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A brilliant film
johnwtunnicliffe14 February 2020
A film that can be enjoyed by children & adults. Loads of things to spot during the film that link to other sci-fi films. We've watched it three times now and discover things still.
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Shaun the Sheep does ET ... and it's brilliant fun
Paradroid7820 October 2019
This is basically a Shun the Sheep version of ET. Fun for all the family, and plenty of movie references for sci-fi fans.

It knows it's silly, and goes out of its way to enjoy itself.

Easily one of the best animated movies of 2019.
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Beautiful film with acres of heart
shaunalappin16 October 2019
I loved the forst Shaun film, and particularly enjoy the craft that goes into making Aardman as great as they are.

This film felt expertly crafted to cater for younger audiences, which is perfect and as it should be. It's nice to see Aardman putting so much warmth into their story - which almost certainly borrows heavily from your fave scifi film - and the animation is some of the most vibrant and colourful stop frame I've ever seen. A true feast for the eyes and comfort for the heart.

A beautiful triumph, congratulations to all involved in its production, the hard work shows and pays off in spades.
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Familiar, But Hilarious
kjproulx22 February 2020
I've always found the most terrible of animated movies to be slightly impressive because of the craft itself. So much work goes into an animated film and I find myself at least giving that kind of praise to the ones I don't like. On the other side of that, it's nearly impossible for me to dislike a film like A Shaun the Sheep Movie: Farmageddon, simply due to the fact that it's all done in-camera for the most part. When the first theatrically released Shaun the Sheep Movie hit theatres back in 2015, it was one of my favourite movies of that year. The extremely clever visual gags had me busting a gut laughing on multiple occasions. While this sequel doesn't quite reach the praise I gave to its processor, it's undeniably still great.

If I were to base my thoughts on this film on the premise alone, I would probably give it a pretty negative score, because it's a very tired plot. Shaun the Sheep's Mossy Bottom Farm is invaded by an alien who has crash-landed on Earth. Doing his best to help this alien get home to her parents, they embark on a quest. Having to fend off an organization that also wants her to experiment on, the movie began to feel very familiar throughout the second and third acts. Luckily, the story is not where these films shine, even though it is effectively done.

Comedy is the sole reason to watch these movies. There isn't a single line of dialogue spoken throughout the entire movie, yet it's one of the funniest movies I've seen in the last couple of years. Shaun the Sheep is a series that relies on visual gags to hold the attention of its audience. From visual nods to sound effects in weird places, A Shaun the Sheep Movie: Farmageddon is littered with things that will make average moviegoers chuckle, but will absolutely have hardcore film lovers busting a gut. This movie is so self-aware of itself that the movie almost feels like a joke in itself.

Still, it's not perfect, especially in comparison with the previously released feature film. A few pop songs throughout a film aimed at a younger audience is okay, but it seemed like this movie would cut to a montage using modern pop songs every 10-20 minutes. It didn't ruin it for me, but the silent, subtle nature of the jokes was undercut by this in my opinion. This film is far more story-driven than the previous instalment, which also hurt it because the last movie only needed the very simple idea of trying to get the animals back to the farm they came from. It was the comedy that drove that movie, which was only about half of the time here.

In the end, as far as sequels go, this is a great one. I admittedly didn't like a few of the creative choices taken and the plot felt way too familiar to latch onto, but the rest of the movie is far too clever to turn away from. I was laughing throughout the entire run time and would highly recommend this movie for kids, but also for adults who will find more humour in the subtle moments. This is a very solid sequel and I would gladly watch more of these movies. A Shaun the Sheep Movie: Farmageddon is now streaming on Netflix.
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When it comes to great British comedy animation Aardman never let you down
coombsstephen19 October 2019
You know what you are getting with an Aardman film and to be honest I love it. Brilliantly stupid slapstick comedy with a British theme and plenty enough jokes subtly aimed at adults.

The story of this film is aimed at the very young but it doesn't really make any difference to the film it is still funny for all ages.

