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Alfre Woodard: Sarabi



  • Simba : [attacks Scar after Scar admitted in to killing Mufasa]  My father, your own brother - how could you!

    Scar : [to the hyenas and lionesses]  First he kills Mufasa, and now he wants to kill me!

    Simba : YOU killed him! Tell them the truth!

    Scar : Don't believe his lies!

    Sarabi : Scar? You told us you didn't get to the gorge in time.

    Scar : That's true!

    Sarabi : [outraged]  Then how did you see the look in Mufasa's eyes?

    [Scar growls] 

    Simba : MURDERER!

    Scar : KILL THEM ALL!

  • Sarafina : Nala come here, sit with us.

    Nala : [Zazu arrives]  Zazu, where have you been?

    Zazu : I'm sorry Nala, I came as soon as I could.

    [the sounds a hyena is heard] 

    Sarabi : The morning report, Zazu.

    Zazu : Your Majesty, the Pride Lands are in imminent danger. The hyenas are chasing off the last of the herds

    Azizi : The birds back.

    Kamari : Get him!

    [Kamari and Azizi try to chase off Zazu] 

    Kamari : Don't come here again unless you want to be eaten.

  • Scar : Sarabi why put yourself through this, all you have to do is be my queen. Your suffering from what a memory of a life you once knew, a king you once loved. I tried to make you understand what a true king can be.

    Sarabi : Scar, a true kings power is his compassion.

    Scar : [angered]  I AM TEN TIMES THE KING, MUFASA WAS!

    Sarabi : You are nothing compared to Mufasa.

    [Scar attacks Sarabi] 

    Scar : [notices a roaring Simba]  Mufasa, that can't be.

    Simba : Get away from my mother!

  • Sarabi : A king's true power is his compassion.

  • Nala : We have to do something.

    Sarabi : Nala, Scar is the king.

    Nala : But you are our queen. We should leave before it's too late.

    Sarabi : We must stay together and protect the Pride Lands. This is our home. We must never abandon it.

    Nala : This isn't the home I remember.

    Sarabi : Our time will come Nala. Be patient.

    Shenzi : Sarabi, the king wishes to see you.

    Nala : Don't go.

    Sarabi : I am not afraid of him.

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