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Season 1

20 May 2016
It's My Party
Jeff throws a party for himself on his birthday and is less than pleased when the others turn up to celebrate a surprise party with him. He soon finds his excessive need to control things puts a dampner on things and the others leave, unable to express themselves and have fun. However, Jeff's insecurity is piqued when he discovers they are continuing the party over at Slick's place. Will he learn to chill out and join in instead of micromanaging everyone else's fun?
6 Jun. 2016
A Good Heart
Newt is horrified by Zee's physical condition and ventures to make him fit and healthy again, whether he likes it or not. Will she succeed in making the most exercise-shy of the Oddbods into a fit individual or will Zee's creative ability to avoid all extertions at any costs win out?
Jeff and Pogo find themselves marooned on a desert island. How will two clearly so differing characters get along in a shared space let alone come up with an idea to get them off the island and back home?
9 Jun. 2016
Parental Instinct
Fuse chops down a tree in his back yard and finds himself the reluctant parent to a hatchling chick. Will the cute baby bird manage to melt the macho Oddbods heart and bring out the inner parent in him?
The Sheriff of Oddsville
As something of a stickler for the rules, Jeff is appointed warden for the cul de sac to help and control some of the more antisocial behaviours of his neighbours. However, Jeff soon gets a taste of his newfound powers and quickly his 'rule' gets out of hand. Practically everything you could deem as fun is soon banned. Soon the others are rueing the day that Jeff took over. They plot to bring him down so normality can return to the cul de sac.
Alien Abduction
After a spate of alien abductions in the locale, Bubbles is determined to get to the heart of the matter and provide everyone with evidence of what is happening. However Zee, who is up for a late night snack of ice cream, quickly and unintentionally can't help but get in the way of her goals. Will she prove that Aliens exist and discover why all the cows in Oddsville have been going missing?
14 Jun. 2016
Slick Moves
Slick fancies himself as something as a good dancer, but the truth is that this couldn't be further from the truth. He's terrible. When he discovers the truth he's devastated. Jeff, however, is kind enough to offer his services and soon Slick is picking up some tips that help transform him into quite the mover. Jeff, however, is horrified to discover that while Slick is improving, he's far from the finished product and certainly not ready for the TV dance show he's entered himself into. Will Jeff save Slick from embarrassment or will Slick surprise Jeff with the ...
A Perfect Night's Squeak
Fuse is woken in the night by a new house guest that keeps him from sleeping. Fuse decides to get rid of the problem but the mouse he's up against is proving more tenacious than he anticipated. Will Fuse manage to evict the problematic mouse and get a good nights sleep or will his excessive use of force for a small problem and his short temper end up causing more trouble than he could have anticipated?
A Newt to Remember
Newt gets bitten by a werewolf while on a date with Slick causing all sorts of problems that he initially can't explain. What will happen when he finds that his date is a monster?
One Two Many
Pogo discovers a cloning machine and misuses it for fun. When he accidentally clones himself he soon gets a taste of his own medicine as his clone turns out to be even more of a prankster than he is. Will Pogo manage to close the lid on this mischievous Pandora's box and get rid of all the mess he's created or will his evil twin manage to get rid of him first?
Pogo the Poltergeist
Pogo uses an invisibility device to cause all sorts of havoc in Oddsville.
21 Jun. 2016
Slick wants a new playmate that gives him more attention than his friends can. When the robot he buys to do the job gets struck by lightning, what he gets is more of a worst enemy than a best friend. His Robobuddy actively turns against him and tries to make him look back in front of everyone else. Will poor Slick manage to show everyone the real perpetrator or will the robot turn everyone else against him?
22 Jun. 2016
Pain in the Arts
Jeff kicks Pogo out of his art class for messing around. Pogo takes great offense and decides to pursue his creative output anyway. Jeff is horrified to discover that Pogo's madcap and crazy creations are incredibly popular and successful. Why can't anyone else see this work for what it is? A shallow joke? Jeff goes head to head to prove who the real artist is here.
23 Jun. 2016
Zee strikes oil in his back yard and with the help of Slick soon realizes that he's got his hands on the ultimate convenience he's never had before - money. Will the money change Zee and how will his new approach to living wash with his less well-off friends?
Bad Medicine
Zee sees how Newt nurses an injured bird back to health and gets a great idea that if he feigns illness/injury too then he might get the same pampering too. However, Zee doesn't know where to draw the line and soon he's got poor Newt waiting hand and foot on him. Newt finds herself getting exhausted by Zee's lazy demands. What will she do when she discovers that the naughty Zee has been having her on all along?
