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(I) (2017)

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1 Oct. 2017
Former detective Leroy and true believer Max are recruited by the Bureau Underground, a top secret government agency, to find an agent gone missing.
8 Oct. 2017
On Halloween night, Jermaine gets infected with a zombie-esque virus by a demon cat when Leroy and Max take him trick-or-treating.
15 Oct. 2017
Max encourages Leroy to ask out a female cop, while Captain Lafrey suspects her daughter of sneaking around with a boy.
22 Oct. 2017
The Bureau Underground is placed on lockdown when an amphibious creature escapes.
5 Nov. 2017
The Machine
Max and Leroy go undercover at an elite country club where a bizarre incident occurred.
12 Nov. 2017
Annie installs an artificial intelligence into the Bureau Underground that turns out to be an evil force.
19 Nov. 2017
Ghost Studz
A pair of smug actors from a ghost-hunting show encounter real paranormal activity, so Leroy and Max must go undercover on set at an abandoned mental hospital to rescue them.
3 Dec. 2017
Haunted Hayride
Max and Leroy go undercover at a haunted hayride where a girl has disappeared.

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