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  • A struggling actress and an aspiring playwright pour all of their creative energy into the only paying work they can find: role-playing demonstrations for corporate training seminars. When they book the biggest gig of their careers at a hotel conference, they commence work on their most ambitious production to date.


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  • This is a brilliantly conceived, photographically creative story about a bespectacled, female script writer's loving but tangled relationship with a talented but mentally troubled actress. The embattled actress feels torn between her love of acting and the rage she feels over dissatisfactions with the part she is to play in the writer's script. There is to be a scheduled scene in the future which is marked on the calendar, that is ultimately the key to unlocking the mysteries of the relationship between the troubled actress and her bespectacled script writer.

    The camera pans the actress' dated pill boxes, showing anti-depressant medications that she takes. She leaves the sanctity of the writer's script to venture out into the harsh casting world, without her emotional safety net or her meds, and finds little support or acknowledgment of her abilities. She leans on a valued male friend who risks his own job security to take time off, giving her some companionship and validation as a human being.

    She ultimately returns to play out the final scene of the writer's script, starring the troubled actress, writer and second actress. This scene is raw and emotional packed, as the actress and writer exchange vicious and hostile words about their failed relationship and work together. In a moment of anger, the writer says that she regrets having rescued the actress from her emotional hell. The actress shatters her drinking glasses on the floor in reaction to the writer's harsh words, all her hopes crushed by them.

    She begins to leave dejected, certain to spiral downwards into the depths of her depression, possibly ending it all. But the writer, feeling compassion once more, stops her and cannot allow this to happen. The writer embraces her, as they both tearfully come to realize the loving, inseparable bond that they have for each other.

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