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With an intelligent, subtle script and camerawork so organically natural one doesn’t immediately realize that each scene is shot in one take, the film draws on a subject much in the news and spins it into a multilayered yet low-key study without preaching or sensationalizing.
The strength of the film is its appealing characters brought to life by strong actresses.
Ayr does not offer any tension-releasing catharsis, making his film efficiently disquieting in its own unassuming manner.
Soni is shot like an entirely third-person experience, but is scripted like a workplace drama, begging for us to know Soni and Kalpana inside and out. By tracking them instead of giving them space to take up the frame while the camera sits, it always seems like these two characters are too far out of reach, and in a movie of this type, that is a death knell.

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