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Could have been better
Leofwine_draca24 October 2020
Warning: Spoilers
PLEDGE is a typical teen horror flick which involves a group of people being attacked and tortured by the usual sinister group of homicidal figures. This one has a good set-up, in that it shines a light on the barbaric hazing rituals present around the world in both educational institutes and the military. The story suffers from a routine lack of characterisation although the actors are certainly hard-working and give it their best. There's some gross-out stuff early on along with some good foreboding, but then this turns into torture-porn partway through and ends in an uninteresting and basic climax. It could have been better.
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What do you do if your're branded and you know your're a pledge
nogodnomasters31 January 2019
Warning: Spoilers
A group of outcast freshmen gets duped into pledging an outlying fraternity by young beautiful girls. We know from the opening spoiler it is a setup and they will have to fight for their lives...which they do...all inside the house.

Not much on plot. Many scenes needed work like a bunch of guys who has themselves locked in a bathroom. However, in spite of the light plot, the film was high on intensity and squirmish.

Guide: F-word. No sex or nudity.
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Enjoyable if slightly flawed entry
kannibalcorpsegrinder31 July 2018
Warning: Spoilers
Attempting to pledge a big fraternity, a group of loser friends find that the humiliation and torture being inflicted upon them is not a series of ordinary hazing ritual and decide to fight back only to find a far greater threat at the center of their struggle and try to get away alive.

This was a decent and solidly enjoyable outing. One of the more enjoyable aspects to be found here is the absolute craziness this dives into once they begin dealing with the pledge antics. After the perfectly fine setup at the beginning here with the party at the house, this one dives into some rather enjoyable tortures which just come out of nowhere and delve into some rather dark and uncomfortable rituals that they take part in. Under the guise of it being tradition and all part of the process, there's a lot of fun to be had with the way this one dives into for their torture. From being forcibly branded against their will to given dead-animal-and-rotten-food slop as a meal to scarf down and then taken into another room to be whipped and humiliated against their will, these early scenes showing the group being hazed are incredibly shocking with how they emerge in the story out of nowhere and prove to be merely the first stage of the craziness to ensue. As there's so much brutal, bloody fun to ensue from the final half of their desperate race to get out of the fraternity space alive and get away from the crazed members attempting to chase them down through halls of the building. These really enhance the film considerably and make enough to like to hold this over it's few minor issues. Among the few flaws here is the excruciatingly contrived setup that gets this one going. The fact that the group is so clearly going along with a game-plan set into motion by sinister forces is so obvious with the way they're awkward and socially inept that comes as a complete counterpoint to the jock-centered behavior usually associated with fraternities. They stick out so badly that it's obvious the different groups are toying with them and their inability to recognize that makes them out to be completely idiotic for not realizing this as instead of building sympathy for them as intended it just makes them out to be rather unintended morons. As well, there's also the surprisingly abrupt ending that doesn't really make any real sense. The fact that it brings up a big twist about the true nature of who's going to be involved in the special fraternity seems to be quite unnecessary as the twist comes out of nowhere, is not even set up as any kind of traditional shock and it's over once it plays out without any kind of resolution which leaves the entire focus rather shocking. Otherwise, there's not much else wrong here.