It's harmless fun and worth a visit for all the family.
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Aardman Never Fail to Impress Me and This is No Exception!
Clank_Zoka20 October 2019
Aardman is back once again with another unique stop-motion film, this time a sequel to their 2015 animated film, however this is quite a special accession, this is the first animated feature film sequel in history to be stop-motion, most of the time, they are 3D and 2D, but we never got a stop-motion sequel which is quite rare, Wallace and Gromit doesn't really count since they are short films, this is a fully length feature film, it's been a year since we last saw them on the big screen, Aardman's last film was Early Man which was released last year in 2018, which was a really funny and great stop-motion film, as you can tell, Aardman has had a great track of unforgettable projects, like the previously mentioned Wallace & Gromit, Creature Confronts, Chicken Run, Arthur Christmas and so much more!, so I was quite excited for this new animated film from them, it's always a pleasure to watch what they have made, stop-motion is such a delight and some true to behold!, but with Off-Beat Director Will Becher and animator Richard Phelan taking over the directors chair instead of Mark Burton and Richard Starzak from the first film, so hopefully they can deliver something special, so the film was released in the UK on the 18th of October and I saw it yesterday and...... I really like it!, Aardman still hasn't disappointed me!, so let's talk about it!.

Shaun and the flock are always up to mischief on Mossy Bottom Farm, however Bitzer won't let him do anything of what he loves, which to Shaun's dismay, he's quite fed up by Bitzer's orders, however he discovers something very strange in the barn, a little cute alien named Lu-La, she is trying to get home, however there is a government agent named Red who is going after Lu-La and then capture her, so it's up to Shaun and the gang to get Lu-La back to her space ship and get her back home, while that's going on, the Farmer has started a attraction based on the ufo sightings, he has started a little fair called "Farmageddon", hopefully for him to get lots of money to buy this new combine harvester, like the first film, the plot is fairly straight forward and very simple, but that's kind of the charm of Shaun the Sheep, the simplicity is part of what makes the TV-show, the first and this sequel work, it has a lot to work with and it has something for everyone, it's clever, laugh-out-loud comedy delivers some great visual gags and subtle references to Sci-fi films, it isn't for the sake of a joke, they do it to make use of their animation and tell their story also, as you can tell, it has no lines or dialogue, so in other words, there is no talking, which is good, because it can tell it's story with visuals and make it easier for everyone to understand what's going on and that's he beauty of it, weither it's straight forward or not, visually story telling is a unique way of carrying out a third act structure film and this film did it in a brilliant, it still has that British charm and sense of atmosphere to it also, making it feel incredibly British and funny at the same time!, it has the right amount of heart and it is incredibly sweet, so at least it shows that Aardman does care about what they make, okay sure, it's simple, it's predicable and it's nothing new, but it's in the execution that makes it all worth it, the well timed comedy, the clever slapstick and visual gags, the heartfelt and sweet moments and two great end credit scenes (seriously, watch until the end, there is a mid credits scene and a end credits scene also, really funny!), it really makes this film offer so much more then it already has, for parents, of children and teenagers, it shows that Aardman can still well told stories and bring entertainment that everyone can enjoy!.

The animation just gets better and better, obviously it's stop-motion and it looks amazing!, everytime bit of detail is present in this film, the character designs look simple yet quirky, their movements are cartoony but impressive, the backgrounds, props, buildings are all well done!, when it comes to the alien technology, the spaceship and how manufactures, it's all very interesting and creative, the gags and slapstick are well time, funny and of course impressive, Aardman always find a way to make stop-motion as brilliant as it could get, the atmosphere, the charm and simplicity, it all fits perfectly, I love the design of Lu-La, she has a mix of a dog and Llama's neck, she is very colourful looking also, her ability to control telekinesis and so much more is well done with some good effects!, each character has a unique design and they all stand out, they don't blend in and look the same, they have great and simple designs, the animals look very cartoony and the humans are a mix of down to earth and cartoon animation, many of the props look awesome, like the spaceship and the small town near Mossy Bottom Farm, which also looks great as always!, overall?, Aardman still proves that stop-motion animation is still a relevant piece of animation media, it's still got effort, colour, style, care along with great looking characters, it's companies like Aardman who show that effort means everything and it certainly shows in this film!.

