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white helmets are funded by enemies of Syria
tvujseznam20 February 2018
The founder James Le Mesurier is British ex officer, he stole name Syrian civil defense from real Syrian organization, USA, EU and Turkey sponsors WH with millions of dollars so WH are not independent as they claim, sometimes they carry weapons, sometimes they carry terrorist flag, they operate only in rebel-terrorists held areas despite most of population escaped to pro Assad areas all you can easily find in YouTube. There is many propaganda movies but this one got the Oscar, bravo USA.
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Where to begin....
haroldcrane16 April 2017
Warning: Spoilers
So propaganda much. The white helmet's are a PR companies dream (if you are looking to start war that is) they are saving the innocent civilians from the nasty bad guys. But in reality most of it is staged or they are operating in terrorist controled areas, not that there would be anything wrong with that if they where not actual linked to them.

Like there friends Jabad fatal AL sham, (i may have spelled there name wrong... they need easier names) they would appear at there beheading and be actively supporting them. This is no Syrian civil defense force this is the result of British funding trying to drum up war support.

thankfully it is a failure as it should be.
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Disgusting al-Qaeda propaganda garbage.
pks-520 March 2017
* An egregiously and obviously fake, staged, disgusting piece of al-Qaeda propaganda garbage. *

Do you people realize that we can google?

Should we ignore the fact that White Helmets started out by murdering real rescue workers and paramedics to steal their gear?

Or that they have no problems with killing those they "rescued" once cameras stop rolling?

Or participate in beheadings of "infidels"?

This is the biggest disgrace of the Oscars of all time, probably.
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jessicafrances-3245920 March 2017
What can I say? Like many others, I first believed that the wh were incredible humanitarian workers. Life savers. Thankfully I decided to dig a little deeper to find out the truth. I hope that the West will wake up instead of continuing its support for terrorism . And the fact that this won an Oscar makes Hollywood look like a joke. You are being played as fools. That is all I have to say.
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absolute GARBAGE
rawhead-737343 March 2017
I fought in Iraq and Afghanistan and believe me, this film is nothing more than staged propaganda. The narrative that is being place in front of our eyes these days is reminiscent of when CNN, FOX, and MSNBC were all telling us that Saddam Hussein had weapons of mass destruction. If anyone is curious of the legitimacy of this film and all of the lies being told about Syria today there is plenty of sources out there, don't just take it from me. DO YOUR OWN HOMEWORK please.
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This film is a disgrace
asemasaleh11 March 2017
Warning: Spoilers
The most disgusting movie in the history of cinema. The so-called " White Helmets" are a bunch of Islamic terrorists. They are a group from Al-Qaeda. For those who don't believe you can check here: and here: The story behind your entire movie is fake. Shame on you.. You are glorifying a bunch of maniacs. No matter how you try.. Syria will defeat the Islamic terrorism. Long live the Syrian Arab Army.
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So, IMDb decided to remove inconvenient reviews?
lemagicienbergier14 May 2017
I reviewed this "mockumentary" some time ago and i decided to read it...what was my surprise when i haven't found it. IMDb apparently adopted the ways of other "democratic" media and censors opinions that are uncomfortable. White Helmets is part of terrorist organization financed by USA and the Oscar for this movie is a disgrace...or not...Oscars are either way just a funny snobbish local mini-event.
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This is not a good documentary
eilon1224 February 2017
Warning: Spoilers
The situation in Syria is much more important than the focus on 3 people training to save lives and mourning about their friends. the entire movie is the team leaving to train somewhere is Turkey and worrying about their friends in Syria, the movie is extremely trying to be popular and begging for your tears. this is not the documentary level i expected of Netflix. wish i had not see it because the situation is far worst in Syria than is presented in the movie. I hope better movies will come in the future, I don't think this movie deserve to be nominated, i wish all the luck to the people in the film and peace to this area.
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Call me a cynical conspiracy theorist, but it seemed fake to me
Harhaluulo547 March 2017
Warning: Spoilers
2 years ago I saw a Norwegian movie called Trollhunter. It was filmed in the documentary style, claiming it was based to real events. After seeing The White Helmets, I am more confident that there, indeed, lives 50-feet tall trolls in Norwegian forest that I am about this film being honest.