Rated Unrated/R: Graphic Language and Graphic Violence.
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I can pledge I will only watch this once.
deloudelouvain16 December 2019
There are two reasons why you would score this movie with a nine or ten stars. The first reason would be because you know somebody that participated in the movie and you just don't give a toss about giving an honest opinion, in other words you're a little pathetic liar. The second reason would be because you just have an extremely bad taste in movies or maybe this was the first time in your life you watched a movie and so for you it's all new and you couldn't compare. Every other honest reviewer wouldn't score it that high as the story is most of the time boring (why would five tortured guys just not jump their three torturers?), predictable and déjà-vu. The acting was what you can expect with that kind of movies, nothing great or exceptional. The horror part, mostly torture, wasn't badly done for a low budget. In other words there is no chance at all that I would watch this one a second time. I can pledge on that.
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Falls Apart 2/3 In
arfdawg-13 February 2019
I thought this was going to be really horrible. Turns out it wasn't bad. Until two thirds into it. Then it sort of fell apart. One thing you will keep asking yourself over and over again is -- why don't these guys fight back -- especially when you know you are going to die. Too bad. It could have been better with better writing
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College nerds and torture porn
Stevieboy66625 May 2021
Three nerds crash a college party but they soon get kicked out for not being cool. However a hot chick invites them to an alternative party, held at an exclusive house. The vodka flows, the girls are randy, the boys have a great time. They get invited back the next day for a "fun" 48 hour pledge but when the first part involves the boys getting (forcibly) branded we know that they are in for a very tough time. Plenty of torture porn on offer here, not as graphic as say Hostel or Saw but still very violent and nasty. But amongst the horror we are treated to some humour in the dialogue, nerd David with his thick specs could have come from any number of 1980's college movies. There are a couple of decent twists towards the end. I found Pledge to be well made and enjoyed it, not sure that I'd give it a second shot though.
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Very bloody and has shock factor.
dar04172 July 2019
If you like bad acting, B horror, and torture films this might be up your alley. Other than that noting new here
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Not bad given its budget, but to me it was still somewhat lacking
jimbo-53-18651113 January 2020
A bunch of nerdy college freshman will do anything to be part of the 'cool click' with the ultimate goal to get girls and more importantly get laid. When the 3 freshman are approached by an attractive girl who gives them an address where a big party takes place. Said party is headed up by 3 seniors who tell the freshman that they are prepared to induct them into the fraternity. Initially the freshman jump at the chance, but quickly learn that all is not what it seems...

One early problem I did have with this film lay with a lot of the characters; our 3 freshman who are reminiscent of the kind of horny teens we've witnessed in pretty much every frat boy teen comedy are annoying at times and given the short running time are not afforded much development. One thing that did surprise is that the fat kid was not subjected to a barrage of 'fat jokes' - there were 1 or 2, but his weight wasn't a running joke throughout the film which was quite refreshing.

Given the nature of the plotting then it's fair to say that Pledge will certainly not be a film for everyone. Screenwriter Zack Weiner (who plays David) comes up with some pretty grotesque initiaton rituals and it's fair to say that some folks will find this tougher to watch than others. One thing I am surprised about is that as screenwriter Weiner chooses to write his own character in such an annoying way - perhaps he was supposed to be the wimpiest and geekiest of the 3, but his character is insufferable at times.

The seniors (or villains) are very good certainly in the early stages and their icy cool demeanour, the way they control the freshman and their sociopathic disdain for humanity is disturbing to say the least. Once the freshman start to learn who they are really dealing with then the film ups the ante a little when the lads try to escape from their captors only to discover that they are trapped inside what appears to be a fortress.

Aside from a couple of annoying characters, one other thing that lets the film down slightly is the villains themselves; they aren't really all that interesting and the threat/menace that they show at the start seems to dissipate more and more as the film progresses.

Pledge won't be for all tastes (it's kind of like mixing a standard frat boy teen film with Get Out and Cheap Thrills). If that sounds like your bag then go ahead and give it a try, but if not then I'd recommend steering clear as what you're mostly left with is a lot of grotesqueness without much in the way of substance.
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I saw this?
jfgibson736 March 2021
Warning: Spoilers
Wow. If I hadn't kept a record of movies I've seen, I would have never remembered seeing this. Definition of forgettable. It starts out like three guys pledging a bro fraternity, and they have to do increasingly messed up things. The twist is that the brothers in charge are actually the ones pledging, and they have to get the pretend pledges to do this stuff to win. One of the victims ends up beating the system by outwitting his tormentor and he gets invited to the fraternity. I like this idea, but didn't end up caring about the movie at all.
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Freaky Frat
Pairic23 May 2021
Pledge: Three outsiders have problems getting a College Fraternity to accept them but then they get invited to a frat party by a girl. Booze, girls! This looks good and the existing frat members don't treat them like freaks. So they become pledges, expecting some hazing. Then things become strange, they're branded against their will. Murder and mayhem ensues. Torture, including the Room 101 variety actually being carried out, stabbings. Some chilling horror scenes. There are also some plot twists but also a few loose storyline threads regarding the girls' involvement. Directed by Daniel Robbins and written by Zack Weiner. On Film4. 7/10.
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A decent low-budget, indie horror.
peterp-450-29871614 August 2019
Do I tuck my shirt in? I don't care, you look like you're gonna fix the computer anyway.