Fuse Ruse
Fuse has one temper tantrum too many and shamed by his temper decides to fake his leaving the cul de sac and adopt the identity of someone else less angry and short tempered. The others are soon intrigued by the appearance of this new neighbour and find that he's very easy to get along with. Fuse however quickly realises that pretending to be someone else doesn't make him someone else and he now has to work extra hard to suppress his natural urges and annoyances. How long can he sustain this ruse?
Narco Klepto
Bubbles is faced with a mystery. A thief is stealing things from the cul de sac overnight while everyone sleeps. She vows to catch the culprit and is horrified when she discovers all the stolen items locked away in her secret room. Further investigation reveals that she's the culprit and has done it all unawares while sleepwalking. Desperate not to be discovered, she ventures to put everything back while everyone sleeps. A mammoth task that will take all of her guile and ingenuity to achieve.
29 Jun. 2016
Bubble Trouble
Jeff accidentally turns Bubbles into a baby and she causes trouble everywhere. Will Jeff revert this mess he's created?
Double Date Trouble
Slick accidentally manages to double book a date with Bubbles and Newt on the same evening. Rather than come clean and admit his error he decides to keep both dates going at the same time. What follows is very much a farce as he tries to keep both parties happy and in the dark but ultimately fails miserably.
My Hero
Slick accidentally manages to rescue Newt from a mouse in her kitchen despite being terrified of them himself. Newt proclaims Slick as her hero when it really isn't a deserved accolade. When called upon to live up to his new role as brave saviour, Slick quickly finds himself in uncomfortable territory. He can't come clean and he's not as brave as she thinks but he'd be devastated if Newt thought of him any other way. How long can he keep the charade going before being discovered and inevitably disappointing Newt? Will he manage to restore his esteem in her eyes when ...
Florence Newtingale
When Fuse is injured helping Newt out she takes on the role of nursemaid to him. He however simply has had enough of her help and wants to be left alone. However, it's not long before he's offended her and in actual need of help. Too proud and too angry to climb down and admit the need for help Fuse quickly finds himself back in a pickle. Will he learn a lesson in humility or will his stubbornness prevail?
When Pogo gets his hands on a hypnosis machine he tries it out on Jeff, who starts to think he's a dog one minute and is oblivious the next. It's not long before Jeff figures this out and decides that Pogo should get a taste of his own medicine. Jeff turns the tables on Pogo and takes the prank to a whole other level. In a game such as this, however, there can be no real winners and both end up convinced they are dogs and Newt manages to get herself two adorable (maybe not so much) new pets to lavish her love on.
14 Nov. 2016
The Oddbod Couple
Zee and Jeff are forced to live together when Jeff calls the fumigators on Zee's house, leaving him temporarily homeless. Forced to take in his guest, how long can this alliance of opposites last?
Zee in Charge
When Newt goes on holiday Zee is enlisted to house-sit her place and her beloved pet hamster. But can the laid-back Zee be counted on to be responsible while Newt's away?
The Last Laugh
When one prank too many leaves Pogo temporarily ostracized by his neighbours, he ventures to turn over a new leaf. However, he has a hard time convincing them that this is not another ruse that they are going to fall for. When he finally wins everyone around, the new, less annoying, sincere Pogo invites them all to a party at his place. But is all as it seems and can a leopard really change its spots?
Strictly No Dancing
Slick wants to win a dancing competition but he needs a partner to dance with him. Bubbles needs cash and the prize for the winners means she accepts Slick's invitation when he asks her. However, Slick is horrified to discover that Bubbles is the worst dancer ever - Rather than let her enter and embarrass him he gets the unique idea of replacing her with her impressive dancing robot instead and dressing it up in one of Bubbles' onesies. When Bubbles discovers the plots she's not happy and she's not an Oddbod to be trifled with.
The Amazing Slicko
Slick decides that he needs an assistant if his ambitions as a master magician are ever to be realized. He eventually recruits the eager Newt to aid him but she's disappointed to find out that she's been relegated to a mere side note in his act. Not one to be trodden on, Newt decides to intervene in the act and get a bit of audience attention herself, much to Slick's chagrin. What unfolds is an escalating tete-a-tete between two out of control egos that spares no thought for their competitors or the poor audience for that matter.
Panic Room
Pogo and Fuse get trapped in Jeff's house by his very potent security system while he leaves to go on holiday. The two guys must learn to survive and get along with one another with dwindling supplies and cabin fever. How long can an alliance be maintained when it emerges that each one has a differing idea of how to survive this challenge and what will Jeff think of what they've done to his house when he returns?
