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annoythedonkey11 August 2019
My mind is blown, Casey Affleck did a great job at his first go of production and directing. I would describe this as "Children of Men" meets "The Road" meets "The Last of Us" who ever said this movie is boring doesn't understand what movies are supposed to be. I'll watch it again the same day I saw it for the first time just because it's that good.
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Emotional and intense
seanzombie6910 August 2019
This film was beautifully shot, written and directed. It was subtle, yet powerful in its content and the cast was superb. This film is for thinkers and survivors, and really tugs at your heart strings. Casey Affleck did an amazing job as writer/director, and as the father trying to keep his daughter safe. I highly recommend this movie!
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The Road for dads of daughters....
paulmacqueen7010 August 2019
This was a real slow burn,but i cant help but be effected by it. As the father of two girls this really struck home with me. Both of the leads carry their roles amazingly,and especially Anna Pniowsky,who for such a young actress really steals every scene. Really hoping for a sequel!!
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Characters, dialogs, cut, camera, sound - all great
nathaliemutanen13 August 2019
I am really impressed by this one. Even the fight scenes I liked as they reflect more reality than I've seen typically in other movies. The characters and dialogues are very intriguing, distinguished from other movies because of their deepness, directness, and honesty, and because of the many points made. This film does not ignore misogyny as others do and no woman is being objectified (not that there are many woman, in fact only one, aside from the daughter, but she is just a kid and the situation is explained well and makes a point as well). You can see Affleck made choices and sends out some necessary messages. Really interesting to listen and to watch. And sorry but anyone finding this boring (and it is not) hasn't understood or is just out there to be entertained by the usual bs we've been fed.
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js-661307 August 2019
Warning: Spoilers
An unsettling slow burn survival tale with a methodic yet effective reveal, "Light of My Life" is a startling father-daughter road movie, which operates around a pandemic. A pandemic that has devastated the female population. A pandemic that now pits men against each other in desperate times.

Casey Affleck writes, directs and stars. And he is good. Without his usual Bawston drawl, Affleck is actually intelligible, which helps. Helps a lot. As a good guy on the run, even when there appears nowhere to go, Affleck delivers a stark little masterpiece that digs deep into a parent and child bond whilst the outside world is crumbling to hell. Similar to Cormac McCarthy's "The Road", "Light of My Life" relies heavily on the leads, and they shine. They shine when wet, when muddy, when frozen, when filthy, when bloody.

In the end it's not where they go, or what happens, it's about their little world, their unique connection. Affleck and Anna Pniowsky own the screen from the unforgettable opening sequence to the thrilling end. Easy to root for, this one is. Except for the terrible title of course.

  • hipCRANK
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Children Of The Road
Wu_Tang_Clam9 August 2019
This movie is very much like 'The Road' and 'Children Of Men' smooshed together, just not as good. It's hard for me to get through anything with Casey 'MarbleMouth' Affleck, but I gave it a shot anyway as I love post-apocalyptic movies. He should give mumble rap a try. Anyway, the movie has been done before so I wasn't expecting much and that's what I got. Another slow burner, just a little below average fare.
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I am sorry I couldn't see anything past Affleck's jarring performance, actually I don't regret it.
Arth_Joshi16 August 2019
Light Of My Life

Affleck's sincerity is a dangerous animal. I fear it. He shakes you and rattles your most delicate source of emotional history. Or maybe it is the emotional history that I carry and hence easily find myself in his shoes. Ergo I find this story inspirationally and creatively beautiful. In fact, there have been such films in recent years like The Road, Captain Fantastic and Leave No Trace. But none of them worked for me like this eccentrically standard film did. It is shot with familiar steady camera work. Cassey Affleck, the writer, director and actor, was aware of how and where things should go.

And it is not just a reminder of how good his execution is, it is also that as an artist, he isn't leaning towards any particular aspect, his generality seems like a generosity towards his work. And if his monologues or manifesto or speech or call it whatever cuts through all the fear then it is his final voice breaking spell, is what tears me down. So strong and so proud he marches on, in the entire film and so humbling his fall is in front of his daughter.

These metaphors of being a parent, political correctness and the madness of wildlife carries heavy themes. Compared to the previous films mentions, the reason why this one last a longer impact on us, is for it goes all in when it comes to reveal its true nature. The film isn't afraid on wandering in a cringe worthy zone, it is meticulously on mark to what it has to say. Just watch Affleck have the "birds and bees" talk with an unapologetic honest tone. Elizabeth Miss flashes in front of her eyes repeatedly whipping him whenever he trails off, when his vision goes blur from the Light Of My Life.
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I loved this movie
nallely-5558925 August 2019
The opening scene was brilliant. It hooked me up. The acting was outstanding. Great writing. It's slow, but gripping and heart-warming. Casey Affleck and the girl who played her daughter did a really good job. I loved it. So watch it for yourself and make your own opinion of it.
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....If you've watched, "The Road" you may want to pass on this one.
baleiby12 August 2019
TL;DR Version - The movie is predictable and very un original. The acting is good and had my heart pumping a few times. The people praising this movies Producer must be good friends or something because it's basically the movie, "The Road" with no key differences or added creativity.