This straightforward movie "Pledge" managed to surprise me. At first, I didn't expect much from it. But as the story unfolded, I thought that the makers of this horror story had incorporated some strong elements into it. Those who have experienced the rush into a fraternity personally will be happy that they didn't have to endure a similar experience. It's extremely difficult to stand out with horror when you see the number of horrors being released these days. After the first 20 minutes, it looks like you are going to watch a remake of "Porky's". Or better still, "Revenge of the Nerds". You could say it was funny one way or another. But the fun part soon made way for the disturbing section. An atmosphere of panic, fear, and despair prevails until the end of the film.

Three close friends, who probably always sit on the sidelines when it comes to social events, do their utmost to be admitted by a fraternity. Hence the title of this film. The film starts with David (Zack Weiner, writer of this film), Ethan (Philip Andre Botello) and Justin (Zachery Byrd) who visit one clubhouse after the other. The three nerds, however, are rejected, ridiculed or simply denied access everywhere. Until they suddenly receive an invitation from a hot looking girl to attend a private party somewhere on a remote domain. An orgasmic experience with ditches of alcohol in the company of a horde of ravishing looking young ladies. Young ladies who they refer to as being "out of their league" most probably. Not surprisingly, all three (and a few other "freshmen") over-enthusiastically agree with Max's (Aaron Dalla Villa) invitation to join this exclusive student association. An elitist club with only a limited number of members.

Unfortunately, the hazing procedure is rather rough on our 3 friends. It's well known there are often oddities and extreme things involved during hazings here in Belgium. Binge drinking, beating with a cricket bat, sexually charged assignments and eating disgusting things. Other academies are taking it a bit easier. There, students have to work out a translation or explanation about a certain topic as an assignment. Boring! The club our three nerds want to join has another agenda. The assignments are painful, disgusting and especially deadly in nature. It's not really terrible "torture porn". So don't expect situations as in "Hostel" or "Saw". Could be I'm insensitive to that. When you're able to watch a movie such as "Martyrs" without feeling disturbed, the humiliations the newbies have to undergo are of Sesame Street level.

There's a lot of decent acting in "Pledge". The three silly friends portray those typical characters who are mostly the center of mockery and bullying in American schools. A chubby dude who's always asking for something to eat and cannot really be praised for his speed. The nerdy guy who most likely spends his days sitting behind a screen and always says the wrong things. And finally, a kind of a sissy who reacts girlishly to threatening situations and most certainly will jump on a chair when a mouse appears in front of him. Three types that are convincingly interpreted by Zachery Byrd, Zack Weiner, and Philip Andre Botello. But especially Aaron Dalla Villa made an impression. That demonic look and sadistic tone fit perfectly with the cruel Max.

Thanks to the short playing time, "Pledge" is suitable as an in-betweener during a weekday evening. Thanks to the pace of the film, it never gets boring. And although I found the horror level quite average, they managed to deliver an intense and exciting film. And despite the fact that it was a low-budget film ("Pledge" was funded through Kickstarter), I thought the cinematography was of high quality. The lurid and threatening atmosphere was not only delivered by the story but certainly also by the supplied footage. To be honest, "Pledge" is one of the better Low-Budget indie horror movies I've seen in the last year. Certainly a must-see for lovers of the genre.

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Darker Side of Fitting In
Reviews_of_the_Dead24 January 2019
This is the first new horror films for January 2019 that I've seen. I have a goal to try to watch at least one new one a week and when I saw that this was going to be shown at my local theater, I decided to check it out. The official synopsis is a group of college freshman pledges an exclusive fraternity but soon realize there's more at stake than they could have ever imagined.

We kick off with a man running through a cornfield. We see that he is bleeding through his white shirt and looks scared. Someone appears in front of him and hits him in the face with what looks like a baseball bat.

