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MPAA Rated R for disturbing bloody violence, strong sexual material including menace, pervasive language, and for drug and alcohol use - all involving teens

Sex & Nudity

  • A young man and a young woman lie on a bed and kiss, he kisses down her chest and performs oral sex on her (off-screen); he then opens a condom package and applies the condom (we do not see the application) and they have sex (the young woman moans as he thrusts) and afterwards the young man leaves the room and the young woman cries.
  • A young man and a young woman argue, they kiss and she lies back on a bed as the young man moves between her legs and performs oral sex on her (we see his head between her legs) and she writhes as a man watches them from a neighboring house.
  • A man carries a young woman upstairs in his house, she sits on a bed and he touches her bare thigh, spreads her legs and lies on top of her while holding a knife to her face and tracing her bare thigh with it.
  • A principal reprimands a young woman for the drawings in a sketchbook as being pornographic and we see a nude woman with bare breasts and her fingers at her genitals (the fingers partially cover the pubic area).
  • Young women wear T-shirts that expose their nipples through the fabric in several scenes.
  • Many photos of young women wearing bras and underwear are shown throughout the movie (cleavage, bare abdomens and legs are shown); a young woman lifts her shirt and reveals her bra while taking a photo of herself.
  • Four young women are shown wearing swimsuits in a swimming pool (cleavage, abdomens and legs are shown).
  • A young woman wears short-shorts that reveal full legs and part of her lower buttocks.
  • Several shirtless young men are shown in a locker room scene. No nudity.
  • Many photos of a man wearing women's lingerie (we see him wearing a G-string that exposes his bare buttocks in a couple photos) are shown in a few scenes after his computer is hacked; the townspeople see the photos and become enraged.
  • A young woman wearing a cheerleader outfit dances seductively with thrusting and gyrating hips.
  • Two young women dance with sexual gestures while a young man watches them.
  • A young woman lies on a bed and a young man videos putting two of his fingers in her mouth while telling her that she could be a porn star.
  • A young man and a young woman argue about oral sex.
  • Four young women talk about the boyfriend of one of them and whether he has performed oral sex on her.
  • Young men and young woman talk about learning how to have sex by watching pornography.
  • Young women talk about the pornographic material their school principal would watch.
  • A young woman describes a young man putting his fingers down her throat and that, "It's not as sexy as it sounds."
  • Four young women talk about a young man "sexting" one of them.
  • A man is accused of having nude photos of his young daughter and having searched for teen porn videos.
  • A young woman argues with her parents at a dinner table and says, "Nudity is not inherently sexual."
  • A young woman talks about a man driving her home from babysitting and that he once touched her thigh (there is an implication of a sexual relationship).

Violence & Gore

  • Armed men break into a house and a woman inside shoots two of the men (blood sprays), and the woman is shot in the abdomen (we see blood on the wound) and then in the head (we see blood spray and she falls to the floor).
  • A young woman armed with many guns stands in a road and a police car stops, the officer gets out and draws his gun and the young woman shoots him and he falls (blood splatters on the windshield of the car and we see the bloody abdominal wound).
  • Four young women open fire on several young men hiding behind a truck; a few of the young men run out shooting and they are shot dead while two remain behind the truck where one is shot through the back (blood sprays) and the other surrenders.
  • A young woman with a noose on her neck and her hands tied stands on the back of a pickup truck as the driver revs the engine; the driver is shot (blood splatters on the window) and the truck pulls away leaving the young woman hanging from a light pole until the young man holding the rope is slashed by a young woman with a sword and the young woman falls to the ground.
  • A man videos a young woman walking on a sidewalk and calls out to her telling her, "Your life is over," he then pulls out a knife and chases her (implying he is going to rape her) and she hits him in the face with a shovel (we see him on the ground spitting blood).
  • A woman beats up another woman in a parking lot after finding out that she was having an affair with her husband; she pours milk on her head while she is on the ground and other people gather around and film the act.
  • A young woman pinned under a man on a bed bites his tongue when they kiss and he yells in pain; she runs away to the bathroom, locks herself in and slips on a lot of blood on the floor, and falls into the tub where there is a bloody dead body and screams.
  • A young woman is shown kneeling over another young woman lying motionless on the floor with blood on her face and pooled on the floor (presumably after a beating).
  • Several men grab a young man and we see him in a bathtub where he is questioned and tortured by being waterboarded; we later hear him yelling and hear a squishing sound off-camera (it's not clear what they have done to him).
  • A man with a gun grabs a young woman and slams her head into a window pane (its cracks); he holds her with his hand over her mouth and we later see her tied by the wrists to a curtain rod.
  • A man with a gun attacks a young woman and puts the gun in her mouth.
  • Several young women speed in a pickup truck with large American flags waving; they tie a young woman to the back of the truck bed, and a young man holds a gun to her forehead and orders another young man to put a noose around her neck as they prepare to hang her from a light pole.
  • A young woman is held on the floor by two young men while another young man questions her; she is rolled over and her shirt is pulled up to reveal her bare back and the one young man takes photos of her, and spits and slaps her on the head.
  • A young man hits another young man in the head and he falls off the bed of a truck (we don't see injuries).
  • A woman asks her teenage daughter if she is in the photos she has seen on a man's computer and when she admits it the woman drags her daughter out of her room and pushes her out of the house slamming the door on her; the young woman outside pounds on the door and pleads with her parents.
  • A man with a baseball bat breaks the glass of a man's front door.
  • A man chases a woman and she locks herself in a bathroom awash with blood on the floor , she discovers this is from dead body/ies in the bath , one of the bodies may be a child (implied from dialogue in scene )


  • About 139 F-words and its derivatives, 17 sexual references, 17 scatological terms, 16 anatomical terms, 18 mild obscenities, 8 religious exclamations, 4 derogatory terms for homosexuals and 2 religious profanities.
  • Name-calling (hyperbolic, rapist on the couch, skanky, rapey, idiot, salty, prudes, monster, ridiculous, feminist, nerd, old fashioned, hypocrite, bigot, dumb, sick, sociopathic, immoral, homewrecker, weird, inconsequential, nasty, delinquent slut, old man, disturbing, stupid, child molester and sad).

Alcohol, Drugs & Smoking

  • A young man smokes a marijuana cigarette and shares with a young woman who also smokes.
  • A woman asks her teenage daughter if she wants a Xanax (she declines).
  • Young men and young women smoke marijuana cigarettes.
  • Several party scenes are shown where underage attendees drink alcohol and smoke marijuana cigarettes.
  • A young man smokes a cigarette.

Frightening & Intense Scenes


The Parents Guide items below may give away important plot points.

Violence & Gore

  • In the trailer, we see a teenage girl hit a man in the head with a shovel with blood spurting out. We see him on the floor choking on his own blood.
  • In the trailer, we see a man trying to choke a teenage girl on the floor in the bathroom. The bathroom and the floor is covered with blood.
  • A young woman fights a man who has a nail gun; they fall in a pool, she shoots him several times with the nail gun (we hear popping) and the water fills with blood.
  • An official enters a room filled with jeering people, he pulls out a handgun and shoots himself in the mouth (we see blood and matter spray and hear people screaming).
  • A man breaks a door in and attacks a young woman, they slip on a bloody floor and fall down where she slices his neck with a razor blade and blood pours on her face and in her mouth until the man collapses and falls dead on the floor (there's a lot of blood).
  • A young woman drags a baseball bat through a school hallway, approaches another young woman from behind and hits her in the head with the bat (we hear a loud thunk and the young woman falls to the floor motionless).

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