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Diary of a Wimpy Kid, The Long haul - Simply put - don't waste your time on this awful attempt to resurrect the past!
donjohngone21 May 2017
Diary of a Wimpy Kid, the Long Haul, simply put, is a bad Film.

Summing up The Diary of a Wimpy Kid, The Long haul = Predictable dialogue, predictable action, predictable repetitive jokes from the past, a lousy no-chemistry cast, and profoundly boring. The fact that everyone in the cast comes off as "acting" is just another nail in the coffin.

About 98% of the reviews on Long Haul point out how bad the movie is. Variety and Hollywood Reporter gave it some kudos. Which shows that a big studio, like Fox, can still "Pay Off" reviewers in an attempt at not making the film a "total bust", which it is.

You had an iconic cast in the first 3 movies that were excellent. The original cast had charm, chemistry, great interaction, and made 3 very entertaining movies based upon Jeff Kinney's Diary of a Wimpy Kid series. This movie, Diary of a Wimpy Kid, the Long Haul, just doesn't connect at all.

The Long Haul film is sort of like a stand alone idea created in an attempt to "con" the public into thinking this is a continuation of the original three movies. It is nothing of the kind. The movie is so bad on all accounts that 20th Century Fox had to go out and try and get the original cast members to say something nice about the movie. But that just came off as a "cheap hustle".

The story and performances are not funny. This movie reeks of predictable action and dialogue, as well as a cast that are, simply put - just bad, without cohesiveness or chemistry.

Our 4 kids, my wife and I really enjoyed the first 3 Wimpy Kid movies and we watch them over again, to this day. I don't think anyone could ever take the place of Zachary Gordon as Greg Heffley, even though a very weak attempt was tried. Gordon "was" Heffley and performed masterfully as the main character and kept true to the personality of Kinney's book series character. In the Wimpy Kid, Long Haul, the part of Rowley, which was so prominent in the first 3 movies and in Kinney's book series, has been completely downplayed to almost non-existence, with little screen time. Let's not even talk about the actor who they chose to play Rowley - what an amateur and not believable in any way.

The actor who plays Rodrick came out of "left field" and is a farce in that he doesn't fit the character of Roderick both in physiology and performance. He doesn't match the characterization as written by Jeff Kinney. Devon Bostick (the original Rodrick) could surely have played the part since Hollywood uses 25-35 year-old's to play Jr. High and High School kids anyway. In addition, attempting to replace Rachel Harris and Steve Zahn with Barrymore and Tom-Everet makes it all an underwhelming, futile attempt at movie making.

This is a movie that should never have been made. The original movies were fun and entertaining. Wimpy Kid, Long Haul is an empty attempt to make money as an "after-thought" and rip off the public because Fox was too stupid to make 6 back-to-back Wimpy movies, which they could have done, when they had the opportunity. Apparently, 20th Century Fox is not a pro-active or foresightful studio as, for example, Warner Brothers or Universal would have been. Ie: Warner Bros shot Harry Potter movies back to back. Fox could have easily made 6 Wimpy Kid series movies from the original cast long before they matured and everyone would have been happy.

Don't waste your time or money on this poor attempt at resurrecting the Wimpy Kid movie world. If the studio had 1/2 a brain, they would have made this an Animation Film instead, which might have garnered some interest from the fans.

Find something else to do with your own time or kids this weekend as sitting through the Wimpy Kid, Long Haul is just that - a boring long haul.
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This is just disappointing. Shame on Jeff for this one.
myawaire20 July 2019
THIS movie is terrible. Literally. See, I'm not even gonna get into the cast cause they are people, but when I first saw the trailer I was confused on who tf these people were and why Greg went down 5 ages, but I'm not gonna talk about that. I thought if I watched the film it would override the cast, but it DIDNT.

