"Nicky, Ricky, Dicky & Dawn" Not-So-Sweet Charity (TV Episode 2017) Poster


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Nicky Harper: What're you doing here, Monta-smellies?

Dawn Harper: Yeah, you know the rules. We're banned from the groomers, and you're banned from Get Sporty.

Joey Montagelli: Look, we're only here because my dad wanted to make sure you guys got a package the mailman accidentally left with us.

Tom Harper: Oh, well, thank you.

[glass shatters]

Tom Harper: Ah!

Ricky Harper: Mom, didn't the mailman leave a package here for the Montagellis?

Anne Harper: Yes, he did. Thank you for reminding me.

[glass shatters]

Dave Montagelli: Ah!

Paula Montagelli: We loathe you, Harpers!

Tom Harper: We loathe you, Montagellis!

Mae Valentine: Maybe you guys should loathe the mailman. He's clearly not very good at his job.

Dawn Harper: Beat it, Monta-smellies.

Joey Montagelli: Don't worry. No Montagelli would ever be anywhere near a Har-pooper.

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