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Chiwetel Ejiofor: Scar



  • [first lines] 

    Scar : [to mouse]  Life's - not fair - is it my little friend? While some are born to feast - others spend their lives in the dark... begging for scraps. The way I see it you and I are exactly the same, we both want to find a way out.

  • Simba : You can't win, Scar!

    Scar : This is my kingdom! My destiny!

  • Scar : I must take the throne.

  • Scar : I was first in line... until the prince arrived.

  • Young Simba : I'm gonna be the king of Pride Rock.

    Scar : Is that so?

  • Scar : Mufasa and Simba are gone... I... am your king.

  • Scar : Run away Simba, and NEVER return!

  • Scar : This gorge is where all lions, come to find their roar.

    Young Simba : All lions, even my Dad?

    Scar : Even Mufasa came here when he was your age, refused to leave until his roar could be heard above the rim.

    Young Simba : All the way up there?

    Scar : That's when you know you've found it, with a little practice you'll never be called a cub again.

    Young Simba : Watch this.

    [does a small roar] 

    Scar : You'll get it Simba, just takes time, I'll check on you later.

    Young Simba : Dad will be so proud, huh?

    Scar : It's a gift, he'll never forget.

  • Zazu : The king approaches this is not a drill. His Majesty has requested an audience upon his entrance you will rise.

    Scar : Zazu you made me lose my lunch.

    Zazu : You will answer to Mufasa for missing the ceremony this morning.

    Scar : I answer to noone!

    Zazu : Scar, Scar, Scar, Scar, Scar, Scar, Scar, no, no don't look at me like that.

    Scar : Are you hungry... Zazu? Perhaps we could have a bite together.

    [lunges at Zazu] 

    Zazu : You can't eat me, it is forbidden remember in the king's court. Please, stop it!

    Mufasa : Scar!

    Scar : We'll look who's come to mingle with the commoners.

    Mufasa : Sarabi and I didn't see you at the presentation of Simba.

    Scar : Was that today, must've slipped my mind. Of course I meant no disrespect towards his Majesty or Sarabi. As you know I have tremendous respect for the crown

    Zazu : As the Kings brother you should be first in line.

    Scar : I was first in line, that is until the precious prince arrived

    Mufasa : Don't turn your back on me Scar!

    Scar : Oh no Mufasa, perhaps you shouldn't turn your back on me.

    Mufasa : Is that a challenge?

    Scar : I wouldn't dream of challenging you... again.

    Zazu : A wise decision you are no match for his Royal's most...

    Scar : Well as far as brains go I have the Lion's share, but when it comes to brute strength I'm afraid my big brother will always rule

    Mufasa : Not always Scar. One day it will be my son who rules, Simba will be your King.

    Scar : Then long live the king.

    Mufasa : What am I gonna do with him?

    Zazu : Come on, we both know he should've been expelled from the Pridelands long ago.

    Mufasa : He is my brother Zazu, this is his home as long as I am king, that'll never change.

    Zazu : Well there is one in every family sire, I had a cousin who thought he was a woodpecker he slammed his head into trees and beaks aren't built for it, he was concussed regularly, and oh youve gone ahh sure coming back.

  • Scar : Mufasa has something he didn't have before... A weakness.

  • Mufasa : Don't turn your back on me, Scar!

    Scar : Oh, no, Mufasa. Perhaps you shouldn't turn your back on me.

    Mufasa : Is that a challenge?

  • Scar : When I am king, the mighty will be able to take whatever they want.

  • Scar : There is nobody to challenge me.

    [Simba roars] 

    Nala : Simba.

  • Scar : [to the hyenas]  The way I see it, why eat one meal... when you can be feasting the rest of your lives? Are you hungry?

  • Simba : It's over, Scar.

    Scar : Have mercy on me.

    Simba : Mercy? For what you did.

    Scar : It was the hyenas. Those were the revolting, scavengers made me do it. I was planning on killing them all.

    Simba : You fooled the hyenas? Just like you fooled me.

    Scar : Simba, you wouldn't kill your only uncle.

    Simba : No, Scar. I'm not like you.

    Scar : Oh, Simba. You are truly noble, and I will make it up to you. Just tell me how I can prove myself. Tell me what you want me to do.

    Simba : Run... Run away, Scar. Run away, and never return.

    Scar : Yes. Of course... As you wish.

    [looking down and seeing a pile of hot coals, began to angry] 

    Scar : Your majesty!

    [throws embers of fire at Simba's face] 

  • Scar : Say it, Are you the king?

