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13 Oct. 2016
Mr Weaver
When Brian finds a magical amulet it transports him to Munty, a strange land peopled by even stranger creatures. Before he can use the amulet to return home a wizard called Howell sells it to a criminal mastermind - Slasher Morgan.
20 Oct. 2016
Mr Charisma
Howell has concocted a charisma potion that can charm people into giving you whatever you want. Brian could use it to retrieve the amulet, but Steg wants to woo a lonely Demi-Fin with it and Barbara needs it to enter the elite Seers Guild.
27 Oct. 2016
Mr Wuffles
With the amulet seemingly out of reach, Brian finds another way home when a fire sprite grants him a wish. But now Brian has met Effandra, a woman who actually thinks he is cool and interesting. Should he return home or stay in Munty?

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