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Season 1

10 Nov. 2016
Episode #1.1
Cesur accidentally bumps to Syhan while entering to town. Cesur saves Syhan from going down a cliff from the horse she was riding.
17 Nov. 2016
Episode #1.2
Cesur is now in the house of Tahsin Korludag after he saved his life. Cahide Korludag discover the truth about who was behind the burning of Cesur farm. the love story between Suhan and Cesur is still developing. Cahide is still trying to cover the truth about her pregnancy. Cahide fall down in the bathroom will he secret be revealed and Suhan is looking after the real identity of Cesur.
24 Nov. 2016
Episode #1.3
Suhan finds out more about Cesur's life and past. Cahide scrambles to cover up her lies. Korhan reveals his knowledge of Tahsin Korludag's past. After seeing the relationship between Cesur and Suhan develop, Banu is jealous.
1 Dec. 2016
Episode #1.4
Cesur advises Suhan's family to invest in a stock opportunity but they do not. Suhan's family investigates Cesur. Paintings are stolen from Suhan's house. Suhan's trust in Cesur is vanishing . Kemal and Sirin decides to get married. Adalet's mother is seen by Cesur and is killed.
8 Dec. 2016
Episode #1.5
Suhan is suspicious of her father. Cahide reveals the sex of the baby.Suhan and Cesur grow closer. Adalet is shown as the murderer of orphanage director and Cesur's father.
15 Dec. 2016
Episode #1.6
Kemal and Sirin gets married; Cesur's mother moves to Cesur's house and calls Tahsin a murderer. Cesur and Suhan become closer.Suhan overhears something about her dad and is suspicious of him.Suhan and Kordan votes against their father.
22 Dec. 2016
Episode #1.7
Tahsin marries Adalet as a revenge to his kids. Mihirban meets Cesur's mother. Cesur inquires about his dad's friends from Army. Tahsin persuades Suhan to accept his marriage. Suhan finds Hasan's grave. Cesur was shot.
12 Jan. 2017
Episode #1.9
Cesur is charged with fraud but is let go. Everyone knows about the real identity of Cesur. Salin tamers with Cesur's car . Cesur and Suhan have an accident.
19 Jan. 2017
Episode #1.10
Tahsin is upset by accident. Suhan confirms her father's role in it. Sirin sees video of Cesur's plans. Suhan is kidnapped by Tahsin's men and Cesur is framed , but Suhan finds the truth and proposes to Cesur, aligning with Cesur's plans.
26 Jan. 2017
Episode #1.11
Suhan and Cesur gets married.
2 Feb. 2017
Episode #1.12
After wedding night Suhan starts to have doubt about Cesur once more.Adalet's brother writes a letter to Cesur which is intercepted by Tahsin.
9 Feb. 2017
Episode #1.13
Suhan and her father has many confrontations. Cesur tells Suhan of his feelings. Rafat is shot. Cesur learns about Reza.
16 Feb. 2017
Episode #1.14
A new prosecutor is appointed who looks into Reba's escape and prevents Tahsin and Adalet from going abroad.Suhan's birthday is celebrated.Tahsin is attested on charges of helping Reza escape.
23 Feb. 2017
Episode #1.15
Suhan is upset at her father arrest. Cahide steals a letter implicating Tahsin which is read by Suhan. Suhan and Cesur fight over Tahsin. Hassan body is exhumed and proved that he was shot.Cahide is pregnant.
2 Mar. 2017
Episode #1.16
Forensic analysis confirms that Hassan was shot.Cesur and team makes failed attempt to get Reba but are successful with Tahsin's men. Reba sets a trap to make Tahsin kill Fu and surrenders.
9 Mar. 2017
Episode #1.17
Fu's death separates Cesur and Suhan.Due to Cesur's testimony Tahsin is released but Cesur kidnaps him.
16 Mar. 2017
Episode #1.18
While Cesur and Tahsin are talking Tahsin is shot.Tahsin is suspicious of Adala as she talked to Reba.Suhans brother tells Suhan about the truth behind the night Hassan was killed.Adalat confesses to police.
23 Mar. 2017
Episode #1.19
Reza is released and make plans with Salin to use Cesur for their revenge.Reza takes a bullet for Cesur.Korhan learns of Cahide's lies. Cesur finds that Reza killed his mom and makes a plan to capture Reza.Suhan and Cesur agree to divorce.
30 Mar. 2017
Episode #1.20
Suhan and Cesur are divorced. Cesur installs a camera in Tahsin's house. Kohan commits suicide but saved. Korhans moves to Cesur's house.Suhan is pregnant.Cesur traps Tahsin in giving the company to him.
6 Apr. 2017
Episode #1.21
Suhan hides her pregnancy.Hulya and child stay with Korludag.Shirin comes to know about Reza and Salin. Reza helps Cesur from blackmailer.Tahsin opens a new company. Suhan decides to abort. Cesur traps Reza.
13 Apr. 2017
Episode #1.22
Reza blackmails Salin. Suhan and Cesur tries to find the truth about Fus death and spend some time together.Hulya moves in with Korhan.
20 Apr. 2017
Episode #1.23
Salin is shot by Tahsin but Cesur is framed for his murder. Cesur escapes from the police. Suhan helps Cesur to hide. A witness identifies the killer. Cesur and Suhan finds the cd of Salin from Reza.
27 Apr. 2017
Episode #1.24
Tahsin is arrested and falls terminally sick. Cesur consoles Suhan.Reza gets hotel from Tahsin.Reza kills the beggar.Suhan see the blackmail material from Reza.
4 May 2017
Episode #1.25
Cesur kidnaps Reza.Adala escapes from prison.Cesur kidnaps Reza who gets rescued by Suhan.Cesur is suspicious of Suhan.Adala confronts Reza. Bulant's lies are revealed.
11 May 2017
Episode #1.26
Suhan tells Kordan of her dad disease.Reza blackmails Suhan. Cesur find evidence against Tahsin but doesn't give it to police.Suhan catches her father's lies .Suhan gives evidence CD to Shirin. Suhan reveals her pregnancy to Cesur.
18 May 2017
Episode #1.27
CD is stolen from Shirin. Suhan moves to Cesur's house.Tahsin instigates Cesur to kill Reza.
25 May 2017
Episode #1.28
Rihana stabs Tahsin.Cesur is determined to attack Reza.Cesur donates blood to Tahsin.Tahsin loses partial memory.Suhan and Cesur moves to her house.Police , Cesur and Suhan traps Reza in revealing Adalat's body.
1 Jun. 2017
Episode #1.29
Reza escapes from prison. Cesur and police try to find Reza.Reza makes plans with Bulant, Cahide and Hulya and destroys Suhan and Cesur's wedding day. Tahsin gets his memory back.
8 Jun. 2017
Episode #1.30
Suhan and baby are saved. Cesur fights with Tahsin.Suhan fights with Cesur over her father.Cesur finds Tahsin.Reda declared dead.Mihirban wins election.Jahide is attested.Tahsin gets worse.Suhan and Cesur married.
15 Jun. 2017
Episode #1.31
Reza is seen and police try to find him.Bano is forced to help Reza and found out by Cesur..Cesur sets trap for Reza.Korhan's daughter is born.Reza shoots Korhan and kidnaps Suhan.
22 Jun. 2017
Episode #1.32
Korhan is dead.Suhan is rescued but falls into coma.Reza escapes from mental hospital.Tahsin prevents Cesur from being killer and kills himself and Reza.Suhan delivers and wakes up from coma.

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