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  • Rescued as a child by the legendary assassin Moody, Anna is the world's most skilled contract killer. However, when Moody is brutally killed, she vows revenge for the man who taught her everything she knows.


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  • Anna is an assassin raised by Moody after he discovered her in the aftermath of a massacre in Da Nang, where she killed four men who had kidnapped her and murdered her family. For years, they traversed the globe and completed high-profile contracts-settling in England where she runs a rare-book store and he lives in a manor house.[2] She first encounters Rembrandt in her store when he comes in on the pretext of buying a gift.

    At present, Anna and Moody kill a Romanian mafia boss by taking his son hostage and using him as a bait. After Moody is brutally killed, Anna decides to seek vengeance. She believes that their last assassination target, Edward Hayes is involved. She therefore decides to track him down in Vietnam. While there she learns of Vohl -- Edward Hayes' assistant. She sets a meeting with Vohl, but Duquet kills him, preventing Vohl from divulging any information to Anna. Anna attacks Duquet, and is captured after a chase. Duquet tortures her to see why she is after Edward's son. Rembrandt visits Anna in the cell and says that he, like Duquet, works for the same person, but says that his methods are apart from them and he was not involved with the shooting in the library. After Duquet leaves the gang goes to her cell and tries to hang her, but she defeats them and escapes. Rembrandt blames Duquet and his harsh methods for her escape.

    After a dinner date between Rembrandt and Anna, Rembrandt gets into a street fight with local thugs hired by Duquet but survives. Meanwhile, Anna kills Duquet. Rembrandt arrives and sees Duquet was hung. Unaware of Anna, she ambushes him and fights with him, but in the end, they decide to have sex. While walking in the street, Anna is shot by one of Edward's men but is rescued by Moody, who appears to be alive. Moody reveals to her that he faked his death by disguising his attempted killer as himself and shot his attacker in the face so that he could not be identified.

    Edward holds a banquet and takes extreme precautions to prevent any intrusion. Anna disguises herself as a waitress, and when she tries to assassinate Edward is detected and hampered by Rembrandt. Anna escapes during the ensuing chaos, but Rembrandt follows her. Moody meanwhile infiltrates Edward's safe-house bunker. Edward reveals that he faked his death to protect his son but Moody is not persuaded because of his misdeed. Anna escapes the banquet after Moody detonates a bomb, killing both himself and Edward.

    In a flashback, Anna witnesses her mother beheading, and is captured and taken by a gang to the location shown at the beginning of the film. The gang's leader assembles one of two disassembled pistols lying on a table while young Anna watches, memorizing the steps. The mob leader briefly leaves the room. When he returns Anna kills the entire mob after assembling the second pistol.

    The film returns to Rembrandt, who receives a text message from Anna. He goes to the coordinates given in the text message, and finds Anna. They aim their guns at each other and two shots are heard; Anna can be seen leaving the place.

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