I would have given this movie 4/10 stars but I'll briefly explain why I gave it a 6/10. The acting was decent and honestly it had my heart pumping at times.

However, the story line is super predictable and there really isn't any key differences in the plot if you've watched movies like, I am Legend, The book of Eli, and The Road. The Road especially because when I was watching this I had major dejavu thinking that I've seen this before. (Infact I basically have) If you've watched, "The Road" before viewing this, it's not really worth the 2 hrs of watching it. The reason I'm giving this movie a 6/10 is because if I had never seen the movies I've mentioned above this I would say it's a decent movie.

So, in conclusion I wish Hollywood would stop churning out all these post apocalyptic movies until they find a plot that hasnt been seen before.
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ayrepaul20 August 2019
I am not one to oppose anyone's right to an opinion. If you found fault with this film, then that is fine, it's what makes art subjective. In my personal opinion, this film is as close to perfect as is possible. The story may not be utterly unique, and very similar narratives have been told before. Yet, in this two hours of outstanding acting, on point direction, and cinematography that rivals the best in film history, the story is explored and delivered exquisitely. The complete love and determination of a human to protect its offspring is what we are viewing here. It could almost be a documentary made in the style of a BBC nature film, showcasing how the instinct to keep our children safe, at any cost, never subsides in our species. This is not so much a post apocalyptic movie, but a perfect study of the human condition. Casey Affleck, keep making movies...
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A Heart Felt Post Apocalyptic
Ghostrunner6610 August 2019
While seeing the comparisons to "The Road", which I liked, I do believe the story was better told with more warmth. It basically takes a similar premise (all be it biological over a natural disaster) and makes the young ward a girl rather than a boy. Affleck has a good eye for directing and, really, is a better actor than his brother in some ways. A lot of people seem to dislike him for some reason, and I never understood why (maybe because some shrill like Brie Larson dissed him at an award show for some idiotic Fem-Nazi reason or another). The scenes between Casey and the young actress Anna Pniowsky felt genuine and not at all contrived. Affleck makes you imagine what one would do in the same situation. Which amounts to what film making is all about. The age old story, an average guy, with an awesome task. Well done Casey. I would definitely recommend
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This movie broke me!
CptnKraken9 August 2019
Trying to pick up all the pieces of me off the floor after watching "Light of My Life"! This movie absolutely broke me! I fear that a few years ago (before I was a father) I may have shrugged off this movie in favor of something more "action-packed" and "gritty", but now that I am seeing life through the eyes of a father - I am not ashamed to say that I cried through this whole movie. I may be partial (because he is one of my favorite actors) but Casey Affleck perfectly captures the complexities and emotions of fatherhood. The paralyzing fear of losing your child, unconditional and incomprehensible love, the uncertainty of everyday decisions, the balance of discipline/love, the responsibility of providing and protecting, and the uncertainties that come from wondering if you are doing any of it right - are all things that I can deeply relate to and are portrayed with masterful, raw realism. I wish I could write more - but I truly don't think I can even begin to describe even half of what this movie made me feel.
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Great movie...
ati-4864412 August 2019
Great movie if u want to die to boredom. This 5-minute intro story... should have left there.
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Intense and spectacularly acted
marylou300020 August 2019
People who call this movie boring should go back to their Transformers movies. It's not boring for a single second. The story has a quiet intensity, the acting is out of this world, and Affleck's direction is so good that I can't wait for his next directing job. Haters gonna hate, but they are so wrong it's actually funny.
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I can't believe people think this is slow/boring
SweetSar9918 August 2019
Warning: Spoilers
It was riveting. I was glued to the screen from start to finish. Sure, there are some similarities to other stories here and there but I thought it was a beautiful piece of work.

Visually Stunning - Those trees and mountains, my goodness!

Incredibly Acted - I know the girl is getting a lot of praise for this, as she should, but the real master at work here (I think) is Casey. What an open, touching, raw performance he gave!

Beautifully shot - Simple but stunning camera work

Believable - Every moment felt real and very believable. I'm certain things would go down in a very similar fashion if this event ever actually happened. Change my mind.

This is a very touching story. I felt every emotion, from the humor to the nearly paralyzing fear to the awkward way he tried to explain the birds and the bees (well done, still awkward as it would be).

