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So much autotune.
littlejrd7 August 2019
I was left cringing during each musical sequence due to the blatant over use of autotune. The actors bring no emotion to the story.
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A whole new (different, but familiar) world....
Chalice_Of_Evil23 May 2019
As soon as this live action version of Aladdin was first announced, it seems certain people were against it. While I too have fond memories of seeing the original animated version at the theatre, I was at least willing to give this one a chance. I'm glad I did. Firstly, people need to realise an animated film and live-action film are two different things. Some things that work in animation just won't translate too well into live-action. The other thing to accept is that, short of resurrecting Robin Williams, there was no way they were ever going to be able to replicate his unique take on the character of the Genie. Once you open your mind to the possibility that something can be 'different' but also *good*; then you'll have a more pleasant experience. That's what we get here: a movie that is familiar, but at the same time new/different (and that's not a bad thing).

From the very beginning, the movie is somewhat different to what we might be expecting when we're introduced to who is telling the story. While it was immediately evident to me what was going on, it wasn't a 'bad' addition. After sweeping shots set to the song 'Arabian Nights', we're introduced to the 'street rat' named Aladdin. Although much fuss has been made about the Genie casting, if Aladdin had been miscast, then the whole film would've suffered. Thankfully, I can say that I almost immediately liked Mena Massoud in the role. He's funny, got moves/charm, makes for a likeable 'thief' and his relationship with his pet monkey, Abu, is as good as I'd hoped it'd be. Speaking of, although people think of CGI characters badly a lot of the time, it must be made clear the animal companions in this are all wonderfully brought to life/fully-realised characters. Abu is expressive, funny, and helpful (despite sometimes getting them both into trouble).

Not before long Aladdin encounters Princess Jasmine (a well-cast Naomi Scott, who does a lot with the character and should make most Jasmine fans proud), who's undercover among the people. I was afraid that the movie would rush through their first meeting, but was happy with the amount of time devoted to them developing an interest in each other. I could instantly tell that the beloved character of Jasmine was in safe hands as portrayed by Naomi Scott and that she had nice chemistry with Massoud's Aladdin. Although not given as much to do as Abu, Jasmine's loyal tiger companion, Rajah, is another lovely animal created with CGI, who I appreciated wasn't largely ignored. Jasmine's other loyal friend, her handmaiden named Dalia, is actually a stand-out character in the movie. Nasim Pedrad has excellent comic timing, as does Naomi Scott, which is on full display in a fun scene where Aladdin comes to the palace and Jasmine attempts to maintain her cover.

The one 'miss' in the casting department is that of Marwan Kenzari as villainous Jafar. While others had pre-judged him based on the trailers alone, I was willing to give him a chance to make up for his lack of sinister voice with what would hopefully be at least a menacing performance. Sadly, he lacks even that. There's nothing particularly memorable about his portrayal (even near the end when he's given every opportunity to unleash in full-on villain mode, he falls way short). About the only 'positive' I could find regarding his character is his animal companion of Iago. The red parrot might not be quite as talkative as the animated version, but he *does* talk (and in a much more bird-like way), getting a few funny lines here and there (I'd expect nothing less from Alan Tudyk providing the voice). It's just disappointing that Jafar's miscast, and thus the 'weak link' in the film.

What most people are probably wondering about is Will Smith as the Genie. I actually thought he was pretty good here (and I found him more likeable in this role than I have in any movie I've seen him in since probably the first Men In Black). There are just one or two instances where I felt he tried to emulate Robin Williams' version and it didn't quite work, but on the whole I felt he brought his own energy/style to the character of Genie and it (mostly) worked. The most important thing was the friendship that he formed with Aladdin. While Smith's Genie may seem a bit more snarky than you might expect, when it comes to the emotional beats, his performance hits the right notes (especially near the end).

Speaking of notes, "What about the songs?" you may ask. I was pretty happy with them, there were just the right amount and they didn't feel particularly intrusive in any of the scenes they were featured. Even the new song, 'Speechless', isn't too bad (though there are those who'll no doubt complain). Massoud and Scott have really nice singing voices and did their songs justice, I thought. Will Smith's also decent with his main songs in the movie (the end credits one I could've done without, though).