There are a quite a few problems I had with this film. First one being that they blame Russia. Like really? It is not the 50's anymore, you cannot blame Russia for everything in a documentary even if media does blame them. Why not blame ISIS or Islam? No, it is once again the Russians who are the baddies and there is no need to mention a single word about anyone else. This is a clear agenda they just had to insert here. Sponsored content?

Second thing I will complain about is the censorship. Having seen a lot of real footage from Syria in forms of Daesh/ISIS propaganda and by visiting subs like watchpeopledie and gore, this doesn't give an accurate picture of the horrors that happen in there. I guess this is the nro one reason why the "documentary" doesn't seem anything like a doc to me. They are just speeding to places where something has exploded and then they pick people up from some dust. Some times there is a bit blood or something red.

Third thing is that this reminds me awfully lot about those faked pictures about people saving little children. Like this girl who was saved in total of 5 times in the same day by 5 different man, The imgur url key is gzBcKoV in case IMDb censors the link. It was used widely in media and it has gone viral on about every site on the internet. Or at least one of these pictures. It being a fake is not nearly as well known.

Maybe these guys are real. Maybe they are honest, good people who want to help and at the same time do believe that Russia is evil. The constant lies I have witnessed in media and the real gory footage I have personally seen do leave me in doubt. Even if everything in this was true, it is not convincing piece of cinema nor is it good "documentary".
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Too manipulative and sanitized
pfate1227 February 2017
Warning: Spoilers
Saw this after it won the Oscar, didn't like it as much as I thought I would. It was too manipulative: shot after shot of them rescuing barely injured kids, the emotional music, etc. A good documentary should show it all without editing or music to manipulate the viewer, let the events and people involved guide the story as it happens. This seemed too infused with Western sentimentality, too shallow to really explore the horrific suffering and complexities of the Syrian conflict. A number of prominent conservatives are also convinced the group is linked to Al-Nusra front. Wouldn't be surprised if that were the case, though it doesn't take away from the heroics of the men themselves.
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Is this just another American propaganda?
pentobarbita5 March 2017
American Academy awarded this movie with golden statue. That tells a lot more about Hollywood than the film itself. War is very complex "thing", especially the war in Syria (where we got lot of sides fighting over the shoulders of Syrian people, including them self, of course), but this documentary make it so simple with black and white approach, typical for propaganda films. So, on one side we got good boys: The brave white helmets, and on the other side we got a devil himself: Al-Assad, evil Russians and... I almost forgot, the ISIS. So untrue. The next thing I "love" so much is the story told just by a group of guys (type at your browser: white helmets fakes). Where is the story of evil side? Where is the story of Syrian people? You just can't make a war movie from PERSONAL point of view. It's just wrong. One more "good thing" is cheep manipulation of viewer's emotions with a poor little children, a lot of tears and pathetic music. Is this whole movie fake? Judge yourself.
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japdekiwi14 April 2018
Propaganda made by USA. Look further and you will understand it
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This whole documentary is based on a lie.
jerryadlington12 April 2018
The media controls how you view things. How much the white helmets help is not actually known. The White Helmets are the people that stage gas attacks for the CIA. Chemicals that can kill by coming into contact with your skin did not effect the white helmets at all. This documentary is disgraceful.
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baelfirefowl27 April 2018
"The purpose of United States psychological operations is to induce or reinforce behavior favorable to U.S. objectives. They are an important part of the range of diplomatic, informational, military and economic activities available to the U.S. They can be utilized during both peacetime and conflict. There are three main types: strategic, operational and tactical"

That's exactly what the White Helmets are, wake up America
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Review from a Syrian
talalghebehsyr27 February 2017
This documentary is about the Syrian Civil Defense or "The White Helmets" as the film makers decided to name them. It focuses on the personal side of the characters trying to make the viewer perceive these people as human beings rather than numbers you hear on the news. While the film succeeds at the emotional part, it fails to offer much else. There were many repetitive scenes for a 40 min documentary, and the focus on some characters went overboard sometimes.

