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For those who have lost a loved one.
texasfolk23 September 2020
Kudos to the writers, director and actors. To those who have lost a spouse, as I have, this is a very well written movie. Well acted. Well directed. Sure we all know how it ends, but trust me you don't have a clue what it's like to lose a spouse. Only those who have experienced it understand the total depth of pain and loneliness. Amazingly the writers captured several of the feeling. You don't want to know or experience what it's really like. It has a great supporting cast with plenty of sub plots to ease the mood. ''Tis better to have loved and lost than to never have loved at all - except for the mind numbing pain." Thanks to all. From my soap box I would say that for those who have lost, close the book and start a sequel. My wife would have wanted me to find love again. You never have to push someone out of your heart to let someone in.
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Sweet and sappy
Jackbv12315 September 2020
I like sappy. I prefer to call it tender, as in tender moments.

I love Jewel Staite. Besides being a Firefly alum and Stargate Atlantis, she was well cast for this role. I think she can do that unexpected strength trait well. And it was easy to identify with her pain. Her speech in the second to last scene was a good one.

Travis Milne was solid and Stephanie Bennett played an important role as Sarah's sister-in-law who was unexpectedly hiding her own pain, but only showing a strong face for Sarah.

The relationship between Ryan and Sarah is perfect. They progress from cautious to something deeper seamlessly. It makes sense. Sometimes the progress is shown through little things like the ring.

The story may have a predictable outcome and even some milestones along the way, but it isn't an overused plot line. It's a good story. In addition to tender moments there are some funny moments, but most of them are dry humor and some are funny because of how bad the jokes are (and they are meant to be).

I enjoyed this movie and I'm sure I'll watch it again. If you don't like this kind of movie, then don't watch it, or switch channels, but don't criticize it for being what it was meant to be.
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