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Interesting science, but sometimes raises meaningless questions
skyking-1424 August 2018
"Did the US, not Japan fire the first shot?" Irrelevant, since that first shot would've been in self-defense. A Japanese sub attempting to sneak into Pearl Harbor before a declaration of war, was no less an act of war than the bombs and torpedoes dropped by Japan an hour later.

"Who really sank the Bismark?" Now, this is one of the most idiotic debates of WWII. If the Germans finally were forced to scuttle Bismark after taking heavy and disabling damage from the British fleet, does that make the battle any less a defeat for Germany, or any less a victory for Britain? I don't think the sailors lost cared one way or the other! It's not like the mission of the Bismark was to be sunk! The British objective was attained either way and the German objective was foiled. Strategic victory goes to Britain.
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