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Season 2

I am Bubbles
An eclipse is forecast in Oddsville and nobody is more excited than Bubbles. But when her friends mysteriously start to disappear, Bubbles, all alone, believes that aliens are behind the abductions. Are there sinister forces at large, or is it something far more innocent?
Jetpack Blues
Pogo gets his hands on Bubbles' prototype jetpack after her warning him it isn't ready, and soon finds himself stranded in the upper atmosphere. Bubbles embarks on a rescue mission to get him back to earth safe and sound.
Space Oddbodity
When Bubbles is convinced aliens are amongst us, her reaction is to do everything possible to provide proof. However her usual overzealous approach to finding it only serves to embarrass and annoy her neighbours.
The Oddfather
Bubbles accidentally activates her 'Devolutionizer' device (age-reversing machine) just as it topples over, affecting the entire cul-de-sac. All the Oddbods devolve into Babybods; that is, all except Fuse, who's returning home from a fishing trip. It's time for Fuse to 'Nanny-up', keep his temper in check, and figure out a way of undoing the whole process.
Can You Dig it
Newt falls for a wild gopher and tries to adopt it as her pet. It has no interest in being domesticated, however, and would rather spend its time eating Jeff's prizewinning flowers. Newt must protect the creature from a terrible fate, as Jeff won't react kindly to anything destroying his pride and joy.
Arcade Slick
When Bubbles returns home with an old arcade games machine, Slick is desperate to play, even though Bubbles wants it for spare parts. In a freak scientific gaming anomaly, Slick is teleported inside the machine, and it's up to Bubbles and her gaming skills to rescue an 8-bit Slick from a pixelated demise.
Fuse is enjoying a glorious morning of absolute manliness. The day's so sunny, Fuse fires up the BBQ and invites some friends over. However, one attendee arrives who isn't on the guest list: a teeny-tiny house spider. Fuse is utterly terrified but reluctant to admit his fear. So he tries to play it cool and goes to extreme lengths (and lies) to avoid the spider, whilst saving face with his friends.
Our Son Slick
Slick's Dad shows up out of the blue, and, terrified that he'll discover what a messy party animal he is, Slick quickly pretends that Jeff's house is actually his and that Jeff is his butler. Jeff reluctantly agrees, but Slick's tendency to exaggerate and show off soon make this a thankless task for poor old Jeff. How long can they keep a lid on this secret, or will Slick get away with this ever-expanding lie?
28 Apr. 2017
Pogo and Bubbles get stranded in the desert after Pogo accidentally sabotages Bubbles' attempt to break the land speed record. What ensues is a struggle to survive, with one incredibly determined, and another incredibly annoying character. Will they learn to work together to get themselves back safe and sound?
Your Move, Jeff
After a sequence of annoying events, Jeff decides he's had enough of living in the cul-de-sac. When everyone gets wind that he's leaving, they all rally together to convince Jeff to stay. But whatever they do only seems to make everything worse.
Jog On
At the local park, Fuse and Slick are smitten with a female jogger who blows them both a kiss. The pair is determined to outshine one another to prove whom the kiss was intended for. Thus, a needless competition is born where the only rule is: "Win at all costs!"
Hotdog 500
When Zee enters a road endurance race, his notorious lethargy hardly makes him favourite to win the prize: a huge trophy that looks to Zee like a gigantic hot dog. Especially when the others are so competitive they resort to unfair means to gain an advantage. However, Zee might not be fast, but he certainly is determined, and the fact that everyone competing in the race has already written him off might well help him land a surprise.
7 Mar. 2017
Picnic Basketcases
Newt, Jeff, and Pogo all go out for the perfect picnic one day, except each has a separate idea of what that perfect picnic entails. Soon no one is happy: Jeff is dissatisfied with everything, as is Newt, and Zee is just starving and wants to get on with the eating. Will they work out their differences or will a rogue squirrel, some cockroaches and an allergic reaction to bee stings get in their way?
