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Typical indie
Leofwine_draca22 August 2019
Warning: Spoilers
CRUCIBLE OF THE VAMPIRE is nothing more than a typical indie horror movie, hot on location and attempted atmosphere but absolutely lacking everything else required to make a 'proper' movie. There's cardboard characterisation, block-headed scripting, a singular lack of incident, and a plot that seems to have been mish-mashed together from bits and pieces of other, better movies. The only cast member of note is poor old Neil Morrissey, whose appearance in this makes I BOUGHT A VAMPIRE MOTORCYCLE look like a masterpiece by comparison.
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Ambitious story-telling on a small budget.
parry_na13 April 2019
Warning: Spoilers
Director Iain Ross-McNamee makes very good use of what is clearly a small budget, for this UK horror story. Veteran actors Brian Croucher (Doctor Who, Blake's 7 and EastEnders) and Neil Morrissey (Boon, Men Behaving Badly) feature alongside newer names to give a good variety of ages and acting.

Special effects are used with great restraint, and when they do occur, are pretty impressive. The locations, and the vampiric atmospherics they bring about due to fine cinematography, are more immersive than the story being told, however. Rather than a traditional 'Wicker Man'-style tale of mysterious locals and cavorting sects, I think a weirder, more personal story would have benefitted from McNamee's talents. There is a certain Jean Rollin-esque style to some of the latter scenes and the way they are composed. Rather than embracing a style of film that has been told more expensively elsewhere, a more dream-like narrative would have been more suitable. There are several nods in that direction, with a certain erotic charge involving the excellent Katie Goldfinch (as Isabelle) and Florence Cady (Scarlet) and some fine locations (beautifully lit) with a dark fairy-tale quality. A little more of this and this enjoyable 96 minutes might well have been even more absorbing.
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Crucible Of The Vampire
a_baron28 August 2021
This is a surprising gem from a slimmed down UK film industry, one lacking nothing for originality. A young assistant museum curator is sent to a decrepit country home where the eccentric owner claims to have found an important relic buried in the basement. He wants, or claims to want, big bucks for it, but it soon transpires there is a great deal more afoot. For one thing, there is a mysterious grey lady type figure walking around the house at night, or was Isabelle dreaming like she was dreaming the lesbian encounter with the owner's daughter? Heck, that was real too?

This is for the most part a psychological thriller, but just when you think it may disappoint, things get really gory towards the end, including a life or death chase through the house, and a spectacular final scene when, just in case you had thought these country bumpkins were simply mad, the shocking truth is confirmed.
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Folk Horror Vampire
Pairic1 June 2021
Crucible Of the Vampire: An interesting Folk Horror film which has echoes of Witchfinder General, The Wicker Man and the Vampire Lovers. A young archaeologist, Isabelle (Katie Goldfinch) travels to a Gothic stately pile to examine half a cauldron which has been found during renovations. This may be the missing half of a Druidic cauldron which Isabelle's University holds. The family at the old house are rather creepy with the father apparently intent on selling the artifact. The dancing daughter has her sights set on Isabelle. There are flashbacks to the 17th Century when a Witchfinder and his soldiers hang a man they accuse of sorcery and cleave his cauldron in twain. The local woods are reputed to have been cursed by evil since ancient times. Some of the effects are a bit ropey but there are are effective dream and vision sequences. The mansion provides long corridors for chasing and the Vampires do have some bite. Not a classic but worth watching. Directed and Co-Written by Iain Ross-McNamee. I watched the Director's Cut on Flick Vault. 6/10.
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Lacking atmosphere
mjsreg19 February 2019
Like so many indie low-budget films around at the moment this film had a story that could have turned in to a really good movie, but was spoiled by lack of attention to detail and not giving much thought to creating atmosphere.

Very poor use of lighting for much of the film which felt more like a corporate video at times, and camera angles that didn't allow the viewer to visually construct a world they could become engaged in or be drawn in to.

These are things that don't cost money and don't take much time to give thought to. They had the tools but not the creativity to use them to best effect.

It is such a shame when an indie film has such potential to be really good.

The acting was OK considering the experience of many of the actors - but again it felt like there was significant lack of direction or exploration in the scene.

Then there is attention to detail at the location. It was plainly obvious that this is not someone's house (let alone home), with fire points and commercial hotel like equipment in just about every shot. These could have been easily moved or disguised. Again, attention to detail was lacking.

It is not a bad movie by any means, but don't expect much from it.
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Reminds me of the old Hammer Films
johnanthonymazzei19 February 2019
Warning: Spoilers
It's a Gothic vampire tale, as an homage it's great. I agree with another reviewer the musical score alone is worth the price of admission. The protagonist, Katie Goldfinch, has a future in action films. ...This film touched every base from the hokey characters, the strange reveals, stupid choices people make in horror movies.... It fell short of the amount of gratuitous nudity Hammer was famous for, although there is a silly and hot soft core seduction scene. The constant fade to black for no good reason over and over again was annoying. As were the inverted color sequences. All in all not a bad flick.
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Horrendously awful.
lilyloo-7980717 June 2019
Terrible acting, script, music, sound effects and editing. Really really bad, not in a way that it could become a cult movie, just in the throw it in the fire never to be seen again way! I mean come on a shot of a hedge filling the screen whizzing by....if i could give it minus 10 i would!
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No no no
mazetastan17 March 2019
Not a good movie at all. Everything too amateur, boring, cheap conversations, no composition.
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You cannot be serious!
joffday11 March 2019
I have stopped writing reviews on IMDB due to the sheer quantity of films we watch.