First of all the acting makes my head hurt because it's so BAD. Not everyone, but A few. Not only is the acting bad, but the story isn't ANYTHING like the book. The only thing that's true are a few things, like the road trip and that purple family, but that's it. I get how doawk usually doesn't exactly follow its book in the movies, but at least it's more than this movie. And they use other parts from different books in their other movies, this one they just went a completely different route.

There were no video game competitions, there wasn't any "youtubers" like wtf. I could barely even finish it because it was making me angry, it was cringey, and I HATED IT. this movie is bad, they shouldn't have made it in the first place. Shame on you Jeff Kinney. Shame on the producers, shame on the casting director, and shame on whoever was the idiot to think "we should make another wimpy film but this time for follow the storyline at all!".
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Like when you accidentally buy Great Value chips instead of Lays.
jace_the_film_guy14 September 2021
This film is unwatchable. I suffered through the 91 minutes, which somehow felt longer than the extended edition of Fellowship of the Ring. The new cast was horrific, the script was aimed at toddlers and the acting was the worst that I have seen in recent memory. While I do not think that the original films are phenomenal, I spent the majority of the film wishing that I was watching one of them. Diary of a Wimpy Kid: The Long Haul lacked charm and felt like when you accidentally buy Great Value chips instead of Lays.
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National Lampoon for a younger audience
amesmonde31 May 2017
Greg Heffley (Jason Drucker) is looking forward to a long summer of just hanging out, but his mother forces the entire family to take a road trip for a relative's birthday celebration.

Wimpy Kid veteran David Bowers directs a briskly paced family comedy in the vein of National Lampoon's (only a version for a younger audience). The cast include the familiar faces of actors Alicia Silverstone and Tom Everett Scott who are accompanied by some fresh faced new comers who play Wimpy Kid favourites Greg, Rodrick and Rowley. The players are forgivably not as settled into their roles quite yet but nonetheless are entertaining. Some editing aside Bowers offers a well made good looking film. Long Haul is a road trip where almost every outlandish gag is borrowed from another comedy but it's put together well enough to get pleasure from. It also amusingly touches on the over reliance of technology within a family.

If your child is a fan of the Wimpy Kid series, they'll no doubt enjoy this one, it's entertaining and lowbrow enough to also appease the moodiest of teens and grumpiest adults.
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So disappointing, my son and I walked out.
tanya-713-25404920 May 2017
Definitely one of the worst movies I've ever seen. The dialogue, the acting (I am embarrassed for Alicia Silverstone. It's been way too long honey. Did you need the money this badly? Maybe write another vegan cookbook?) I have only walked out of a movie theater once before in my life because it was too violent. But I tried to hold out on this, hoping it would redeem itself, or there would be some funny little tidbits, but no. My son and I were cringing throughout the entire first half of the film and I finally gave in to his requests, could we PLEASE leave?! The first three Diary of a Wimpy Kid movies were funny. We own them. We've been huge fans. WHY make this? And when I saw the budget was an estimated $20,000,000 I was aghast! Great movies have been made for less than 2M. How did this even make it to theaters!?
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Funny movie
pierre_bal15 April 2018
Great movie with a lot of funny moments. I really enjoyed watching it.
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I love this film series but this one is a STINKER
MinistryofDoom2 July 2018
First of all, let's get this out of the way. No, your eyes are not deceiving you. Yes, they did RECAST THE ENTIRE FAMILY, all of 'em, even the dorky friend. They've all been replaced. Steve Zahn? Gone. Rachel Harris? Gone. Zachary Gordon? Gone. In their place we have Tom Everett Scott and Alicia Silverstone as the parents and Jason Drucker taking on the role of Zachary Gordon. Now, I love Alicia Silverstone....or did. Way back in the 90s, she was the "it girl" and she did some pretty great films back then, Hollywood hasn't really been kind to her since then. Her last MAJOR Hollywood film was Scooby Doo 2: Monsters Unleashed, alright? So other than featuring on TV shows, she hasn't really done any worthwhile work in Hollywood films. This could have been her triumphant return to the big screen but the dialogue was bad, the plot was extremely stupid, and honestly, it looks like she was trying too hard to fit the role and it wasn't working. She was over-acting in most of her scenes and it made her look like a cartoon character more than the mom that Rachel Harris spent 3 films developing. The kid that took over the role of Greg (the main character) also seemed like he was trying way too hard to imitate Zachary Gordon. I imagine the producers probably sat him down and made him watch the previous Diary of a Wimpy Kid films so that he could perfect his imitation. Instead of being the role, he seemed like he was trying to be someone else being the role. It wasn't working.