The characters are just as charming and fun as they were, with some fun and interesting new characters, Shaun is still the cheeky, mischievous, heroic and charming leader that we all know and love, who would do anything to help his friends in any way he can, even if he does make a few mistakes, Bitzer is still the best friend of Shaun who maybe strict with his rulebreaking, but is still loyal to the farmer and does look out for Shaun and the flock, the Farmer is still the "so full of himself and bossy" character who is quite funny with his side plot and is always entertaining to watch, the flock are mainly the comic reliefs who always have a time to shine, they all have funny moments especially Timmy, basically the characters from the first film and the TV series are still just their charming selves, with Shaun and Bitzer getting the most screen time, the new characters as little as their is are really entertaining!, the obvious one being my favourite is Lu-La, the alien Shaun encounters, she is awesome!, funny, creative, interesting, cute and enjoyable!, I really liked her a lot and she is my favourite character in the film!, Agent Red is a interesting villain, although not as great as Trumper from the first film, but pretty understandable in this case with her backstory which I won't give away, as for everyone else like the Hazmats, the towns people and the UFO nerds..., well they don't do anything really, however they do serve their roles quite well, they are comic reliefs also, they deliver some really funny, clever, comedy along with slapstick and gags, the voice acting is brilliant, even though there is no talking, they do the best they can with the characters, Justin Fletcher, who you may know as Mr. Tumble if you are from the UK, he is the voice of Shaun, he does his baaaas brilliantly, but is generally just quite charming, everyone else does a amazing job like John Sparkes as Bitzer and the Farmer, blogger Joe Sugg as the Pizza Boy (Yes..., I'm not kidding, glad to see that he is doing more voice work in animated films!), as for everyone else, they do a really good job of the character they voice and they fit them perfectly, who needs characters that are deep and complex?, when now and then you just need charming, fun, hilarious and memorable characters along with great voice work, nothing more and nothing less.

The song "LAZY" by Kylie Minogue and the Vaccines is a pretty great song, with great lyrics and a nice beat, along with a great score by Tom Howe.

For the first ever stop-motion animated sequel, this is probably one of the rarest animated sequels to be as faithful to the first film and source material out there, which also results in a really great family film, A Shaun the Sheep Movie: Farmageddon is the worthy sequel to a fantastic animated film, with it's simple story, hilarious humour, well crafted stop-motion animation, charming characters along with great voice work and excellent music, do I need to say why go and see this?, because you need to, it's a high recommendation for Aardman fans, animation fans and for the whole family, pretty much everyone of all ages, I'm glad Aardman is still making films, they know how to make their films fun and impressive, now hopefully their next film will be a sequel that many people would want, I mean this year has been pretty great with animated sequels, so hopefully when Chicken Run 2 comes out, that'll be worth the wait, but so far we don't know what's going there, but we'll have to wait and see, now... I got to see a certainly kooky family to see next week with a certain name that starts with a "A"..

I'm going to give A Shaun the Sheep Movie: Farmageddon 10/10!.
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What a great movie
lestarte18 October 2019
I can't understand the other reviewer: Our 5 and a half year old and we ourselves laughed our a**es off in the cinema. It was such a great work, as ever with Aardman. Even the new logo is over the top great stuff and you can see in every (!) scene the love these guys have for their work. And much work it is, of course. All the cool hints to other movies (E.T. and Close encounters of the Third Kind) and series (The X Files) are so cool and make it even more worthwile for us adults, watching along with our kids. As with every Aardman movie or series: Great stuff, keep it coming, please! We love your work immensely!
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Endgame wishes it could've been this epic
hectorrutter14 October 2019
It's too good
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A Festival of Fun
Fudge-320 October 2019
The farmyard gets a close encounter of the third kind.

