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A Message to Dan and Dave
channelsergeant20 May 2019
Warning: Spoilers
Dear Dan and Dave,

I have long been a huge fan and an avid supporter of Game of Thrones all the way since Season 1, granted I regretfully have not had the joys of reading any of the wonderful George RR Martins books. I have, however spent hundreds of hours exploring the Game of Thrones lore, history of Westeros, fan theories, detailed interviews and everything in-between - It's fair to say I'm a more passion fan than most.

I am no Hollywood writer - or in fact any writer for that matter - but I believe I share the opinion of so many GoT fans. I want to start off by saying thank you. Thank you to the visual effects crew, stunt co-ordinators, body doubles, extras, set designers, costume designers, camera men, George RR Martin, directors, the brilliant actors and so many other people behind the scenes of this once all-time great show - Not only have we the fans been incredibly let down, but the people who have put their physical blood, sweat and tears into the show have also had their beautiful hard work defiled.

I could go into incredible detail about all the things wrong with this season, some notable events: Jon being exiled for killing Danny who murdered hundreds of thousands of innocent people, Jon's heritage being seemingly not important, the woeful execution of Danny going mad, Bran being king even though he didn't do anything at all, Drogon flying off into the 'sunset', Rhaegal being killed, missing the reaction of Sansa and Arya's when Jon revealed his real parents and most of all for me, no one sticking up for Jon in the meeting with all the powerful lords... He literally killed the woman he loved and saved countless lives in the process and he gets nothing in return, its shameful.

With the holes in the show - and there as so many - I think it's a pathetic excuse of an ending. HBO wanted 10 seasons, but foolishly Dan Weiss and David Benioff decided they had enough, they wanted to wrap the show up so they could make mountains of money butchering yet another beloved franchise (Star Wars). I understand that not everything deserves a happy and perfect ending, nor can you please everyone. However, we spent nearly a decade following these wonderful characters, watching them develop and intelligently interact with each other since season 1. The ending to this show will never be forgotten, for the wrong reasons unfortunately. I hope Dan and David come out and apologise to the fans, we are the people that kept the show running, without the fans support there would have been no Game of Thrones on TV at all.

The characters deserved better. The whole crew deserved better. The fans deserved better. George deserved better.


A Game of Thrones fan
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HBO wanted 10 seasons. GRRM wanted 12. D&D wanted Star Wars.
mikedartlife24 May 2019
Its sad that one of the best TV shows of all time concluded the way it did. The ending wasn't bad, but the 7 season buildup only to have this mad dash to the end is awful. Nothing was explained, nothing was written well, terrible pacing! Absolutely disrespectful to fans! This last season makes it really hard to recommend the show to new viewers or repeat viewings. If the writers didn't care why should we?
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This show became a Meme
diegofernandezv20 May 2019
Warning: Spoilers
The Good things:
  • Music. Better than ever.
  • Work Behind Cameras. It can´t be denied.
  • Acting, despise of the poor writing.
  • Arya, the Hound and Jorah were the few characters who behaved consistent.

The Bad Things:
  • S08E01 and S08E02 filler episodes with dumb fan services scenes.
  • S08E03 was a joke. Nobodody saw anything thanks to HBO, the Night king was a joke, everybody had plot armor, a lot of dumb fan service scenes, nothing really happened that affected the lore in the long term.
. Dothraki´s charge was just stupid. The entire plan to defend Winterfell sucked.
  • Bran made no sense the entire season. We never really understood his purpose. Why did he warg during the battle of winterfell?
  • S08E04, another filler episode. Euron´s fleet was full of Hawkeyes.
  • So DAENERYS kinda forgot about Euron. Really????
  • S08E05, Euron´s fleet became a bunch of Stormtroopers.
  • So Daenerys destroyed the entire fleet with no problems at all. Why didn´t she do that in S08E04 after they killed her dragon? The ships were attacking her fleet, so she could easily flied up and then she justo does the dive bombing thing. Euron could have still survived, killed a dragon, and he coul still capture MESSUNDAE in the beach. The he could have said to Cersei "We lost half our fleet but we killed a Dragon and captured this girl".
  • So the city surrenders easily, and Daenerys became Anakin Skywalker. Made no sense. It made sense for her to become the mad queen, but not that way.
  • So what´s the point of the letters that Varys wrote? Useless.
  • S08E06, so nobody mentions that Jon is the true heir to the throne, not even during the election of a new king.
  • Daenerys´s death was cheesy.
  • During the election of the new king and during the council reunion, GOT turned into a Sitcom, a bad one.
  • Jon was ruined this season. He was foolish, dumb and with bad lines.
  • Tyrion was like Sherlock Holmes during S01-S06. He turned into Lestrade.
  • Bronn´s arc made no sense.
  • Sadly, Euron´s arc made no sense at all.
  • So Cersei and Jaimie could have survived if they wanted. they just needed to move a little.