Shame on you Warner Brothers for putting out this garbage. This film should never have been made. Not without the original cast and certainly not without the hilarious writing and quirky dialogue that made the previous films what they were. Instead of re-casting the family, they SHOULD HAVE made a sequel with the same cast, playing the same roles, but older in age.....because you know.....kids grow up, right?

Too long/Didn't read: Don't waste your time on this stinker. Pretend it doesn't exist and just continue to enjoy the previous films for what they were.
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Children only
Alanjackd11 June 2017
Firstly..I read reviews clearly written by adults...what on earth are you up to writing a review of a kids movie? It's not made for you so stay well alone!

If you want to review movies , review a movie made for your own age and not a kids movie.

The litmus test is how the audience re-acts. I have to say in my local theatre they loved it..that is the kids loved it...laughing all the way through at the gross and the funny..That's because it's MADE for them.

I almost enjoyed it myself as I picked up on the fun from the atmosphere. Obviously it's not a Glenngarry or a Missing( if you don't know these movies then my point has been made about you watching kids movies)!

I would hope that the adults will stay away from reviewing kids movies and stop giving it low scores...that is unfair. If kids reviewed grown up movies they would also give low scores..that too would be unfair.

This is a chirpy and silly laughfest for kids and families ...lots of laughter and mayhem with a new cast.( how dare the actors grow up and not be able to play the roles...shocking)!

Well worth a visit with the little ones !!
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WATCH the movie, you will be glad you did
the_doofy27 July 2017
I went into this w/ low expectations, given the reviews and the trailer. I came away with some decent laughs and an appreciation for a family comedy that spent a lot of time making some important points on modern American family life today.

There is real moral to this movie, and it probably sets some viewers off. There is also enough original humor to make it a movie well worth watching. Having experienced a lot of long road trips, I could relate to a lot of the movie.

The movie brings in original whimpy script in that it is not embracing the school environment or the social pressures of modern school kids in this country. INSTEAD it brings in a whole different conflict genre, the challenge of modern families being a family. I'm pretty sure the whole point to this movie has been missed by the naysayers.

In summary, a very good modern comedy that is clean (for a change) and makes some powerful points about families in today's age of on line gaming addiction.
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Worth My Family's Time
sonnyismail20 May 2017
I'm a fairly tough reviewer and critic, however I don't review very often, and I wanted to contribute to this particular movie because of the ironic reviews from the media and professional critics. I have two girls - 7 and 5 years old - and the older one absolutely begged me to watch this movie. I also wanted to watch it from the trailer and from the prior movie editions I've seen in the past, however this one I was very hesitant on after reading up on the reviews. After reading one specific review right before mine, I decided to take the plunge. I felt like kicking myself afterwards since I don't like wasting my time and energy on worthless movies these days. I'll just get to the point: This movie was so awesome and family oriented. A lot of laughter and humour and just good, quality family bonding chemistry in the picture... And the positive energy transfers over to real life as well... I would honestly rate this movie between a 7 and a 8, so I rounded up because it is well-deserved. My kiddo reads the books after the series as well. I admire all the creativity and work put into these series, especially this one as well. They say this one is not the same, but I beg to differ. This one is also worth the watch - every single bit if not more. Go see it with your family if you are hesitant like I was!
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christopherholich19 May 2017
I got like...no words. How do you mess up this badly? I like watching movies its a thing of mine, but.....I just wasted my time watching this movie. There is no redeeming factor to this movie, absolutely none. Now look the original movies based on the books are mildly bad and are just enjoyable bad movies to watch if you're below the age of like 12. But nobody should be forced to sit through this film. NO ONE. Does anybody remember #NotMyRodrick? Well they were right as you compare this Rodrick to older Rodrick, its like comparing Justin Bieber to Whitney Houston.

