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John Oliver: Zazu



  • Zazu : How lovely to see the future King and Queen!

    Young Simba : What do you mean?

    Zazu : One day, you will be betrothed.

    Young Nala : Simba, you speak bird?

    Zazu : Married... to each other.

    Young Simba , Young Nala : Ewwww!

  • Kamari : [to Simba and Nala]  Well look at this, we weren't expecting guests... today. Would you two cubs like to... stay for dinner?

    Azizi : [butting in]  Yeah stay for dinner, because you look like a midnight snack.

    Kamari : [annoyed and irritated]  Can you just give me a little bit of space.

    Azizi : [backing up a little]  I'm helping.

    Kamari : We've talked about this before- I come in alone I'm the lead distraction so everyone can circle.

    Azizi : Okay, okay. I'm sorry.

    Kamari : Don't be sorry, just do it!

    Shenzi : Now this is a meal I've waited my whole life. What an unexpected treat to meet the son of a king.

    Kamari : Wait a second the king, as in you know who.

    Azizi : Who rules you know where.

    Shenzi : Mufasa does not rule me.

    Young Simba : You cant do anything to me, because I'm the future king.

    Shenzi : [chuckles]  he's telling me what to do, his father's strength flickering inside, I wonder how all that bravery will taste.

    Zazu : [suddenly appears]  Let them go Shenzi. They made a mistake a horrible mistake, but if you do this, you will start a war with Mufasa.

    Shenzi : Hyenas and Lions have been at war since the beginning of time. But Mufasa's bloodline WILL END HERE.

    [lunges at Simba and Nala but they escape] 

    Shenzi : don't let them get away!

  • Zazu : The king approaches! This is *not* a drill. His Majesty has requested an audience. Upon his entrance, you will rise and genuflect.

    Scar : Zazu... you've made me lose my lunch.

    Zazu : You will answer to Mufasa for missing the ceremony this morning.

    Scar : I answer to no one.

    Zazu : Scar? Scar! Scar, Scar, Scar, Scar, Scar, no! No, don't look at me like that.

    Scar : Are you hungry, Zazu? Perhaps--we could have a bite TOGETHER!

    [lunges at Zazu] 

    Zazu : You can't eat me. It is forbidden to eat a member of the king's court!

    [Scar pins him to the ground] 

    Zazu : Ow! Please! Stop it!

    Mufasa : [enters the den]  Scar!

    Scar : [releases Zazu and faces his brother]  Well, look who's come to mingle with the commoners.

    Mufasa : Sarabi and I didn't see you at the presentation of Simba.

    Scar : Was that today? Must've slipped my mind. Of course, I meant no disrespect towards His Majesty or Sarabi. As you know, I have tremendous respect for the queen.

    Zazu : As the king's brother, you should've been first in line.

    Scar : I WAS first in line. Or don't you remember?

    [rises up and walks out of the den] 

    Scar : That is, until the precious--prince arrived.

    Mufasa : Don't turn your back on *me*, Scar.

    Scar : Oh *no*, Mufasa; perhaps you shouldn't turn your back on me.

    Mufasa : [roars and leaps in front of Scar, blocking his way]  Is that a challenge?

    Scar : I wouldn't dream of challenging you... again.

    Zazu : A wise decision! You are no match for His Royalness.

    Scar : Well, as far as brains go, I've got the lion's share, but when it comes to brute strength, I'm afraid my big brother will always rule.

    Mufasa : Not *always*, Scar. One day, it will be my son who rules. Simba will be your king.

    Scar : Then long live the king.

    Mufasa : [watches his brother leave]  What am I gonna do with him?

    Zazu : Oh, come on. We both know he should've been expelled from the Pride Lands long ago.

    Mufasa : He's my brother. Zazu. This is his home. As long as I am king, that will never change.

  • Mufasa : Zazu? Take Nala back to Pride Rock.

    Zazu : Yes, sire. Don't be too hard on him, sire. I remember a cub. A certain headstrong cub. Who was always getting into scrapes and he achieved some prominence, did he not, sire?

