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Season 1

10 Jun. 2017
Only Zombie in Town
Lars is 11 years old and half zombie, or politically correctly "living - unliving". When Lars arrives in his new hometown of Bekkebakken he soon discovers that 'strangers' like himself are not as welcome as he'd hoped.
10 Jun. 2017
The Stranger Haters
Lars has only just arrived, but is already set to leave Bekkebakken and run away to Detroit. On his way out of town he meets the mysterious Anna. Together with their new friend Robert, they discover that there are sinister powers that want to get rid of all who are different from Bekkebakken. Will Lars stay and fight?
17 Jun. 2017
The Bag Pooper
Something nasty turns up in Julie's bag and Anna gets the blame. The School Principle believes that Lars is a bad influence on Anna and forbids her to hang out with him. Lars, Anna and Robert learn that there are other strangers in Bekkebakken.
24 Jun. 2017
The Witch
Lars, Anna and Robert suspect that Tess is not the happy-go- lucky, 'good girl' that everyone believes she is. They decide to find out if she is in fact a witch. Lars finds himself beginning to feel strangely unwell every time he is near Anna.
1 Jul. 2017
Zombie Flu
Lars is sick, which is the last thing he thought could happen to a "living-unliving". His mother, Erle, is worried and calls in the zombie doctor to find out if the symptoms are serious.
8 Jul. 2017
An old friend of Lars's turns up unexpectedly in Bekkebakken and stirs things up when he decides to provoke the 'stranger haters' at the local gas station café. In the process Lars learns more about himself and Tess shows her true colours.
15 Jul. 2017
Before The Show
Robert's father, a musician, will be performing at the local community center and the whole gang is invited. But 'parent trouble' seems to be the order of the day and as Lars tries to collect his friends on the way to the gig he learns a few home truths.
22 Jul. 2017
Throw out the Trash
The concert at the community center does not go as expected. The gang realizes that the CAES have a wider reach than they could have imagined. Robert confronts his father.
29 Jul. 2017
Witches' Brew
Tess is tasked with her witch grandmother's shopping list and in turn learns her family secret. Lars drinks a witches' brew with unexpected consequences.
5 Aug. 2017
The Morning After
Once the effects of the witches' brew have worn off, both Lars and Tess feel they have some big choices to make. However not everyone in the gang agrees with their decisions.
12 Aug. 2017
The Gnome
The school principle, Torill, is being pressured by the CAES to do something about the 'strangers' attending school. She sends our gang on litter picking duty to the gas station - a dangerous place for young strangers to find themselves alone.
19 Aug. 2017
Invisible Anna
Anna strives to become visible after Lars has said he is in love with her. While Lars, on the other hand is afraid his declaration will change things between them and wonders what he could do to turn everything back to the way it was before.
26 Aug. 2017
Herman and Caroline
The School Principal's children, Herman and Caroline, follow our gang and find their secret bus in the woods. Tess is furious, worried about the consequences and imminent betrayal. However, it soon becomes apparent that all is not what it seems with Herman and Caroline.

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