This movie is full with fart and poop jokes and terrible child acting. Don't force yourself to see this movie. You have kids? Take them to see Guardians Of The Galaxy Vol. 2 instead, if you already have then save your money for Cars 3 or something. Do not waste it on this.
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Genuinely funny with great performances
comeintomyshop27 May 2017
I can't understand why so many reviewers hate this movie. This is a genuinely funny, warm and silly movie that had my 8 year-old and I laughing throughout. For my daughter, this is the best Wimpy Kid movie so far. For me, Alicia Silverstone steals the show as the harassed mom desperate for quality, screen-free time with her family. I'm no fan of the earlier movies so have no baggage about losing the old cast. But one star? Objectively? Come on. This is funnier and more touching than most family movies us parents have to sit through. Forget the mob. I highly recommend it.
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Humor only a 6 year old would laugh at
cjroosen20 May 2017
I went to this movie with very low expectations, and I was very disappointment by this movie. I am a huge fan of the Wimpy Kid book and movie series, so when I heard they were making a fourth movie I was very happy. Those feelings did not last. The acting is very bad, the humor is so gross and forced and the new actors do not capture the same likeness as the old actors. Many of the jokes revolve around poop, farts and throw up. What made these jokes worse was that they were executed poorly. The only good thing about the movie was that the ending scene was very cute and actually made me smile.

If you wish to see the movie, wait a couple of months and rent it, it is not worth the ticket prices.
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Stop Complaining and Enjoy it
T-ZER027 July 2017
I don't know why people are whining so much about this film. I read the Diary of a Wimpy Kid books and watch the movies. This movie was fine. I enjoyed it. Yes, people are complaining about the casting. But here's my thoughts on the matter. Jeff Kinney said in an interview if they were to make a new one, he would have no choice but to recast.

Yes, people are complaining about Charlie Wright as Rodrick, but he was fine. If there's one thing I learned from recent movies and TV shows. It's that every once in a while you won't get who you wanted casted. I can't do anything about Ben Affleck being casted as Batman, or Joan Whittaker being the next Doctor on Doctor Who.

Speaking of which, I loved the casting of Alicia Silverstone as Susan Heffley. To me it was an great move in the casting's part. It was like casting Marisa Tomnei as Aunt May. Alicia does the role well and she makes me think: "Is that Greg's mom?"

So all you haters, if you love Diary of a Wimpy Kid, watch this film. If you want to keep hating, go ahead. But I don't think the haters are giving this film a fair chance.
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This movie needs to die a painful death
georgeaehret29 May 2017
I don't know where to begin with this piece of crap. I hesitate to call this a movie or film. And for good reason. If Alicia Silverstone wants to get her career back, she can kiss that dream goodbye after starring in this thing. After seeing this and Rings this year, Tusk has some STIFF competition for worst film of the decade. I took a bathroom break in the middle of the film and I must say that me being in the bathroom for three minutes was the best part of the movie. And I RARELY say that about a movie. This movie is horrible from start to finish. The "jokes" were cringe-worthy to say the least and it just pandered to parents whose kids were always on their phones. They have a discount Markiplier in the film and a knock-off version of Cheetos. Yet later they reference Mad Max (yes they actually said Mad Max) and mentioned Charlize Theron. So they exist in this universe but Markiplier does not? There's a scene towards the end of the film in a shower that made Alfred Hitchcock turn over in his grave. This film is horrible and does not deserve to be watched by anybody. Watch the Ghost in the Shell remake or Get Out if you want to see a good movie. Hell, watch John Wick 2. Even that's better. And I'm giving this one a 1/10.
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Perfect example of movie discrimination
flitz3527 July 2017
First off I wanna talk just a little about the movie then talk about good movies that get a bum rap because it was a remake, who starred in the movie, who directed the movie etc.