Double O Zee
When a rogue bear enters Oddsville, it is quickly put to sleep by the local park ranger. Unfortunately, a couple of his tranquilizer darts miss their intended target and hit Zee. It's up to the Oddbods to watch over Zee as his sleepwalking antics take him into dangerous waters.
7 May 2017
The Clown Off
After a moment of unintentional humiliation, Pogo and Jeff get into a competitive battle to see who is the better clown: Pogo, the more anarchic, traditional clown vs. Jeff, the classic French mime. The audience will be the judge.
This Little Piggy
Zee inadvertently picks up a stowaway piglet from a nearby farm. Undisturbed by the presence of the little chap, Zee quickly forms a strong bond as they discover similar interests, not least eating and sleeping. When the pig is reclaimed by the farmer, a little piece of Zee is lost forever. That is until Newt comes to the rescue.
Robodd Wars
Slick, with a little help from Bubbles, enters a 'Robot Wars' tournament. As he progresses through the rounds, his increasing arrogance and hubris make him a highly unlikable winner. Will Slick selfishly embrace the spoils of victory, or will he learn the true spirit of competition: humility in victory?
Brains Vs Beaks
When Jeff discovers some unwanted visitors in his garden, what ensues is a battle of wills between him and a pair of harmless nesting birds. As an intelligent and determined Oddbod, Jeff should have no problems forcing these tenants to migrate elsewhere, but these birds are not to be evicted from what they consider their home without a fight.
Pogo and the Lamp
Pogo is bored and his friends don't have time to play with him. He discovers a Genie in a magic lamp who grants three wishes, and Pogo uses these to try to get Zee and Bubbles in the mood for some fun. However the Genie's wishes don't quite have the desired effect, and Pogo finds himself in a whole lot of trouble.
Master Jeff
Jeff wants to impress the other Oddbods with his perfect hors-d'oeuvres, but he is upstaged by Zee, who presents a revolting-looking bowl of slop that turns out to be stunningly delicious. Jeff goes into training with the master himself and is horrified by Zee's unhygienic cooking methods. Nevertheless, in a desperate attempt to throw a popular dinner party, Jeff goes miles outside his comfort zone and tries to copy Zee's heinous recipe, unaware that it's all down to a highly secret ingredient.
Zee-Ro Gravity
Zee manages to accidentally stowaway on Bubbles' rescue mission to stop Oddsville being hit by a life-endangering meteor storm. Zee's casual laziness becomes a big problem for poor Bubbles and her mission to save the planet, but one of Zee's surprising talents means that he may be the very person she needs to complete the mission. Will Zee become the unlikely hero, and will he even realize what's at stake here?
Monster Truck
When modifications to Fuse's truck cause it to develop a mind of its own, the proud vehicle owner believes his favourite possession has only improved. Yet when the truck turns truly monstrous, Fuse knows he must take back control and protect his friends. Even if it means destroying the thing he loves most in the world.
Driving Jeff Crazy
Pogo loses his license after a bout of reckless driving and finds out that he has to pass his test to get his license and beloved van back. He's horrified to discover that he's got the ultimate stickler for an instructor and examiner: Jeff. How will Pogo restrain himself enough to pass his test when he's got the worst possible person to get him there?
Cross Newt Training
When Newt is upstaged by Pogo playing muscle-man, she grows determined to become strong herself. Fuse puts her through a macho training regimen that doesn't suit her at all, and when Newt rebels, Fuse finds the perfect training approach for Newt. Fuse's gym has never looked so pink and girly, and even Fuse is getting that aerobic dance video vibe.
The Abominable Snowbear
Snow falls on Oddsville: the perfect conditions for Pogo's pranking skills to thrive. But when his pranks go too far, Newt decides to teach him a lesson. Unknown to the pair, however, a hungry bear makes his way into Oddsville, leaving Newt and Pogo facing a much bigger problem.
Recipe for Disaster
Jeff is throwing a party to impress some snooty friends. However, his unreasonably high service expectations result in the waiter he brought in to help quitting, leaving him without the staff he needs to impress his guests. Into the void steps Zee; probably not the best idea, right, but with no one else to help him what other choice does he have?
