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MPAA Rated R for strong disturbing violence throughout, pervasive language, some sexuality and drug use

Sex & Nudity

  • At night, a man and a woman in shadows are seen leaning against a car in the background and thrusting (we briefly see his butt).
  • We see a close-up of a woman's butt in thong underwear at a block party.
  • Two prostitutes wearing tight, sleeveless, knee-length dresses enter a room and remove their dresses to reveal corsets (we see cleavage and bare legs to the hips) as they rub their hands over a clothed man's chest a few times and stop when an argument ensues.
  • A woman is grabbed on the crotch over her jeans when a masked man grabs her from a open sewer, she fights him off by spraying mace on him.
  • Several women at a block party dance while wearing low-cut dresses and corsets, tutus and short-shorts, some with black fishnet stockings (we see cleavage, bare backs and some bare legs to the top of the thighs).
  • Not that bad overall

Violence & Gore

  • Men gather assault rifles and explosives from a government warehouse and drive to a high-rise where one man enters and kills four soldiers inside in a stairwell using a rifle, kicks, punches, choking and throws; two soldiers on a stairway landing are shot dead with some blood flow, a soldier falls dead from bleeding wounds to the chest, and another man is strangled on the landing.
  • A man is struck in the abdomen by a bullet and we see some blood.
  • Silent video footage shows several people using ball bats on helpless individuals.
  • In real time we see eight helmeted police officers with clubs pursuing a bloody crawling man on a baseball diamond; the scene ends when they reach him (a beating is implied).
  • A woman is shot dead by soldiers and a man covers up her bloody chest and face with a jacket.
  • A woman knocks a man down by using a club to hit him several times and then runs a knife blade over his face to scare him and lets him up.
  • A man cuts a teen boy on the neck and another man fires a pistol several times at the first man but misses (we see the cut bleed onto the boy's white T-shirt and a few drops later on a rug).
  • A man is wounded in the leg and we see blood across the floor of a building; another man ties up the leg with a towel.


  • Frequent strong language, with the F-word and the N word being said most, as well as mild language (e.g. Goddamn and hell.)
  • Name-calling (stupid, fools, clowns, psycho and junkie.)

Alcohol, Drugs & Smoking

  • A group of people place many green bricks of some drug (possibly cocaine) on a table.
  • Three men smoke a drug pipe in a dark warehouse for a few seconds.
  • A woman in a church drinks from a flask of alcohol for a few seconds.
  • A man on a street drinks from a bottle of beer.
  • A few dancing men and women at two block parties hold cans of beer, and one woman holds a glass of red liquid (no one drinks.)
  • A man in an alley pours liquor from a bottle onto a fire to make it surge briefly.

Frightening & Intense Scenes

  • A few jump scares.
  • Being this the movie that shows the origins of 'The Purge' franchise, this film is actually much more violent than any other film in the series.


The Parents Guide items below may give away important plot points.

Violence & Gore

  • Mercenaries wearing gas masks enter a high-rise housing project with assault rifles drawn; they shoot men and women as they move floor to floor and we hear a lot of automatic rifle fire and see men and women falling dead, some into pools of blood and blood splashes cover many walls on each floor.
  • An armed man in an apartment building shoots many times, killing a dozen soldiers with some blood seen, he hides a few people in a closet, tear gas bombs go off, soldiers break down a barricaded door and fire, and then load up a mortar.
  • A woman in an apartment building shoots into the legs of armed soldiers and a young man and an older woman stab them several times in the throat (we see blood).
  • A man shoots off the head of another man (we see a burst of blood hit a wall); the shooter enters an apartment and slashes three men with a long, bloody knife (we hear slashing and grunting) before a soldier shoots and kills him (he falls off-screen). Another man (hiding in the back room) tosses an explosive into a room were five soldiers and a man are aiming their guns toward him and an explosion fills the screen with flames.
  • A man tapes three large syringes of poison onto his knuckles as claws and he uses this setup and a long knife to kill several people; we see blood flow from their chests where they were injected and see them fall dead.
  • A man at a block party stabs two people and slashes a woman's throat (we hear slashing and thuds and see some blood as the people fall dead).
  • Two prostitutes try to kill a man with a knife and they fight using kicks and punches; the man puts the women on the ground and chokes them until they give up the name of a man who wanted him killed and when he finds the other man, he shoots him between the eyes (we see blood as the man falls and blood splashes on the faces of two women standing nearby).
  • A man cuts a woman's neck enough to let blood flow, and a young man stabs the other man in the back (we hear the stabbing and see blood as the man groans in pain).
  • Groups of mercenaries armed with assault rifles drive around, shooting and killing men and women (we see a few intersections where men are lying dead with blood on their clothing) and at one intersection, a soldier's vehicle broadsides an SUV which turns upside down and catches fire; the driver and passenger are scraped across the faces and soldiers shoot assault rifles at them, but they escape.
  • The aide to the US President becomes angry when people have parties instead of killing on Purge Night and he sends mercenary soldiers to African-American neighborhoods to murder them; when a woman learns of this she is also murdered and we see silent video footage of her being thrown out of a van to the pavement face down, stepping into a garage, and being shot dead by a circle of men (we see her fall but do not see blood).
  • Participants in the Purge wear large contact lenses fitted with tracking devices that they are told are used to award money to those who kill others; but the government uses the trackers to find and kill those wearing the devices and we see drones equipped with two assault weapons each, shooting several of these people dead, with some blood flow.
  • Two elderly women wheel a shopping cart full of bloody stuffed animals and dolls along a dark street and a young man finds the bloody stuffed animals all over the pavement and in tree branches later; one teddy bear explodes and the young man runs to escape the fire that fills the screen while the women see him and laugh.

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