Parched Poster

(2017– )

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21 Mar. 2017
Money Flows
This episode explores an alarming trend, where Wall Street banks control municipalities and hold the everyday American's water supply in their grip.
28 Mar. 2017
Toxic Waters
In West Virginia, a cattle farmer traces the deterioration of his livestock to illegal dumping in the Ohio River in in the 1980s, unraveling a corporate conspiracy by DuPont that leaves thousands at risk. In California's Central Valley, oil companies have moved into agricultural areas - but when heavy lobbying results in lax oversight and regulation, the result is water contamination.
4 Apr. 2017
Global Water Wars
In the shadowy outskirts of India's capital city, a powerful water mafia steals water from government and private reserves, and sells it to those who can pay the hefty price. Meanwhile in Syria, ISIS uses the region's limited water supply as a weapon, capturing dams and leaving the locals who depend on them helpless. Get a foreboding look at the world's future through the lens of the global water supply.


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