I must also praise the costumes (Jasmine's are all stunning, as is Jasmine herself), the use of vibrant colours is quite impressive and the overall look of the film feels like something new/different to what we've seen time and time again in films (especially Disney ones). Things I forgot to mention: the Magic Carpet has as much 'character' as in the original (I especially appreciated seeing how close friends Carpet and Abu became by the end), and even the Sultan's head guard, Hakim, is given some depth.

In conclusion, if you go into the theatre already disliking/hating the film based on just the trailers, then you're probably going to leave the same way you entered: bitter and thinking things like "It ruined my childhood!" (such a rubbish statement). Just try accepting this is a different thing and hopefully you'll enjoy it.
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Sadly, it met my expectations
kshaharudin14 July 2019
What's to say. Before even filming we knew Guy Ritchie was obviously the wrong choice to direct the film. His style doesn't quite lend itself to this type of film. Miscast Mena Massoud didn't bring any real character to the role of Aladdin he was simply okay/ functional. Will Smith is as usual charismatic and had difficult shoes to fill after Robin Williams' take on the genie but he was seriously let down by the VFX in blue genie mode and a weak script. Another miscast Naomi Scott gave a good performance but I always felt i was looking at Indian and not Middle Eastern. In fact the film IS very bollywood with the Jasmin, Aladdin dance off Indian Style (and to Indian music) then Russian dancing(?) plus other times an Indian soundtrack. And i'm not even going to talk about that sorry excuse for a villain. No, no i am not. For a Disney movie set in large Kingdom it sure does feel quite quite small. It looked cheap too. Weird. Ultimately a dreadfully executed cash grab of a movie that no one asked for. Thanks D. Thankfully this is exactly what i expected having seen the trailers.
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Very Enjoyable!
miy6624 May 2019
I know everyone wants to compare this to the Animated version, but don't. Take it as it comes and you will thoroughly enjoy it. It does stay pretty faithful to the animated version I think. Will Smith as the genie could never be the Robyn Williams genie, but I don't think he tries to. He does fantastically well in his own right. Absolutely loved the Prince Ali song where Aladdin enters the city as the prince. Brilliantly colorful spectacle captured really well. Jafar missed a little for me as had lost the smarmy-ness of the animated version. The songs were great and the Aladdin and Jasmine characterization was pretty spot on. I think kids would love this and I would definitely recommend it.
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Souless Cash Grab.
graves-scott26 June 2019
Why do I have this Jeff Goldblum sort of feeling about these new live action movies?

Disney tried so hard to see if thy COULD do live action version of animated classics that they never stopped to ask themselves if they SHOULD.

Damn... I always disagreed with Goldblum's character but maybe he was right.
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Disney sadly misses the mark... again.
renerichter6 July 2019
Like many of the Disney live action adaptations, this film utterly fails to understand what made the original so great to begin with. Moments of character growth or interaction feel rushed and are changed up from the original, yet the outcome in the story still illogically remains the same. Some of the additional scenes around new characters simply feel laughable and out of place. The additional song written for this film heavily clashes with the musical style of the existing ones and the instrumental accompaniment of the songs in general sounds too modern and not like a classical musical anymore. The humor in this movie is very hit and miss. Some lines and moments are indeed extremely enjoyable, while most others seem too forced. The VFX in this film are not entirely up to task and will undoubtedly look dated in a few years time. Most importantly, the overall spectacle feels much less impactful than the original's. Overall, there would be much more to go into. But this should be enough in summary.
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Lost it's Magical Touch
s-tahrawi14 July 2019
Talk about the wrong cast and cheap visual effects. This is a childhood favorite of mine and was really looking forward to seeing it come to the big screen again. If you are into Indian movies and Bollywood I assume you might like it. This isn't an indian folklore people, why would you direct and cast it in such a way? Where is the Aladdin that keeps you on the edge of your seat with excitement? Where is the story telling that keeps you enticed and pulls you into the movie? Where is the wonder in the cave of wonders? Where is the feeling of flying a magic carpet? Where is the Aladdin we all can relate to and inspires us to be better? Where is the family relationship we can all relate to? NOWHERE....that's the problem; was this movie rushed? Why was the production/direction so bad? Was there not enough budgeting? Were you guys on a deadline? WIll Smith is an amazing actor, and as always carried this movie onto the big screen; but he isn't Robin William. I was actually laughing most of the time at the lines. I honestly hope not all disney re-make movies are going to be done with the same standards.