The film then shifts into the future. We are following a group of friends. There is David (Zack Weiner), who is leading their search for a fraternity to join. With him is the heavier friend, Justin (Zachery Byrd), and Ethan (Phillip Andre Botello). They keep getting rejected at every fraternity they go to, but they are stopped by Rachel (Erica Boozer). She invites them to a party. They think at first it is a joke, but decide to go.

It is in the middle of nowhere and we see the cornfield from earlier. They go inside for a pretty crazy party. The head of it is Max (Aaron Dalla Villa). With him are Ricky (Cameron Cowperthwaite) who really befriends these guys and Bret (Jesse Pimentel) who is a bit intense. They also meet two others, Ben (Joe Gallagher) and Sam (Jean-Louise Droulers) who also are considering rushing. Everyone has a blast and they wake up the next morning. They are told to pack a bag and come back that night. When they do though, it's not quite what they expected.

This film was quite interesting to me, because I am former fraternity member. I didn't stay active too long after I joined, but I can say that I was hazed. It was nothing like we get in this film, but it is degrading regardless. The thing about it actually though, the hazing is done to make you closer with those in your class and build a bond. I'm still friends with many from my pledge class actually. I can say that we never had to go through anything like that happens in this film.

We actually get pointed out multiple times that this isn't a normal fraternity. It is stated that they only have less than ten active members and that anyone who joins is the elite of the elite. This social club, which is what is really is, actually predates any of the fraternities that people join in college, which I found this aspect to be interesting. It actually makes it into more of a Skull and Bones type organization.

The pacing of the film is really good. The film does a good job at introducing our main characters, establishing that they are a bit weird and that they aren't getting into any of these normal frats. I did find it interesting though that Ethan, Ben and Sam would have trouble, because they're pretty normal looking and acting. The one I joined, we had guys from all different walks of life, so this is a bit misleading and kind of generalizing, but I won't hold it against the film. Back to what I was saying, it doesn't take too long to get into it and it is a whirlwind when it does. The ending I thought was kind of interesting with what happened. I didn't mind it.

Acting for the film I thought was pretty solid as well. It is interesting that Weiner wrote this film. I do want to know if he wrote it with him in mind for the role of David or not. It kind of seems like he might have, because he was perfect for the role. He is intelligent, but awkward so I can see why he isn't accepted. Byrd brought some comedy to his role and I thought he did a fine job. Same goes with Botello as well. I actually thought that Dalla Villa, Cowperthwaite and Pimentel play the jerks really well. They give off enough of the goodness to lure them in. They also are all quite distinct as well despite being the villains. Gallagher has a pretty cool reveal and I thought he did well along with Droulers. The girls in the film were all gorgeous and play their parts for what was needed perfectly.

The effects were something that I was pleasantly surprised by. This film has some torture in it, but not enough to go full 'torture porn'. It did make me cringe with how realistic it looked as well. I wasn't expecting to get practical effects, but that was definitely something that was really good. The film was shot very well also.

Now with that said, this film wasn't great, but it definitely was pretty solid way to start off my 2019 watches. I thought the concept was interesting and something I could connect with. The acting I thought was good across the board. There is a bit of comedy mixed in which does help to alleviate some tension, but the film is paced well. The effects were really good, especially because they went practical. The score of the film really didn't stand out, aside from the party scenes and that was fitting for the film. I would say that overall this was a good film and worth a viewing.
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An indie with an intriguing concept, but doesn't quite get there! [+50%]
arungeorge1314 January 2019
The concept of the unpopular adolescents getting the kind of sleazy attention they crave during that age is one that was tried in 'Hostel'. Pledge (sort of) reconstructs that scenario in a more restricted setting. Three trying-hard-to-fit-in dorks attend one uninvited party after another in the hope of getting laid and doing drugs and all that jazz. Eventually, that does happen, but there's more to it than what meets the eye.

The setting shifts from 'American Pie' to 'Hostel' at a pretty solid pace but the cast (of mostly unknown actors) manage to pull it off well. The going gets grim and that's quite imaginatively portrayed on screen. First of all, the house in which everything plays out was a great choice. Knowing that it was away from the rest of civilization allowed for multiple probabilities. Another aspect that helped was the pacing. The 77-minute run-time ensured that things were happening quickly and moves had to be made fast.

