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Mr. Roosevelt, we hardly knew ye! Likeable DIY comedy explores the dilemma of art vs. commerce, the perils of "unmonetized" Youtube celebrity and other current issues
The_late_Buddy_Ryan26 February 2018
I liked the way this film pushes back against the prevailing indie wisdom that anyone with a smidge of artistic talent just needs to follow their dreams until they catch them... The script may seem flimsy at times (maybe one too many chance meetings, even for a small college town?), but the setup's quite ingenious: UT Austin grad Emily's leading the dreary life of an aspiring sketch comic in LA when the cat she left behind with her ex gets sick.

Back in Austin, things have changed: her ex, a struggling rock guitarist, is hoping to get his real-estate license; his new S.O.'s a stylish, code-writing "entrepreneur," and the remnants of Emily's old life have been consigned to a backyard shed. At dinner with the couple and their bougie friends, Emily has a serious meltdown. Suffice it to say that it takes her a while to resolve all her issues... Richard Linklater fans will enjoy the scenes set in historic weird Austin; Daniella Pineda stands out as a kickass rock drummer/waitress.
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One Immature Comedian and Her Dead Cat
evanston_dad19 January 2018
"Mr. Roosevelt" is about a young woman, a struggling actress and comedian, who spends most of the film acting like a petulant teenager. I mostly get impatient with movies about adults who can't grow up, and whether or not I can tolerate them is wholly dependent on how much the person at the film's center can make me like him or her. Noel Wells, who also wrote and directed this movie, isn't hilarious, and in another mood I might have found myself irritated by her, but she was funny enough to keep me watching, and when I think back on this film I do so with fondness. It's no big deal, and it doesn't really show us anything we haven't seen before, but it has that low-key indie vibe that's easy to relax into. And I did really appreciate the protagonist's attitude about her Facebook-obsessed generation, born of equal parts envy and legitimate frustration, because they're attitudes I've felt myself.

If you go in with reasonable expectations there's a good chance you'll like this one.

Grade: A-
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Another, though pretty good, movie about a struggling comedian, played by a struggling comedian
NathanMcDunnough30 December 2017
Mr. Roosevelt is about a struggling comedian, Emily Martin played by Noel Wells, who returns home to care for her sick cat, Mr. Roosevelt. I gotta say, Mr. Roosevelt is a great name for a cat. Even better, his first name is Teddy. She is forced to stay with her ex-boyfriend and his new girlfriend. Some good and bad times follow, and as usually happens in this sort of movie, she learns something about herself. Wells is also writer and director of Mr. Roosevelt. Wells is new to me, and I didn't know she was on SNL, and on Master of None, which I haven't watched . She is funny and likable. She gets her shtick in throughout Mr. Roosevelt. I can't say I'm a fan of her silly voices. I do love how she takes her generation to task. I kinda like Mr. Roosevelt and I kinda like Noel Wells. The movie was pretty good and it was pretty funny, and you'll see a young and funny woman shaping her craft or her craft shaping her, or whatever. But I don't think I want to see anymore movies about struggling comedians (or actors, or musicians), especially ones played by struggling comedians (or actors, or musicians).
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Very funny
Red_Identity9 January 2018
I went into this because it seemed like a cute little film, and it was. It's not flawed or that amazing, but it's super enjoyable and funny, and it has a super hilarious actress in the lead role. I loved Noël Wells in Master of None's first season and I had no idea she was such a talented comedic actress. She's aces here and is definitely the best reason to watch the film. She's a huge talent to watch out for, not just in acting but in writing and directing.
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A great movie
ehvanstory5 January 2018
Screw the other reviews that say "Pointless from the get go". It isn't an SNL alumni movie, it's a filmmakers movie. Noel Wells uses startlingly amazing and nostalgic cinematography to portray the most authentic Austin I've seen in a movie. Yes, it's plot is little, but it really explores an millennial that feels like she's watching her life and friends move through adulthood while she's still mentally a teenager. She basically says "No! It's gotta be something else's fault not mine." and acts totally out of immaturity. It's a small movie, so do't see it if you want a blockbuster. I expect to see it at indie movie houses for years to come.
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Hidden Gem
gremck4 February 2018
This was a nice way to kill some time on a train ride. Enjoyed it more than I thought I would. I hope to see the lead actress in more films.
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Indies are now just as predictable as Hollywood
jadavix30 January 2018
"Mr. Roosevelt" is fairly typical for an indie comedy, especially one written and directed by its star.

Indie movies used to be an alternative to Hollywood in that they would show you characters and situations that were something you wouldn't ordinarily see at the multiplex. Somewhere along the line that difference became a cliche. If you want to see something different, it doesn't help that you already know what that difference is going to be. Where's the surprise? Where's the challenge?