You know how sometimes you hear someone try and retell a joke and they just totally butcher it? Thats what happened here, great story, but terrible story telling. At the end of the day, BAD JOKE!
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I thought it would never end
kindrea15 June 2019
Warning: Spoilers
I have only ever walked out of one movie before. This would have been the second one if it wasn't for the fact I was at the end of a row and didn't want to disturb two young families. It was so boring and yet should have been so good.

There were so many chances missed. It's set in Arabia and yes the sets and scenery were amazing, but we never got a chance to enjoy them. The film kept skipping from scene to scene with little or no shots of anything apart from the actors. It should have and could have been both magical and beautiful. Couldn't we have seen Jasmin explore the city a little before bumping in Aladdin? That also would have made her character more rounded and show us how trapped she was in the palace.

I totally fell in love with Aladdin from the animated film and had a teenage crush on him for years (yes, ok, he's an animated character I know, but don't judge me). This Aladdin lacked the animated version's spark and determination and worst of all kindness. He briefly hands a child some dates and that's about it. We don't get to see why he helps Jasmin in the market, it's all too rushed and so their relationship never really feels real and left me really not caring whether they ended up together or not.

The songs, whilst sung quite well, didn't seem to fit into the film and every time one of them burst into song it felt false and like it had been crowbarred in.

All in all it was a real disappointment and left me grieving for what might have been.
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How many remakes can Hollywood do ?
surfer-9785225 June 2019
With the exception of Will Smith whom I have always liked as an actor, this movie and the CGI will never compare to the original with Robin Williams. I am soooo tired of Hollywood remaking movies to make more money in the inner circle. nothing creative anymore. It's simply about making money$$$$. Its just regurgitation. Hollywood is no longer creative, with some small exceptions, and is clearly in the business of remaking movies over and over again.
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No Disney No
amold-7301621 June 2019
The animation is one of my all time favourite Disney films. Full of laughs, heart, emotion and an incredible story. This was just a total mess. The lead actor is so incredibly wooden, and emotionless, the only good thing going for him is his fantastic dance moves (maybe stick to that from now on). Will Smith is good but forgettable. I totally get that he was trying to make it his own but I'm sorry nothing can out do Robin Williams, and unfortunately that's what this film would have needed to make it great, someone even better than the original. The actor that plays Jafar is next. AWFUL, not menacing enough and it makes for a very lack-lustre performance. Naomi Scott on the other hand was absolutely brilliant as Jasmine. Her voice when she sings Speechless gave me goosebumps. She is the only reason that I gave 2 stars instead of 1. Maybe Disney needs to stop the live action now, I'm really dreading The Lion King and Mulan now as they're both 2 more favourites. Fingers crossed.
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sadly this was a rush job or miscasting and horrible directorship
jervin503136 August 2019
Everything felts small and Bollywood, for being the middle east. felt like I was watching a b film remake of Arabian Nights, not Aladdin from the Disney family. way to kill a childhood of your money for Lion King.
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I don't understand why the critics are bashing on this one.
talajano24 May 2019
I honestly didn't know what I was going into and it was such a delightful surprise! It really exceeded my expectations and I had fun during the whole movie. Critics are really being harsh and I can't believe that beauty and the beast was more critically praised. The movie was so bland and boring while this one has so much energy and life to it. The characters had amazing chemistry with each other and the lines were delivered smoothly. The two things I was worried about that subsided as soon as the movie started are: 1- Jafar's character: Marwan tries his best to make but the material he's given isn't strong enough. I wish they developed his character more. However, I didn't mind the change they did it with his character as it fits more with this version. 2- Cultural representation: The trailers made the movie look like a production from bollywood. Not hating on the Indian culture, but it really annoyed me as Arab to see a Middle Eastern/Arabic folk tale that we all know long before Disney introduced it to the world to be represented in a fully different culture. Fortunately, the movie looks and feels way more Arabian such Arabic writings here and there, hearing some people speaking Arabic briefly, the names and appearance of the people of Agrabah and of course the amazing score! Although there are some slight hints of India/South Asia in the clothing and dancing, but I didn't mind that at all.

I would've give it a 10 if the cinematography was better. This is my only issue with movie as it looked like high budget TV soap opera in some scenes.

