The Lion King (2019) Poster


Billy Eichner: Timon



  • Young Simba : What's a motto?

    Timon : Nothing, what's a motto-with-you?

    Pumbaa : Nice!

    Timon : Boom!

  • Pumbaa : [as he and Timon catch up with Simba and Nala, about to reclaim Pride Rock from Scar]  We're here!

    Timon : Oh, everyone calm down. We're here.

    Pumbaa : The backup has arrived!

  • Pumbaa : How bleak is that?

    Timon : Now his problems are my problems.

  • Timon : If you want to live with us, you have to eat like us

    [Timon and Pumbaa are eating grubs] 

    Timon : Mmmm, extra crunchy.

    Pumbaa : They're local.

    Timon : Oh, are they?

    Pumbaa : They're from right there.

  • Timon : [about the hyenas]  What's your plan, for getting us last the slobbering guards?

    Pumbaa : All we need to do is find something that's like big and juicy...

    [Simba, Nala, and Zazu stare at him] 

    Pumbaa : Why is everybody looking at me?

  • Pumbaa : I missed 'em, I'm gonna get one of those vultures one day.

    Timon : I don't know why it's so important to you.

    Pumbaa : I just feel like it would make me feel better.


    Pumbaa : Oh no, it's a little lion.

    Timon : That is not a lion.

    Pumbaa : Well then, go check it out.

    Timon : That is not a lion, it's a furry bird.

    Pumbaa : It looks like a lion.

    Timon : It's not... Let me get a closer look, excuse me, all right let me see what were dealing with here.


    Timon : It's a lion! Run for your life, Pumbaa!

    Pumbaa : Wait, hey, Timon, wait, wait, hey, Timon, it's a little lion!

    Timon : [hiding behind rock]  It gets bigger.

    Pumbaa : Can we keep him, can we please keep him? Oh, I promise I'll walk him every day, if he makes a little mess I'll clean it up.

    Timon : You'll be his little mess, he's gonna eat you and then use my body as a toothpick.

    Pumbaa : But one day when he's big and strong, he'll be on our side.

    Timon : I got it: what if he's on our side? Hear me out: having a ferocious lion around might not be a bad idea.

    Pumbaa : Well then, can we keep him?

    Timon : Yes, of course we can keep him! My God, who's the brains of this operation?

    Pumbaa : We're gonna name him, Fred.

  • Timon : [distracting the hyenas]  Ma chère mademoiselle, we are proud to present... your dinner. Be. Our. Gue - ahhhh!

    [Before he can finish performing, the hyenas chase him and Pumbaa off] 

  • Timon : That never gets old!

  • Young Simba : You live here?

    Timon : Well, we live wherever we want.

    Pumbaa : We do as we please.

  • Timon : Repeat after me, Hakuna Matata.

    Young Simba : What?

  • Timon : King... Simba?

    Pumbaa : We kneel before you as loyal servants.

  • Timon : [to Simba]  So... how are you, in as few words as possible?

  • Timon : [Simba is singing Hakuna Matata]  Oh, now he's riffing, Pumbaa! This is a nightmare!

  • Timon : [Timon explains his life philosophy]  Let me make this simple: Life is meaningless.

  • Simba : [singing Hakuna Matata]  One more time.

    Pumbaa : I think we got this one.

    Simba : We're just getting into the groove.

    Timon : Let's leave a morning roll.

  • Timon : [Pumbaa tells his story of never having any friends because of his flatulence problem, but Timon is quick to remind him that he wasn't totally alone]  I was always here for you. I resent that.

  • Timon : [Pumbaa asks Timon if he was ever gonna to interrupted him from saying farted]  No, I wasn't; you disgust me

  • Timon : [to Nala]  Lady, you've got your lions crossed.

  • Timon : [Timon's assessing the barren, skeleton-ridden Pride Rock]  Talk about a fixer-upper. I think you went heavy on the carcass

  • Timon : [regarding Simba's home]  is it past that big scary rock?

  • Timon : Listen, I am happy to admit when Pumbaa's wrong

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