I could go on...
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I always told myself that no matter how much I hate an episode, it will never deserve an 1/10.
argyroudis_st20 May 2019

I never understood why a person would rate something 1/10.

Until now.
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she's muh queen
johnwyoung13 June 2019
I dun wan et

This is what Kit Harrington said for 6 episodes of Season 8. Writing: Atrocious.
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Still sad after 7 weeks
Julia_Stark6 July 2019
Season 8 broke my heart. Years and years of build-up, of laughter, tears, despair and happiness, after falling in love with many characters and their arcs and passionately hating some others, my favourite show ever got ruined completely.

The disappointment and sadness were so monumental, that I really asked myself 'what is happening here!?' And I found the answer. I felt like after wonderful years in a beautiful relationship, the love of my life broke up with me. Suddenly. Via SMS. Without explaining anything. Without collecting their things.

And I still find belongings here and there. And I'm still mourning and lovesick. It will take a while longer I guess...
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Better if Whitewalkers had won and last episode just silence.
objviewer20 May 2019
Warning: Spoilers
Oh my. It was like a High School drama class was given access to the GOT sets and allowed to act out their own little scripts.

Where were the characters? GONE! Wonderful characters. NOT THERE! Jon Snow was so bland as to be almost lobotomized. Bron, Sam, Davos, Sansa, Arya, Yara Greyjoy, Brienne - all sitting around in that nothing scene - it was like the actors were there, but no one had given them any lines for their characters; because all the characters had disappeared into some talent sucking ether.

To say the dialogue was like in a bad soap opera is too generous.

Clear D&D just wanted to get this over with. This series should have ended with Season 6.

So sad. So sad.
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amal-saleh-kc20 May 2019
Everything is rushed and disappointing, i have no problem with the ending... my problem is how we reached this ending. They massacred the show.
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This is utterly disrespectful
Celestialwit20 May 2019
Forget all subplots, forget mystery around the White Walkers, forget The Faceless Men, Jon's heritage, forget that there once was logic and common sense in the series. The show lost everything George R.R. Martin created - a complex world of utter fantasy and everyday life with politics, war strategies and basic human needs combined in a beautiful and authentic saga which you wish would never come to an end. And the showrunners did everything in their power to ruin it. What a shame.

3 stars for the music, actors' performance and a tearful last scene of Drogon with Dany.
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6 months later and I still can't get over this
tashlast25 November 2019
Man, every time I tell myself I'm over this show, something new about it pops out and I get sad, so I came back here to express how I felt a few months back when my favorite show crashed and burned into smithereens.

I gave this show the benefit of the doubt so many times. People started doubting this show starting Season 5. I still gave it a chance. People started turning on it worse in Season 7, but I still stood tall for this show. I DEFENDED it through despite it's lows like Dorne, Sansa & Ramsay, Stannis, and title episode "Beyond the Wall", the Winterfell plot in S7, Littlefinger and whatnot because I put enough faith in David Beinoff and Dan Weiss to end this show beautifully because we were given 6-7ish good years of television. Why can't we now?

Well, I got my answer in the worst way possible. I still can't believe the nosedive of the quality in the show. So much wrong for so many absurd reasons that it doesn't take any casual viewer with 2 brain cells to see what the hell is going on. I have never in my life seen so many characters ruined in just an hour and 30 minutes. It almost makes what M. Night Shalyman did with the Avatar The Last Airbender characters look good, and he BUTCHERED the characters from the original source. But my god, D&D...What the Hell were you thinking when you were writing this? That we'd enjoy it? That the fans would understand it made sense? I have made a few arguments in the past for some of the downtrodden plots/episodes of this show (Except Dorne and Sansa) but this season was a catastrophic failure and embarrassment to everything.

From everything that has been coming out lately, you have been given so many chances. So many opportunities to make this better. And what did you do? You ignored it for the sake of that Disney money, which means NOTHING since you left that behind as well. It doesn't matter if you don't care about this show anymore, MILLIONS of people including me have dedicated our Sundays in spring YEARLY to watch a new episode of this show that you were given the responsibility to take care of. You were quite literally handed the best cast ever, the most dedicated crew, MILLIONS of cash and endless resources to make this show great. To give people a debate whether Breaking Bad, The Sopranos, or Game of Thrones were the "Best Shows of all time." Matter of the fact is, we waited 8 long years to watch our investment pay off. To make sure our money was spent well. To make sure all of the endless conversations and research meant something to you. But it didn't.