I was going to say 'herd kind' but that would have been a terrible pun and not very accurate. This film is worth much more than that.

Without any dialogue as such, just like the first Shaun the Sheep movie, this film tells a perfectly understandable story with wit and skill. It really is beautifully crafted. The gag count is high from beginning to end and everyone from your three-year-old nephew to your deaf granddad will be thoroughly entertained. Even the end titles are worth watching through.

The humour is mostly physical slap-stick. Smart sheep, hapless humans, perilous pizza.

I like the pizza.
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Farmageddon - Claymated comedy gold
brankovranjkovic31 October 2019
Stop-motion animation.

This is a 'Shaun the Sheep' sequel, where a young alien lands on earth and is trying to get back home to his parents in the style of ET. Shaun befriends the alien and a strong bond develops, of course the pair have lots of silly antics.

This is distinctively executed, you'll appreciate the time, effort and care that's gone into this impeccably crafted follow-up, you can even see the fingerprints in the clay on the close-up shots.

Aimed at all ages with gags for kids and many movie references for adults. Any nationality can enjoy this as well as no words are spoken throughout, just 'baby noises'. However I'd describe the humour as 'British', a non-British audience might not get all the gags. EXCELLENT.
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Another funny production from Aardman!
suripat12 February 2020
Can't go wrong with any Aardman production: clever script, great music, many funny movie references for sci-fi fans and the best: you don't have to understand a word of English to laugh! I love Aardman, cannot give less than a 9 for this.
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Adorable, yet a bit boring
trinaboice7 October 2019
Picture a Shaun The Sheep - The Movie version of E.T.,The Extra-Terrestrial with no dialogue, and you've got this animated stop-motion comedy that is the first feature length sequel Aardman has ever made. In case you don't remember, Shaun The Sheep - The Movie actually received an Oscar nomination for Best Animated Feature about 4 years ago, earning over $100 million in box office ticket sales alone.

This adorable clamation film directed by Richard Phelan and Will Becher, was going to be released last spring in the USA but was delayed until December 2019.

While I absolutely adored the Wallace & Gromit in Three Amazing Adventures shorts, the Aardman feature films always leave me a bit disappointed. Don't get me wrong, this movie is super cute, but it just didn't hold my attention.

The stop motion animation is impressive, as always. There are always plenty of cute things to look at in each frame. There is a lot of humor through visual gags and adorable sound effects. Unusual for stop motion, a tiny bit of CGI is used to make Lu-La's floppy ears look sparkly when she's doing something magical. The song that plays on the farmer's radio is called Forever Autumn (From Jeff Wayne's Musical Version of "The War of the Worlds"). There are some visual and audio gags only adults will appreciate. For example, some buttons are pushed that make the musical theme from the movie Close Encounters Of The Third Kind (Original Version) I doubt very many kids have ever seen that movie.

Unusual for stop motion, a tiny bit of CGI is used to make Lu-La's floppy ears look sparkly when she's doing something magical. Keep watching past the end credits for one final musical gag. I'm surprised more creativity wasn't used to design the alien Lu-La. She just basically looked like a blue dog. Many of the references offer a respectful nod to the magic of Spielberg; however, some moments and even characters seem like rip-offs from movies like 2001: A Space Odyssey or Wall-E The musical montages seem a bit out of place with the rest of the film. You can see my full movie review on YouTube or at Movie Review Mom
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Great animation and very amusing. Perfect for young kids
trevorwomble23 October 2019
I was si surprised how well the first Shaun the sheep film came out I had overly realistic expectations about this sequel. However that's not to say its not a beautifully made film.

My only problem with it was that the script was weak. What would have worked extremely well in a half hour episode is stretched very thinly here. However I am a middle aged adult and this film wasn't written with me in mind. The children in the audience seemed to love it and it is very funny in places. But it did seem a little laboured in places although the filmic references and gags were great fun to notice.

