Betrayed Poster

(2016– )

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24 Aug. 2016
No Escape
Susan Smith, a big dreamer stuck in a rural town, becomes an FBI informant to protect her kids from her jealous husband's criminal friends... but her desire to do the right thing brings hellish consequences.
31 Aug. 2016
The Devil You Know
20-year-old Missy Grubaugh, a devout Christian, is saving herself for marriage. But Missy's innocent charms attract the wrong type of men... with deadly results.
7 Sep. 2016
Dancing with Death
Janet Walsh is a young divorcée enjoying the single life, celebrating her freedom with a wild girls' night out at the local disco... and when she's found dead the next morning, it takes a determined officer 35 years to bring her murder to justice.
14 Sep. 2016
Strangled by Love
Dana Laskowski is a young, single mom, living in a small town in Washington state. Just divorced from her jealous husband, Stan, she's trying to balance her life with triplets with a desire to find a good man. She thinks maybe she's found Mr. Right in Mike, until she realizes he might be even more controlling than Stan ever was. Having his handsome best friend John in the picture doesn't help. Making things more complicated, Dana has attracted the attention of a creepy cable guy, who won't take the hint that she's not interested. On top of that, her beloved but ...
21 Sep. 2016
Bad Blood
Ray Kotomski, a retired corrections officer, thinks he's survived the most risky years of his life... but dealing with his second wife, her hostile brother, jealous ex-husband, and deranged stalker proves far more dangerous - and deadly.
28 Sep. 2016
Blinded by Betrayal
Yelena Zakin's dream life is upturned by her husband Andrew's interest in his new, scheming secretary, her strange fiancé, and Andrew's ambitious protégé. For Yelena, it's a lethal combination.
5 Oct. 2016
Down for the Count
Handsome Morris Blankenbaker, small town sports legend, is a happy family man... until he gets thrust into a love triangle with his best friend and gorgeous wife. Hidden rivalries and simmering jealousies surface, leading to Morris's chilling death.
12 Oct. 2016
Family Fatale
Wealthy Ruie Ann Park of Van Buren, Arkansas, is known for being sharp-tongued but fair, but her son's scandalous lifestyle and others' lust for her money bring her to a horrific end.
19 Oct. 2016
Life and Limb
Jay Orbin is living the American Dream; he's a self-made millionaire with a loving family and beautiful wife. But when his headless torso is found in the desert, his cut-throat business and seemingly perfect life reveal some very dark secrets.
26 Oct. 2016
Flirting with Death
Single mom Norma Rodriguez thinks she's found Prince Charming - until she's confronted by his crazy ex. On top of that, her best friend asks her to hide a deadly secret, and a co-worker reveals a shady past... all leading to her brutal murder.

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