Don't Open the Box
Newt ends up looking after a parcel that was delivered to Zee's place, as he was not at home to receive it. Her imagination runs riot as to what's inside, and it's not long before she's unable to resist opening the thing. Just one peek results in utter carnage being unleashed. Can she put the contents back in the box and cover up her indiscretion so Zee doesn't find out?
The Grimbles
When Bubbles accidentally brings back a stowaway from space, Newt finds the cute little space alien utterly irresistible. How could anyone resist these cute furry balls of fluff, right? Soon she's keeping it as a pet, but quickly discovers that this is a species that multiplies at an alarming rate. Oddsville is soon crawling with these creatures, an epidemic of extraordinary proportions. Will Newt face facts and realize that something has to be done before everyone ends up drowning in 'Grimbles'?
A Bridge Too Fuse
Fuse has just about had enough of the others' company for a while and so he tries to isolate himself from everyone by retreating to the island for a few days. Just when he thinks he's alone, however, he realizes he's brought with him some unwanted company in the form of Slick. Slick doesn't seem to get the hint and soon finds he's getting on an increasingly impatient Fuse's nerves. How long will it take before Slick unintentionally pushes Fuse over the edge?
Balloon Bods
When an experiment with Pogo's ice cream results in making everyone who eats it weightless, he doesn't fail to see the fun in this outcome. Soon he and a couple of others are loving spinning around weightless in the air. But Pogo being Pogo never gave too much thought to consequences. It's not long before the dream sours and they find themselves drifting away unable to come back down. With Bubbles on the case will she find a way of bringing them back to earth before they float too high to rescue?
Fuzzy Fuse
Fuse is too proud to admit that his eyesight is failing him. Bubbles cottoned onto the problem but Fuse is still unable to admit his frailty until the inability to see clearly puts Bubbles in real danger. Fuse must overcome his vanity and attitude if he's to get Bubbles out of the mess he's responsible for.
A Class Act
After being humiliated by some snobby Oddbods due to his general lack of etiquette, Zee finds himself being helped out by his pal Jeff. Jeff, being something of an expert in social manners, finds transforming Zee into a posher Bod something of a challenge. But Jeff's not one to quit easily.
Attack of the Drone
Fuse has a new job as a delivery man. Any enjoyment of the job is quickly undermined when he discovers that someone has been beating him to it, getting the letters and gifts to clients before him. But what's undermining him in his new role is something that Fuse doesn't usually have the best relationship with- technology. How can he beat out a drone to assume his mantle as the best delivery guy in Oddsville?
Slick sees the adulation that Bubbles' talent for invention brings her, and decides he wants in on it too. Unfortunately, he hasn't quite the talent for invention as she does. After several failures, he takes the shortcut of 'borrowing' one of her ideas, to disastrous effect. Will Slick be able to put the proverbial genie back in the bottle after it all goes wrong?
No Go, Pogo
Pogo makes himself homeless while playing a reckless game and is kindly taken in by Fuse, who takes pity on his neighbour. However, it's not long before Pogo's impulsive prank-playing and desire to have fun all the time have his host's frustrations building. Soon Fuse and his guest are at loggerheads. Fuse decides to lay down some rules, something that Pogo, despite wanting to get along with Fuse, has never been very good at keeping.
The Curse of the Three Eyed Frog
Bubbles, assisted on an expedition by Newt, discovers an ancient artifact in a cave. Newt thinks she should put it back after some evidence that it might have supernatural qualities. Bubbles, however, doesn't believe in that sort of thing, so merely pretends to put it back to placate Newt's anxieties. Once Bubbles has it back at her house, it's not long before a string of bad luck occurrences force Bubbles to confront the idea that the trophy from her expedition might indeed be a curse. They'll need to put it back where they found it before the unthinkable happens.