"Mr. Roosevelt" being an indie comedy means you can expect a lot of weird, off-hand lines of dialogue like "I forget what funny is", and nudity which, in a Hollywood movie, is usually a device to titillate audiences, but here just seems added to up the weird factor.

It's not unusual to see an unconventional lead in an indie flick, but I think Noel Wells doesn't really have star quality. Having written and directed the movie herself, of course she also cast herself in the lead role, but they can't all be Lake Bell (from "In a World") or even Lena Dunham ("Tiny Furniture"). The camera doesn't exactly love her. While watching the movie I found myself forgetting what she looked like occasionally, which is funny since she is in every scene.

The movie does have a few funny moments, though not many.

The plot concerns a struggling comedian who comes back to her hometown to say fairwell to her cat, the titular Mr. Roosevelt, as her ex-boyfriend and his new squeeze must have the cat put down.

The stage is obviously set for a "young person faces their past and confronts their issues" sort of movie, but here's the problem: I never believed that this character had a past, there or anywhere else, and I never believed that she cared about her cat enough to go all that way, or anything else. You can understand she might feel toward her ex's new lover, but the movie doesn't deal with them head-on, making her own feelings and motivations opaque, and making the character more distant than she ought to be.
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Boring, boring, boring
jaapeelman23 January 2018
Warning: Spoilers
After reading some of the reviews on imdb I decided to give this movie a try., What a mistake as this is a boring, boring, boring movie.... The story is about a girl who leaves her boyfriend (and cat Mr. Roosevelt) to become an actress or something similar in LA, breaks-up with him and returns when her cat gets very sick. The cat dies, she stays with her ex and his new girlfriend and then she fancies her ex again..... Wow, great! Nothing is of any interest, nothing is funny or sad but it is just all boring. And you see some girls take of their bikini-top but this is also not of any interest at all as they all have nothing there (A-breasts). Boring again....
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Amazing movie, great comedy
natalieauer7 March 2018
Noel Wells excels in her directorial debut in Mr. Roosevelt. I was unfamiliar with Wells' work until viewing this film despite her work on SNL. While directing, she also plays the lead role of Emily Martin who left her home and boyfriend to pursue comedy in Los Angeles. Emily is a struggling comedian who must quickly return home as her cat, Mr. Roosevelt, is dying. While in Austin, she stays with her ex-boyfriend and his girlfriend. The perfect set up for this comedy. Over the course of the movie, Emily learns much about the life she left behind and her own self. Throughout the film the viewer is dealt with awkward situations followed by Wells' quick witted humor. She has a lot of silly habits that I can relate with that make this movie more enjoyable. If you're into indie films put together by striving and thriving artists, Mr. Roosevelt is worth your viewing.
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pointless storyline from the get go
gabaod24 January 2018
Warning: Spoilers
So this is a film about a lady who leaves without notice her boyfriend and her cat behind as she relocates across country. Months maybe a year later she gets news her cat passed away, so she travels back across country to pay her condolences to a cat she ditched and left behind.. Like seriously, she left the cat behind.. why would she pay for a plane ticket and be all crazy about this cat? Completely pointless not to mention she is a bit more annoying than funny. Not sure how it won awards. Mainly watched it to see how a self wrote/directed film would work while playing the lead role. Id have to say Tommy Wiseau did a much better job with the Room, even though that's terrible. At least there were some good boob shots.
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Had potential but ...
RileyOnFilm8 May 2018
Warning: Spoilers
My score: 5/10. The time I feared has come: millennials are making movies. This is a hodgepodge of backgrounds as reasons to give Noël Wells a stage for her brand of humor. It's a knock off from Zoe Deschanel but not as funny. This film is now streaming on Netflix.

After a loved one falls ill, 25-year-old struggling comedian Emily Martin returns to her college town of Austin, Texas and must come to terms with her past while staying with her ex-boyfriend and his new girlfriend.

There is a lot wrong here but let's start with the basics: if you put a talent in the lead role don't rely on her talent alone. There HAS to be a story to showcase what she does. She was in "Master of None" and my wife who saw it tells me she was cute and did well. From what I have seen of the show, which isn't much, there is a story intertwining the episodes together. It also features a comic, Aziz Ansari.

Let's look at a perfect example of how to get a comic noticed in a film: "The Big Sick." I will say there is some good writing in this in the way of jokes. I caught myself laughing several times so there's that. But as a whole the plot is not believable having her go live with her ex who she dumped so she can attend her old cat's funeral. That's just not a good premise. Apparently they disagreed because they named the film after the dead cat.

I will certainly look for more from Noël Wells and she isn't bad altogether but she has a long way to go to write, direct, and star in a film as she does in this one. Humility my dear. I understand many will praise her for her bravery in taking on all roles. Ok but there is a point where bravery becomes just a reckless bad idea like jumping off a cliff into a waterfall in front of millions ... topless. 5/10.
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