Don't miss on this one! You'll have fun.
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Aladdin Review
theredsky14 July 2019
I tried to like this movie but I couldn't. Disney Live Action remakes just aren't good. All the Live Action remakes are only made for money. They bank too heavily on nostalgia which I don't like. I feel that this movie should not have been made. I feel the same way about any Live Action remake that has been released or is coming out. Here are some positives. Most of the cast does a good job. Will Smith isn't trying to beat out Robin Williams as the Genie but still does a great job. The soundtrack is decent. It's still incredibly catchy but not as catchy as the original. The only song I feel that is better in this movie is Arabian Nights. All the other songs are good but not as outstanding as the original. Unfortunately, the negatives outweigh the positives. The pacing of this film is way off. It feels rushed at certain points and the end of the film starts to drag and it takes too long. It also doesn't help that this film is 38 minutes longer than the original. Marwan Kenzari is a decent actor but he didn't do a good job in this film. In my opinion, he didn't know what to do with the character. Jafar never felt like a major threat during the film which is a problem because he is the main villain. There were some changes that were made to the story but I felt they really didn't work for me. Jasmine's added character arc was a big meh for me. It felt a little out of place within the narrative. The new songs they added were meh for me. They aren't as memorable as the other songs in the film. The effects on the Genie are still as bad as they were in the trailer which was very distracting. The film is very brightly lit which makes it feel like a Disney Channel Original Film. There are also some slow motion scenes that come out of nowhere and make no sense at all. Overall, Aladdin may have a half decent score but fails to capture the magic of the original film. I give Aladdin a 2/10.
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Ruined aladdin for me
minashaker7 August 2019
Aladdin supposed to be the adventurous guy that get into trouble, but he's wild and smart. but this character was so dumb and hesitating all the time, he lacked confidence and adventurous point of view to life.
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martscakes29 July 2019
Disappointed at how terrible this movie is. We reached a point where we had to just walk out of the theater. The acting was horrible. The singing was bad. I felt like I was watching another episode of Once Upon A Time. I have no problem with Disney making live action movies, but Aladdin should not have been one of them.
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dsmallace17 June 2019
Firstly, the influx of reviews 7+ is strange, do not believe them, they have never watched the first aladdin or are on the Disney payroll, most likely the latter.

Guy Ritchie is a brilliant director, however I feel his last few movies have a generic feel, lacking the creativity and a brutish edge that his films have shown in the past.

The three kids all varying ages did not enjoy it, a re release of the original in the cinema would have been better and I would have been happier spending money on that.