Aardmans high water mark will always be the Wallace and Gromit film of 2005. That was simply stunning and deserved all its praise. However this film doesn't come close to that masterpiece. I think the first Shaun film was also better scripted than this but it takes nothing away from the excellent animation and humour on display. Having said that I don't think the under tens are really going to care for my opinion, it's still made with great care and some genuine laugh out loud moments.

Perhaps not quite as memorable as other Aardman films of the past but still a darned sight better than some of the child orientated cgi rubbish that's also on release.
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Something missing!?!
anbuf10 February 2020
Great. I enjoyed, but... Humour level lil bit lower than previous. The previous one is gem.
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Pure Fun for Families
Breumaster9 February 2020
Well, it's a Play-Doh®-movie with funny figures. I've seen some of them from Aardman Animations. All of them have that special kind of humor. The farm with the farmer, the dog and the sheep is well known to a wide audience. The humor is ok for kids and also funny for grown ups. That time, Shaun (the little sheep) gets visit from outer space. An alien sheep comes to earth and tries to cope with the circumstaces there with the help of Shaun, who tries to keep them both out of trouble. It has some flair like E.T. who wanted to come home, but since then had some actions on earth - in Play-Doh®. It's really fun, I will watch it again for sure. Recommendation! :D
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The Unbearable Lightness of Bleating
copperunderwing28 October 2019
This is a great film. It had my 4 year old and my 48 year old self laughing out loud. There are nods to countless sci-fi films and even a Tremors reference. The storytelling without dialogue is done so brilliantly it creates tone, emotion and pace seemingly effortlessly (although I can't imagine just how much effort went into the making!). I thought the particular characteristics of the alien were especially clever for engaging children, but also for giving adults a glimpse at the world through their eyes.
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Worthy successor.
joefletch-1644325 October 2019
I enjoyed the first shaun the sheep movie. So I had high hopes for this one and I was not disappointed. It is another charming funny film from aardman and it is awsome. Stay till the mid credit scene.
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Fun, but aimed at young children
Gordon-1119 November 2019
This is a fun adventure of a little alien who lands on a farm. It is full of funny mishaps, which young children will find it fun and enjoyable.
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Great Children's Movie What's Not To Like
martimusross1 March 2020

I loved it

This was a great family movie well worth a watch to find that inner child. It had reference after reference to every other sci-fi movie, from ET to Close Encounters which was great.

The target audience is young children so it's not really for a Friday night adult audience at the cinema paying £15 quid.
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A great film for the family
rowlisa27 February 2020
Thoroughly enjoyed this film. Had the whole family laughing. Silly but so much fn
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Probably Going To Be One Of The Best Animated Films Of 2020!
MovieBuff1173226 February 2020
A Shaun The Sheep Movie: Farmageddon is about an alien coming to the farm Shaun The Sheep lives at and the alien can't seem to find its ship! The thing that make it even harder is that there is a big government cooperation coming after the alien!

I have only seen the first Shaun The Sheep movie. When I did see it, I was very young, but I could still remember some of it. I remember laughing a lot and really enjoying myself. This film would have probably made me feel the same way. I loved watching this film. I saw it with my brother and he couldn't get enough of it. It stinks nobody views these films as much as it was five or so years ago. They are really great. The story kept me engaged through out the whole film. They also hid some little references to some of the greatest Sci-Fi films. I couldn't get enough of those! The characters are fun and enjoyable. This film also gives children a good lesson about something I wouldn't spoil. The animation looks fantastic too. The claymation looks pretty darn real. I don't know it is or not but my best guess is it isn't. The only thing I didn't like was how many flat jokes they had in this film. Sometimes they just had jokes that you have seen in other pictures and I didn't really find myself laughing. There were some pretty funny scenes don't get me wrong, but there was just a little too much flat jokes.