Very nicely done!
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Great movie!
riserichard24 August 2019
Great story, dialogue and acting! The acting was so believable, genuine and real. Starts off slow but then the tension mounts. The evolution of the relationship between the father and daughter is intriguing. Casey Affleck was excellent and so creative as writer, director and lead actor. Wish there were more movies like this!
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Poorer version of The Road
jtags-8405913 August 2019
Warning: Spoilers
As many have pointed out his is pretty much The Road for 2019. The only reason I gave the 4 is for the acting by the two leads. The movie is pretty snail paced with few highlights. I ended up fast forwarding through a few of the trivial dialogue scenes that added nothing to the movie. Also the actions of the main character are not logical at all. Wandering around in a world like that with your daughter unarmed is pretty unrealistic and actually quite stupid. If that were me, not only would I be well armed, my daughter would be too and also know how to use as much weaponry as possible to protect from both men and beast. Also why live in the cold harsh areas of the country where they could easily die from the cold weather when they could easily go and live in the warmer forests where they would have one less thing to worry about. Not well thought out at all.
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Slow burn thriller ! Captivating and emotionally beautiful !
nonsensefans11 August 2019
Lots of people are saying it's pretty same with The Road. Yes, it is pretty similar and doesn't dissappoint at all. Early got bit slow but Casey Afflect delivers an amazing performance as always. That kid and him are so adorable too ! Got so emotional towards the end. If you love dystopian films, then this is a must !
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Yawn of my life
wynstannjamesbeaumont12 August 2019
The opening scene of this movie says it all: 10 unrelenting minutes of close, virtually unbroken focus on a father telling his kid a 'bedtime' tale that should have put the kid and any movie viewer into a coma within the first three minutes. This film is a shameless, meaningless ripoff of The Road (2009 - starring Viggo Mortensen), a far superior movie, without any of the drama or tension. Premise: a pandemic that has wiped out the world's female population, without any expansion or context provided to even make it a vaguely credible proposition. The film meanders and muddles its way to the end, at which point the viewer hopes to God it really is the end of the world. What a waste of time.
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Casey is ridiculously talented
gemfesty10 August 2019
Written, directed and acted by Casey Affleck. Masterfully paced tension, and gut wrenching to watch as a parent. I gave this 9 because "Manchester by the sea" was better.
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One word: SLOW
bmynars11 August 2019
I am not sure why people are giving 8/10. I believe that 3 is a generous rating. Half way through the movie I was bored out of my wits. "Slow burn" as some describe it would be a life threatening race in comparison with what was dished out to us in this movie. Long and windy monologues almost put me to sleep.

This would be better suited for a theater than a move.
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Not a standard horror film, it has seriously-satisfying thrills.
jdesando14 August 2019
"Survival can be summed up in three words - never give up. That's the heart of it really. Just keep trying." Bear Grylls, explorer

I would have given all I owned to spend as much time with one of my daughters as Dad (Casey Affleck) does with his daughter, Rag (Anna Pniowsky), dressed like a boy, on the run from a disease that strikes only females. In Light of My Life, they roam the grey Okanaga Valley of British Columbia seeking refuge as much from bands of men looking for uninfected girls as from the plague itself.

If you can endure the overly-long opening story dad lovingly tells daughter, the almost two hours will fly by as the protagonists combat daunting obstacles.

The thoughts of the decimation of the female population are horror-film good enough for the imagination, so minimalist writer/director Affleck spares us the usual terrible tropes to concentrate on the loving relationship. As he does in his Oscar-winning acting, Affleck concentrates on the slow-burning details.

That Affleck himself faced possible Oscar-negating accusations of sexual harassment makes his holy father here even more interesting than, say, Ben Foster's father character in Leave No Trace.

Survival is the operating action here, mainly slipping out of windows as men storm the house or tent. Father and daughter are adept at escape, leaving only that motif for tension, whereas if they fought with each other (a pre-teen and her dad holds multiple possibilities) there might be more interesting conflict.

As in It Comes at Night (2017), the cloaked assailants and the disease give the imagination the usual willies, but fascination with the survival of a father-daughter left to survive is the greatest conflict of all. You'll enjoy all of Affleck's indie charms and insights in a quietly effective thriller.

"To survive it is often necessary to fight and to fight you have to dirty yourself." George Orwell
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End of days via boredom...
tchitouniaram13 August 2019
End of days via boredom... Absolutely stupid, pacifistic film with heavy religious undertones... Boring like hell too...avoid.
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A Masterclass of acting that keeps pulling you in
boeing10010 August 2019
The premise is simple yet effective which allows the film to raise themes that are ever so important in today's society: the place and importance of women, how they are treated and why without them it would be the World's downfall. This is cleverly done through father/daughter conversations that will stick with you way past the end of the movie. In my personal opinion, a movie that stars Casey Affleck is automatically a sign of quality, but I must say that this particular performance is a Masterclass of acting. Anna Pniowsky was a disccovery for me, but her performance was on par with Affeck's, giving the audience an emotional, relatable, and belivable character. Overall, a movie that keeps you thinking, even after you're done watching it, which I would strongly recommend for everyone to see. I hope it will get the awards it deserves!
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lancejohns-8040211 August 2019
Plot is unbelievable and response to situations throughout movie are BS. I have 2 daughters and I would be telling them the truth, collecting weapons and teaching them how to use!
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