No Good Deed
When Fuse is rather embarrassingly rescued by Newt after an accident with some gym equipment, he ventures to try and save face and repay the debt to her. However, his attempts to 'save her' become nothing short of an annoyance and a hazard. Newt has to figure a way out of getting the well-intentioned Fuse off her back or shes will go crazy. Will Fuse repay the debt to Newt and mend his bruised pride?
4 Oct. 2016
i-Scream Apocalypse
When the aftermath of one of Bubbles' failed experiment ends up in Pogo's ice cream van, the neighbours all start to exhibit Zombie-like symptoms. Pogo must figure out what's happened to everyone and enlists the help of Bubbles in saving the entire cul-de-sac from a horrible fate.
High Price of Neighbouring
When Jeff finds out the Zee has been 'borrowing' his electricity he uses the debt incurred by Zee to force him to clean up his eyesore of a property next door. However getting Zee to do any job properly proves nigh on impossible. But Jeff isn't one to give up easily. Soon he'll have Zee's place looking a neat and tidy as his, right? Wrong.
Super Zeros
Slick decides to become an anonymous superhero to help his friends and neighbours. However, when he decides to come clean as the real guy behind the heroic acts, he's devastated to discover the Pogo has taken all the acclaim and accolades. To make matters worse when he insists it's him, no one believes him. Slick sets out to prove Pogo a fraud and fight the injustice. What actually entails is a story of two out of control egos who will go to any length to discredit the other. More super zeros than super heroes.
Newt's Lucky Day
Newt discovers a four leaf clover which Pogo thinks is stupid. Newt insists that it's lucky and as fate would have it it seems that her luck for that day is unbelievably good. Pogo soon changes his tune and Newt kindly offers it to him. However, his luck doesn't change for the better with it. If anything it makes everything worse.
23 Nov. 2016
X Marks the Spot
Bubbles discovers that there is treasure buried beneath Jeff's beloved lawn. Jeff, however, has no intention of letting her dig up his precious pride and joy. A battle of wits ensues where Bubbles tries to dig underneath the ground to get to what she wants anyway. Jeff however soon realizes this and does everything he can to thwart her attempts.
A Marrow Victory
Jeff borrows some radioactive material to help his prize marrow get as big as possible so he can with the upcoming farm fair prize. However, the vegetable mutates into something more insidious and soon he discovers that it's been swallowing his friends whole. Will Jeff come clean and do the right thing or is his ambition to win so great that he will turn a blind eye to the dangers of his Oddbod eating plant?
50 Foot Zee
Zee eats a marrow from one of Bubbles experiments and soon finds himself trapped inside his own house, swollen too big to escape his home. To make matters worse, Bubbles soon discovers that her experiment has some unwanted side effects. Everything that grows bigger as a result of her formula eventually explodes. Soon there is a race against time to find the antidote to her formula before Zee explodes inside his own home. Will Bubbles succeed or fail?
The Last Straw
Jeff is convinced that Pogo is plotting against him and despite seeing what Pogo is up to with his own eyes, he simply can't prove his mischief to the others. Despite looking like he's almost harassing the naughty Pogo, Jeff refuses to give in and prove once and for all that Pogo is guilty of being up to no good. Jeff eventually gets the proof he needs and soon it's apparent that Pogo was trying to help him with a problem he had all along leaving Jeff feeling somewhat stupid, if not a little grateful too.
29 Nov. 2016
Build a Rocket Bubbles
When a bickering Pogo and Fuse accidentally manage to find themselves launched into outer space in Bubbles rocket, Bubbles is none too pleased. The two bickering pals have to learn to work together to save themselves and get the rocket back to earth safely. Bubbles offers her help too to make sure they can complete the mission that was hers to do. The boys eventually manage to figure out how to work together but find that they have something of an unexpected surprise waiting for them when they land.
5 Oct. 2016
Macho Jeff
When Jeff enlists the help of Fuse in making him less of a weakling, Fuse discovers that he has his work cut out for him. However, Fuse finally cracks it when he gives Jeff exercises that involve relieving his OCD. Soon Jeff is buff too, however, not everyone is au-fait with the new look Jeff who seems to have adopted some of the less pleasant personality traits of someone who takes their strength for granted. Jeff soon finds that he's offended his friends and has a lot of making up to do.
3 Jan. 2017
One Short of a Full Set
Pogo wants to go skydiving with Newt. Newt thinks this is her idea of hell: she's much happier putting the finishing touches to her kitty sticker collection. Pogo soon discovers the only leverage that can get Newt to agree to jump out of a plane for him: The final sticker that completes her collection. How far will Newt go to finish her latest completist obsession?
Mind Control
Pogo gets his hand on Bubbles mind control chips and picks poor Fuse as the object of his latest 'hilarious' experiment. How happy will Fuse be when he discovers who has been messing with his body?
