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Prismark1014 April 2017
During the siege scenes the members of Citizens Liberation Front stop speaking Swahili and switch to English as Alex is cornered but help comes from a Hindi speaker.

The episode sees Harry, Alex and Ryan in bed together naked. However the lesson at The Farm is how to make things look bad for other people. Harry, Alex and Ryan were drugged to put them in an uncompromising position. A lesson that Owen wants them to use on an errant journalist.

Harry is having casual affairs and one of them is Will, the Quantico recruit from the last series. Harry also has Alex and Ryan in his sights but our duo turn the tables on him and have him arrested by the police. But Harry returns, As suspected he claims to be a British spy on some kind of an undercover exchange scheme.

An episode that is busy but nothing substantial happens not with the terrorist scenes at least. Still Harry is around to provide some mischievous fun.
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