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Sex & Nudity

  • Sexual references. Teenagers become pregnant. Mention of nipples, willy in pants & a penis "spitting up".
  • Mens nipples are shown
  • None

Violence & Gore

  • Several instances of animals being hurt or killed, one quite graphically.


  • Very mild profanities are present in small doses -- Harsh language that you would hear in an R-rated film such as "c**t" or "f**k" are nowhere to be heard in this film.

Alcohol, Drugs & Smoking

  • Main character is seen drinking beer on a few occasions.
  • Lead character is also seen smoking a pipe on a few occasions.

Frightening & Intense Scenes

  • The film deals with extremely dark and disturbing themes. Many scenes portray this through bone-chilling high pitched music or terrifying visuals. Certain scenes are hard to watch purely for these reasons.
  • The subject matter concerns a son being convinced/manipulated by his father into helping kill his own mother. The murder and the aftermath, in which the traumatized teenaged boy comes to term with what he has done, can be very emotional and hard to watch.
  • Several animal deaths and injuries, including a couple of bloody and disturbing closeup sequences.
  • TV MA for Disturbing violent content and bloody images


The Parents Guide items below may give away important plot points.

Violence & Gore

  • The protagonist has his son put a sack over his wife's head, while he aims to cut her neck, with the aim to kill her. She wakes up and resists when the son put the sack over her head. He then has to cut multiple times, for the initial cut isn't enough -- This scene is very graphic and disturbing, showing several spurts of blood, including a few shots of her neck as it is cut.
  • The protagonist and his son lead a cow on top of their well, causing it to fall to it's death at the bottom of the well, covering the bloody and rotting corpse of the wife. The cow is not seen after the fall, but its cries which can be heard from the bottom of the well may be upsetting to animal lovers.
  • The ghost of the protagonist's wife haunts him throughout the 2nd and 3rd acts of the film -- These scenes are terrifying, bloody, and disturbing.
  • In the final scene of the film, the ghosts of all characters whose deaths the protagonist is responsible for appear to him in his final moments -- One of them is his son holding a knife telling him that "It will be quick" -- The ghosts are all bloody and meant to be disturbing
  • A man is bitten on the hand by a rat. He throws the animal to the floor and stomps it to death with his boot. This is shown in fairly vivid detail and is highly bloody and disturbing.
  • A rat is seen biting off a large piece of the udder of a live cow.
  • A man visits a morgue to identify his dead teenaged son. When the cover is pulled back from the body, it is revealed that much of the boy's face has been chewed off by rats. Very bloody and startling.
  • A man encounters an injured cow lying on its side, and mercy kills it with a shotgun. The cow is offscreen when he kills it, but its moans while injured may be disturbing to some.
  • A teenaged girl, who is pregnant, is shot in the stomach and states that she can tell her baby has been killed. She then dies of blood loss as well.
  • A teenaged boy lies down beside his dead girlfriend. The scene cuts away, but when it returns, the boy is dead as well, and it is implied that he shot himself in the mouth. Blood and body matter are sprayed on the wall behind him, and a small tail of blood hangs from the corner of his mouth. The gun is next to him.
  • A young teenage couple rob several people at gun point, over a montage of brief scenes. At one point, the girl hits a man over the head with a heavy object to save the boy, and it is implied that the strike was fatal.
  • We see the aftermath of a man's hand being severely bitten by a rat. Several deep bloody punctures can be seen in close up. He bandages his hand up himself, but later when he takes the bandage off, much of the skin and muscle tissue is his hands seems to be infected and rotting away (again, shown in closeup). Eventually, the man is shown in a hospital, with his hand having been amputated and a bandage wrapping the remaining stump.

Alcohol, Drugs & Smoking

  • Lead character seems to become an alcoholic but is never seen obviously drunk.
  • A woman gets very drunk and speaks about her teenaged son's sexual relations with his girlfriend.
  • A man with severe injuries to his hand takes pills from a bottle, possibly for the pain. The bottle says something about "female hysteria".

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