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Weak acting resulting in boring movie; CGI for even common animals
gcamc14 July 2019
The acting and chemistry between characters is so weak that it seems as if the directors pulled amateurs off the street, threw elaborate costumes on them, shot them separately in front of a green screen during their first reading, and then composited them all together with CGI. Speaking of fakery, even common animals like the monkey and tiger are CGI, when Hollywood has been using real, trained such animals with success in the industry for years. What's the point of a "live action" movie if even such common elements are unreal CGI. The one piece of traditional Hollywood magic that they should have used but didn't would have been to have someone else supply the singing voice for Will Smith, especially the opening song.
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So disappointed
shabooh_shoobah118 June 2019
Warning: Spoilers
This remake is so bad. It is not a good movie by any means. All of the characters are ruined. In the original Aladdin was charming and charismatic, in this he's clumsy, awkward and seemingly dim witted. A scene where he fumbles through a conversation with the princess, stuttering inaudible sounds is painful to watch. The sultan, once kind hearted and jolly now controlling and not nearly as likeable. Jafar, no longer old and twisted he's young and evil for a reason that doesn't seem to be explained. Then there's Genie. I was hesitant to see this movie for this reason. I love Will Smith, but no one could ever come close to the masterpiece that Robin Williams achieves with his portrayal of Genie. Will Smith could, and should, have put his own trademark spin on the character. But unfortunately he didn't, and as a result he's very bland. The storyline doesn't help, Aladdin and Genie's friendship isn't built, it's just suddenly announced that they are friends, which just seems odd and insincere. Which pretty much sums up the acting from all he other actors. It feels fake and it feels forced, there were times I thought I was watching a high school production. The original movie deserved so much more than this. The one redeeming feature is some of the choreography, but in saying that I'm reminded of one music scene where the footage was sped up and I was left wondering why film techniques from the 1950s were being used. Very disappointed. I love the original. And that's the Aladdin I love and will keep in my heart as the right and only version.
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Very bad movie
haydeetebelin2 July 2019
Lousy movie. History is very poorly written and clichéd, stereotyped characters and no charisma, anachronistic behaviors. They did not look like they lived in the Middle East.
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Big big disappointment
joaopcrodrigues7 August 2019
The original was a "chef-d'oeuvre", a masterpiece, and either Disney would make this one completely different, or recreate it with a big "chabang" of color, acting, singing and interpretation. Who chose the actors? The acting was bad, Will Smith as the genie??? Everyone agrees that reenact Robin Williams would be a though task, Will Smith has done some great things but here failed completely. Jaffar, that powerful imponent deceitful character, again, I'm sorry, Mr Kenzari wasn't up to the task. The scenery was bad, I mean, it would be acceptable for a Sunday morning Disney channel, 8 to 10 year old audience, not for a movie theater motion picture. The singing like wise, awful, no emotion. Disney has a big task ahead to redeem itself. This is far from your standards.
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Absolute Musical Perfection
ymyuseda26 May 2019
Rating 9.2/10 Aladdin truly is magical. Aladdin has a long and illustrious legacy. As usual, the plot of beggar Aladdin and Princess Jasmine fighting for their love is incredible. This movie was great !! It has comedy,action,romance,adventure and everything else including in all genres of all movie. The acting from everyone was great. Good acting performance by Will Smith a.k.a Genie, Mena Massoud a.k.a Aladdin & Naomi Scott a.k.a Jasmine. For all of you, go see it you wont regret it !! Absolute musical perfection.
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I couldn't make it past the 2nd song!
katy21628 August 2019
Horrible acting! Butchered the script! Horrible singing! I hope they redo it again.
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Seriously what is wrong with critics I loved this retailing
lisafordeay25 May 2019
Warning: Spoilers
Aladdin is the latest Disney remake based on the 1992 animated film starring the late Robin Williams. This 2019 retailing stars Will Smith, Mena Masound and Naomi Scott and follows the tale of a young man named Aladdin(Massound) who meets a young woman at the marketplace unaware that she is the Princess Jasmine in incongito(Scott)and wants to win her over. With help from a charming Genie(Will Smith),Aladdin disguises himself as a Prince. But when an evil sultan named Jafar wants the lamp,can Aladdin win the Princesses heart.

Now I'm not gonna lie I was so nervous watching this film as I thought Will Smith would ruin it with his singing style and the other actors,but to my surprise along with my mom and my brother,we all loved it. Will Smith was great in this film with his comedic timing,Naomi Scott was excellent as Jasmine(And boy can she sing so good). The villian was decent I thought he was different compare to the 1992 version.

The cinematography was gorgeous, the music was very good especially the new song Speechless. The costumes were stunning too.

I loved how it wasn't a beat by beat of the original. For instance in the One Jump Ahead song Aladdin and Jasmine meet first thing while she is in incognito and near the end Jasmine didn't say I choose you Aladdin/call me Al.

Guy Richie thank you for making this film. Would definetly put it in my top 5 favourite Disney Live Action movies of all time now. Definetly buying this movie and may watch it in the cinemas again.


Ps Mena Masound was handsome and likeable. His chemistry with Naomi Scott was perfect.
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Never hits its mark
lrfdonald2 June 2019
Warning: Spoilers
I went in to this movie with an open mind being a huge fan of the original. I don't know why but the Genie talks very slow. I'm not sure if they were trying to make him do that but it just seemed odd. The songs where well done but they never go into a really Big Bang. Princess Jasmine has a totally different outlook on what she wants to achieve. The jokes where not the same, perhaps due to political correctness. It was very very Bollywood in parts. I for one would of like to see abayas for the women and kandoras for men. Aladdin doesn't wear a shirt in the original he just wears a vest, so they have tried to change his look. The palace looks like something out of a Star Wars. I don't know why they changed the look of this. The movie moves very fast in key points of the movie then slows down and drags out pointless moments. I think the best part of the movie was when the carpet makes the Disney castle in the sand when Aladdin and genie are talking after escaping the cave. Unfortunately they missed their opportunity to make this an impactful meaningful movie. Instead we got something of a try hard remake with someone's take on classic.
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It's funny! It's rhythmic!! It's spectacular!!!
FrenchEddieFelson24 May 2019
Although this remake might seem less accomplished than the eponymous cartoon Aladdin (1992), the film is objectively well done. The actors, the songs, the sets, the costumes, the Computer-Generated Imagery (tiger, monkey, flying carpet, genie), ... everything is excellent!
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