    Simba : No, No-I...

    Scar : Are you the king?

    Simba : No...

    Scar : No what? Say it!

    Simba : I'm nothing

    Scar : Then bow to your King!

    [Simba falls and hangs over the ledge of Pride Rock] 

  • Simba : [attacks Scar after Scar admitted in to killing Mufasa]  My father, your own brother - how could you!

    Scar : [to the hyenas and lionesses]  First he kills Mufasa, and now he wants to kill me!

    Simba : YOU killed him! Tell them the truth!

    Scar : Don't believe his lies!

    Sarabi : Scar? You told us you didn't get to the gorge in time.

    Scar : That's true!

    Sarabi : [outraged]  Then how did you see the look in Mufasa's eyes?

    [Scar growls] 

    Simba : MURDERER!

    Scar : KILL THEM ALL!

  • Scar : Mufasa has always shown too much restraint when it comes to hunting. When I am king, the mighty will be free to take whatever they want. Because a hyena's belly is never full.

    Shenzi : Mufasa's far too powerful to challenge

    Scar : Mufasa is yesterday's message A clapped out, distracted regime Whose failings undoubtedly presage The need for a different dream Yes, leonine times are a-changing Which means that hyenas must, too My vision is clear and wide-ranging And even encompasses you So prepare for the coup of the century Prepare for the murkiest scam Meticulous planning Tenacity spanning Decades of denial Is simply why I'll Be king undisputed Respected, saluted And seen for the wonder I am Yes, my teeth and ambitions are bared Be prepared!

    Shenzi , Kamari , Azizi : Be prepared! Be prepared! Be prepared! Be prepared!

    Scar : Be prepared

    Shenzi , Kamari , Azizi : Be prepared! Be prepared!

    Scar : Be prepared.

    Shenzi , Kamari , Azizi : Be prepared! Be prepared! Be prepared! Be prepared!


    Scar , Shenzi , Kamari , Azizi : Yes, our teeth and ambitions are bared Be prepared!

  • Scar : Long, live...

    [Raises paws] 

    Scar : THE KING!

    [Scar slaps Mufasa] 

    Mufasa : [screams as it falls]  Aaaa-aaaa-aaaahhhh!

    Young Simba : [cries out]  No-oooo-oooo-oooo!

  • Scar : [notices the hyenas]  My friends, it will take some time but together we will build our army.

    Kamari : Friends, huh. I thought you said we were revolting scavengers.

    Azizi : [angry]  Yeah, and you wanted to kill us.

    Scar : No, no let me explain I was trying to fool him. We will rule together!

    Shenzi : There was only one true thing you ever said Scar, a hyenas belly is never full.

    Scar : NO!

    [Scar tries to fight off the hyenas but they all quickly pounce and maul him to death] 

  • Scar : [as Simba hangs over the ledge of Pride Rock]  where have I seen this before? Oh yes, I remember this is the way Mufasa looked before he died. I looked down saw the fear in his eyes

    [claws simbas arms] 

    Scar : and heres my little secret... I killed Mufasa.

  • Scar : Welcome to the dawning of a new era.

  • Scar : You fools have stripped your land of every living thing, and yet I send two little cubs your way, why eat one meal when you can be feasting the rest of your lives, a place where you can fill your bellies

    Shenzi : What could you possibly offer us.

    Scar : Where everything the light touches is yours.

  • Scar : Sarabi why put yourself through this, all you have to do is be my queen. Your suffering from what a memory of a life you once knew, a king you once loved. I tried to make you understand what a true king can be.

    Sarabi : Scar, a true kings power is his compassion.

    Scar : [angered]  I AM TEN TIMES THE KING, MUFASA WAS!

    Sarabi : You are nothing compared to Mufasa.

    [Scar attacks Sarabi] 

    Scar : [notices a roaring Simba]  Mufasa, that can't be.

    Simba : Get away from my mother!

  • Scar : Mufasa, quick! Stampede in the gorge, Simba's down there!

    Mufasa : Simba?

  • Scar : [from trailer]  Welcome to the dawning of a new era.

  • Scar : BE PREPARED!

  • Young Simba : My dad was pretty upset with me

    Scar : That's why were here Simba, I think I know a way for you to make it up to him. A gift that will make him forget it ever happened.

    Young Simba : But he's the king, what could I give him?

    Scar : Your roar.

    Young Simba : My roar?

    Scar : Yes

    [his voice echos] 

    Scar : did you hear that?

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