Obviously the movie wasn't a 10 but for sure wasn't under a four rating as well. I'd give it a solid 6.1 to 6.5 IMDb rating . The new diary of a wimpy kid had some funny moments, good acting, a story line you can follow and I have to say between my wife and 2 kids no one fell asleep in the movie theater. I was shocked to see what low rating it got. It just goes to show that movie ratings based on a number means absolutely didly.

I wish there was a new law rating movies, like you would of had to seen it and at the end of the movie you get a code that allows you to rate and review any movie. Because I guarantee that 60 to 80℅ were trolls fired to push a movie out of the theaters for some unknown reason.
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Fun and witty movie with great dark humor (great for kids and adults alike)
agent_stanley-924557 December 2019
I guess all the negative reviews are people who can't understand a movie without a clear protagonist (even Greg is a bit of a brat), or who don't like their jokes a bit dark, or who were uncomfortable with the realism in the film, or, don't understand that actors are people, and they age just like everyone (hence a new cast). (Or, maybe they really do enjoy deep-fried butter sticks at county fairs?) Saw this with the family and it was a laugh out loud gem of a film, right from the very beginning with the screaming baby covered in food at Corny's and the chaos all parents know well at all-you-can-eat places like these. If you look closely, a mom threw a diaper onto her husband's plate right after the baby screaming. Very amusing. This is one of those great "everything goes wrong on the road trip" films, and this one does that very well, with an all too familiar minivan, trailer, GPS, boring Spanish language CDs, and the trials and tribulations of a long trip, and, the beleaguered Dad trying to work incognito while on "vacation" (a very funny scene with noise and chaos in the Sienna minivan ensues when he has to take a call from the office). What is a "meemaw" anyway? That was hilarious, perhaps it was the Mom's nickname for her grandma when she was young? Rodrick's rejections by several girls (see the deleted scenes) and his "loser" performance on the drum video game at the comic convention was great, and very true-to-life. Very creative film, and very well-done take on modern family life (screen time, social media, comic/cosplay conventions, and even "uber" is mentioned). It's hard to find a movie that both adults and kids can enjoy but this film does it. By the way, contrary to all the negative opinions, I thought Alicia Silverstone was stellar. She had that exasperated mom character going very well. Always have enjoyed her performances; this was a great one for her. "SMH" they say, this is a great film! Also, I don't read Wimpy Kid books, but it seems this film deviated from the book according to the comments? So what?! Lots of movies did that, and often the film is BETTER than the movie anyway (i.e. The Shining, Lolita, etc.)!
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Constantly amusing
fudanchu-725-26812328 May 2017
This is not a highbrow film, but it is constantly enjoyable, without resorting to a lot of sentimentality, and with enough wit for even adults to enjoy. I went with three boys who have mixed interest in the books, and they all loved it. The script and direction are sometimes quite subtle. If you have seen the film, consider how Gregg initially tricks Rodrick into admitting a misdemeanor, and then the rest of the family pick up on it without any extravagant double takes. Or the clown pictures in the hotel rooms. There are a couple of extended Alfred Hitchcock references which are handled very well, in that they do not simply copy the originals, but draw humour from the contrast. The games convention and the Youtuber references are perfect -- I have accompanied my kids to conventions and watched a lot of their videos and this is very accurate (you could learn a lot about youth culture from the film, even if you don't have kids). And I thought it was great that Rodrick wore an Avenged Sevenfold t-shirt -- the kid has class!

