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7 Dec. 2016
Episode #1.1
In 1955 in Uddingston, Lanarkshire, nine years after policeman William Muncie's work put him in prison, Peter Manuel is released and proceeds to taunt Muncie with greetings cards. Having picked up lonely Mary McLauchlan, Manuel sexually assaults her, threatening to kill her if she gives him away. She picks him out at an identity parade but he defends himself superbly in court and is acquitted, whilst Mary is vilified. Muncie, however, is convinced of his guilt, especially after another young woman, Anne Kneilands, is sexually assaulted and murdered.
14 Dec. 2016
Episode #1.2
Nine months have passed since Anne Kneiland was killed but Muncie cannot touch prime suspect Manuel when his father gives him an alibi. Days later Marion Watt, her daughter Vivienne and her sister are all shot dead in their beds and Marion's husband Bill, who argued with Vivienne, is arrested. Muncie believes they were a tragic case of mistaken identity, killed by Manuel, who was hoping to target another family, and he is even more convinced when Manuel tells Bill's solicitor Laurence Dowdall that the real killer was a local crime boss - though it does lead to Bill's ...
21 Dec. 2016
Episode #1.3
Following Isabelle Cooke's disappearance a cocky Manuel visits the police station with a prepared alibi. Volunteers search for Isabelle but find only her coat and with no body Muncie cannot charge Manuel whilst Muncie's informant Joe Brannan is unable to extract any confession from the suspect. Then 12 year old Michael Smart and his parents are shot in their beds and the home robbed. This sets Muncie on the way to arresting Manuel when notes stolen from the Smarts' house are proved to be the monies with which Manuel bought Joe drinks. The case is closed with ...


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