You broke the hearts of millions of fans around the world with that awful writing, and I will never watch a single thing that your names are on. Don't take those 2 stars I gave this episode in stride, for they are for GRRM and the hardworking crew and actors.

The actors honestly had it the worst. Emilia, Conleth, Kit, Peter, Lena, Gwen and Nikolaj must've had it the worst. To have their beloved characters of 10 years of their lives be flushed down the toilet. To have their character sold out for cheap shock value. They deserved better.

As for GRRM, It must've been sad for him to watch two nit wits destroy his life's work. He deserves better.

WE the fans didn't deserve to have our money and time wasted by investing in this show. We deserve better.

D&D, I dont care how many awards you guys get after this. Take that silly and undeserved "Best Drama" Emmy and go home and know that you both will go down in history for destroying this cultural landmark of a show and turning it into a meme made for mocking as everyone hangs their heads in shame talking about it. You guys blew it. And to add more salt to the wound, you can't even give your cast and (FORMER) fanbase the decent respect to give them an ending worth the near decade worth of investment into this series OR a proper explanation. Shame on both of you. Truly, shame on you both.

(Edit/Update:) So it's May 2020, I'm currently in quarentine, and since I just binged all of the good shows I needed to catch up with and I currently have nothing better to watch, and I'm completely over my rage for GOT, I tried rewatching it for old times sake. My initial plan was to just stop at S6, but only 3 episodes into S1 and I HAD to quit. It's true, all it takes is one bad season to ruin an entire show. The entertainment value is shot. I'm watching and everytime the characters explain or tell a story about the lore of the universe all I can do is roll my eyes or yell at the TV and be reminded of how utterly useless everything that was established in the earlier seasons became in the final seasons. The legacy of this show is really ruined. Last year that was just my blind anger reviewing and speaking, now this is me talking from a calmer mindset than I was when the show ended. You can't even enjoy the GOOD seasons without being reminded of how useless everything became. There is no point to this show at all. This taint has carried over to the books for me as well because if the S8 ending is truly whats planned for the books, I don't want to waste my time. It's so sad now.

Oh well, I wanted to just update my feelings about this show as we approach the one year anniversary of its disappointing conclusion. Mother's day last year was rage enticing for a lot of GOT fans since we watched the character assasinations of every remaining character on this show. Next week Sunday is the anniversary of this show's final destruction. Might as well give insight as to what the show looks like from fresh and calmer eyes a year later. Guys, it's not worth the rewatch at all.

The best thing I can say about this show is that now, whenever you hate someone you can just recommend this show to them. Get them all invested to be disappointed by the time they spent binging and getting invested in the characters and stuff as a revenge tactic.

I still stand by original rant review a year ago. My rating will remain at 2 stars just for sympathetic feelings towards the cast and crew. In my head, it's a -5 for D&D.
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mason-murphy15 October 2019
Warning: Spoilers
8 seasons. Supernatural creatures from beyond the wall, a prophesy, the many faced god, the lord of light, dragons, battles, magic, mythology. None of it mattered.

It was all so Westeros could switch from a monarchy to a committee. Yep. That was what the whole thing was about. Gods literally returned people from the dead so they could switch to a committee.

The best programme on TV has the worst ending I've ever seen. They wanted it finished, they didn't know how to end it, so they cobbled together a few fan theories and abandoned the entire history of the show.

Absolutely awful.
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Not good.
I don't even have the energy to complain anymore. The ending sucked. That's it.
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W- what?
haris-mustajbasic21 May 2019
Four stars for:
  • the first one for music (it is incredible, hands down)
  • the second one for work behind the camers and for all of the staff that worked hard to create such an experience
  • the third one for the few of the characters which development was huge and they were actually viewable and likeable
  • the fourth one is for the actors, who actually played their roles perfectly (even if the script sucked)

Six missing stars are for:
  • episode 1 of season 8
  • episode 2 of season 8
  • episode 3 of season 8
  • episode 4 of season 8
  • episode 5 of season 8
  • episode 6 of season 8

Thank you for your time.
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Imagine a Turkey
lingonius12 July 2019
A turkey being stuffed for Thanksgiving Day. You stuff it, and stuff it, and stuff it. You stuff it for 7 seasons and put it in the oven.

The 8th season comes out and the turkey looks amazing! It's got a lot of meaning & effort put into it! Now it's finally time to enjoy the delicious turkey!

Then the turkey gets thrown away... and you're served Instant Noodles.

Hey! I wanted that turkey!

Ah, well, there an egg in those instant noodles. Be happy!