However, the concept is not fully tapped into. It grazes the surface a little, has a slightly sophisticated ending that it did not require, and has barely any memorable characters. The film also doesn't impart great treatment to its women characters, and the reasons are not even clear. In the end, we just got to agree that it's a movie made for the 'bros' by the 'bros' and nothing beyond.

'Pledge' gives you hints of some off-putting scenes but it never quite hit the intended target. Examples would be all of the physical and psychological torture scenes. They could have been so much more! Also, the mandatory twist as to who pretends to be who is also free of any real shocks. In fact, it had barely anything to do with how the movie ends up playing out.

If you enjoy horror films in a limited setting featuring scares that are brought on by humans (and humans alone!), you might not mind giving 'Pledge' a watch. It isn't exactly a waste of 77 minutes, but it doesn't have a lot of innovation to boast either.
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Wow a decent horror at last - its been a while!
omendata19 January 2019
Warning: Spoilers
I was not expecting much going into this but came out with a lot more than expected.

Good acting from the cast and quite professional for a low budgeter! Even the quadcopter photography of the opening intro was lush and boded well and I was not disappointed.

Love the references to the Spartans and the loose tie in with the illuminati and whilst it used the Hostel torture porn gimmick it was not overstated or gratuitous like so many of the copycats try and fail with.

The pictures on the wall were a clue as were the special Greek/Spartan ceremonial knives in the box in the hallway!

Somebody mentioned in the reviews that they did not understand the ending. The reason the membership was thrown on the ground was that only the privileged elite had the membership pin attached to them - throwing it on the floor requiring the rotund bloke to pick it up was meant as offering him it but as he was regarded as a servile lower class he had to pick it up - at least that is what i took from it.

Its an obvious dig at the rich and powerful (dominantly white if you had not noticed) leaders and people who control the population ie the illuminati as mentioned by the bespectacled character in the movie.

It was simple , brutal and with subtle underlying political messages without being overtly lib-tard like most movies seem to be pushing their tiresome agenda at every turn to the detriment of the movie itself.

If you are looking for something decent to watch, then this should fit the bill nicely.

For those who did not catch the mention of the Krypteia and basically what established the plot for the film here you go:

Only Spartans who had served in the Krypteia as young men could expect to achieve the highest ranks in Spartan society and army. It was felt that only those Spartans who showed the willingness and ability to kill for the state at a young age were worthy to join the leadership in later years.

Certain young Spartan men who had completed their training at the agoge with such success that they were marked out as potential future leaders would be given the opportunity to test their skills and prove themselves worthy of the Spartan polity through participation in the Krypteia.

Every autumn, the Spartan ephors would pro forma declare war on the helot population so that any Spartan citizen could kill a helot without fear of punishment. At night, the chosen kryptes (members of the Krypteia) were sent out into the Laconian countryside armed with knives with the instructions to kill any helot they encountered and to take any food they needed. This practice was instigated to prevent the threat of a rebellion by the helots and to keep their population in check.

According to Cartledge, Krypteia members stalked the helot villages and surrounding countryside, spying on the servile population. Their mission was to prevent and suppress unrest and rebellion. Troublesome helots could be summarily executed. Such brutal repression of the helots permitted the Spartan elite to successfully control the servile agrarian population and devote themselves to military practice. It may also have contributed to the Spartans' reputation for stealth since a kryptes who got caught was punished by whipping.

So not only did we get a pretty good little horror thriller but I learned something new into the bargain - cannot say that a lot these days with the dire remakes and turgid plots these days!
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One more torture drama !
saptesh78613 February 2019
Just seen this title expecting that it may a good movie. But unfortunately it is a below average movie. Rather than this is another torture drama from Hollywood. There were many such movies in past that horrified you badly. Like Martyrs, Creek Series, Scarecrow and Wrong turn. If you have seen one of them then avoid this 'Pledge'. Story is nothing new and not interesting also end is wasted or not meaningful. It will disappoint you. Leave such movies aside and take a sleep instead.