"Can you get a vampire movie/" my wife asked. As there hadn't been any vampire movies for a long tie I decided to get this. Huge mistake.

This movie is a disaster in every way. The acting, the directing, the dialogue, the 'special' effects, the actors themselves - what a mess. How anyone could have come up with the money for this piece of garbage is a wonder.

Please - spare yourself a waste of 96 minutes and watch paint dry - it will be more interesting.
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Purely Lockdown Material
caniac-8829116 February 2021
I would be embarrassed to be be associated with this film. It suffers from a personality disorder in which the film does not know what it is. It seemingly starts with a purpose and that purpose is fleeting after 10 minutes. Isabelle is the only competent character throughout. But even she could not save this pile of dog dirt.
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A highschool play at best
milesd-9052921 February 2019
Total rubbish, very bad acting, zero atmosphere and I mean no atmosphere what so ever. Ridiculous storyline, plot holes galore, I fell asleep twice watching this garbage, the ending is laughable as is the whole movie, I honestly thought it was a tongue in cheek not to be taken seriously movie, but that wasn't the intention from the film. Makers, low budget or not it's just a very very bad movie. D movie is giving it a compliment. AVOID. And ignore the high score reviews, they are paid reviews.
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Dracula is spinning in his grave
fnord-2117 February 2019
Warning: Spoilers
Wimpiest vampires ever, and that's including the ones in the Twilight movies. Dumb, too, one forgets she's a vampire and runs out into broad daylight just to burst into flames. I've seen better CGI from an Amiga 1000.
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Actually suprised
danfurtado-1122118 February 2019
Watched this one by chance and was pleasantly surprised, It''s low budget but it still feels like a movie, the plot was kinda forgettable the acting was ok.

The best part of the film imo was the set and location looked really nice especially if you like victorian era buildings, Secondly the sound and music were really good and really loud. The music choice fit and really boosted the tension in some of the scenes.

It's a below average horror movie with some cool scenery a couple good moments but a bit boring;
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Could have been but...
veracosta01-569-78963411 August 2019
The actress playing Scarlet did get on my nerves. I could accept that the whole thing is kind of amateurish but come on... Could the acting be so bad?
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Decent low budget film
khrystynakernytska726 May 2019
If you are willing to accept all the aspects that come with a low budget, such as unpolished camera work, amateur acting and lack of special effects, than this is a decent niece film to watch for those who like vampire movies or low budget horror.

The main actress was the only one that could portray a realistic character with some depth of emotion. Never the less, the suspension is decent in this one.

If you like polished high-end Hollywood blockbusters skip this one, if you appreciate low budget fun projects, add this to your watch list.
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Entertaining with some class scenes
Hugofoscolo6 February 2019
Warning: Spoilers
IMO two of the most important things a film needs are (1) a decent plot and (2) characters one can have empathy for. This film delivers on both and hence held my attention for it's entire duration. In addition there are a number of very memorable scenes. Neil Morrissey meeting his demise is an especially good one and the dream sequence being another. Some of the camera work is also first rate, though that's not to say it all is, and some scenes could have done with a reshoot. After all the film has obviously been spent on a budget. In addition the acting ranges from very good to very mediocre, though as a whole the cast held together well and left the viewer happy to join the ride as it cascaded on towards it's classic horror film ending. In all I've given the film 7 out of 10, but if I were scoring based on enjoyment only, I'd have given it a 9.
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Not awful, but a frustrating watch
TravisHighrise13 August 2019
It would be very easy to dismiss a movie like this, but it's not the total disaster that some have described it as. Certainly there are a number of short set pieces which were engaging. What lets it down is the desire to be too many things: is it a vampire movie, a psychological thriller or a ghost story? is it based on power, revenge, or lust? At various points it tries to be all of these things but sadly never truly manages to be any of them well. There are far too many unnecessary ingredients here, which means that the good ideas don't have room to breathe, and not enough space is given to the viewer to become truly engaged before the plot jumps on to the next part of the story.

Casting is a positive, and despite what has been said, the acting is never terrible. For the most part the central characters deliver their lines well but again, crowded out by too many ideas, the dialogue ends up needing to push the plot forward rather than allowing them to relate especially well to each other. Far too often, the moment any interesting relationship starts to develop, we are shunted on to the next set piece like a passenger on a ghost train. This limits the opportunities for the actors to bring us anything that we might empathise with.

As a classic Hammer enthusiast, I really wanted to enjoy this film, and there are some genuine highlights for fans of the genre that make it worth a look, but like the crucible in the story itself, what could have been a powerful story is left disjointed and half-buried. Every time it piqued my interest, it changed its mind about where it was going. The ambition is admirable, but in the end the characters, the plot, and ultimately the viewer are all left bravely grasping for something that they never quite reach.
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A classic British modern vampire horror thriller! 10/10
pyeo-687242 March 2019
A great British vampire horror thriller which cleverly links the modern day with the 1600s and 1800s too... Great actors, great performances, perfect atmospheric locations and HD cinematography ABF superb sound mean that this film is well worth a watch and show that Director Iain Ross McNamee/Ghost Dog Films are capable of pulling off a great film in UK that will keep you entertained and wondering what will happen next!
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