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Sex & Nudity

  • A man & woman kiss in bed. No nudity.
  • Since it is a romance - both the main characters can be seen kissing throughout various times.
  • Talk of a man penis & if it is circumcised. It is said in a jokingly manner.
  • A man states that "a pigs orgasm lasts 30 minutes".
  • A man is seen taking off with a girl - nothing sexual or graphic is seen. However, it is later briefly discussed that the same man is unfaithful & sleeps around.
  • Flashbacks of a man & woman in bed, on top of each other. Nothing too graphic - it is more of an upper body shot. No nudity. The shots are only a few seconds each.
  • A man tells a woman that her boyfriend will go through a "slut phase".

Violence & Gore


  • Mild usage of profanity. Asides from the already mentioned, such other includes: t*t, sl*t, sh*t & p*ss.

Alcohol, Drugs & Smoking

  • Party scenes include people drinking. Not to excess.
  • One scene where two men share a blunt. At one point, one of the men state that "Abbie has some good weed". During this scene, they are also drinking alcohol, however, the bottles are jn a brown paper bag & cannot be explicitly seen.
  • Two men are seen drinking at a bar. One of the men drinks to excess, where he is later seen somewhat drunk & comes home late.
  • In one scene, two women drink some scotch. Not to excess.
  • During a party scene, a woman is offered champagne, however, she asks for scotch instead.

Frightening & Intense Scenes

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