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Sex & Nudity

  • Short sex scenes include brief to no nudity with moaning and thrusting.
  • Male and female butt nudity in non-sexual scenes, e.g. showering, getting out of bed and getting into a bath.
  • Straight and lesbian kissing scenes.
  • Some male full frontal nudity
  • Throughout the first season most of the nudity is male rear nudity shown whilst being hosed down, females are shown from behind from the waist up.
  • S2 has less nudity with male full length rear nudity carrying on from S1 and 2 female nudity scenes.

Violence & Gore

  • Bloody fight scenes shows characters being shot, beaten, stabbed and hacked.
  • Severe bloody violence. The blood and gore itself isn't detailed or shown extensively, but these scenes tend to be graphic.
  • A man is severely beaten by several guards. They punch and kick him while he is lying down. His face is later shown with a lot of bruises.
  • A dismembered corpse is seen several times. The arms, legs and genitalia has been removed and this is discussed in details. No blood but quite graphic.
  • A man is struck in the back of the head with a baton, knocking him unconscious. Some blood spurts and we later see blood stains on the wall beside him.
  • A man with blood on his face is seen holding an organ, presumably human. He chops the organ in small pieces and then he, along with several others, eat the flesh. It is implied that they were engaging in cannibalism due to the threat of starvation.
  • A man vomits blood.
  • A man is executed by "lung of ice", which means that he is forced to inhale the icy cold air outside of the train. We see him struggling to breathe for a couple of seconds and he then goes limb. His face begins to freeze.
  • A man is beaten by several guards. His face is covered in blood afterwards.


  • The F-word is used infrequently. Other profanities are spoken.

Alcohol, Drugs & Smoking

  • Characters are seen drinking at a bar.

Frightening & Intense Scenes

  • Dead bodies are seen several times, including a man who hung himself.
  • SUICIDE TRIGGER WARNING: Season 1, Episode 1, graphic suicide by hanging at about 35 min
  • SUICIDE TRIGGER WARNING: Season 2, Episode 2, at about 20 min. Coerced suicide by slit wrists in a bathtub. Not particularly graphic, but plenty disturbing.


The Parents Guide items below may give away important plot points.

Violence & Gore

  • In a violent scene at the end of the first episode, soldiers are sliced, stabbed, and dismembered with blood splattering and sprayed everywhere. Once things calmed down, the camera focuses in strong detail on the blood that is literally everywhere.
  • A man beats two people to death with an blunt object. We only see the first kill from a distance, accompanied by crunching noises. The second kill is a bit more graphic, we see the man raising the blunt object and crashing it down on the victim three times. No blood but quite disturbing.
  • A corpse with it's throat slit is seen on screen for a prolonged time. We see the bloody wound across the victims throat and a lot of blood covering the victim and the bed.
  • A man is hacked to death by guards using axes. We see some blood spurting and the man screaming in pain.
  • A young woman attacks a man with a knife. He dodges her attacks and subdues her.
  • A woman is tortured by having her pinky frozen and then smashed with a hammer. She screams in pain. No blood is shown but it is quite disturbing. The torturer is also seen vomiting due to her actions, adding to the disturbing tone.
  • A woman freezer her entire hand in order to escape from handcuffs. She attacks another woman and they fight. The woman with the frozen hand punches the other woman several times and chokes her with a hose. No blood but intense.
  • Several guards are impaled by large spikes that are shot from a catapult device. We see blood spurt and a lot of bodies. One of the guards are impaled through the leg and scream in pain.
  • There is a huge fight between guards and the rebels. Weapons such as axes, knives, machetes and spears are used. We see a lot of people being killed by various means such as getting their throats slit, stabbed, slashed and so on. One woman gets her hand cut off, we see this in slow motion. The participants are covered in blood afterwards.

Frightening & Intense Scenes

  • The opening of the series is highly intense as people fight to board the back of the train to save themselves. There is gunfire. People are killed and beaten and hit with axes. When the doors close, it's somewhat intense to see people basically sentenced to death.
  • An avalanche causes the windows in the cattle section to break and therefore all of the occupants in the cart freezes to death. We see several cows slowly freeze to death up close. More upsetting than bloody
  • A woman freezes to death in a train cart. We don´t see her death, only the glass freeze up. We later see her lover crying and screaming after hearing of her death. It is later revealed that she survived.
  • A man is forced to disconnect several carts of the train with a lot of innocent people in them. We see their shocked expressions and then how they begin to freeze to death. Very emotional.

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