I think when will Hollywood cinema come out from such torture drama and make some really interesting movies as there are so many subjects remains untouched so far. Think for them and portrayed for views.
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"You're not the ones who are pledging"
gedikreverdi20 July 2021
Warning: Spoilers
It was disturbing, disgusting and annoying. Nobody wanted those nerds in their clubs. They were lured into a mansion in the middle of nowhere by a beautiful woman. They thought they were pledging for a fraternity club. Hazing went too far as they branded them like cattle, made them eat the hamster smoothie and locked them up in a hole in the basement. They fought back eventually after one of the woman warned the black guy about the situation and wanted him to run. They beheaded David who's the funniest guy in the group and the other two ran to the basement which was made up of a huge system of tunnels. The black guy was stabbed to death too and the fat guy was left. They weren't the ones who were pledging. The elite guys in suits came in and the fat guy stabbed the annoying loud short guy. The members gave the badgers to the other two who were pledging and one for the fat guy too. The guy who turned out to be a psychopath and slit his tied up friend's throat wasn't welcome.
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Say NO to torture porn.
Patient44416 January 2019
Torture porn, gore, snuff look alike, why do we keep getting these kind of movies? Why do they have the audacity to label themselves as horror? And for how much longer are they gonna get away with it?

I'm sorry but this is not the future, this is a major set back. As Saw started out with a great premise and then switched to torture porn, same did Final Destination, Wrong Turn and so on, why not keep it intense, mysterious, why not show some suspense while you at it? I am so done with such productions, still we don't get so many anymore but a few years back torture and gore was all they showed. I mean give us a break guys, if you can't create anything interesting just stop it. Movies like Vacancy, The collector, The hills have eyes, yes the use a lot of pain, blood but it's effective. It's not over doing it, sets some boundaries and shows us the extreme sometimes but mostly focuses on a plot point.

Pledge is hard to watch as you can't identify yourself with none of the characters and surely enough you never get to experience any kind of compassion towards them. Major letdown.

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Neat Little Thriller
TwistedContent14 January 2019
I didn't know what to expect from "Pledge" & I'm happy to say that it turned out to be a tight little indie horror/thriller.

We've seen the idea hundreds of times before, yet the director and writer managed to serve an old formula with some additional garnish. Things I liked about "Pledge" includes cinematography and editing - considering the obviously low budget, it's simply yet beautifuly shot and executed, visually it's quite appealing, starting with wide variety of shots and ending with feels-right color grading. I also enjoyed the gore & choreography - both things do not take up a lot of screentime, but when they're there, you can appreciate the effort & the result. I was also surprised about the acting, which was more decent than my sceptical mind was expecting, given the little known, young team of actors. However, the characters were not all that great - David was just begging to get killed, being quite an annoying character. The three main villains did not impress, scare or have any real impact on me as well, they were slightly underwhelming. The story is simple, entertaining, with small twists here and there - definitely holds your attention just enough.

All in all, "Pledge" will not make you go "wow", but it will entertain You for 75 straight minutes & satisfy the appetite for a good indie horror flick. A solid 6/10.
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Pledge This is a Fun, Unique, Horror/Thriller with Hints of Comedy
Dark_Lord_Mark19 January 2019
Pledge that This is a Fun, Unique, Horror/Thriller. It is a well accomplished film.

Starts off as a teen movie with slight hints of dark comedy, and builds to a more serious toned, thriller and horror.

Film does a good job of keeping you guessing about who lives and dies. If done right, It's a wonderful thing when you aren't sure who's the protagonist(s) and who lives or dies.

I Wished for more T&A....just to add to the realism and a it would have added tad bit more fun and film depth.

Plot: The film is about a pledge in a college frat or is it; and how far will you go to join? Will you join?

I was never bored and the film was well acted, and no glaring holes. I give it 8.7 pledges out of 10.
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When fun turns to terror - nice surprise !
homecoming811 April 2019
Recently, here in Belgium a university pledge went horribly wrong and a person died. "Pledge" isn't based on that event but has an disturbing and eerie reality factor. The fact that it could happen makes a film scary.