The Jump
When Fuse gets a birthday present of a skydiving ticket from Bubbles, he's too proud to tell her he's scared of heights. Instead, he embarks on a strategy of trying to face his fears bit by bit and overcome them, but with the jump tomorrow will he overcome them or will he lose face and pull out?
Zee is cupcake crazy and when he discovers that Bubbles is running a cupcake factory out of her house using one of her cool new inventions he finds it impossible to control himself: he must have more cupcakes. Bubbles however quickly cottons on that Zee has zero self-control and can't be trusted to be let near her beloved machine. Zee has to outsmart Bubbles (no mean feat in itself) to get his hands on the tastiest cupcakes in Oddsville. What could go wrong?
Something Fishy
When Newt crashes one of Fuse's solitary fishing expeditions, he reluctantly allows her to join him. However, insult is added to injury when it seems that Newt, while clearly being a total beginner is quite the talented fisherwoman and Fuse, for all his experience, can't seem to catch so much as a cold. How long will it take before Fuse's bruised ego transforms this fishing trip into something more than the relaxing fun that it was supposed to be and the two friends have a falling out?
Trainer Wrecked
Slick decides he needs to get fit, and foolishly accepts Fuse's offer of a 'Boot Camp' administered by Oddville's most seriously alpha trainer. When it all turns out to be a bit too serious and hard work, Slick decides he's had enough. Fuse, however, won't let Slick be a quitter, and he's got Slick's signature on a contract to make sure there's no chance of wriggling out of this commitment.
Newt has an accident with some paint flecks, and soon finds herself misdiagnosed with an infectious tropical illness by the others. She tries to explain, but no one is having it. They force her into quarantine in her house on the hottest day of the year. Newt has to find a way of convincing her pals that she's fine so that instead of sweating indoors, she can get outside and join the summer fun.
The Cone Wars
Pogo and Jeff get into a battle over who can sell the best ice creams. It's not long before they both lose sight of the initial mission and their competition escalates to petty, absurd and destructive, levels.
Twitcher Trouble
Pogo finally meets his match when he annoys the wrong character, which incidentally happens to be an equally annoying and determined bird species called a 'Twitcher'. What ensues is a battle of wills to see who can outwit the other. In this instance, Pogo may have bitten off more than he can chew.
When a highly infectious fever hits the cul-de-sac, Zee finds himself front and center in looking after his friends, who display a variety of extreme symptoms. Bubbles researches a cure, while Zee breaks his back trying to ensure his friends remain both comfortable and where they are, so they don't spread the disease to the rest of Oddsville. Will Zee manage to contain his friends and keep the virus from the outside world?
Pogo Be Gone
In a moment of petulance, Jeff accidentally causes Pogo to crash land, causing Pogo to lose his memory and personality. Jeff, feeling guilty about his actions, decides to rehabilitate Pogo. But things don't quite go according to plan as Pogo begins to adopt the manners and attitudes of his carer, and Jeff is soon stuck with a version of himself that's even more annoying than the original.
Bumble Bubbles
Bubbles is transformed into a bee-sized creature after an accident with one of her experiments. While facing the dangers of the human world, she must employ the services of Newt to help her transform back to her normal self. But when you're the size of a small insect, this is easier said than done.
Road Trip
Newt and Bubbles take a car trip cross-country and soon discover that each has a very different idea of what constitutes a fun road trip. Their bickering soon leads to problems that infuriate characters they encounter along the way. This leads to them spending their time running from trouble. Will they ever figure out how to enjoy the trip together?
Wild Thing
An incident involving Fuse accidentally sends Jeff off the deep end, and he quickly descends into a feral state. Fuse and Newt must work together to try and rehabilitate their friend back to normality, and civilization.
The Gift that Won't Stop Giving
When Slick receives a knitted woolly hat as a gift from the well-intentioned Newt, he doesn't have the heart to tell her he'll look ridiculous in it. In order to get rid of it, he comes up with the inspired idea that 'accidentally' losing it is not as hurtful as throwing it away. As a result, he embarks on the absurd and funny task of trying to accidentally get rid of it. Except this thing just won't stay gone. It keeps coming back like a bad smell.