Jason Drucker who plays Gregg is terrific -- many scenes require that the camera stays on his face as he responds to events around him, and he is always natural and believable. Alicia Silverstone, not surprisingly, is a powerhouse -- I would not want her as my mother, but I would cast her as Goneril or Regan in King Lear. Tom Everitt Scott is similarly wonderful.
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A crushing disappointment
Mr-Fusion8 September 2017
Even I have to laugh at the #notmyrodrick uproar. It's the silver lining in all of this. "The Long Haul" is atrocious, a dumbed-down sequel that tosses out the series' charms for the cheap gags. It's got DTV written all over it, which does not do the book justice. And it was a great book!

It was about six months ago that we saw the trailer for this in the theater. Tom Everett Scott and Alicia Silverstone start jamming to The Spice Girls' "Wannabe", and a kid in the back of the theater asks, "Mommy, what are they saying?".

That moment was funnier than anything in the movie.

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We love this movie
miwang-1643231 May 2017
Our family went to watch this movie this weekend: 2 seniors, 2 mid-aged parents, and two kids age of 9 and 11. We all loved this movie. It was so hilarious, one of the most funny movie I have ever watched. My husband said it's the funniest, not "one of".

The second day after watching this movie, we were on a road-trip going back home. We each shared the funnies part from the movie and had another round of good laughter on the road.

It was really a good family movie. Funny for both adults and kids. Not sure what the one star reviews are. Actually this is my first movie review because I could not stand these low ratings!
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Better Than Others Are Saying
1234Dmom19 June 2017
My son, who is 7 years-old, and I laughed several times during this movie. After I got over the "getting used to the new actors playing the characters" feeling, it was very enjoyable. I think I missed Rowley the most-I loved the first Rowley! We would definitely pay to go see another movie in this series with these actors. It's a good family movie and a series my son has recently discovered and really enjoys reading!
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Fun Family Movie - Long Haul is a Fun Ride!
nathanclark-226 August 2020
My kids and I love this movie. It's funny and highly entertaining for both parents and children. The dialogue is superb and the acting is really good. It also has a feel good ending. I cannot understand the poor ratings to date. I think this movie is massively underrated. My family and I absolutely love this film and have watched it many times, and will no doubt continue to. If you haven't seen it yet, ignore the low ratings and take a look - you will be surprised.
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The Heffley Family Road Trip Movie
bettycjung13 October 2017
10/13.17. I enjoyed the first 3 Wimpy Kid movies and I was a bit unsure that an entire cast change could continue the series. But, surprisingly enough it did fine. It's a cross-country road trip movie with the Heffley family as they travel to Meemaw's 90th birthday party. The humor was funny and it does touch on modern-day issues like can't we all just spend time together as a family without devices? Silverstone did a great job as mom, and Scott was surprisingly good as the put-upon dad. Enjoyable, despite the total cast change.
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Whatever, I loved it
azudaes28 July 2017
I don't understand the bad reviews, I enjoyed it till the end of the movie play.

I am half way to 30 years old and this new Wimpy Kid is greatly enjoyable. Its not par with the other sequels of Wimpy Kid, but it has it moment and I like it where its not too heavy. I watched all the other Wimpy Kid sequels with the original casts.

Definitely fun, I had to say it again. Watch it yourself, don't read the bad reviews. Give this movie a chance. It doesn't deserve 3 star at all.

9.6/10 !!
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A weapon of mental torture
good-decision21 May 2017
I went to watch it using my limitless card, otherwise I would have asked for my money back. I would not be PAID to watch this movie. It is this bad! I sat through it for one reason only: to see if I have the mental strength to endure a possible future colleague or in law who is as boring, dull, and dim witted as this story line. What the heck was that?? Studios have enough money and time to write that epic bs? The good: it ends... eventually! The bad: ALL of it! Alicia Silverstone took my will to live. Why does she exaggerate her lip movements so much to the point it looks like she's suffering from an affliction? I know she's pretending but in some scenes she just talks without the circus going on on her mouth. The movie is this bad I've taken note of the director'sname for me to never watch a movie by him ever again. .
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