Monster of Oddsville
Pogo convinces the others a monster is on the loose in Oddsville when really it's just another one of his hilarious pranks. When Bubbles is enlisted to hunt down and get rid of this creature, things take a turn for the worst. Will Fuse outwit Bubbles here or will she get to the bottom of the mystery here?
Zee is zapped by an impatient Bubbles who is tired of being held up by his lazy, sedate sluggishness. Zee soon finds himself sped up by the beam but with some unintended side effects. He just can't get rid of his hunger. Soon Oddsville finds itself in the middle of a crisis as the unintended side effects of Bubbles actions come to bear fruit.
15 Sep. 2016
Mr. Snuffles
Fuse discovers his long-lost teddy bear, Mr. Snuffles when prepping for a garage sale. However as soon as he is found, he is lost again. Fuse goes to extreme length to find his bear again (without being discovered again)
16 Sep. 2016
When Fuse accidentally breaks the top of Bubbles' Totem Pole, he lies about it and then spends the rest of the time trying to cover it up. But the head mysteriously keeps appearing everywhere, like a sin that's come back to haunt him. Did he unleash a curse or is there a much more reasonable explanation for what is going on.
8 Nov. 2016
Technofogey Fuse
Fuse is fed up with Newt and Slick's constant addiction to technology getting in the way of some old-fashioned fun together. He insists the give up their phones for the day while they go hiking. Which ordinarily would be fine, but they soon find themselves completely lost. How long can Fuse enforce the technology embargo before the others insist on getting their phones back?
Acting Out
A movie set comes to the Cul-de-Sac and Slick wants a part in it. However, he's got hot competition in the form of other wannabe's and also from the most unlikely of sources: Zee.
Pocket-sized Pogo
Pogo shrinks himself to have some crazy fun in a remote controlled car but it quickly gets out of hand when he discovers a remote control plane.
It's Just Like Riding a Bike
Newt discovers that Fuse can't ride a bike due to a traumatic incident when he was younger. She kindly offers to teach him on her rather emasculating bike with stabilizers. Fuse accepts in desperation but how long can he keep these clandestine lessons a secret?
Double Scoop
It's a sweltering day in Oddsville and Zee and Fuse bicker over who is last in the ice cream van queue. After their rowdy and inconsiderate behaviour results in both of them being banned by Pogo, they reluctantly join forces to try to get what they've just missed out on.
18 Jan. 2017
Camp It Up
Fuse goes camping for a bit of solitary time, however, it's ruined by the arrival of Jeff and all his modern conveniences. How long will Fuse and his stubborn streak last when the elements turn and suddenly Jeff's plush setup looks increasingly attractive?
10 Oct. 2016
Wheels of Furry
After being excluded by the boys in their racing club, Newt tries to beat them at their own game.
26 Nov. 2016
Jeff isn't the most athletic of competitors and when he Newt and Pogo managed to get roped into a sports game against some overly competitive Greybods, he quickly finds he's out of his depth.
Let's See That Again
Pogo discovers a remote control that can pause and rewind real life. This is too much fun. How will the others react to having their lives interfered with for Pogo's entertainment?
The Shame, the blame and the Fame
Pogo is struck with a new obsession: capturing viral videos and uploading them to the internet for views. But he's about to learn that creating a viral video for internet fame is not all that easy to achieve or all its cracked up to be either.
10 May 2017
Anger Mismanagement
After one tantrum too many, Fuse accepts the help of Newt to overcome his anger issues. However, the whole experience might prove to be more anger-inducing to Newt than it is to the short-tempered Fuse.
On the Cards
Jeff gets his fortune read by a mysterious teller only for him to refuse her payment as he thinks she's a charlatan. She places a curse on him which he laughs at. But soon his laughter will be on the other side of his face as some of her predictions from her card reading start to bear an uncanny resemblance to what's happening with him.
5 Oct. 2016
Odd Jobs
Zee does some odd jobs as he needs money for something important to him. However, his laziness and lack of work ethic make him something of a less than an ideal employee.
The Brain Game
After a slow-witted cow nearly causes a road accident, Bubbles concocts a health serum to help improve the cow's brain function. Unbeknownst to her, the serum attracts the attention of Newt's performing guinea pig. As the guinea pig feasts on the food he develops a super-brain and begins to hatch an evil plan: It's time for the Oddbods to perform for him.
You Can't Handle the Tooth
It's Photo Day in Oddsville - a time old tradition where the whole gang gets together for a team photograph. Every year Slick is accidentally obscured when the photos are taken - so this year he's determined more than ever - to ensure his face is front and center.

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