Now, I wrote the previous part of my review trying to be as objective as possible. The next part, I will write as a Syrian who isn't on any of the many sides of the Syrian war. What made me write this review, my first on IMDb, is that I noticed many negative reviews seeming to push a propaganda opposite to the propaganda they were claiming this film is about. Comments I have high confidence they come from Syrian Assad supporters so I thought I would try to restore the balance.

While the film clearly favors the side of the WHs, their side itself is about "saving lives" regardless of any other factors so what is there to disagree with? Some commentators said the WHs are terrorists/islamists/etc and I find that really insulting as I don't myself live in a war zone in Syria, I never heard anyone questioning or criticizing WHs. Also, common sense tells me these people don't have to lie about their intentions in a country where there are countless factions fighting. Everyone is free to have their own opinion, but when most of the 1-star reviews come from 1 review accounts I find it fishy - one reviewer stating "England" as his country starts with "Shame on the western-world", a prevalent statement in the Al-Assad regime media.

Syria is a country where many evils fight. You have Al-Assad, factions affiliated with Al-Qaeda, and finally ISIS!! Each side will try to convince you with their story, like Assad fan base in many of the comments I mentioned, but the real story in Syria is about many villains fighting over the pie of things like power/oil/location and poor people suffering in the crossfire. The only light one can find in this tragedy is people like the ones in this movie whose mandate is save lives. Thank you White Helmets!
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Shocked at this documentary - Where are the women?
yasmineaida8 March 2017
Are there no women in Syria? Just the one in the Burka featured in the documentary? I can't believe that you can be much help in a Burka, so perhaps this issue needs to be addressed? Yes, there is a horrible war going on in Syria, but Syrian men seem to be at war with women. Are they trying to erase us? Are we only good for putting more men on the planet? (or girls that can then make more men?) As a woman I saw this film as extremely sexist, and I am frightened of sexism. It is more powerful than anything else in my world! Even the war in Syria.
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I doubt anybody would wonder why people are leaving Syria after watching this.
dndege25 September 2016
Documentary about real heroes. Everybody knows the situation in the middle east, but not many of us can connect in deep emotions with them, because we only see numbers. This documentary shows brave men fighting for the life of other people in their country without any weapons. I think that in this noise around refugees it's really hard to hear the voice of people who actually stay there. Thanks to this documentary You can somehow regain confidence in the fact that there are good people fighting for the right cause, but at the same time wonder why is this all happening and how come this kind of situations just pass through us on a daily basis. The only reason I gave a 9/10 is because it could be longer, but at the same time it's long enough. It's my first ever review on IMDb, because my feelings after watching this just couldn't let me just leave it as it is. I will definitely recommend this to everybody I'll have a chance to.
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Incredibly moving film about real heroes
aedmoore12 October 2016
Incredibly moving film about real heroes; the Syrian Civil Defense.

These guys are a bunch of real people, former teachers, tailors, shop workers and so on who risk everything everyday to save the lives of strangers.

When Russian bombs start raining down, they rush in to pull people out of the rubble. The interviews are intensely personal and candid. The action is truly thrilling and frankly horrifying in equal measure. It's not an easy watch by any means but everyone should see this film.

An unbelievably powerful story, beautifully told. Don't let the trolls put you off. That's clearly what they want.
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Timely, poignant documentary
elena-andreicheva12 October 2016
At one point in this film, a character looks up at the sky, expecting the inevitable sound of approaching bombs. It's a really poignant moment and encapsulates why this is such an important film to watch. For most of us, the reality is peace - for them, daily, it's war and incessant bombing. The White Helmets, the Syrian heroes who go in to save civilians, are given real heart in this short documentary. But their life of heroics is brutally brought to life by the footage they film themselves in Aleppo. It clearly shows us that what the White Helmets do is not just heroic but also necessary. A really important film to see for all those who are sick of the politics.
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this movie shows the real heroes
sarasbiee24 January 2017
For people who think it's a propaganda , you don't know what really happening in Syria because of what media shows all the time. It's not a civil war in Syria , it's a revolution and the government is killing the civilians with Russia's help !

