept it.. yet she went on to do it. This is the very thinking that is plaguing this generation and supporting it will only burn society.

If the point of the movie was to give a message (which I believe such movies should do), it should have been that a living can be earned by doing much more respectable jobs.
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Utterly fictional take on her life
airfaith13 February 2017
This is just another one of those made for TV movies that twists the truth as much as humanly possible to get you to feel sorry for the main focus, she was not a straight A down to earth catholic girl by any sense of the word, she was quite the opposite with serious mental problems who took to cutting to deal with it, had they stuck with her real life story it might have been an interesting watch, but as always lifetime has to make the women out to be innocent and weak, it ruined what could have been an interesting true story with another pointless waste of time.

Don't bother watching this whether you are a huge fan of hers or never heard of her before, because either way you'll just be getting lied to throughout and come out believing she is someone she most definitely is not.
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I just can't
I disliked this movie for Many reasons but mainly young girls are very impressionable and to give the overall message that it's okay to sell your body to men and be recorded is so wrong. Women and men are so different and everywhere you look women are being told that they are the same as men and that couldn't be more wrong! Men will Never take a woman serious if she decides to go be in adult industry. Anyways the movie sucked and I can't believe this is what is being marketed to young women! If you ever want to be married and have a family one day don't sell your soul you will regret that you did for a little money...
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Be True To Yourself
ttreakle12 March 2019
This movie goes to show how judgemental people can be along with just being nasty. The real shocker is the women are worse than men. That being said I loved this movie. The story, character's and directing were great. Nice to see Judd Nelson to. I love the fact that bella stands up for herself and the message that she delivers in the 3rd act. This is a great message to send to women especially younger girls to be who are and do what you want to do when it comes to your body. Great movie, great message definitely check it out.
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What a load of crap
RedQuinn11 February 2017
Warning: Spoilers
After watching the movie then reading about Belle Knox, I realized the majority of the movie was made up in an attempt to make her look like a victim. Then again, it was a Lifetime movie and they usually try to paint the woman as the victim, so that shouldn't surprise anyone. Seriously, spend 10 minutes doing some research on Belle Knox, and you'll find that 99% of this movie is a lie. There was no mention of mental illness or her being a cutter, and in reality, that was the truth. They made her out to be this good little Catholic girl, and that couldn't be further from the truth. She has scars all over her legs from where she used to cut herself (she even carved the word "fat" into her leg), so there's obviously something wrong with her mind. No mention of that at all. In her first real adult scene, there was no makeup lady, she was never slapped and she asked them to do all the disgusting stuff after claiming she was a feminist. This "based on a true story" crap is just 100% modern day feminist propaganda where women aren't allowed to be held accountable for the choices THEY MAKE regardless of how bad the outcome is. Don't waste your time.
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A Satisfying Lifetime Movie That Makes Audiences Question Their Own Morality and Prejudices
jkavi280419 July 2020
Warning: Spoilers
The "most helpful" reviews on this site rated this movie 1 star, not because the movie was bad, but because it didn't align with their beliefs. So, if you are open-minded and are willing to watch this movie without judging the character for her choices, you will probably enjoy this movie.

Miriam Weeks has resorted to porn in order to pay her college tuition fees. Some reviewers questioned why she didn't go to another school or why she still continued doing porn after being outed. Simple, those were her choices. I mean, name one biographical movie where the character was perfect.

But, I personally found this movie to be brilliant. I agree that in line with modern feminism, women should be able to do whatever they want with their bodies. In the film, Miriam was shamed for acting in porn while almost everyone watches it. The reviews here parallel the movie because they justify the harassment she faced just because she did porn and made certain choices that they did not agree with.

However, from a pure cinematic point, this was a surprisingly well-made. Director Vanessa Parise deserves a pat on the back for her terrific work on this film as she keeps it constantly engaging and interesting. The star of the film, Haley Pullos, also does an amazing job as the main character. She portrays the vulnerability of the character very well, especially in the latter scenes where she faces harassment and becomes overwhelmed. I truly felt for her and her plight in those scenes. In the interview scenes, she mirrors the real Belle Knox quite well that it is uncanny. Clearly, she has done her research. The editing and cinematography also serve the movie well.

As a person who closely followed the real-life Belle Knox story, I can say that this film is 95% accurate. Yes, she was unjustly slapped and abused in her first scene. Yes, she did cut herself. Yes, she did get shamed at the awards ceremony. No, a stranger did not come into her room at night demanding sex.

On a final note, I believe the social commentary in this film was on-point. In the end, Miriam says that she believes society will be more accepting of careers like porn in the future. Well, it's 2020 and business is booming on sites like OnlyFans. Many women, and men, are doing porn and almost no one bats an eye.
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A Film That Helps Viewers to See the Person and Not Their Personal Choices
bekka_j-6595918 July 2017
Warning: Spoilers

Before reviewing this, I read through many of the other reviews, and for those that saw this movie as painting Weeks as a victim or that the movie overlooked the possible conflicts or problems with the industry, really missed some key points while viewing. I gave this movie 10 stars not because the acting was amazing or anything of that sort, but that it did do a great job of portraying the themes and conflicts realistically.