The story starts of like another "Revenge of the Nerds": the characters are like able but look, say and do the wrong things and therefor don't belong with the 'cool people'. It provides some funny and dramatic segments but the story turns darker by the minute. They get to hang out with the cool people but that comes with a price..

For a low budget film, it's surprisingly well acted by an unknown but decent cast. The story has a grip on you and never lets go. Don't expect another "Hostel" but it certainly has elements and like "Hostel" you're hoping for another sequel which expands on the people behind this. Recommended !
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Fun, but predictable horror film.
scb_coldsteel20 February 2019
So I saw The Pledge a few weeks ago at the theater. I really knew nothing about the film, but the previews made it look like an interesting horror/revenge film. Overall I liked the movie, but it suffering from unoriginality and an inconsistent tone.

The plot of the movie starts out simple enough. A stereotypical group of cliche nerds go around campus trying to pledge at different fraternities, but are rejected at every opportunity. Finally they seem to have struck gold as they are invited to pledge at a secret fraternity that promises sex, drugs, and popularity. Of course nothing is as it seems and the film evolves into a mix of black comedy, torture, gore, and revenge.

The movie overall did a good job with its pacing. It had a very well-made opening scene that set the tone for the rest of the film. The film was quite short, but kept the excitement up with ample amounts of psychological and physical abuse. The movie had a few interesting twists thrown in as well that felt quite natural for the flow of the film. Plus it had a satisfying and well done final arc that was a solid payoff.

The first half of the film acted as the set up is a bit of a slow burn introduction to what will come. The film makes it quite clear from the beginning that the secret fraternity has ulterior motives. At that point it was simply a waiting game for all hell to break loose. It wasn't exactly suspense driven, but it did build a bit of tension and anxiety waiting for the fraternity to snap.

For a low budget film the movie was directed well. I didn't really see any major problems except for a lack of originality and and overuse of cliches and tropes. It's a fun film, but don't expect them to reinvent the wheel here. On top of that I can't say I was impressed with all the actors. A few of the performances in particular were quite cringe-worthy.

The biggest flaw of the film seemed to be that it didn't quite know what it wanted to be. It had elements of dark humor, torture porn, gore, psychological abuse, and horror, but never really pushed anything far enough. The film could have added more gore and blood for shock value or cut out the bits of dark humor.

I also really had a hard time with the internal believability of the film. Perhaps they were trying to make a statement regarding just how powerful peer pressure could be, but I just could not understand a few of the characters decisions. It really takes away from a film when characters make stupid decisions purely as plot devices.

The Pledge was a fun, but unoriginal and predictable film that could have benefited from a bit of polish. It wasn't a bad movie, but it never really found the right tone. I enjoyed the build up of tension and some of the gore, but it never really pushed anything far enough. A 6 out of 10.
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Pretty effective
kyleallencole930 March 2019
This movie was pretty insane. First, being a former fraternity brother, as a pledge, we didnt have to go through remotely anything like this. If I lived through this type if hazing, I wouldn't of joined. They always seem to make fraternities and sororities alot worse in movies than what they actually are. This film is really out there!
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Hazing the Elite
scythertitus28 February 2019
This movie has a distinct Funny Games feel to it, but takes a little less time developing the personality of the antagonists, which is a shame. There are touches, but most are peppered in to move the story forward, ratger than really setting them apart in terms of their goals and reasons for doing what they do.

There is a good punt of playing with audience expectations, so that the film keeps you guessing rather than simply being predictable, but it almost feels like it ends too quickly because of this. Several threads are left unexplored and a little more could have gone a long way to making this a much more rewarding watch.

Overall the film is good and never really lags or feels cheap. It has something to say and is delivered well. With a little more development it could have been really great.
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Edge of your seat fun time!
saphira_dragon-8027021 January 2019
We loved it. Great little thriller. It keeps you entertained and there is a good twist! Very good.
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Decent , but kind of boring
pieter_prins23 November 2019
The dialogues are decent . The acting actually pretty good . However its just what the tittle already says: a group on nerds preparing to do grose stuff to become member of this student club in the hope to become popular.
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