This is what Game of Thrones is in the end. A seven course meal finished off with cheap thrills.
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How do I rate 0/10?
nuno-5826520 May 2019
Because it was that bad. Such a disappointment. My expectations were below the ground already, yet this finale still managed to leave me dumbfounded.
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D&D should be ashamed of themselves,
NatashaJAmos201519 June 2019
What a way to treat your loyal fans with this rubbish!
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Great Disappointment...
ahmetkozan20 May 2019
We left behind a year in which the fans had been waiting a long time, ran from theories to theories, brainstormed and all expectations were destroyed in the 8th season. At some point, I can almost say that I was almost happy to say the series is over. Why does such a series end up so bad? Character development was ignored. Very big disappointment. It would be better if Drogon and Ghost made sex in the final.

I would have preferred a finale that was left open but created a big effect. We didn't need to know what was happening to every character, that they were all happy and strong. Almost democracy was coming. I couldn't see the finale that was bittersweet. The creators of the series once again proved how unsuccessful they were without a source. You can see this difference in diplomatic sentences easily by opening a random episode from the first three to four seasons of the series. 1/10
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The greatest TV show of all time had the worst finale
ljeezo20 May 2019
There's a poetic justice to that.

if you are considering getting into this show now, save yourself.

and now my watch has ended.
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Just like Kit Harington said; 'Dissapointing'
esmensemihuysal20 May 2019
The expectations were so high, it was almost bound to be dissapointing. Safe to say I was feeling let down after watching this episode.
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I feel like Tommen in 6x10
juliagianinne20 May 2019
Well, they did subverted my expectations. That this would be satisfying in any way.
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Don't tell me I don't know this show
irishlion-0387520 May 2019
Warning: Spoilers
If you're giving any of these episodes a 10/10, defending it unconditionally because you think this is what game of thrones is, you're very sadly mistaken and need to go back to watching Disney's Star Wars movies because you're devoid of recognizing any semblance of quality story telling. I've been with this show from the very beginning. I watched in awe as Ned Stark was beheaded, the red wedding came to a bloody climax, Jon Snow was betrayed and stabbed to death for doing what he thought was right. None of that was 'subverting my expectations.' It was good, quality storytelling that stayed consistent with the progression of each character's storyline and showed who the characters were and would do. In this last season, we've seen characters act out in ways that are completely inconsistent with how they've acted the entire series prior. We watched the story arcs of Jaime, the hound, and Dany all become completely null and void. We watched Jon Snow become a glorified extra, demanding the question why he was even brought back from the dead. We watched the night king become a B-movie villain. We watched the character assassinations of greats like Varys, Cersei, and Tyrion. We did not get one semblance of a satisfactory ending and there's nothing you can say that will justify this lazily thrown together abomination that is game of thrones season 8. This show now officially has the worst ending of any show in the history of television and we're right to be angry.
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Imagine if "Avatar: The Last Airbender" ended like Game of Thrones
jpferris-317753 July 2020
Warning: Spoilers
Ozai is defeated by Sokka halfway through the final season. Aang never actually uses the other elements for anything and just stands around uselessly. Zuko then declares that he never cared about his honor, abandons team Avatar and goes back to join Azula, then they both get killed by falling bricks. Toph completely forgets about metal bending and never uses it again despite plenty of situations where it would've obviously been useful. All the Airbenders are inexplicably back for the final battle despite all being dead. Katara goes crazy and destroys Ba Sing Se before being killed by Aang. Momo then becomes the new Firelord. Then the show ends with Aang just walking off and going back into the iceberg. What a let-down.
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A parody ending to what was a brilliant series
rdahwich20 May 2019
Warning: Spoilers
Season 8 has been a complete disappointment.

The final episode is a disgrace. The way they have butchered story lines such as us seeing Dany for 7 seasons being trained how to rule to suddenly becoming the Mad Queen. Jon whose only purpose is to say uh dunt wunt it and has been borderline useless since he was resurrected.

The finale is what a 14 year old fanfic would end it as.

D&D ruined the series as soon as they ran out of material from GRRM.
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I thought this would be the show I'd rewatch every year all my life.
marsagishviligig20 May 2019
I'm certain I won't be watching it again, thought the same when S8E3 came out, but I gave the show benefit of the doubt. Now I'm certain. There's no fun rewatching it when you know how disappointing the ending will be. Thank you D&D. To the amazing actors and the rest of the crew: You did an amazing job. Those reviews aren't for you.
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The most anticlimactic plot ever
Schopenpurrr20 May 2019
Warning: Spoilers
The way Dany, Cersei, and the Night King died, is like a bad and rushed joke. Worst ending ever to such a brilliant show!
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