    Mufasa : I have to teach my son a lesson.

    Zazu : Nala, come along.

  • Sarafina : Nala come here, sit with us.

    Nala : [Zazu arrives]  Zazu, where have you been?

    Zazu : I'm sorry Nala, I came as soon as I could.

    [the sounds a hyena is heard] 

    Sarabi : The morning report, Zazu.

    Zazu : Your Majesty, the Pride Lands are in imminent danger. The hyenas are chasing off the last of the herds

    Azizi : The birds back.

    Kamari : Get him!

    [Kamari and Azizi try to chase off Zazu] 

    Kamari : Don't come here again unless you want to be eaten.

  • Zazu : Come along! Keep up! Let's move as a unit!

    Young Nala : So, were are we really going?

    Young Simba : How'd you know?

    Young Nala : You hate the water.

    Young Simba : I've heard about this place, Nala, the most incredible, amazing...

    Young Nala : Just tell me where?

    Young Simba : An elephant graveyard.

    Young Nala : Whoaaa. How far is it?

    Young Simba : Not far. Just through the shadows. But don't worry, everyone's been there.

    Young Nala : We've never been that far before. What if we get lost?

    Young Simba : Relax, Nala. I was shown the entire kingdom this morning with my Dad. There's nothing to worry about.

    Young Nala : Well there is one thing...

    Zazu : [flying overhead]  We have an eminent threat! Something is approaching - oh, wait, scratch that. It's my own shadow.

    Young Nala : How do we get rid of the dodo?

    Young Simba : Trust me. I got this. Follow me to freedom

    Zazu : Oh, how lovely it is to see the future king with his future queen!

    [perches down] 

    Zazu : I could just molt...

    Young Simba : What do you mean, "future queen"?

    Zazu : One day, the two of you will be betrothed. Intended. Affianced.

    Young Nala : Simba, you speak bird?

    Zazu : Married. One day, you wi be married... to each other.

    Young Nala , Young Simba : [disgusted]  Ewwww!

    Young Simba : That's not gonna happen, Zazu. Nala and I are friends.

    Young Nala : Never ever

    Young Simba : And besides, she's afraid of rhinos.

    Young Nala : And he's never eaten an impala.

    Young Simba : I've tried it once.

    Young Nala : We're never getting married, Zazu.

    Zazu : A monarch who ignores tradition? With an attitude like that, I'm afraid you'll be a pretty pathetic king.

    Young Simba : Well, I'm not letting anyone tell me where to go, what to do, and even who to marry. There will never be a king like me.

    Zazu : Simba, you can't escape your destiny.

  • Zazu : Two giraffes were caught necking.

  • Zazu : For king and country! Tally-ho!

  • Zazu : [Nala leaving the Pridelands at night]  Just what do you think you are doing, young lady?

    Nala : Go away, Zazu. I'm going to find help.

    Zazu : I will very much not go away. I am sworn to protect you, and must order you back to bed.

    Nala : I don't need protecting anymore.

  • Zazu : [distracting Scar]  Uh, Scar! Uh, wonderful to see you. Uh, sorry to drop in like this!

    [Scar lunges at him] 

    Zazu : Ah! Have I ever told you about my brother who thought he was a woodpecker

    [scar and some hyenas chase him away allowing nala to escape] 

    Zazu : .

  • Zazu : [distracting Scar]  Uh, Scar! Uh, wonderful to see you. Uh, sorry to drop in like this!

    [Scar lunges at him] 

    Zazu : Ah! Have I ever told you about my brother who thought he was a woodpecker.

  • Pumbaa : [Timon and Pumbaa meet Zazu for the first time]  Hey, hey, look. A bird!

    Simba : Timon. Pumbaa. This is Zazu.

    Timon : Oh, wow... it's a puppet.

    Zazu : Charming. Simba, we are with you until the end.

    Pumbaa : We are at your service, my liege.

    Simba : Follow me.

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