Game Face
Fuse's terrible temper has gained him the reputation of being an awful person to watch sports with. When he smashes his own TV he manages to convince Newt to watch the game with him. Will he be able to keep a lid on his temper and be on his best behaviour or will he alienate another friend?
Itch Hunt
When Jeff encounters a stray goat during a therapeutic spot of gardening - he shoo's the beast away with haste. No sooner has the goat left when Jeff begins to itch. Seeing Zee asleep on his rotten old sofa - he immediately assumes his neighbor is responsible for this itchy outbreak. Jeff rallies the efforts of the other Oddbods to help capture the unsuspecting Zee and give him a fumigation bath. It's not before long the entire cul-de-sac has the itch and the chase is on.
Egg on My Face
Newt discovers an abandoned bird egg in the park, that seemingly came from an empty nest in a nearby tree. She takes responsibility for the egg and hopes to hatch it, but is distressed to discover that Fuse is tasked with chopping down that same tree. Newt stages a sit-in to try and stop Fuse from destroying the unhatched creature's habitat, and Fuse is determined to get the job done regardless.
Snow Joke
" A snowy day and Pogo can't resist the new pranking possibilities. After annoying all his neighbours, he is tasked with completing a boot camp that is meant to instill discipline in him and make him less impulsive. It would seem that Pogo has met his match in the form of a strict Sergeant who seems to be able to foresee all Pogo's pranks and tricks before they work. What ensues is a battle of wills between two equally stubborn characters. But who will be the winner?
Storm in a Treehouse
When Newt struggles with building a flatpack tree house, she employs the help of Fuse in getting the job done. Except Fuse has ideas of his own and soon discards the flatpack stuff and begins to build a place in his own image. Newt is far from pleased with this new direction, and soon the pair find themselves at odds with one another. Neither shares the same vision for the project, and something will have to give.
The Invader
The cul-de-sac gets its own alien invader, in the form of a popcorn-obsessed creature that has cloned itself so it looks exactly like Newt. Meanwhile, the real Newt finds herself trapped on a mysterious spaceship. How long before her pals find out what's happening and rescue her?
Uncle Zee
Zee has the misfortune of having to babysit his disruptive niece and nephew who seem intent on wrecking both his home and his head. Will Zee manage to get a handle on the wild pair before his sister comes back to collect her darlings?
A pleasant afternoon's barbecue takes a turn for the worse when Jeff's foolhardy attempt to taste a drop of chili sauce backfires with embarrassing consequences. Humiliated and crestfallen - Jeff travels to a faraway volcanic island, to seek the help of a chili sauce expert, and learn how to conquer the art of eating hot foods. Will Jeff return to Oddsville a hero-of-heat, or will his bravado once again be his undoing?
Pecking Order
When an incident with Newt and some local birds causes the accidental launch of Bubbles' rocket into space with the birds inside, Newt has to tell Bubbles what happened. They must come up with a plan to bring the birds back down to Earth before they starve in an unmanned spaceship. Bubbles, however, is unwell, meaning that the bulk of the heavy lifting is left to Newt. Can she mount a successful rescue?
Let the Games Be Gone
Fuse feels excluded when all his neighbours become engrossed in a new Pokebod type game on their smartphones. He's horrified to discover that they are so glued to their screens they constantly put themselves in danger. Fuse takes it upon himself to save his oblivious friends from themselves but soon finds that it's a thankless task. How can he get them to realize the danger they are putting themselves in?
Artic Antics
Pogo prides himself on being a master of pranks. Yet even by his own high standards, this one is his most ambitious prank yet. Bubbles is the victim, as she is sent on an elaborate goose-chase high into the snowy mountains in search of the fabled Yeti. Pogo goes to extreme lengths to lead Bubbles on a merry dance, full of missteps and red-herrings. Nothing short of the real Yeti showing up can spoil Pogo's day. But how likely is that?

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