Some people apparently looked past the scenes that revealed the potential incongruities that her work may have had with the idea that it was empowering; for example, the scene in which she was supposed to film with an older man -- she asserted that she explicitly stated that she did not want to film with anyone over 35. However, her agent/manager basically told her that if she didn't do it, it would in a sense ruin her career as she would be considered "difficult". She begrudgingly walks back to the older man and sits in his lap. I felt that this scene very appropriately expressed the conflict between degrading vs. empowering.

On the other hand, the film also very well expressed the double standards of how women are treated and sexualized in society. That so many people regularly watch porn, while in the same breath, criticize the women that are part of the industry is absolutely nothing short of a double standard... as is, when girlfriends/wives/daughters are expected to "cover up" while boyfriends/husbands/fathers attend strip clubs. This is a very real double standard in society that the real Weeks and that the movie touches on and exposes.

Is the film attempting to convey that doing porn is a reasonable alternative to pay your student loans... that's not what I got out of it. I did get the point the film tried to make about the extraordinary cost of tuition, but I did NOT see that it was justifying porn as a reasonable means to paying for school. Weeks was able to stand firm as she was attacked by others for her decision, but throughout the film, she faced a great deal of anxiety about hiding it from her friends and her parents.

In real life, did Weeks have mental issues? I'm not sure that is anyone's place to say or make any judgment calls about her decisions based on that notion... It's incredibly easy for any of us to judge another individual as we are outside of the situation, bypassing our own current and past hypocrisies, conflicts, and flaws as we do so. But, the movie highlights Weeks' scars as NOT to hide the possibility of other conflicts from the audience. I do not think that the movie was untruthful in that regard at all.

It seems that some reviewers are, in some regard, offended that the movie should portray Weeks as such an ordinary woman, just trying to live life...but that is literally the case for anyone in ANY situation, no matter what decisions they are making and how society views such decisions. I very much liked, actually, that the film helped many people to relate to an individual that would be/was aggressively judged for her decisions. It reminds the viewer that just because we may not understand something or agree with something that someone/people choose to do, doesn't make said person(s) unequal to any one of us.

That was my experience of the film, and for that I gave it 10 stars and well worth my viewing time. :)
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Mishandled morals and faux feminism
lukegunswell11 November 2017
Wow this was one of the most idiotic movies LMN has produced since cyber seduction, another movie based around porn. I just can't be bothered to feel an once of empathy nor sympathy for the main character. She decides to enroll in some super prestigious expensive college that's why out of her price range so she decides to become a porn star to make ends meet. #whitepeopleproblems. I'll admit the movie was still fruits enjoyable despite the off putting premise but at the same time it promotes this pretentious idea that doing porn is a completely normal thing to do and that's it's even "empowering ". Why is that women these days seem to think every screwed up action they take is in some way empowering or beneficial towards their gender I'll never know . I don't care what your view on porn are, that pretend for even a second that it's some noble thing to do. It's a Shady business and doesn't need to be glamorized. I'm not a prude, far from it, but it's really telling that the producers really saw nothing wrong with the utterly flawed ideology presented here. Keep your sjw views out.
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Unexpected but a Great Watch
PirateUndercover11 October 2019
The movie was really unexpected but was actually a great and interesting watch becuase it showed and topic of deep meaning. The acting was great and natural. Though in my opinion. The ending was satisfactory but a little bland. Off Topic but Haley Pullos is actually so beautiful. It's like she's a girl from my dreams. I'm just an average movie watcher so don't judge.
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Wonderful movie, bad acting.
nokaala14 February 2017
Warning: Spoilers
After recently watching an interview of a porn-star, I had some idea about what happens behind the scenes. The director here has tried his best to show it. The movie falters when the context of the good and bad side of a porn is brought into question. It only turns to the age-old conservative conclusion that porn is not good. That's a cliché in today's world. When we have already learned to accept all kind of jobs as it is.

Lastly, the acting could have been better. The acting kind of seems mechanical. A life is missing in them. The dilemma of the protagonist is too unreal. On one hand, she knows what to expect from the porn industry and bravely joins it, on the other hand, she acts like a Disney princess oblivious to reality.

A lot has gone into making the movie set but it surely lacks the content it wants to project.
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NCR Call Girls
trishamatts5 February 2020
First i thought it would be a great adult film but a less exposure and lots of unsatisfied terms cause a death for movie. I have seen quite good horror and porn movies but this one is disaster as well as horrible. fully staisfied with this comment "I'll admit the movie was still fruits enjoyable despite the off putting premise but at the same time it promotes this pretentious idea that doing porn is a completely normal thing to do and that's it's even "empowering ". Why is that women these days seem to think every screwed up action they take is in some way empowering or beneficial towards their gender I'll never know ."
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