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Sex & Nudity

  • One of the major settings of the show is a hotspring, and on several occasions naked butts are breifly shown.
  • A girl repeatedly gets nosebleeds to show that she's aroused by other male characters.
  • A character asks another if she is horny because she has just broken up with her boyfriend.
  • One main character gets drunk and it is implied that he strips down. Later, another character posts picture online of him shirtless and pinning another against the wall in an attempt to kiss him.
  • One character is thought to have "sex appeal"
  • One man mentions pole-dancing
  • There are a couple comedic PG-13 sex jokes but nothing major. It is very mild.
  • Multiple men are seen bathing together in a traditional Japanese hotspring. This is not at all sexual.
  • The main character is seen lying in bed in only his boxers. Later another man is seen lying on top of him. This is for comedic effect.
  • The main character claims that another man's performance has so much eros it could "impregnate" him. This is for comedic effect.
  • The main character is groped by another competitor, though it's done in a teasing manner.
  • Often, the main characters perform in form fitting costumes as it is figure skating.
  • A man runs into another man's room, and jumps on him. This is for comedic effect.

Violence & Gore

  • A girl often gets bloody noses due to men's ice skating performances.
  • The main character crashes into the wall of the ice rink. He turns out to be okay, he just has a bloody nose.
  • There is short story sequence where a character is a hero who is pursued by the villain. The sequence is intense. The villain attempts to shoot another character, but the hero saves him.
  • One of the characters kicks the main character into the wall of an ice rink and then steps on his head, however, this is done mainly for comedic effect.


  • One character gets offended and calls another competitor's wife an "ugly-ass bitch"
  • Nothing too extreme, just a few of "damn" and a couple of "ass" and "s---". The English version has less profanity than the original.
  • The main character gets called "pig" or "fatso", mostly in offensive by a younger skater, and in affection by another skater.

Alcohol, Drugs & Smoking

  • Pictures are taken/posted on a social media site of a man drinking and getting drunk at a party.
  • A woman gets drunk on multiple occasions.
  • One of the main characters gets drunk while at dinner. He removes some of his clothing while drunk.
  • A character gets very drunk at a party, this is for comedic effect.

Frightening & Intense Scenes

  • One of the main characters receives a call that his dog has choked on a bun and was taken into the vet. This can be slightly triggering for anyone who's had a similar scare.
  • A character confronts characters in an intimidating manner, often yelling in their faces.
  • The main character has a panic attack before a tournament.
  • A man imagines himself falling off a cliff as other characters watch menacingly.
  • A man tells main character he will quit coaching him if he fails the match. The main character breaks down and yells at himself, believing he is a failure. This can be triggering to those who suffer from anxiety.


The Parents Guide items below may give away important plot points.

Sex & Nudity

  • After a win, two characters kiss and fall on the ice while the other one gets on top of him.
  • The main character is tasked with skating to a song about "eros", or, sexual love.
  • One character ejaculates on the ice during his performance. This is not shown.

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