whatever you think about the Syrian revolution , the white helmets are saving souls. When the bombs rain down, the Syrian Civil Defence rushes in. In a place where public services no longer function these unarmed volunteers risk their lives to help anyone in need - regardless of their religion or politics. Known as the White Helmets these volunteer rescue workers operate in the most dangerous place on earth.
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Early contender for Best Documentary Short Oscar next year
Horst_In_Translation26 September 2016
Warning: Spoilers
"The White Helmets" is a 40-minute documentary from this year produced by Netflix. The director is Oscar nominee Orlando von Einsiedel. Here he tells us the story of the White Helmets, a group of Syrians who run to places that are directly affected by air strikes while everybody else runs away from these places. Their goal is to save and rescue those people who live in the bombed houses and who may rely on help to flee from the ruins. With this task, the White Helmets have saved thousands of lives already and this documentary shows us that it is a dangerous job (many from them have died too during their mission), but that it can also be very rewarding, for example when they save a baby's life. It is an important job they have for sure and I don't think I remember having seen a documentary on this subject, or this particular group specifically. That's why I believe it was a good thing that this was made, even if I sometimes lost a bit of interest in-between as it is really exactly the way I expected this documentary turn out and there was nothing in here that surprised me for whatever reason. Also included are interviews with the White Helmets, in which they speak about their jobs and why they do what they do. Thumbs up for this little movie. I recommend the watch.
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Definitely deserves all it's praise!
Hellmant3 March 2017
'THE WHITE HELMETS': Four and a Half Stars (Out of Five)

The 2017 Oscar winner for Best Documentary Short Film is this heartbreaking account of the brave Syrian Civil Defense rescue workers (know as the White Helmets). As daily airstrikes kill civilians every day in Syria (over 400,000 in fives years, while millions of others have fled their homes), these daring volunteer workers heroically search for survivors, as they're often killed themselves. The film details their very passionate personal stories. The White Helmets are undoubtedly as brave, and selfless, as anyone could possibly claim to be (now, or throughout history). So the film is all at once very tragic, and inspiring. It runs just 41 minutes long, but it tells a very powerful story in that time. Orlando von Einsiedel directed the British short film, and it stars Khalid Farah, Mohammed Farah, Abu Omar and many others. I highly recommend it, the short definitely deserves all it's praise! You can see it on Netflix right now, which also released it.

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Horrifying, powerful, eye opening images
excellent short Doc. God bless the director and the whole crew for risking there well being beside the white Helmets. Encourage friends to see this film. its powerful stuff. watch and be amazed by these heroes' courage. Disregard some of these IMDb reviews, anyone claiming this is propaganda is foolish. watch and make the decision for yourself.
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Reality check
kosmasp9 March 2017
We live in a time, where conspiracy theories are the new flavor of the month/year. While this short documentary (still 40 minutes long) won an Academy Award for Best Short Documentary, there is a lot of controversy. Well while watching the documentary you may not think about it, but there have been reports that the White Helmets have been paid for by the "West" and are helping terrorists.

Hard to believe to tell you the truth, even though I will admit that some of the scenes filmed did look a bit staged. Something that actually happened with one of the videos uploaded on the internet and has been exposed. But the bombings must be real (I guess you could only argue if they are in cahoots with those who are responsible for the bombings.

If you can actually have a clear mind while watching this, then you will be able to see something remarkable though. It's a grand story of survival, of humanity and of help in general, while risking your own life. And it's up to you to decide whom you want to believe ...
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War, what is it good for...
jordan22405 March 2017
Warning: Spoilers
I don't get the reviews that give this film a very low rating. I'm not very familiar with what is going on in Syria and why, but there was nothing in this documentary that associated the group of rescuers with any one side. In fact, one of them said that their goal is to rescue every human being, regardless of what side he/she might be on. I was moved by the courage of these men and sympathize with what they must tolerate emotionally to do what they do. The work must be incredibly hard physically as well. The film did bog down a bit when it concentrated on the training in Turkey, but I think it was merely presenting another facet of the job, as we'd already been presented with footage of them performing rescues. I feel it would be beneficial to all in the USA, especially at this time, to witness what is going on in parts of the world where many seek to find refuge elsewhere.
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