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Scoring Hills
Michael_Elliott17 November 2016
The Desert Sessions (2016)

*** (out of 4)

This eleven-minute interview with composer Don Peake has him talking about his work on the Wes Craven shocker THE HILLS HAVE EYES. The interview starts off with Peake talking about getting a visit from Craven and the producer and then he goes into details about coming up with the score. Oh yeah, he also talks about how the film was too scary for him so he did the music during the day. As far as the score goes, Peake does a very good job at breaking down what he did to create it and shares a funny story about Craven's first reaction to it. Fans of THE HILLS HAVE EYES will enjoy this interview as he shares some good stories about the making of the score but there's no question that the best moment deals with Craven's initial reaction to the score.
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