Overall, Farmageddon is a must watch family film on Netflix.
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Interstellar entertainment for everyone
tim_dearing-116 February 2020
This is an incredibly entertaining journey into ET sheep style. They doesn't miss a trick in including references to just about every Science Fiction film of note from the last seventy years, from Hitch Hikers Guide to the Galaxy (look out for Milliways - the restaurant at the end of the Universe - in the high street!) to Close Encounters and many many more. It's an absolute blast.

With a surprisingly touching ending and laugh out loud moments galore you'd have to be short on heart not to find this mix of beautifully crafted stop shot animation and Sci-Fi parody a winning way to spend ninety minutes.

Just as much a work of genius as many of the movies it emirates.

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Aardman A Shaun The Sheep Movie: Farmageddon - Directed By Will Becher & Richard Phelan With Sci-fi's Greatest Hits
helenbassett1 November 2019
Directed by Will Becher & Richard Phelan, the slapstick Shaun the Sheep: Farmageddon with an almost silent script, baa bleats, grunts and squeaks, gives Aardman the opportunity to riff classic sci-fi greats. When a small alien with magical powers crash lands on Earth, she causes a stir and then hitches a lift on a pizza delivery bike to Mossy Bottom Farm. Here Shaun the sheep has ordered the pizzas for his hungry flock. Fed up with the petty rules inflicted on them by Bitzer the sheep dog.

Shaun meeting cute Lu-La is Spielberg's ET remodelled in the inevitable Aardman style. The sets were terrific and there was even a thumb print on Lu-La which was very sweet. Amazing to think Aardman started with their Creature Comforts British Gas advert. Those snails are everywhere. And now we're stop-motion filming a herd of sheep with their sheep dog and an alien who desperately wants to call home. Plus a farmer who might just be creating Mossy Bottom's own Fyre Festival with his Farmagedden UFO theme park. Hoping to make the money to buy his new combine harvester. Good luck there.

Such a jolly film but I enjoyed it more for the references to movies some of the kids in the audience have probably never seen. Of course there was The Minions, Wall-E/K9 and Eva, (my) Doctor Who, Jaws, Close Encounters tagged in the film poster, complete with notes. And the government UFO hunters as well as being minions, play the Men-In-Black and there's even a Paul reference with Agent Red. Catch her lipstick slash. And look out for Signs in the fields, 2001 toast and the space station, plus tons more I missed.

