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Typical cat and mouse game directed ok with plot issues.
TheTopDawg7 December 2018
Nothing extraordinary in this typical cat and mouse film. Novice writer/director Matthew Hope did a decent job directing the cameras but not so much in directing his cast, as most actors were missing their 'skip in their step', especially Milo Gibson. The pacing was a bit drab, and the writing had many plot issues. The fight scenes choreography was surprisingly decent and the military tactics on point. Milo Gibson's acting was too stale, as the majority of his lines were too monotonic and he seem asleep throughout most of his dialogue. His fight scenes however, were on point. For me, the only three stand-out lead actors were William Fichtner (too bad only a mall role - haven't seen him do much lately), Joseph Millson, and Gbenga Akinnagbe killed it (well, compared to the rest). And enjoyable film to see if you're craving action and nothing else to watch on a Sunday afternoon, but nothing memorable. It's a 6/10 from me.
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Realistic Action with small budget
kaintrust26 December 2018
I like the movies with realism in their action scenes. It makes you to get in to the film more. I have to give credits for John Street and his amazing team. From holding the gun to the preparing for battle, you definitely feel that actors got trainings. Director got an excellent job to allow the actors to use the militaristic atmosphere. The simplicity of scenario and gives the message to the audience what the movie is about. When it is about mercenaries, it is every men is for himself. Even Milo Gibson shows his characters dark side with the ideology. I enjoyed the movie overall. Gun battles reminded me Den of Thieves realism. And the general concept of the movie reminded me Ronin. I would recommend to every action movie lover.
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Great action movie
bingobongbangotango20 January 2019
This is a solid movie and a great action movie. The plot is mostly predictable and probably something you've seen before. What makes the action great is the realism. The gun fighting is up there and believable. Sure our hero survives a few times he shouldn't but that's what makes it an action movie. My biggest complaint is probably that the payoff didn't really exist. "Mission Accomplished" came to mind at the end. What was it all for?
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Authentic characters, intensity and betrayal
kdc-431678 January 2019
This film is vastly underrated for starters. The storyline is compelling and the characters are pretty close to what CIA black ops would hire. Emotionally damaged what some might say psychotic or sociopaths but it is never the case. They are all broken. How can you be sure you ask? Because everyone is vetted before joining the military. They are tested as a team and will die for their brothers. Everyone else for the few that have shut down are nothing. On the surface, but underneath it eats away at their souls. They are discarded when no longer useful. The film is intense and it shows how they all feel invincible but in the end they are just as fragile as anyone. Well worth watching.
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Very underated and so very much worth checking out
gazzyace30 January 2019
I can't believe this flick only managed a 5! A really well put together little piece, nice action, nice pace, well acted, well written and nicely directed. Like what's the problem man? Gibson was great and offered awesome intensity, those eyes in that review mirror, man oh man! Reminded me of his Dad way back there as Max. I really enjoyed it and it was a nice break from all the tawdry bs CGI crap that's so become the norm these days. Check this one out. 7.5 from me.
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If you've watched the trailer, you've watched the movie...
roelvbreukelen13 January 2019
Movie is just as bad as the trailer represents it to be.
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Not worth money and time
chnjose27 December 2018
No storyline, no acting, no dialogues, plot predictable - in short, not worth any time and money.
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Action packed & High Energy flick with double-dealing and betrayal
albertrat31 January 2019
I just finished watching te movie . I really enjoyed the entire movie. The action scenes are well done in the movies own unique style ...this is not your generic John Wick style with the obvious cascade of events. The back and forth double crosses Keeps you guessing what the outcome will be....The ending was kinda in the successful hollywood style we've all come to know and like ... But even that didn't workout quite the way I anticipated.... All the actors did a great job...Milo Gibson (the 5th. son of Mel Gibson) was stellar. That man has a great future in films ..also nice to see William Fichtner again. For movie enthusiasts that enjoy this style of mercenaries, shoot em up with a sprinkle of skullduggery should by all rights enjoy this movie....I did ....
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Could have been so good, but it wasn't
ajwinslow-121 February 2019
Good story, good cast, decent budget, original ideas and more realistic than average effects and combat scenes. Unfortunately it somehow missed. The characters were hard difficult to care about or relate to. The story was hard to follow and didn't "flow" making the movie a series of violent scenes that didn't really seem to have much relation to each other. Maybe one more draft of the script, a touch more effort from the actors and a little more direction would have helped! I'd watch it again, only if I didn't have other choices. Maybe I'll just wait another 10 years for the remake. It would be nice to see what another director and cast could do with it.
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Working in the Shadows
lavatch19 February 2019
Warning: Spoilers
In the bonus track of the DVD of "All the Devil's Men," writer-director Matthew Hope discussed his goal in exposing how the CIA began as an intelligence gathering organization, but evolved into "an assassination agency."

At least Lyndon Johnson agreed with Hope when he famously remarked that the CIA was "running a Murder, Inc." operation. As it turns out, the film was more of a standard action film than a political exposé, and Hope's directorial skills are better than his screenwriting.

A weakness of the film was in the character of Leigh, who is the CIA operative directing the lead character Collins and his fellow "bounty hunters," who are contract killers with an endless supply of assignments. Leigh was never entirely credible as the rogue agent motivated primarily by personal reasons to avenge the death of her father, who was beheaded by the film's villain in South Waziristan in northwest Pakistan.

According to the bonus segment, the film had pretensions of showing how "empires are destroyed from within." But the viewer is confronted by such a convoluted plot and so many double-crosses that it was difficult to contemplate the big picture of an intelligence agency run amok and "working in the shadows." There were also too many clichés in the scripting, including such lines as, "Are we protecting the homeland, or are we just making more enemies?"

Milo Gibson is good in the leading role of the beleaguered veteran contract agent. Gibson is the son of actor Mel Gibson, and, although Milo is much stockier than his dad, the facial resemblance is uncanny. Gibson turned in a credible performance.

In the bonus track, Hope described how the film was intended as a throwback to such thrillers as "The French Connection." But that film had superb plotting, well-rounded characters, and the gritty realism of international crime, features that were missing in "All the Devil's Men."
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