But the sci-fi riffs are matched by the visual gags. Pigs flying and supermarket shopping with a hungry alien, and a flying saucer pizza were all a hoot that the kids enjoyed. I didn't see the original Shaun the Sheep but Farmageddon is a charming pick and mix bag of gags for the whole family.
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jboothmillard29 October 2019
Warning: Spoilers
Since making his debut in the Wallace and Gromit short A Close Shave, Shaun the Sheep has had his own TV series, and of course the previous movie, now Aardman Animations follow with this stand-alone sequel. Basically, in the city of Mossington, Farmer John (Chris Morrell) and his dog witness a UFO landing. Both run away in terror as the spaceship door opens and a mysterious alien creature appears. On Mossy Bottom Farm, Shaun the sheep (Justin Fletcher) and the rest of the flock enjoy their activities, only for Bitzer the sheep dog (John Sparkes) to stop them and put signs up. During the night, Shaun orders three pizzas from a takeaway close to the UFO landing sight. The alien sneaks into the delivery driver's travel pack and eats the pizzas and comes out to hide on the farm. The next morning, Shaun follows a trail of pizza crusts and discovers the alien. The visitor introduces herself as Lu-La (Amalia Vitale), a mischievous purple alien from Topa with extra-terrestrial powers. When Shaun introduces her to the flock, Lu-La causes trouble playing with a tractor, plowing the fields and creating unintentional crop circles. Due to recent news of sitings, the Farmer (also Sparkes) realises he can create an alien-based theme park, "Farmageddon", to raise money for a new tractor he wants to buy. Meanwhile, the Ministry of Alien Detection (M.A.D.) leader Agent Red (Kate Harbour), and her robot assistant Mugg-1N5 (David Holt), search for the alien's trail. Farmer John takes them to the sighting area but there is no spaceship. At Mossy Bottom Farm, Lu-La uses her powers to show Shaun her home planet; he agrees to help get her back home. Travelling to Mossington, Lu-La causes chaos at a nearby supermarket. Bitzer follows them, and winds up wearing an alien style suit, and getting glue stuck to his foot. Bitzer is seen on camera in the suit, and the glue is mistaken for an alien substance, this causes M.A.D. to think Bitzer is the alien. Shaun and Lu-La travel to the UFO landing sight, it is revealed that the spaceship is invisible. Lu-La and Shaun enter the ship but discover a crucial credential has gone missing. Having followed them, Bitzer unintentionally enters a chamber and is put to sleep, while M.A.D capture the spaceship and take it to their HQ. At the secret headquarters, Bitzer awakens and the organisation assume he does not know about Earth culture. Meanwhile, Shaun and Lu-La look for the credential, an egg-shaped sphere used to power the spaceship. A flashback reveals Red's motives: when she was a child, she saw aliens. The next day at school she drew a picture to show her class, but the classroom laughed at her. Lu-La and Shaun retrieve the sphere and meet Bitzer. They restart the ship and exit the atmosphere. The spaceships navigation goes awry, confused about going back to Topa, and reassigned back to the farm. This causes the UFO to speed up and smash to oblivion. Shaun realises the sphere can be used to contact Topa, specifically Lu-La's parents Ub-Do (Richard Webber) and Me-Ma (also Vitale). Shaun and Lu-La attempt to reach the top of the Farmer's "Farmageddon" theme park to get the best possible communication signal. The Farmer opens the theme park at £30. Shaun, the flock and Lu-La enter disguised as Daleks. Shaun and Lu-La begin to climb the tall theme park sign, only for Red, Mugg-1N5 and M.A.D to arrive, attempting to catch Bitzer, still convinced he's an alien. Red converts her van into a giant robot and uses it to climb the sign to catch Bitzer. Red does discover Bitzer's true identity, but then discovers Lu-La climbing the sign. Shaun and Lu-La make it to the top of the structure and attempt to contact Topa. Eventually, Ub-Do and Me-Ma are signalled and arrive at the scene, reuniting with Lu-La. Red recognises the aliens from her childhood and vice versa. Shaun, Bitzer and the flock say their goodbyes, ending the Farmer's "Farmageddon". Whilst on their way back to Topa, Lu-La, Ub-Do and Me-Ma find the Farmer on their UFO. After being returned to Earth, the Farmer has bought his new tractor and gives it a spin, only for it to blow up, scaring Shaun, Bitzer and Timmy (also Fletcher). Also starring Simon Greenall as the twins, Emma Tate as Hazel, Andy Nyman as Nuts and Joe Sugg as Pizza Boy. Easy-to-spot and recognise sci-fi related spoofs and references included: E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial, Doctor Who, the Close Encounters of the Third Kind theme, The X Files theme, Arrival, and a tyre shop named H.G. Wheels (H.G. Wells). Shaun the Sheep is cute and lovable as always, the recognisable supporting characters are also likeable, and the new alien friend trying to get home is sweet as well. Like the previous movie outing, this goes back to the traditions of silent movies, obviously there are grunts, mumbles, sound effects and music, but otherwise there is no dialogue, and all the humour is visual and slapstick. It is well paced, a fun and enjoyable story, good action and jokes for both kids and adults, and of course superb stop-motion plasticine animation, definitely a film that appeals to the whole family, a great animated comedy adventure. Very good!
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Witty and silly!
bazzer-5766330 December 2019
A space-walking astronaut is painting the outside of a space station with a paint can and a four-inch brush. He is wearing a Blue Peter badge.

That's all you need to know to gauge how ridiculously silly and funny this movie is.
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